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Flutterdash or Rarijack? Hmmm...

Wow... It's been too long since I've updated this! My name is ZeldaIsSheik, or Zelda for short. I am a passionate writer and a flowery INFP who sees the world as somewhat of a rose garden or a sandbox of some sorts. I am fond of philosophies pertaining to transcendentalism and I like meeting Spirit Guides. Meditation is one of my favourite hobbies, as well as spelling things as they are spelling in Britain. I am fond of games like Minecraft, Skyrim, or magic-related Roleplaying Games. I tend to grasp things in great depth, making it hard for me to excel in a class where there are a lot of things for me to do at once, while focusing deeply and freely on one subject at a time holds my interest until I get too far ahead. My IQ is 194875293457638, which makes sense, since I watched Rick and Morty back when I was in 9th Grade! That's right, peasints, I am beter then u!

I've been looking for you. Got something I'm supposed to deliver. Your hands only. Let's see... A letter from ZeldaIsSheik! Moving up in the world! Looks like that's it.


I love you <3
You are amazing.
Never forget this.

My best friends on YWS are @AlexOfLight, @DemonGoddess, @Sheytato, @KaiRyu, and @Saruka. My best friend in the entire world that I would die for is @AlexOfLight, my real-life friend who I have known for 8+ years who now goes to a different High School than I do. My other best friend is Kyle, but he is not on YWS and doesn't write that much. I don't show my face on YWS, but I may in the future for special occasions. I also generally appreciate the existence of Eddsworld! I like poetry. Bye.


Meditation, Yoga, Philosophy, Spirituality, Writing, Reading, Bethesda, The Elder Scrolls (V: Skyrim, especially), Roleplaying, Experiencing, Being, and watching Youtube videos on all of these topics. I love Chillstep, Alan Watts, and some nice little motivational songs/audio recordings here and there.


A ponderer over the nature of the world around me, and a speculator on the nature of the mind and the beliefs it creates about itself that limit it.


The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made.
— Groucho Marx