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"Now I say," said Don Quixote at this point, "that the man who reads a good deal and travels a good deal, sees a good deal and knows a good deal."

  • Star Wars: The Acolyte is everything to me.

    LadyMysterio I kinda Wana watch it. But the cast knowing nothing about star wars is putting me off >.>
    Jul 15, 2024

    Ljungtroll That was done on purpose so they could focus on the storytelling and the value of each individual character as their own person rather than as part of a massive universe. It's less intimidating and it means the writers and cast are less likely to do fan service. All in all, I think it helps the show more than hurts it. What's more, I feel loved and seen by the cast and the writers. They care about the same things I do.

    It helps that Acolyte is set during the High Republic, which is a time that has less written about it overall.

    Jul 15, 2024

  • #ocbackstory

    Spoiler! :
    Torsten has known nothing but a tiny corner of the world since he can remember. His family name is lost to time, his parents are dead or otherwise uncaring, and he lives with an ostracized monastic order known as the Drummers on the western coast of Yrdnul. Having little else to grasp onto, he has devoted his entire life to worshipping and waking the gods, who sleep ever longer without a care for the little beings who once entertained them so.
    Now, at the age of sixteen, Torsten has begun to have strange dreams in which a gigantic fisher cat speaks to him in riddles and backs him toward either a great cliff or a towering mountain. He knows the symbolism of the fisher cat--he's no fool; just because the gods are sleeping does not mean they can't reach into his dreams. Why he of all people has been chosen to herald the waking of the gods, he cannot say, but he swears he'll give it everything he has. Accompanied by a rebellious fellow Drummer named Askla, a disgraced military leader from northern Yrdnul, a linguist and diplomat from the sprawling city of Rhebak-Tibur, and a passionate archer from the steppes of the western Continent, Torsten sets out to find those who dream as he does in an attempt to usher in a new era: a godly era.

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    Working with disorganized boss, rip me and my internship hours

  • I’m pretty sure I sat next to Gaius on my flight today lol

    A tall, extremely thin elderly man looking very prim and proper with a hat and everything got on the flight. He looked around and then sat down next to me on the aisle (Southwest flight, and not a full one, so we had a seat in between). Said absolutely nothing and pulled out this ancient looking book and then quietly read for 2 hours straight without stopping and appeared to have consumed most of a novel in that time.

    Then when the plane landed he stood up, we accidentally made eye contact and he silently nodded once to acknowledge my existence, and he strolled off the plane.

    It was exactly how I imagine an irl interaction with Gaius would go lol

    Ljungtroll That's extremely eerie and delightful to hear. What an experience XD
    Maybe I'll have Gaius run into a character matching your description on a long voyage one day to commemorate the occasion.

    Jul 10, 2024

    Shady Hahaha that would be incredible

    Gaius: perhaps my father whored around more than I knew. This man seems a relative I wish I would have known.

    Jul 12, 2024

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  • Hashtag time!


    Spoiler! :
    Mornings on the tail-end of winter began as they always began in the earldom of Yrdnul: with the echo of drums across the waves and over the hills. It reached the ears of the people of Flaxfoot, the small village to the south, and the anglers leaning over their rocking boats with nets of twine sometimes paused their work to beat the rhythms into the worn wood of their vessels.


    Spoiler! :
    Probably Askla. She's a deeply flawed and impatient person who wants to be in control of every situation, but she loves her friends and wants Torsten, the protagonist, to be safe on his journey. She's like if Sam Gamgee was an angry lesbian big sister.

    #ocbackstory coming soon (after work)

    @Shady this is the world our roleplay is set in. It's fully rolled over into a new entity now

  • #characterinterviews

    Ah! Hello there, my friend. Yes, this seat is free. My name is Ricard Ib'Ari, and I'm a linguist and diplomat for the city-state of Rhebak-Tibur. I have been cleared to give you this information, but I'm afraid that tidbit is sensitive. D keep it under your hat, so to speak.

    That's what I'm doing in Kirrak, you see--I'm going to speak to some of the Northern Lords on behalf of the city. If you have further questions about me or my traveling companions, Torten, Askla, Usses, and Munna, do feel free to ask.

  • Rolling head over heels back down the Dark Crystal hill thanks to my grandma suggesting that we watch it like two weeks ago. It's sharing space with Star Wars in my brain and there's little room for anything else.

  • Had some thunderstorms come through today. The old lady can't catch a break!


    Areastrixleiell A thunderstorm is working it's way through my corner of the planet as well, except the cats seem to be enjoying it.
    Jun 30, 2024

    LadyMysterio aww poor girl
    Jun 30, 2024

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  • If it were socially acceptable for me to grind the bones of my neighbors to make my bread, I would. It's not even the fourth of July yet and those buffoons are setting off 45 minutes' worth of fireworks. My poor senior dog has so much trouble with those, she crawled under my dad's desk to hide.

    I don't mind a bit of fun but there's absolutely no reason to be firing those off yet. It's incredibly inconsiderate. They hunt enough in the autumn; can't my pup have one season where she's not trembling??

  • LadyMysterio Dang that's crazy. AI needs to be heavily heavily regulated. And not used for artistic purposes
    Jun 19, 2024

  • Yeah you could say I like Star Wars a healthy amount



    ChieTheWriter taking notes I see
    Jun 10, 2024

    Ljungtroll For fanfiction and also the roleplay, yes
    Jun 10, 2024


    Nobody talk to me, this is going to be my entire personality for the next five years, good or bad.

  • Doing a show plug because it's incredibly important to me that this show gets a second season.

    Scavengers Reign was taken off of Max, but it was transferred to Netflix so there's still hope for it. It's an adult animation sci-fi show about people stranded on an alien planet, and I CANNOT praise it enough. The landscape and ecosystem are incredibly well thought-out, the characters are complex and compelling, and it's just chock full of mystery, beauty, and horror. Also, there's queer poc rep!

    I will warn you that it's very violent--animals and people are killed and harmed. This is not a show for kids. But it's not violent like other adult animations--the gratuity has purpose. The show feels very much like it's commenting on human involvement in the environment, both from a positive and negative perspective.

    I've got some screenshots and the trailer for you all to look at, but please, please give this show some views and put it on the map! It's too artful to be consigned to media oblivion!

    Oh, and the soundtrack is unbelievable.




    phpBB [media]

    LadyMysterio whoa the animation style is beautiful!
    Jun 2, 2024

    Ljungtroll Right?? I wasn't sure about it at first but the landscapes are divine.
    Jun 2, 2024

  • I'm a bit late but HAPPY PRIDE


  • Back on my Star Wars kick. Tis a blessing and a curse; I wish Filoni knew what he was doing.

    ChieTheWriter you're welcome
    May 19, 2024

— alliyah