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Behind the Words

Hello, there, darling.

My name is Raye. It took me a long time to find my name, but there it is, and it's there to stay.

I'm a genderfluid, gendervague person in existence at various points in time, and my pronouns are they in English, either él or ella in Spanish, and li in Esperanto.

I'm a musician first and a writer second, so sometimes I take breaks from writing to get rid of the "work" idea in my head. I love to write, but I love singing and playing flute and messing around with chords more, and if I could live off my music alone, I would.

I also love teaching and words, and I'm considering a career in TEFL, or Teaching English as a Foreign Language, abroad from my homeland of the USA.


Reading. Writing. Music. (Music to the extreme.) Languages. Learning. History. Visual arts. Performing arts. Everything. Life.


Full-time dragon. Student. Older sibling.

There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way, and not to give others absurd maddening claims upon it.
— Christopher Darlington Morley