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No, I have never read any comics featuring Robin. But he's cool so who cares?

  • wow guys i haven’t been on yws in like three days. maybe i really do have a life. who knew?

    RavenAkuma This, very relatable XD
    Jul 23, 2024

  • anyone have any good thriller or dystopian book recs?

    khushi17bansal Oooh you should try The Enemy series by Charlie Higson, it might be hard to relate to since all the characters are 15 or younger - even I read it when I was around 14, but it is brilliantly written, I think the way the timeline is spread and over several books and the way it consolidates is amazing.
    Jul 20, 2024

  • me when i fall into a lava pool with elytra, diamond armor, max enchantments on all my netherite tools, two shulker boxes, and my one and only silk touch pickaxe.

    Avian luckily it’s a realm so i can have someone save me before i log back on
    Jul 20, 2024

    RavenAkuma Dang that's frustrating lol
    Jul 20, 2024

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  • am i just an introvert or is there something else going on here? hmmm

  • I literally just realized where your username came from

    Avian tehe i actually didn’t plan on posting flightless on here. but then i did so now you get to know the origin story
    Jul 17, 2024

  • social battery is already drained but my extended family will be here all week. (sob)

    farq4d my personal nightmare
    Jul 17, 2024

  • reading old poetry and realizing that it’s not as bad as i remember

  • man lifeguarding is something else.

    it’s crazy how many people don’t read the rules even tho they’re literally posted EVERYWHERE.

    LadyMysterio Working in retail/public work, will make your realize just how brainless people are tbh
    Jul 13, 2024

  • uh oh i posted poetry again! good luck trying to figure out what all this yapping is because i sure don't know

    Avian also @OrabellaAvenue if i remember correctly you said i could tag you so i am
    Jul 12, 2024

    OrabellaAvenue Ahhh ty for the tag I love this poem!! (How are you so good? It's not fairrr :P ) Yep you're right, you can tag me any time you have a poem (or story I just love your writing)

    Oh also I was meaning to ask if you wanted any more reviewers for Flightless it sounded really cool (be warned: I take a long time to review things XD)

    Jul 13, 2024

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  • "it's like second nature to me"

    then what's first nature?

    WeepingWisteria Okay, this might not be what you wanted, but here's a source for why we say second nature instead of first nature.
    Jul 12, 2024

  • i just feel ugghhghg. its like aurrguhghg. idk its just eeeeughhh

  • RP ideas that I think would be cool, but I haven't done any rps yet so I don't feel equipped to start one. :D

    Apocalyptic/Post-apocalyptic (realm/hollow)
    Take your pick. Either the apocalypse just started, or it happened five years ago. Either way, the world is in complete shambles. Law no longer exists, whole communities have been eradicated, and most of the world is a shell of what it once was. But you're going to survive. This story wouldn't really have a concrete plot. It follows the story of a group of kids just trying to survive.
    (The "group of gritty teens trying to survive the apocalypse" trope may be over-used, but it'd still be fun as an rp, am I right?)

    Infinite Labyrinth (storybook probably)
    You wake up surrounded by white walls. You don't know where you are. You don't know why you're there. But as you keep walking along, you begin to realize where you are. You've been locked in an elaborate maze. You try to run back to where you started, but the way back is blocked. This maze changes. And the shifting walls aren't the only danger you must watch out for.
    (Kinda reminds me of the maze runner or daedaluys's labyrinth.)

    Unsolvable Mystery (storybook)
    You, among a few others, have been selected to be apart of an elite task force to uncover a mystery that has been left unsolved for years. This particular case had been closed long ago, but upon uncovering new evidence, it had been decided to reopen the case. The mystery? Eleven disappearances in eleven days, all in the same town. The only thing left behind was a pile of bones for each missing person. (uhhh mystery subject to change. this was all i could think of off the top of my head!)
    In this rp, only the DM would know the details of the case. They would also hold the answer to the mystery, and the participant's jobs would be to use the clues given to them to crack the case. Here's the kicker, though: if the participants don't solve the case on their own, the DM cannot reveal the answer. It will continue to remain an unsolved mystery. Forever.
    (This may have already been done before, but imagine being the DM in this position. The DM could also use a real-life unsolved case and make up their own ending, using both real and fake evidence in the rp. I'm also not into true-crime or mysteries at all, so i know nothing about it.)

    Villan x Hero / Villan vs Hero (duos)
    I see so many villain x hero scenarios on tik tok and yt shorts. but I've never actually seen someone write them out!! Yeah, sure, maybe in a webcomic here or there, but a full story surrounding just one hero and one villain? haven't seen it. I'm also not a very avid reader. It could also just be a villain versus hero type of thing, instead of the good old enemies to lovers. There are so many fun ways to go about this!
    (also think about how fun it would be to just write goofy battle scenes between a hero and a villain. Maybe throw in a second villain and make the two mcs work together.)

    Avian if anyone snatches up any of these ideas tag me >.>
    Jul 10, 2024

    APoltergeist The infinite maze one reminds me of a D&D campaign I ran last year. I wonder if I still have the notes from it lol
    Jul 10, 2024

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  • ChieTheWriter wrote:You know sometimes I wish I could just call and talk to fellow writers and brainstorm stories. I just don't know a ton irl.

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  • I played minecraft for five hours straight today.

    I am proud to announce that my villager prison is finished and flourishing

    KateHardy Woooot!
    Jul 9, 2024

    ToastK Woohoo! Hooray for slavery- I mean *mandatory labor commisioning*!!!
    (Also, I should really play minecraft again, it’s been so long lol)

    Jul 9, 2024

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