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Ty wants to battle!

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okay so there's this accountant who majored in psychology but decided that math was better in the end. CAUTIONARY TALE OVER. a man of many fandoms. compulsive user of. incomplete sentences? splashes of small-town journalism between 2013 and 2014. that could be important.

diabetic!! owner of terrific mental blips and bloops and maybe a producer of poetry if the weather is right.

lower-case addict and general internet...well, also an addict there.

player of lots of games and avid reblogger.

14% chance of hipster. other details include aquarius, INTJ, and general habit of escapism.


can we not? just. everything. assume everything. i guess maybe a big focus on cult films & tv, a majority of computer space dedicated to music by people who have a close, personal relationship with badbrains. i'll generally join in on anything you can think of so just...take that.


at this point who even knows? maybe like. professional friend or something. i guess professional writer would be a cool title for this, but with the pocket change i make, it hardly fits. i'll get back to you on this part.

Once I had asked God for one extra or two extra inches in height but instead he made me as tall as the sky, so high that I could not measure myself.
— Malala