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  • aaliyahlaurier
    Feb 8, 2024

    hiii ive seen your reviews and i would love for you to review what ive uploaded of my novel "Candy" :,)))

  • Just dropping by to say...
    Spoiler! :
    Ho ho ho!! 🎅🏽

    Hope you have a nice day

    RandomTalks Thank you! Hope you have a good day/night as well! :)
    Dec 10, 2023

  • looseleaf wrote:

    Who will be voted this year's best YWS poet? Or the most enthusiastic YWSer? Or the most likely user to already have a different username from what you want to tag them with? Vote now in the 2023 Best and Most Awards!

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  • AmayaStatham wrote:


    Click on the picture!

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  • IcyFlame wrote:Secret Santa is now live!

    One of my all time favourite YWS holiday traditions is back again for 2023.

    Use this thread to sign up to Secret Santa 2023 .
    All information is in the thread 🎄🎄🎄🎅🎅🎅


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  • Spearmint wrote:choo choo! with a great chugging and whooshing and among clouds of steam.... a holiday tagbook appears! :0


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  • IcyFlame wrote:
    Join me in congratulating our newest Featured Member!


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  • I know I am very late, but here we go! #19questionsfor19years

    1 reason you love reading and writing? I love stories and I feel like I am always living in a story inside my head. So seeing them translated into words that can be read and experienced feels extremely satisfying to me.
    9 adjectives to describe yourself? kind, passionate, quiet, insecure, self-conscious, lazy, empathetic, shy and slightly obsessive

    YWS member shout-out? Each and every YWSer! You guys are awesome and make my day brighter every day!
    Early-morning productivity or late-night chaos? Late-night, definitely! Morning doesn't start until late afternoon for me.
    Are you tired? I am EXHAUSTED.
    Reason to smile? YWS, my family and my friend's dog (but not my friend).
    Sweet or spicy? Both? Depends on my mood actually.

    One thing you love about yourself? My awareness of my own emotions and thoughts. Even when I find myself in tense situations, it helps me rationalize and think from other perspectives.
    Favorite holiday? Nothing beats Christmas!

    Weirdest thing you’ve done in public? I have no idea. I am a pretty introverted person so I kind of try to blend in as much as I can in public.
    Raw childhood memory? Playing cricket in the yard with my brother and cousins.
    If you could have a single magic power what would it be? I would love to have Loki's time slipping abilities, without the 'burden' part, of course.
    Travelling or homesick? I would love to travel without feeling homesick, actually.
    If you were invited to attend Hogwarts, which Hogwarts House would you choose? Gryffindor, according to Pottermore.
    New username? Maybe?
    Growing up? I mean, do I have to?

    YWS favorite event? RevMo, NaNo.
    Age? 19
    Your favorite fictional character created by you? James from The Players. I wish I could use him in other projects!

  • It's officially #ShareAnExcerpt Day! Here's mine for the week:

    Spoiler! :
    Skye paused at the fence, her overworked limbs threatening to give up as she pulled in some much-needed breaths. The adrenaline coursing through her veins insisted that she keep moving, but her legs were rooted to the spot as she stole a glance back at the building, hidden almost entirely by the darkness and the looming trees. Still, she could see the balcony they had escaped through; could recognize the window of the room they had locked her in.

    Voices called out to each other in the dark, and she could hear them moving through the woods, frantic in their search for them.

    Any moment now, they would find her standing at the doorway of her escape, shaking like the scared little girl she very much felt like.

    “What are you doing?” Mel’s high whisper reached her, and she turned around to find her standing on the other side, her body ready to flee into the darkness at a moment’s notice.

    She had waited for her, Skye realized. She had come back to look for her.

    “Do you want to die? Is that it?” The question broke her out of her trance. She glanced back at the building one final time, at the darkness hiding their enemies who would be closing in on them in a minute now.

    Enemies, she reminded herself. They were her enemies now.

    “No, I don’t.”

    Mel seemed to catch something in her voice. Her previous fury was replaced with understanding as she came up to her and took her hand.

    “Then let’s go.”

    This time, she did not hesitate. She ran.

  • alliyah wrote:

    Something exciting is just around the corner!


    Poster by Spearmint

    You've been invited to YWS's 19th Birthday Party (Nov. 13-19)! Check out the Birthday Party Thread for more information!

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  • To start off, here's mine:

    Spoiler! :
    She stood outside the gate for a moment, hand wrapped tightly around the rough iron, still wet from the previous night's rain. Mike had already crossed the short pathway to the greenhouse and was now unlocking it with a key he had in a chain around his neck. She recognized the silver as it glinted under the torchlight.

    'Father had it forced closed before he left,' she remembered him saying, 'We can't get in without his key.'

    She watched now as Mike nudged the door open with his shoulder and hooked the familiar key chain back around his neck, tucking it into his shirt and out of her sight. He then turned towards her, a little annoyed at still finding her outside the gate.

    "Well, what are you waiting for? Come on!"

    Skye had found herself in similar situations many times in her life, she realized. She had stood on the threshold of recknlessness before and followed her brother blindly, paying no heed to any danger that might await them. And all because she would rather walk into the unknown with him than face a reality where she allowed him to venture out alone, without knowing if he would ever come back. But this time, as she closed the gate behind her and trudged through the wet mud to where he was still holding the door open for her, she felt unease settle deep inside her.

    Something was different. The spark in his eyes was too bright, too manic; the light in them felt foreign. And as the door closed behind her for the final time and darkness enveloped them, she had a feeling that nothing would ever be the same again.


    She had stood on the threshold of recklessness

    !!! Oh! Love how that is phrased!

    Nov 3, 2023

    RandomTalks thanks!!
    Nov 3, 2023

  • NaNo is finally here! This month is all about breathing life into those ideas in your head and finally getting them onto page. But the best part is about writing together as a community and here's a fun hashtag to commemorate that!

    In honour of NaNo, we are now celebrating every Thursday as #ShareAnExcerpt Day! To participate, just share an excerpt of your writing on every Thursday of this month! It can be a couple of paragraphs or a few lines of dialogue or just some wacky quote you are especially proud of. You can provide context for your excerpt or choose not to - its totally up to you! Just mention TW's for anything potentially triggering and don't forget to use the hashtag #ShareAnExcerpt!

    Have fun writing! And Happy NaNo!

  • <33

    Carlito wrote:7. GIVE YOURSELF GRACE

    Here’s the thing. NaNo is about writing 50,000 words in one month, but it’s also about being part of the writing community and it’s supposed to be fun.

    Do not neglect your life, your responsibilities, your health, or anything else just for the sake of hitting 50,000 words. It literally does not matter if you hit 50k or not. It’s about showing up for yourself and doing your best. So give yourself some grace.

    *it’s okay if you fall behind
    *it’s okay if you change your word count goal
    *it’s okay if you stop because life gets in the way
    *it’s okay if you change projects
    *it’s okay if you don’t hit 50,000 words

    Happy NaNo Eve & happy writing! You got this <3

    This has been #NaNoTips with Carlito :)

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  • creaturefeature wrote:
    A new Featured Member? Already?


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  • Spearmint wrote:official nano announcement post is up!! click the image or this link ;)


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