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Frequently Asked Questions

This thread is for questions about #22in22 . We have tried to answer the questions we think people might have going into this challenge, but if you don't see your question answered here, please ask!

What is 22in22?

Spoiler! :
Based on past events, 22in22 is a challenge where YWSers pledge to write for 22 minutes each day in 2022.

What counts toward my 22 minutes of writing?

Spoiler! :
Anything writing or writing-adjacent! For our purposes, "writing" includes but is not limited to the following:

  • drafting novels, poetry, screenplays, essays, or any other form of creative
  • writing, nonfiction writing, or course writing
  • revising the same
  • researching, brainstorming, planning, or outlining the same
  • blogging or journaling
  • reviewing

If you’re not sure if what you’re working on counts, just @bees, @Omni, or @BluesClues or ask on the club wall!

How do I use the Support Group?

Spoiler! :
Visit the club to ask for help, update your accountability thread, chat in the forums, and encourage your fellow participants! Be sure to check your notifications, as we will also be running bimonthly events such as write-ins and chat events.

I like to schedule/plan/time block my days the night before; it helps me be more productive and gives me some clear direction and goals for the days. Would that count for 21in21, since journaling counts?

Spoiler! :
Yes! Planning - including time management planning - can be an important part of all kinds of writing. So if you schedule your day in advance in a journal and that's all the writing you do for the day, feel free to count it!

What if I'm working on something Super Secret and don't want to share details in my accountability thread? Can I still count it toward the day's writing?

Spoiler! :
Yes! As long as you're doing writing or something writing-adjacent as part of your ~super secret~ work, you can count it. You don't have to give any details in your thread, but make sure you DO include the writing portion.

For example, I've been working on a short story I can't share with anyone until January 3, so my thread for #21in21 includes things like "drafting secret short," "revising secret short," etc, without including any actual text from the story.

Do I need to create an accountability thread? Do I need to update my thread?

Spoiler! :
If you'd like rewards down the road, then yes! While you're welcome to post #22in22 on your wall, the admins will be checking the accountability threads in the club to reward people for writing streaks. It's a lot easier for us to look all in one place rather than scrolling through the hashtag on the people tab!

If you don't mind being left out of future rewards, you don't have to create or update a thread - you're welcome to join in the club just to cheer people on and participate in the coming events! But we'd like to reward you for your writing this year, so we hope you'll use your accountability thread.

Do my 22 minutes of writing have to be consecutive?

Spoiler! :
Nope! The 22 minutes is cumulative throughout a day. If you write 10 minutes here, 5 minutes there, 2 minutes there, you can count it as long as it all adds up to 22 minutes in one day!

How should I format my accountability thread? Do I need to include word count?

Spoiler! :
We recommend including the date at the top of each post to make it easier for the admins to count streaks (since your time and date of posting will show up in our time zones, which may be different than yours). Other than that, you can basically format your thread however you want - as long as you include, at a minimum, generally what kind of writing you did: research, planning, writing, revising, journaling, etc.

(There is no need to include word count achieved or total amount of time spent writing.)

If I miss a day, can I make it up the next day?

Spoiler! :
Yes and no.

Yes: If you miss today, you can absolutely write again tomorrow! You're not a failure because you missed a day. You don't have to drop out because you missed a day, or even a week or a month. In fact, we don't want you to drop out! Sometimes, you need a break from writing - and that's okay.

On the other hand, no: If you write for 0 minutes today and 42 minutes tomorrow, you can't say you did 22 minutes each day. The point of 22in22 (and 21in21 and 20in20) is to get writing regularly. It's fine if you need breaks now and then! Breaks help avoid burnout. But since the point is to get into the habit of writing regularly, you can't make up for missed days by doing more the next day.

Please don't feel like you have to write every day. While the challenge is to try to write daily, you can jump back in at any time - no matter how long a break you take between writing days!

What if I wrote yesterday but forgot to update my thread?

Spoiler! :
I feel you! I'm terribly, terribly forgetful. As long as you wrote, you can update your thread later if you forget or don't have time to do so the same day. Please include dates if you're updating your thread after the fact.

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