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Storybook Revolution

In early 2013, the Storybook forum had reached an all-time low in terms of activity among the site. Something had to be done. The forum had to be saved.

A group of loyal storybookers started up a club called The Storybook Revolution. With the collaboration of Nate, the site's founder, and Storybook Revolution, the Storybook forum got back on a positive slope.

Our job was done, so the club became dormant. But was it done for good?


Eight months later, the club is back, with a vision of revolutionizing the Storybook forum once again.

So, are you with us? Come on in, and let's make a story together.


Vincian: Creator
Sassafras: Admin
ChildOfNowhere: Admin

Veni, vidi, scripsi ~ I came, I saw, I wrote
— steampowered