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  • #ywsicecream

    I totally didn't look up ice cream flavors to get ideas... totally...

    @alliyah - maple walnut
    @GengarIsBestBoy - is waffle a flavor? If not, mint oreo
    @vampricone6783 - pumpkin spice
    @Ari11 - ice cream sandwich
    @CarrotWrites - carrot, of course! (or caramel)
    @IcyFlame - raspberry
    @Liminality - pistachio
    @alpacaboss - cotton candy
    @Spearmint - mint!
    @LuminescentAnt - strawberry
    @ariah347 - cinnamon
    @TheCornDogEnthusiast - butterscotch
    @foxmaster - orange cream
    @yosh - cookies and cream
    @Rinisha - cake batter

    I just went with flavors that I thought matched what little I know of everyone - also their general color scheme that I associate them with.

    Sorry if I didn't mention you! I swear it's not because I don't like you.

    AmayaStatham oehh I love this. Imma add one more: @OrabellaAvenue - funfetti batter 😉 matches your current avatar.
    Sep 19, 2023

    OrabellaAvenue Haha perfect.

    I don't think I've ever had funfetti cake before... at least not ice cream flavored that way.

    Sep 19, 2023

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  • This is a fun tag that @FireEyes started way back in 2021 that I just remembered because I was re-reading my old wall posts xD Going to try to resurrect it - the idea is you think of ice cream flavors that you think go with different YWSers and then include the hashtag #ywsicecream

    Here's what I could come up with -

    @FireEyes - cinnamon swirl
    @Spearmint - mint oreo
    @Quillfeather - marshmallow fudge
    @gremlingeodes - coffee cocoa swirl
    @weathervane - earl grey vanilla bean
    @Liminality - lemon graham cracker
    @Elinor - red velvet
    @BluesClues - raisin bran crunch (thinking of a flavor Edna might like!)
    @GengarIsBestBoy - Blueberry Pie
    @Meshugenah - monster cookie
    @keystrings - key lime pie
    @Rook - chocolate chip raspberry swirl
    @AilahEvelynMae - pumpkin spice
    @OrabellaAvenue - cotton candy

    FireEyes wrote:what if we started tagging people and described them as ice cream?...Imma do it

    @MomoMajesty: Cotton Candy with rainbow Sprinkles
    @LadyMysterio: Black Cherry
    @Carina: All the flavours that mesh well together at once with a single brownie on top

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    Can anyone add some more YWSers and Ice Cream flavors to our lists? :D

    Spearmint yaaas mint ice cream :333
    @alliyah - lavender with a light dusting of sea salt
    @WeepingWisteria - wisteria (it's actually a flavor!) with dark chocolate shavings
    @LuminescentAnt - strawberry drizzled with honey and a waffle cone

    Sep 19, 2023

    Liminality Haha this is neat! It's been months since I had ice cream so I can't actually come up with flavours off the top of my head <.< but

    @alliyah - a blue sorbet that actually tastes citrussy
    @VengefulReaper - coffee and fudge
    @Ventomology - raspberry and citrus

    Sep 19, 2023

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  • #icecreamflavours #bandwagon #ywsicecream

    (Mm? Me? Getting way too carried away describing these lovely YWSers with ice cream flavors? Pshhh, what are you talking abouttttt hahaaahahaha)

    Raspberry Vanilla icecream - @lillianna
    Butter PECAN icecream XD - @TheScribe
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - @Liberty
    Hokey Pokey icecream - @Arcticus
    Mint Chocolate Chip (because nothing fits better ^^) - @Spearmint
    Moon Mist - @VioletFantasy
    Blue Moon icecream - @SilverNight
    UNICORN ICE CREAM - @starlitmind (YES IT EXISTS!!!)
    Spoiler! :
    does this not remind you of star AAAAAA

    Blueberry Cheesecake icecream - @alliyah
    Caramel Fudge Swirl - @MomoMajesty
    Rose Milk icecream - @Stringbean
    Earl Grey icecream - @Liminality
    English Toffee Coffee ice cream - @MaybeAndrew
    Funfetti icecream - @Carina
    Red Velvet icecream - @LadyMysterio
    Lemon Ice icecream - @Magebird
    White Chocolate Coconut icecream - @LittleLee
    And last, but not least
    Flame icecream - @IcyFlame
    Spoiler! :

    (jkjk but if this actually exists, me and Icy would be interested 👻

    IcyFlame xD this is excellent
    Jun 11, 2021

    Liminality Oho Earl Grey? Sounds like a relaxing ice cream flavour~

    also why is Hokey Pokey so weirdly fitting for @Arcticus XD

    Jun 11, 2021

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  • Now this is a bandwagon I can get on board with!

    @Magebird - pistachio
    @Carlito - rum & raisin
    @BluesClues - stem ginger
    @MomoMajesty - banoffee
    @ShadowVyper - lemon merinuge
    @HarryHardy - cappuccino
    @alliyah - blue banana
    @starlitmind - bubblegum
    @Liminality - strawberries & cream
    @euphoria8 - eton mess
    @Arcticus - cinnamon
    @whatchamacallit - triple chocolate

    BluesClues Oooh intriguing @.@
    Jun 9, 2021

    alliyah ohhh that's an odd one! :D thanks Icy!
    Jun 9, 2021

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  • #ywsicecream

    @Liminality - BRAVE ROBOT.
    Spoiler! :

    @Spearmint - M&M's COOKIE SANDWICH.
    Spoiler! :

    @Liberty - COTTON CANDY. (this ice cream picture looks exactly like you I swear 0.0)
    Spoiler! :

    @whatchamacallit - PIZZA. (no mayo though >.>)
    Spoiler! :

    @alliyah - CHICKEN WING.
    Spoiler! :

    alliyah OH MY WORD well well well xD
    Jun 8, 2021

    Liminality !!! It tickles me so much that such an ice cream brand exists ! XD Wonderful selections~
    Jun 8, 2021

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  • a high quality tag - #ywsicecream
    (All the veernana chaos crowd @Tuckster @ShadowVyper @veeren @Carina) - > Banana Split with Lots of Peanuts and a Maraschino Cherry
    @TheEgg - Eggnog
    @AvantCoffee - vegan non-dairy cappuccino ice-cream with dark chocolate
    @Magebird - Apple Pie Cinnamon
    @TheScribe - Praline Pecan
    @Liminality - Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl @_@
    @Meshugenah - clearly MONSTER COOKIE
    @CaptainJack - Orange Cream
    @whatchamacallit - Chocolate + Pretzel + Peanut Butter Crunch
    @Dossereana - Vanilla + Fudge Swirl
    @starlitmind - ~Confetti Birthday Cake~
    @Arcticus - Pistachio
    @Liberty - Lemon Meringue
    @BluesClues - Nacho Cheese
    @Vincian - M&M
    @BrokenHeartsAri - Strawberry Chocolate
    @EternalRain - Vanilla + Marshmallow Cream
    @Spearmint - Candy Cane
    @mellifera - Caramel Swirl + Coffee Beans
    @Carlito - Raspberry Truffle
    @chikara - Mint Oreo
    @MomoMajesty - Moose tracks
    @looseleaf - S'more Delight
    @IcyFlame - Tiramisu
    @SpiritedWolfe - Peanut Butter Cups

    Spoiler! :


    starlitmind AHHHHHH I LOVE IT. IT SOUNDS WONDERFUL :')) <333
    Jun 8, 2021

    FireEyes much high quality
    Jun 8, 2021

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  • #ywsicecream

    @ShadowVyper - raspberry
    @veeren - banana
    @Carina - cookie monster
    @Vincian - salted caramel
    @soundofmind - Superman
    @SpiritedWolfe - moose tracks
    @Mea - vanilla bean
    @IcyFlame - peanut butter swirl
    @Liminality - teaberry
    @BluesClues - chocolate chip cookie dough
    @alliyah - mint chocolate chip
    @Magebird - orange creamsicle

    BluesClues ah I've been waiting to see what people think I am as ice cream <3
    Jun 8, 2021

    BluesClues also BLESS for putting Superman in there
    Jun 8, 2021

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  • @Spearmint mint chocolate chip, with some fun marshmallows on the top
    @starlitmind vanilla with rainbow sprinkles and a swirl of caramel
    @whatchamacallit toffee with blueberries and a spot of chocolate fudge
    @alliyah citrus flavour with a side of apple slices


    Jun 8, 2021

    alliyah Ohhh odd combo, I love it!
    Jun 8, 2021

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  • @starlitmind - rainbow ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, double scoop, waffle cone dipped in chocolate that's covered in rainbow sprinkles. and also the ice cream has an upside-down cone on it to represent a horn on a unicorn. just a lot of bright colors and lots of sweetness!
    @whatchamacallit - rocky road in a cute little cup and a quill-shaped chocolate piece stuck on the top. one perfect scoop that'll make your sweet tooth happy - not too big, not too small. and it comes with those fancy straws they let you taste-test with at the ice cream stores. very nice and simple~
    @magebird - hmm... sort of like a cozy ice cream bowl thing that you'd curl up with in bed with your cat on your lap and just relax and read a book. so like, a nice warm brownie, vanilla ice cream, and caramel drizzled on top with crushed pecans to top it off. an ice cream combo that's always there :0

    FireEyes wrote:what if we started tagging people and described them as ice cream?...Imma do it

    @ MomoMajesty: Cotton Candy with rainbow Sprinkles
    @ LadyMysterio: Black Cherry
    @ Carina: All the flavours that mesh well together at once with a single brownie on top

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    i seriously went into depth didn't i @_@

    starlitmind omg Lib this is all I have ever wanted to be. AND THE UNICORN ASDHFJKL I love it so much 🥺❤️
    Jun 8, 2021

    Hijinks awww <333 adsldfkj Lib I love this :')
    Jun 8, 2021

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  • #ywsicecream

    @Carina mango, no doubt in my mind about this
    @alliyah mint
    @Plume raspberry
    @kattee strawberry because it's PINK
    @IcyFlame vanilla with caramel ripple

    FireEyes wrote:what if we started tagging people and described them as ice cream?...Imma do it

    @/MomoMajesty: Cotton Candy with rainbow Sprinkles
    @/LadyMysterio: Black Cherry
    @/Carina: All the flavours that mesh well together at once with a single brownie on top

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