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The Literary Spotlight displays the five most popular new works over the past day as judged by the number of 'Likes' each has received in the past 24 hours.

1nce upan a tim.
by Strangelove in Poetry » Other

A mysterious one sentence story...
by SportyWriter in Short Story » Mystery / Suspense

My Only Best Friend
by KatyaElefant in Short Story » Dramatic

The flight is on time!
by SportyWriter in Short Story » Dramatic

by Liaya in Poetry » Fantasy

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  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » General, General
    The Veil - Chapter 11 Part 2

    Hey there Megsug! I'm back and all ready to catch up with your novel :D I'm afraid this first review is going to be incredibly short. Simply because this was ...

    Deanie - 26 minutes ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Historical Fiction, Narrative
    Asenath:Tears on the Sand Chapter 19

    Knight Wolfie has arrived for a Green Room review! (I love GR reviews... more points! ;) ) Prove to me that You are more powerful than Ra. Save my son. ...

    Wolfie36 - 50 minutes ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Historical Fiction, Narrative
    Asenath:Tears on the Sand Chapter 18

    No. “Of course.” I love the humor you have here!!! Okay, since I'm pretty sure you know a nitpick when you see one, I'm going to read the whole thing ...

    Wolfie36 - 1 hour ago

  • Storyboooks » Specific Storybook Discussion
    The Fifth Academy For Heroes In Training [DT]

    @Lumi Nice. I've always wanted to name a character a name seventeen letter long and that I couldn't pronounce. :)

    Aurora99 - 1 hour ago

  • Reviews » Short Story » Dramatic, General
    The flight is on time!

    Okay. Now I see that you more of a tragedy writer than you are a humor writer. It is sort of sad. But trust me you could do better by ...

    ConfusedGlasses - 2 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Storybooks

    Ramur Cynder's violet eyes resembled glowing amethyst orbs as they cautiously swept over us. I remembered her from certain classes we'd had together hundreds of years ago. I could tell ...

    Wolfie36 - 2 hours ago

  • Short Story » Historical Fiction, General
    What I am Here For

    The question everyone asks!

    Samus - 2 hours ago

  • Forums » Ask an Expert
    Dialogue, Choppyness, and everything inbetween.

    Thank you Rosey. That was very, very helpful. I'm now in love with the amazing lady who wrote those two articles, and I'm actually excited about tackling dialogue again. Thank ...

    Holysocks - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure, Teen Fiction
    Mad World: Chapter One

    Wow, this is an extremely good first chapter. Your character, Ellie, has the potential to stand next to Katniss and Tris in the world of strong female characters. You had ...

    Samus - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure, Fantasy
    Across Worlds - Chapter 17 Part 1

    Hi Noelle! It's me again :3 Looks like you just can't get rid of me! Oh my goodness what a cliffhanger that is! Maybe I'm a little glad that I'm ...

    Deanie - 2 hours ago

  • Poetry » Dramatic, Film
    It came down to Star Wars, in the end.

    I feel kind of lost right now.

    magpie - 3 hours ago
    E - Everyone

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Dramatic, Fantasy
    For Everly: Chapter 5: Wendy

    Alrighty! Didn't think I could make it *phew*. Anyway, moving on to the review. Okay, let me just mention something before I get down to it [qoute]dressed to the nines ...

    ConfusedGlasses - 3 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Specific Storybook Discussion
    After Dark DT

    SO....What's going on here? >.>

    AlmondEyes - 3 hours ago

  • Reviews » Other » Realistic, Dramatic
    How to Make a Girl

    Hi, Sleepette! Wow, this is really something. It's incredibly intense, very in your face about how girls are made into the things they become. This resonates with me because I ...

    203739 - 3 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Specific Storybook Discussion
    Harmony High DT

    Yeah, I read all three of the books. @Nike OH. okay. I don't really know what I'd have Harley doing, though.

    shinethroughthedark - 4 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » General, General
    Just a Nobody

    Hello, Margaretself. MS here for a review. I like your use of repetition in this poem. In the first two lines you repeat the word "forgotten." You also did this ...

    MargoSeuss - 4 hours ago