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Just before dawn, the Sierra-Leone thunder struck with the fury of a defiant war, blowing clouds of rumbling dusts, refuse and dried leafs over the whole village.
The thunder pounced at the edge of the bamboo huts as if it were going to blow them away along with the trees that were bowing to God. It was a thing of joy to Jamal's father and the villagers, for it would take away the insects that had destroyed the harvest of that season.
They were always haunted by the ghost of the past draughts, and would often complain that God had conspired against them to deny them their milk and honey. By morning, they sat in hot sun on the farm listening to the noisy, ever joyous market that had come out of its shell, trying to crawl out to river Bambulu.

Jamal, breathing heavily, clutches his pillow under a thick blanket, is still in the world of dreams; a dream about the pandemic, disease and bloodshed that would ravage their country. Blood ! Blood ! Blood ! Everywhere! on his hands, on his face. He struggles to wake up to the world. He tries moving his limbs, but they won't respond to his wish out of fear of awaking to reality.

His mother, Lirrisa, comes to turn on the lamp at his bedside. She had risen early to go to the Hospital. 'Why are you still sleeping, Lazy bones?' Lirrisa calls out to him in her sonorous voice. Jamal yawns, stretching his legs. This infuriates Lirrisa even more. 'Wake up Jamal! Your father needs you on the farm.' She slaps his back. ``It's not even morning, the hens are still croaking.'' He didn't realize that the sun was already shining until he lifted the window shade and the darkness of the room was filled with light. He got up from bed, took a small calabash and went to the back yard to wash his face.

Outside the suddenly let up of the rain and the day breaking through the clouds had amplified the humidity. The heat quickly spread with the harmattan that crept over the horizon. He quickly washed his hand and face with the black local soap and hurried to the kitchen to take his Ugalli porridge and stew.
He sat with other children on the mat and quickly ate his porridge with a wooden spoon. He then ran out to wash his hands in the calabash, wave goodbye to the children and head for the farm.

His morning ritual had begun. The sun smiled on him from the west with the serendipity of a beautiful day. To reach his Farm at River Bambulu, Jamal had to walk through the dusty village paths. Along the way he saw some women and teenage girls walking past silently on barefeet, carrying water-barrels on their heads. They were coming from the River Bambulu, their bodies arched, dried from the harmattan - to prepare meals for their family .
The Villagers lived an Arcadian life; their men spent their time working on remote farms, and the women help their husbands to rear the cattle. But the harvest had fled away, leaving the sun to suck up the moisture on the Soil.
'Good Morning Jamal ' Kabemba greeted him with warm smile through his rusty brown missing tooth. Jamal nodded his head in return.
'Going to the farm, I suppose?'
'What on earth are you going to do in the farm at this time of Drought'
''No rain'' he waved his hand to the air in sympathy of bad harvest.
Kabemba was well built, with muscles to attract women in the village.He usually drinks at night when there's dusk to dawn in the village.He was a member of the great party, who fought against slavery by the british.He had a small shop which he uses in selling provision.He usually visit the brothel for nasty sex and had become their friend as a usual customer.kabemba had a beautiful wife at home ,and she usually complained he was always drunk and a man who could'nt keep a marriage vows.He usually atttends the meeting with the village elders to hold talks about taking their land back which was seized by the white-man.
They were held in detention when they revolte d about the land which was seized by the english mercenaries who uses the bible to pull wool to cover their eyes.Jamal moved on to the farm with a comic laughter from the his joke.
Kabemba salutes him with his hat raised up and he cracked another joke which Jamal didn't answer, as he knew his antics and humor, and didn't want him to spoil his day.

Kabemba was a haggard looking old man, wrinkled face and a dried body. He was short, with a witty mouth. He wore a rumpled paint splattered shirts, dirty jeans and a cap. Kabemba was a devious man who kept his harvest in his wife's smoky hut and hoard food to sell at skyrocket price when there was drought. After making his profits, he would go to liquor joint to spend his day merry-making with women of easy virtue .The musicians there praised him and nicknamed him "The man with a good heart" while the beautiful girls dance to the rhythm of the sound.
That was his moments of happiness and his voices would rise with loud laughter that could be heard everywhere as he sprayed cash on women. Often, his wife would come to the Liquor joint to scold him for not leaving money for food at home. Sometimes, his wife would steal his money before he would awake .He always complained bitterly about his wife to the girls at the liquor store, telling them he would soon send her to his father's home and they would fall to the same fate.
But he was a coward and egotist who made empty promises just to lure them to bed. He was an attraction to many women and always got into trouble with other men's wives when they would sneak out from their huts. They would beat and curse him, but at the end, Kabemba would buy their conscience, paying them off for intruding .At night, he would go home drunk with any young girl, telling his wife that she was staying over.
And if she complained, he would beat her. The more she raged, the more he hated her. And whenever Amina threatened to pack up, he would beg her privately to stay; telling her that she was his backbone and that if she went, his life would come crashing. Yet, he wouldn't stop taking more beer as soon as she had forgiven him.

Jamal walked past him, his head slightly bowed. He saw men working on farms and greeted them until he arrived at father's farm.The farm was a big field which many labourers walk - able-bodied men who are working to keep body and soul together and also feed their family in exchange for few note of SHIRA to keep their pocket warm
He took out his hoe, and started to till the thick dusty soil, making ridges in each hectare. As he made the ridges, dusts flew in the air, covering his body and clothe. He soon got weary of making ridges and burying seeds into the soil - a job which had always give him muscles that he could show off to the young girls of Bambulu.
He finally threw down the hoe in deep anger, grabbed his clothe to go home or to the hospital.This morning ,he went home earlier than usual.He had not done much work on the ridges of the farm and often complained. of back pain at night before her mother massage with white towel and hot water.
At the hospital, people was got their treatment earlier of different disease and deadly ailments. Jamal was a shadow of himself and often got fidgety of the superstitution that there was ghost chasing him.But his dream was to be famous like her mother ,as the society would recognize him in the medical field and waiting for the harvest season watching the soil and keeping some when their was scarcity to sell at higher cost.He had a grandmother who's always drunk at night. ''Bastard'' she would say exposing her toothless gums .'' They don't have pity for my white hair on my head' 'she would say stairing at the family photo's and would take her clothes off .''Hey ,come have sex with your granny'' but later ,she was abandoned in the mental for old people where she died.Nobody mourned her or cry at her burial.Jamal was always fidgety at night becuase robbers would break in to their grocery store and carry away valuabe things
.Those where the years of her prostitution at the brothel.where she always drank to stupor .Jamal was a rallying point of the great party at the market square .They talked about their land and harvest in dry season .People stayed on roof top of shops,trees like gorrila and sat on spoilt bus to cheer and scream at the voice of the speaker
''This is our year of taking back our land from the white's who sold us the dummy of the bible to collect our land'' he said while the men took off their clothe and scream in delight of the speech.Jamal got out of the crowd and moved on to the hospital but jamal said the people had not learnt anything from their independence.
He called them black monkeys .And with these words,he moved through the crowd into the village square as customs demand.Jamal was a small small man with strong voice and a womanizer with a handsome look and drinks beer with men.Often ,their dances at te beer parlour always end in fight over harlots.
This is what he would do when he found there was nothing to do at the farm while endlessly waiting for the rain. He thought, ``Where was God, and why was He punishing them for sins that they hadn't committed?"
As Jamal started to leave, his father 'Muhammed' called out to him for deliveries at home, "Give this to Amina" he said. He had caught a big squirrel for our dinner and he hung it on a tree in a sack. Jamal carried the sack on his arched back singing a hunters folktale (Song) so that the spirit of the squirrel won't attack him on him way home. As he passed by the river Bambulu where women do their daily washings for their children and husbands, he saw a charming girl who looked more like a spirit or a goddess having bathed in the river. He made a pass at her. She looked different from the other village girls. She had roving eyes that entice the Bambulu man, butJamal spirit told him to move away, that she had a sinister mind. It was one of those supernatural beings they would always seen when there was a sacrifice to be made in the land.

The taste of the finished food continues to romance his throat until he saw George Leekens at the forest research house. George Leekens "Womanizer" had a sugar coat tongue which could set a virgin's head rolling with desire. He was a slave of anything under the skirt and his passion was the thick forest where he got all the rare plants that had disappeared in the world rain forest. In the forest, he got all the medicinal bark, plants and species of animals spending like a week in the thick forest with Shelter. Sometimes in the holiday Jamal used to go with them because of is sharp eyes of identifying rear plants at a spot. Jamal approached him as he was speaking with big chested "Akuna" about how they're the trip into the thick forest and the expedition cost as part of his regular research trip . Jamal touched him from behind and he turned back surprised at seeing me.

"Oh Jamal, how are you doing" he shook his hand like a lost friend who he had seen for decades. George excused the muscular man and he and Jamal walked to where Local women are sieving Caterpillars, a local delicacy into a basket. He touched Jamal on the shoulder, ''I'll need you in a couple of days, as we are going to the deep inside forest to take some near plants growing there". Jamal shrugged and roll his neck "That will be dangerous" he said. "I'll pay you a handsome fee that you can never resist." George waits for answer as Jamal frowned

"Yes, I will go but....if the Lumba Rebels come attacking." Jamal was weighed down by the fears of attack, by the Lumba rebels from the Neighboring who take refuge in the forest and illegal loggers who are armed with high-powered weapons .The last time they where almost taking hostage and viewed as criminals who had come to intrude on their territory.

"Don't worry, my men would take care of them." He pats Jamal at the back and smiles to calm him down.

"What men? Are these men ... who'll face the rebels?" Jamal looks at the men carrying spears and scorns them in a cynical belief that George was trying to play games with his mind.

"Jamal...Jamal...Jamal ,why are you bringing the past to judge tomorrow?" George stammer and tries to figure out the courage of Jamal talking to him like his local kinsmen without fearing his white skin. He had never heard or seen any Bambulu man spoke wit anger and his heart out to a white-man without any fear.
''That will be tomorrow when the forest when the rebel have been chased out''.Jamal walked past him and waved him goodbye, as people greet him in the village of a new baby born by her distant aunt who came back from other village .It was memorable experience for him as he loves carrying babies as she gave birth to triplet-a new record in village hospital.The aunty was was beautiful who worked in meat and rice stores.On her delivery, she screamed and pushed her babies out without complications of surgery .There was tears of Joy as she saw her triplet and she gave them breast milk with her breast .Jamal celebrated the birth of the babies drinking beer with other men with dances from the young ladies who dance naked with leafs covering their body.They danced all night and sang the favourite AWILO song of the east Africa but many men slept with other women wifes and went home drunk.The song they sang going round the chairs was .
The story of the people was the history of the hospital as it emergeone of the few colonised place by the british in the 1960's.The people had made it a centre of attraction for the Uhuru na khazi of the poor people.But it was the blackman's sweat that builded it but the white seized the building in the name of christianty .
The oracle of the hospital drank so many blood of stranger who died untimely who never worshipped their gods.It origin came from the river voices and this makes the whiteman to make jest as a witchhundted hospital that save people from their deadly disease.
Prayers where often offered by the christian nurse who wants to erase perdition spirit and earn them notes of shira to keep their bags warm.The nurses had become angel of the city as family walk in and go out with their patients.The gossips of the village said that many youngmen loved them and desired to marrying into their home.
It was early in the morning ,crowds had queued to consult and take their medicines home .The doctor was lirrisa who has human feeling amd golden touch with her gap tooth who specializes treating patients out of their illness.She has spent life in the detention during the struggle for independence and this make the people to fall in love with her character as a liberator of the people.
She walked straight into her consulting room and started calling patient from the reception.The day had begun with a few encouragement ''that all will be well''.The detention was like a shamba. She had spent most of life as a resercher and herb user-a strange leaf in the hospital world to cure ailments and various terrrible disease .She had a mixture of bad experience in her incarceration .Her gap tooth was the magic that made her famous being known in her village.
She was also a woman of influence and her beautiful woman who dancing in the hospital compulsory to make the patients with comic joke as a tonic to the sickler in coma.
The revolt of the people fighting for land was what caused mass grave that announce her to the world.She treated free of charge of cutlass and gun shot wounds of the violence that happened in the village.''Come inside,he called sonorous voice to call in her patients.He cared and loved the people of her being a sacrificial lamb of the great party of their people.
In the evening,the women dance to the tune of the drunkard and often sleep with them in the hut of the palm wine tatch house.They love sex and often carry disease and their reaction is to deny it whenever their wives enquiry and often bribed the nurse to keep their mouth shot.
Women carried pregnancy from the beer parlour but the revolution was near and the violence that will end the white-man's domination in the village of people who took their land in the name of Jesus christ.But the white men had not slept.John hopkins was the leader of the british .
He was popular in the market stores and tea drinking joint.A word from his mouth is ''yes and amen''They and sang praises him in churches and the rumour leaked out which broke their mission of was leaked to the secret armies and police.So ,the riot was crused.
People laughed and groan under the british rule in the country.He had become a sacrificial lamb and the word of their language was umbuktu wakuinti,a swahili language. He was killed in the latrine by unknown gunmen.Nobody knew the murderers as they dissapear into air without trace of evidence.The whitemen cried foul play and showed the cruelty on the workers on the field.
How could a city known in the seventies for peace become so haunted by the ghost of violence and bloodletting.That was the question blacks has been asking over the violence and the murder of great people which has plagued the village.It is sheer wickedness and man's inhuman.Jamal knew there was war about to break out. This is because some of his neighbour had lost their house to crisis in the past violence.There have been report of mercenaries in ''fake military''uniform being escalating the crisis .Soldiers burnt house and raped their women.
It was as if it was a scripted tragedy of a nation in turmoil.Honour has been thrown to the mud and it was as if the village was stucked in the middle of nowhere.''Why do bad things happen to good people,Jamal puzzled and pointed at heaven as if calling God to witness what he was saying was the real truth.The village seems inexorably cast on the plain of gun powder which can explode any time''why in this village,one man can control everybody'' he said
.But he remembered a scripture from exodus 14;14''I will fight your fight and you would hold your peace.But her mother was worried by what he was pondering .He prepared a cup of tea and they sat together.They talked about the olden days fable and harvest which has gone drought and they concluded they would offer prayers to the heavens to give them rain.Soon,he got tired about the conversation and went inside,took his blanket,opened the window for fresh air and slept off forgeting the guitar gig he wishes to go for merry-making,dancing with the virgin ladies.Girls loved him becuase he was a glory of the uhuru na khazi.Darkness falls with the moon smiling from the heavens, smiling to the day's ending.
In his dream was a song he heard ''Freedom na khuzi'' independence na uhuru'' in a slow voicethat the british domination will soon end.He saw men crying for freedom in his village.When he woke up,it was as if load had been lifted from mind.He cleaned his face and checked the windows,the sunset rays shined through the dusty room. This morning,he found out he was starved with hunger.He raged inside with anger as if to blow the head of the mercenaries with his hunter gun.But the whiteman's house was heavily protected with barbed wire.He could not remember what happened in the dream and he didn't know the interpretation of the dream.He only realised that he had woken up from a bad dream in which he walked a long distance to declare his freedom from the captives.
The sun shined through the city,heating the ground of the city.Jamal drank pap food and lit the fire in the backyard.The room was dirty ,so he had to clean the room.He went out of the hut -the heavy smoke covered the room because he was a novice.He moved out,going to the farm where the dust was rumbling like the sahara desert ,trailing him behind.The air choked his nostril.He walked slowly,confused about the hot heat from the sun.He puzzled about the dream ''freedom''for his folks and remembered the bad experience of her mother's incarceration.Everything remained a misty dream and he found it difficult to tell his friends ''I must be dreaming of those british bastards who took our ancestral land''.There is nothing so painful than staying in slavery .They were sold by the gin they saw with the whites of coming civilization.He asked for the meaning of the dream and often threw his hand up into the air in protest. The smell of his sleeping room reminded him of the sick in hospital' Yes ,I gave my life for the black man's freedom''he said ,feeling dissapointed at the seizing of their land .He was a man with a pure mind like a puritan priest.He cried shame to the dark room. He became restless and walked round the room with oil lamp putting light to the hut.''Everything the people laboured for , would be over and the country will be in turmoil''.A man does not sleep when there's invasion in the village.The memory of the disaster had not gone.His mind lightly moved from episode to another.Jamal went out into the night with harmattan air breezing .He entered the tea shop,for hot coffee sneaking by the end of the back door to cool his nerves.As he was walking through the dark night,many scenes in his dream flashes through his mind as he was frightened that rebels from other village would .But he remembered a scripture' of psalm 91;1''i dweleth in the secret plave of the most high,shall abide under of the almighty '' to break the back bone of their village oppressors.The words made impact disturbing his memory.His country was in turmoil of mercenaries but the burning of houses had not touch in his hut.Jamal had a feverish excitement when he burst into the tea shop in the middle of the road.The tea shop was nicknamed ''Mambu pussy''but the white man seized it and renamed it.Men where scattered on the chair and they crack joke to relive them of their days in hefty jobs in the farm..Jamal went to a small hideout and sat down quietly not wanting the crowd to shout his presence.The people in the tea shops where jokers and drummers from other village who came to entertain .Suddenly,the mamba's voice sang with their melodies while some men and women remain half naked.The men from the mamba's where used to bragging about their oil resource,nobody dare touch them.They listened to the meaning of their song which was always sexy and inviting the harlot to dance with their merry-making.Every eye looked around the corner to escape if the police was raiding.People started jisting about the politics of sierra-leone as a country of violence.Jamal raised a point saying ''But we lost to the white as they held us at gun point and took away land''.The bullet killed so many of them that revolted .Suddenly, a man with half leg saluted him for his stand for justice,His voice was vibrated with fear.He searched his pocket to bring out two pay the cashiers..He stood and pushed his way through the crowd of people and went out to the street..But when he cross the narrow road,he felt a policeman was following him for a bribe .Then ,he came forward to check if he was not drunk.It was in the darkness as he settled the officer,saluting him in comic relief.The police never detained but took some few shira notes to keep their soul alive.Then jamal vanishedinto the village square.He thought of one day,he would lead the people out of the shackles and bury their past.He has dug into trouble waters because he was educated and asked for his people right from their captive-the british missionaireies .The detention was worse and looked like war-zone as men compacted ants as it was a torture station and people feared them.Men never joined them in the talk about their independence celebration because he could be chained and his honour will be buried in the dust.But the country does not have to remain a theatre of winding hunger and protacted jam which made great men mediocres.
No rain fell and nothing grew excerpt the dune of sand blowing through the whole village. There was perenial food scarcity -like a monster that cannot be tamed.But they prepared for the yuletide seasons .
Chapter 3
On monday, the drought the village felt was gone and there was food in the land .They have refused to sacrificed to the gods.So the crop grew bigger and nourishing.The sun shined brightly and the rain fell.Plagued was removed from the land.
The cattles that died was thrown into the river as a waste because of the dead meat disesas.Jamal had warned them of the british invasion of their farm land.The silence of the black was broken when they to gun and dangerous weapon but they escape death from the hangman.
Jamal loved the rainy season when everything is green and crops will grow to maturity and in the day,there was flowery,plant growing in brigthness.The water was opened from the machine to drive away drought that had killed their harvest.He never complained about the harvest-it was good and rosy.He beleive there was big harvest.
That was why he never wanted to leave the farm which belong to their ancestors.The black farmers began pressing for their rights from the whites. Some white man negotiated the release their confiscated land. The police shot some people hiding in the grocery stores and they died.
Those were the days of battle with gun throttling policemen .Jamal spoke in a low tone with a sad voice and reminded them of history.’ All the land belong to the black people.They where given to them by God as a natural resources. The Pakistanis and british had big tea shop and farm land. The land was taken away,through the bible and gun.The foolish generosity in accomodating the white was condemned.Their fathers was taken captive in the first--world war fought by hitler and their land was used to settle the white-soldiers who came back alive from the war without being wounded. The family was told to pay heavy taxes to the white dominated government .
Sometimes, men came to see his father's hut. His father was the rallying for the freedom fighters. The elders in the village discussed about the affairs of the land.But they talk about going on hunger strike where the black will stop working and all business in the country will be grounded because they laboured with their sweat. The British settlers would call them back for negotiation.
The sweat and blood was built by good food from the joint. and they talked about brotherhood.When Jamal went to bed ,he prayed the strike would end on monday but some people would die of hunger.People heard the rumours of the strike but it crushed by the police.But they worked in secret places to demand them of their right from the british white-men.
The hut was dark as people gathered to make secret meeting of how they are going to drive them away from their land .In spite of the pain ,they never forgot the slogan of their anthem. The roads that ran was Indian provision shops. The hooting of lorries and car drove across it. Women came to the market and make gossip about their uhuru na khazi hospital and about the beer parlor. They talked about how their men was good on bed. The noise of the road could be heard from long distance as buyers and strangers buy goods from the English stores. The affliction of the people was a suffering they rejected kicking against the white domination. The land belongs to the black' they would murmur to the hearing of the English settlers. But they where digging into troubled times of silent scandals and they had not learnt their lessons when they took their inheritance in the name of the bible.
There was silent scandal among the whites about the sharing of the land. They wrestled to control the sierra-Leone and any black man who thought of seat of possible would be assassinated in cold blood. The blacks were afraid of the gun and the war-ships, but they had bold mind to confront the British. Their land was taken away as they left them homeless living in shackle homes. Jamal was well known through out the whole village as a young doctor in the making. His fame rested in the good books of the people as a boy who brought honor to the village as a young doctor who treated with herbs through his research in the forest. His passion was the forest about science in dark Africa. The forest was home to the evil animals as he sought for knowledge in the area of the bush. He was never afraid of the superstition that a man's ghost was haunting him and it claimed human sacrifice-a food for the evil animals which cannot be tamed by experienced hunters. But there was something royal that only the few can see borne out of sheer confident that he was a strong personality among the village hunters. He danced vigorously to the drum beat of the people's destiny as he paid the great price of freedom for his fellow people. His shadow of greatness grew larger but there was a strong herbalist behind him-a medicine man who prepared protection charm for him against dangerous animals as a hunter. He was always high on spirit drink whenever he wanted to the forest on expedition. It all goes to show that at the end of the day, we are all human being bonded by black man's magic. He was a symbol of the powerful of traditional medicine men in the village.
The feast of the new festival was approaching after the rain fell and the village was in a festival mood. It was a celebration to give thanks to their gods for the fertile soil and harvest. Jamal played a great role in the rain herbalist men. Jamal never attended the church and never believed in the white-man's religion who brought bible by the missionaries. He felt they encroached on their land and fed on their land like ants in the sugar. Men and women looked forward to the new food festival. In the night, they would beg their gods and pour oil in their hut.
' The gods help those who worship them' as Jamal pointed to his god and praised it for giving them a new festival to rejoice after a long of draught. There were always crowd waiting to worship at Jamal's surrounding hut. His house belongs to one of the clans and they were always encircled round the gods to ask for the rain. The rain was a blessing to the village as the food scarcity will be gone and perennial times would be over. He wrestled for the village and often challenged the white's to a wrestling match to determine the British strength.
He had grown into tough man capable of ruling the clan as he would avert bloodshed that always with their neighbor villages. The women went to the bush to collect firewood and the little children goes to school to play with their mates. But there was bad news waiting for Jamal as their men where killed by the rebels through heavy gunshots and the animals hate their death as food.
So, they remained a sacrifice of the village while some where kept in detention of the rebels. Jamal was angry and protested in the clan of elder's meeting that there war going within them and men should wake to the responsibility. But they attacked back in revenge. Jamal was sent to the missionary school, a school in the outskirt of uhuru na khazi.
He would about the white man's and become enlightened as a learned than his fellow illiterate who never went to school. He kept the slogan of being his brother's keeper but he knew their was turmoil in his days. He discovered a new world of the bible. He was moved moved by the story of Elijah who called fire from heaven his arresters. Even the teachers loved him for his brilliancy and he was a man who brags about the black man prowess about the British who took the seat of power.
Jamal went to school and met a beautiful lady whom he loved dearly and he worshiped her like a queen. They would go to beer joint and drink for their relaxation. He said sierra-Leone belonged to the black and he claimed the son of the land.' The sweat of their hero will not be in vain as the hospital was inherited from their ancestors with no strings attached and the freedom given to them was strange with no wings to drive them away from their land. Jamal proved good at his studies.
The drum beat of the king had refused to be ranged because there was no emergency and the village people where not happy at the turn of events. The missionaries had built churches and school and it was strange to the elders of the clan. The white missionaries thought they were worthless men in their face. They spent their days in their homes and went to the village square to preach the gospel as they were received by the reluctant village elders. But the black had began the process of pressing for their right a long while in the days of arrival of the village. But Jamal was pessimistic about the black taking back their land as the village was half empty as they were afraid of the guns on their as a sacrifice. They mocked the black men about their shaky feet.
They preached the gospel that God moves in a mysterious in the missionary church. The promise to keep the shepherd of flock of people that would worship Jesus with their whole heart. They were debtor to the white and hold them gratitude for opening their veiled eyes. They talked about how Jesus died on the cross ,redeeming us from the sin the world.
''Awake ,awake... o heart of mine ,
Take up the song....of endless years,
And sing them of their redeeming love
This was their usual hymn on Sunday when they rest for the day. The storms of life shall cease in important day was their message to the people. Beautiful words of Jesus was preached to the crowd who left their homes as labour is rest and pain from their sweat. The white men gave them a kiss of death for their land. Jamal knew this and was ready to take arms and fight for survival. because they were surrounded by men with sweet tongue and empty promises. They preached about how christ lived some 2000 years ago.He tasted death once and was crucified by the Jews. He was said to have a painful death on the cross for the sin of men but the missionaries the English way of living and their

He greeted him ‘chewing a stick conspicuously sticking out of his mouth. The priest replied in his English language” I am fine ‘’ he said smiling. Toga had served as a steward to the colonial masters in the diamond city. Her wife, a dark woman in her forties came out and greeted them in their krio language .The mission of the priest father was known and he already gave him gin as a visitor .He said he would not take alcoholic dring as holy men do not take such but the would serve better.” may the land be blessed abundant resource “Toga poured gin drink on the ground “Good wine” he exclaimed turning to toga who loved alcoholic drink which he took at beer joint and always look. Foolish whenever he comes homes .The priest began to talk, explaining the importance of education for his children and how people would loose to other communities if their children remain illiterate .

A dark slim girl of about thirteen appeared, he hair neatly plaited with rubber, she came with coconut oil to the priest as a gift. Toga turned away his face strangely to their land “Children should be in school and not in farms .The separation of the black and whites had crushed the bones, lives and mind of many people in that enclave.

It was a world worst case of racial discrimination. It gave birth to a new settle about the land.Jamal struggle leaves generation unborn with a freedom their ancestors could only dream and provide a long walk to freedom. There was strange covenant between the forest fighters and attended the meeting at night. The situation in the area is bizarre; children, men ,and women and the aged wear hard faces and in most cases carry rashes all over the body. But Jamal came home after the mood.

He never talked to her mother and this was unusual. Jamal always ask about the days job at the hospital. Then, when he gave him food. Jamal glanced at it” This food is leafy, it must be white man’s food and stared at the wall but lirrisa never asked what was the trouble. The experience in the forest was terrible as thick herbs were exploited from the bush. Jamal was part of the delegation who would go an negotiate the land to the governor but the days were pregnant with expectation if the white’s would give them independence.

But one night,jamal drum the song of war to the whites who where holding their land.” I know the truth and the truth shall set our uhuru na khazi free”.He had developed a bitter heart and declare against people and arrange some fighters with guns .The rumour spread out and the white’s called for discussion with the governor and the empty promise would met but they were up by soldiers.

Chapter 6

From Britain,the priest had found home in the rira hills and he was not afraid of the turmoil of the land tussle but there was harmattan.And is usual ,it was welcome by many people on account of the soothing coolness and the breezy feeling in the air,it can trying period if not well handled especially after the coldness.One of the problem was getting up from the bed because this is the time cold peaks.The best was is to get up from bed early and take a warm clothe that is suitable for the weather which is capable of keeping the cold away.

He always had less exercise which shake off the harmattan cold and keep the body warm all day long.As the saying goes”The cat is around the house when the owner has become raven for the house ,which has become a raven for the rat’’.But no matter the brightness of the sun ,the sky would bring some cloud,there’s a silver lining.The democracy of the shined brightly with a dubious mandate appeared to start on a promising note

.The prospect for change of power to the blacks was so alluring the hold-no-bared confessed to a premature victory dance to welcome the whites. They were all victims of the deception. The sun was no bright before a menacing dark cloud exposed it ominous face. Promises were broken at will. Respect for the whites for rule of the might.Every thick in the book was deployed to save allies such as jamal or to hang perceived enemies on the tree.” Nothing is moving. Corruption is moving at high rate was the comment of the leader in the print media but their appeared African in general believe a particular flame is significant to the family in whatever thing they would become. A friend predict “we have what belong to us” Jamal says as he was arranging for fighters whorn had been trained by rebels. Jamal spoke in a voracious tongue freedom on his lips. Sierra-Leone belong to the samba tribe .But they were rounded up by the police who kept them in detention as prisoners of war. The solitary cas deep dungeon silent and dark.

Men were kept in dark cells and their shirts were torn and handcuffed with iron on their hands but the freedom song they always sing never left their mouth. But the party remains remains and their midst was not shatter red and found their strength in unity.

They talked in market places and would raise a delegation who represent and settle land trouble.They ate crumbs and drank dirty water in the prison cell.The desert of the natives hut tax was ended in a large scale of organized resisted by the villager who protested.

They were arrested for domestic violence and land vow.The young men protested again the slavery by the whites .They cleared and make roads .But these was the beginning of trouble for the whiteman ,Jamal never slept in dark cells.He was treated as an person because her mother always in hunger strike.They were tried by the court.He was counted as a troublemaker by the court and he has been influenced by the few greedy elders of the clan who knew nothing than to drink gin.Change was in the air in the 1960’s that the land charter would finally be signed and they would be released as prisoners of war.

But Jamal reservations and said the whitman’s mouth was coated in sugar tongues and the trial should be open to resolve the crisis at hand and men would represent them at the end. The blacks were restricted in their movement around the areas .Many of them were forbidden to visit them at the prison. They could note the sunlight of the land. Africans were desperate for legal help in the land building but they were denied by the district officer. They began to sing freedom song the lyrics “They are the whites,let us take our land attack them and escape the prison sentence.The charter of the land was signed. Jamal rarely complained. He had his live as a freedom fight and the belief that something good would happen at Sierra-Leone. That was why he fought for the land their forefather gave them.

”Do you know the whites man seized our land land when he told us to eyes.”Yes they are robbers. Kabemba answered.” The white took away our joy and gave us the bible” The white named them prisoners of war and should be treated as outcast of the village. But Jamal slept and dreamt of the happy moment of the harvest and land

.They were held in detention for days before they were released unconditionally but their condition went from bad to worse. No one could be told when they might be arrested again. Breaking the curfew. You could move along British soldiers were catching people at night. It was said that British soldiers were arresting people at night.and having taken them to forest would release and ask them to follow the good path and they lived in fear of the gun .But the festive season was over.

The black cursed their self and shoot themselves on the leg and fight against each other. The charter was signed and the land was given 70;30 sharing formula. But Jamal went to school to study medicine in the outskirt ofsierra Leone.. The market women and the student strike and the beginning of breakdown in the stability of Jamal’s household .For the first time, Jamal household. For the first time, Jamal witness that he could not actually make uo his mind out of personal conviction.

After the week of freedom, every family began to clear their land to make new farms. The bush was left to dry and fire was set ablaze .He spend his seed and this show a dry season when the rain had gone. The hospital was used to treat in their home and lirrisa had a hectic time controlling the crowd of visitors with one disease and other ailments.

Chapter 7

Jamal once again dreamt of war that is going to break out between the ethnic tribes and the revolutionary united front who stayed as rebels in the bush. Jamal came before her mother with his hand clasped his hand in prayer” Let my prayer fly on the wings of hope” that hostilities and war violence not breakout .

He came to her mother full of thanks for not aborting him during pregnancy but there was famine in the land. There were no foods to eat.He still remembered how he revolted and said they take slavery on the land no more.They fought and got their freedom and become the first free slave nation. In the forest of freedom, they swore to an oath and took a blood covenant.

Then, they went back to the religion of their ancestors they abandoned when the Christian priest arrived. They took to the gods of their fathers. They made voodoo their religion. But the father have eaten and the teeth are set on fires. In shamba, some people of God and others stick to their idols. The land was where the dead are brought back to work as ghost slaves. The warships and cutlass were imported with dirty leaves covered to import. But how minute fly in the day. Jamal joined the army of RUF at the age of 17 and as a volunteer of red cross. He believed in the cause was declared .The class of mende people affected the war war was the children.

The children lived at the mercy of the federal soldier who defied the rules of warfare to drop bombs in the refugee captain RUF was led by Fonday sankoh who fought gallantly with the rebels. They dropped bomb at market and other place hidden.

Red cross came to rescue the children but it’s air plane conveying of relief material to the civilians in Mende where shut out from the supply by the government forces who said the territory must be shut out from supply of needs and food. As a brother, during the civil war ,they were raised up in a bad condition. The memory Jamal was gone because of hunger and starvation. Then, there was horrifying night, the agonies and pain ,a period where there is hope that would survive the war.A period they would survive the war. A period they waited for death that would come un-noticed. They lived in fear that they would short dead by the rebels who want to gain control of the country. The frequent run for cover from the frequent run for cover from the rebel planes that rained bomb still was in their memory. The long trek carrying load on the head with their children dying of kwashiorkor –a malnourish disease. The unending queues to receive meager refugees food relief from the red cross. There was smelling hygiene and they took long days to had both and change of clothes .This resulted in live maggot been extracted with pin from toes making their long trek more painful and sorrowful. Jamal never forgot the aroma of corn meal, dry egg powder and fufu brought to them in the refugee camp as a result of kwashiorkor was eveil ,he cohabited with. They would go to school for fear of been attack by the rebels. The rebels raped and their hands cut with knives imported from china.In the 1960’s ,there was a bloody coup which brew bad blood among the ethnicities, the ethnic colorations because one section of the ethnic military commanders when murdered in cold blood. Most of the victims came from a part of the nation. That the soldier revenge in reprisal attack led to a civil war because of killing of their ethnic krio people .But much later, there education policy was given to the missionaries. Fonday sankoh built a school for his people in the 60’s and the elders told them food items were accepted were accepted in exchange for school fees while scholarship were offered to indigent student .Jamal still hung in his sitting room enlarged photo of the war. Showing him dressed without shoes. The main rebels that the army and given gun were children where train with marijuana and spirit wine to kill any government force. They never recovered from that ravage as houses and cities were destroyed with gunshot by children soldiers.Jamal remembered the bicycle journey he and his mother made every market from shamba to mende to bring home food. Because of the war, the village lost all educated men who were trained through community money contribution with the hope they will return in trains.Blookades were introduced and full military troops moved into the east.Jamal had to treat people of gun shot wounds in the hospital as people made the hospital their refugee home.They treated a lot of people of kwashiorkor disease that ravage the childrens.

The many victims of the 5 years civil war have vowed not to return to the trouble city, having lost all their fruits of labour in a crisis that left them with harrowing experience .Mende was their home .So they belived as they built homes and walth .But they were proved wrong by many indigenes who lost all hopes were shattered as they look tired ,worn out of unkempt and indeed and indeed pitiable as they scrambled for a loaf of beverage served them while they waited for the red cross to avert many children’s death.It was a planned riot hidden under religion. Some worshippers fled the churches while Jamal waited to see what will happen .The crisis tool them unaware because, there used to be antecedent before eruption of hostilities because they heard rumors that some people wanted to formant trouble. In some area, mosque and churches were burnt but it came as a reprisal attack. Jamal was an unlucky victim of life cruel joke.

The armies were barbaric in their art as women were raped and children were trained as child soldiers. Many became mothers of unwanted pregnancy from the monster of rape.Their hand and legs were chopped off.General fonday sankoh was a flamboyant army who grew in a living legeng to the north. He was a womanizer and heavy drinker who enjoyed the good life of the war, beamed a savior by controlling the armored divison.

He risked his life to protect the Mendes people in the RUF occupied place who continually defied ceasefire .But he outwitted State security and transformed the war into an angel of mercy. Those wounded were taken to to the uhuru na khazi.They were starved of food and they ate lizard and grasshoppers as food during the war when it was fierce. Jamal was one of the survivors who was shot but did not get him because of his protective charm. The river was popular for housing a leprosy colony and people who drank from the dirty water. During the war,fonday sankoh life was dominated by two conflicting influence of religion he imbibe at the missionary the communism of his testifying village. The RUF hijack a flight from Sierra-Leone from Liberia full of arms to shed innocent blood but it belong to the government forces who want to erase their ethnic from the earshot war! war was their usual slogan and Jamal always full of his pride to the struggle. He used to rush to the bush whenever noise of bombs or strange gunshot was heard. The atmosphere was scary and going into the city was nightmare. Her mother suffered some injuries in the leg and was treated by the red cross but she escaped the soldiers rampage. The hospital was dominated by red cross who brought and treated wounds of the soldiers and children who sustained injuries during the war. The war shattered there hope and left a sharp knife in the middle of the nation’s heart. Soldiers bomb the river and put a blockage to the north excerpt missionaries who brought food for the refugees.Jamal treated patients in the hospital of their and they prayed to God to forgive their killings. The victims coming from the war sites was so horrible that people were slaughtered like animals .The city smelt a wasted land by ghosts and children became orphan whose parent were killed fighting the war.


In the days of the war, men were killed like chicken and dumped in gutters and waste bin .They were buried in mass gave as their body was decaying and littering the city of smells and the city nickname-the city of bones ,But the rebel were said to be fighting for diamonds rich land and sold to mercenaries.

some lost all their beloved families in the sectarian violence while others lost all they've been working for all their lives in the inferno of the rampaging rebels.

Homes,BUSINESS,PRoperties were lost to the war.some people are in war hospital when they lost some parts of their bodies or being amputated by the barbaric soldiers. who have no human spirit but zombie bloodsucking demon in their behaviour.It a bad experience for Jamal as he was moved through the bush to escape from the rebels.The church members were attacked and building was completely erased down on fire.

The priest said he was preaching when a boy told him rebels were around and chanting song on their surrounding to attack them.They close sermon that morning to enable them return to safe place.They rebels arrived with dangerous sofisticated weapon like the one used in world war during hitler madness era.They destroyed the properties the church they said .

Kabemba,a victim of the incidents .The attackers were chanting Allahu akbar!Allahu akbar from their behaviour,the suspected something was going wrong when the rebels rounded them up.They are religuous fundamentalist from the from the borders.While attempting to flee,he wa attacked with matchete at his forehead.He fell to the ground with spill of blood on his face .He couldn't escape the bullets of the assailants to the nearest forest .He received medical treatment at the barracks where the red cross were located.

A widow taking refuge was sitting down when the government imposed imposed curfew and there was no going around when the army of youth stormed in through the door.They were hoodlums who caried dangerous weapons to steal food from their house.She escaped and the hoodlums chased her.But they met some mobile who shut into the air to scare the rebels away.The rebels shot back and her daughter was assasinated with bullet piercing her womb in the crossfire.She immediately took refuge at the barrack because her house burnt to ashes.There was food and relief materials from non -governmental bodie.Staying in shamba would remind of the deth of her daugther and the trauma she went throughn in the bush.

She justed to go to her house if only she could get transport fare to check the razed buildings.when the atmosphere got heated through the sporadic gun-battle,the village head advised them to run-away from the rebels attack.

But some escaped through the bush and forest with their babies.some of the cattles were slaughtered and other animals chased into the forest.They killed their kinsmen both young and old.He had lived in the shamba all their lives and how can he return home empty handed.The children were sent home and he claimed he would start all over again. fathers were burnt recognition.Three women gave birth to babies in the bush where the red cross camouflaged.The displaced people were in the refugee with ecomog soldiers was closd down to restrict mass exodus of people not to cuase retaliatory attacks."He who had witness the thunder would lie in the name of God to burn people alive"was one one of the survivors comment.

After hour of the tortuos journey through winding road,they rescued people arrive safe ffamished and hungry looking dirty.They gave glory to their gods for bringing them out of the war which the west-africa bodies of peace-keepers solved through ceasefire among the force and rebels.They never wanted to witness the war in their life time.Many casualties were recorded,properties and roads were destroyed and barricaded

The body were decomposed but were buried. They found the bodies within a bush on the outskirts of the village. Sierra-Leone has been taken to cavern of death by the terrors of the land. The distance between the countries and hell is now width of the slender heaven .They had overcome the tragedies over the time and nature was fighting there diamond resource under the guise of the missionary and the conflict was certitude of “black war” and when evacuated from the fighting zones of the war-lord. The war-lord who wanted be the cannot complain at inception about the rebels that were bombed on fighting war.

They were said to be on the wrong side of God. To condemn the warlord would be blaspheme his own slave Holden antecedent .The maltreatment by the British fueled the sierra-Leone to the depravity heaped upon the slave by their masters .For the white to see a better life was what caused the burning of houses but it was in the people and blacks .

The British and war-lords called it blood money as they make money illegally from the diamond fields. It gave each of the dearth side as there were starvation and war allies were allowed to carry relief materials. They killed some Red Cross volunteer and appologised to the foreign bodies for the mistake of identity because was a type of rebel bus.


It was the rage of the warlord in the cold chilly wind that evening; they shot sporadically to the RUF by the force of mercenaries who came from brought in weapons to fight. It was in the night, a young and amiable little boy stood on the former home in downturn shamba staring at the blank space of the rubbles of their house. Her heart must be heavy and filled with sorrow and anguish. A tear streamed down from her eyeballs .

He was lonely as a bird on the housetop was sitting atop. He had lost his parent and her two sibling .His name was kuka. About five kilometers, the boy of four toddled down the road before nightfall. He had wondered through the bush of shamba. Eye witness says he cried all the days he stayed alone without food and no water.

He had gone all day without sighting any family face. Previously, he had the home of his parent razed down by ethno-religious and bloody whirlwind that rammed through shamba ,leaving behind hundreds of dying people like animals .The travails of the children was one of the horrifying graphic detail of bd omen the shamba’s witnessed who spoke the language of krio.Amidst ,the swirling round of despair ,there was story of crying little baby that was strapped on her mothers back ,several house after the other.

The mother was beheaded ,plus the bizarre ,torture account of a pregnant woman who was raped, her womb later ripped open and the six month foetus was crushed with barefoot of soldiers rampaging the village. Officials say millions of death where recorded, including un-identified bodies dumped in the village wells. Many entire families were wiped off.

The wife, who witnessed how innocent children were massacred with cutlass and knives has been having hysteria off crisis when he and his wife was having sex ,the soldiers broke down the door. They raped the wife in their presence and after that, she was shot in the vital organ. She died immediately after the gunshot .But the woman who were raped trance every afternoon, behaving like an insane victim.

She spoke in lonely rooms given to her by his loved ones. The riot and killing spread, with speed of light the riots was fierce and bloody of a city once known always to be peaceful but now ,has become rebel zone of fatal clashes resulting in several death of innocent and armless citizens. Thousands fled the city and the village and the 26 mercenaries were rounded up. There was report of rape, torture, arbitrary shooting by security forces. The crisis mirrors the deep-seated historic ethnic divide ravaging the nation.

They found their self in the bid to settle scores with various ethnic tribe. They keep indigenous and owners had become the problem of ethnic sierra-Leoneans. There was constant unrest in some pats of the north of the conflict of civilization between the war-lords .The rebels war left a scar of wounds on their face. There was vicious war-lord who claimed the territories of the country and would control the diamond rich resource .They sold to the white men in cheap prize to buy more weapons. The refugees were camped in barracks where was safety from gunshot and war ships. The armies provided them a safe security for their custody. Young men and ladies were recruited by the government to carry guns and shoot their enemies. They were said to be drop the perdition and they would be responsible to their wives. The civil war broke out due to corruption in government and mismanagement of the diamond resources.The nightmare of the incessant gun shot and both.The brutal civil war was going on the neighboring Liberia which played a role in the outbreak of fighting in the nation.

The RUF Led by fonday sankoh was backed by taylor, launched it first attack in the village in eastern sierra-leone .Within a month of entering the country .A group of young soldiers in the army,apparently frustrated by government failure.

But the rebel leader was assassinated and hung on the tree by mercenaries in the force,fonday sankoh who hail from the shamba was allegedly attempted to be overthrown by the government forces.He was arrested,tried and imprisoned.But the army was disatisfie and pleaded for ceasefire



The war pierced the nation's heart with knive and unforgetable scars of memories of silent scandals of bloodshed memories of wounds.An estimated two hundred thousand people suffered amputation from matchete and axe being used to cut arms and leg.Their tactics was physical mutilation.They will kill anyone who tries to escape.

Other civilian who tried to escape .Other civilians were mutilated and sent to neighbouring villages as a warning.The rebels and government signed a ceasefire accord with epidemics them on the onset of rainy season.The situation is already grave of the 2million ethnicities.Already,100 cases of ebolla have been recorded with deaths in the freetown population.It has doubled since the end of war in 1991 with several refugees camp out in the town.

The insurgent revolutionary united front was not far away from the capital by 32km.Provinces and village were cut from the capital with medical supplies are scarce.The doctor and workers were forced to rely on a private transport.As many as 1000 people were affected by the disease outbreak.

The problem was lack of safe water from the dirty river and the attendant risk with ebolla virus.The rebels would sometimes take a few civilan as hostage to stop the military from attacking them.After the rebels ran out of supplies ,they would it and kill whoever they site in freetown.The 60,000 refugees have to fetch water from a well and have no good latrines.As a result,the health department has set up five centres to treat ebolla virus found in dead monkeys and chimpanzes and they are organising mobile clinis to meet them to prevent person to person infection .They provided healthcare to the displace people .Medicines and vaccines ,however are lacking. Aid agencies such has medecins sans frontiers and oxfarm set up a district.

Many student were expelled from their school and some carry unexpected pregnancy unwanted.

The truth and reconciliation was set up to provide for both commissions for victims and perpetrators of violations.Gloves ,mask, laboratory coat and googles with infected person. Researchers at the centre facility where military biologist who study infectious disease with a promising vaccine. About 15 %-20% of hospitalized ebolla virus will die from the illness .It is estimated that overall mortality rate is 10%,epidemics can climb higher.

The mortality rate is 20% from pregnant women during the fatal death in nearly all cases. All person suspected of ebolla virus suffer infection would be admitted to isolation,facing thier fliud. When ebola infect pregnant women, it leads to abortion of it for mother to have chance of survival .Ebolla is acute viral fever first recorded in clinical case of the disease know. The infection is epidemic and causes death. Outbreaks of the disease have been recorded in borders of zaire. It killed some people infected because they were poorly treated and it was caused by monkeys and chimpanzes in the bush.


Recent revelation showed that no fewer than 10 million are living with the virus and indeed it was scary through an alarm raised by the red cross of epidemic .It is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and heart attack .Experts blame the scourge on lifestyle of the indivividuals as a killer disease for patients with more bodies found with public pressure, which they planned to investigate the powerful clan of cabals of commanders. Bodies were buried in pit and mess grave. The military disarmed the two forces. All the fire-arm ammunition and uniforms of miliatia-men were returned back during the cease-fire. It was barbaric and justice had to be prosecuted by the war crimes tribunal.

The law will haunt them until they were caught in their hide-out. Some was tried for genocide and sentenced to life imprisonment .The sentence is to impose trial on the deadly rebels.
The court-room apologized for those who lost their families .Some were charged with WAR CRIMES. Brutal rebel movements where facilitated for arms trafficking. The militia has wreaked the havoc in the nation. Witness testified against their war-lords. They were threatened them and the court cannot protect them. Murder, rape and sexual slavery were using them as child-soldiers. Their leaders were accused of leading the genocide.

They transport millions of dollars in mineral through borders. Bloodbath soldiers opened fire on un-armed civilians holding a rally, calling them to leave power. Since childhood ,they battled with ebolla virus. They used to pray to God fervently that the doctor will heal them .Most victim of the disease reside in rural village and face stigma attached to it.The victim will die if care is not taken.

All of them who seated around the table appear to carry a problem as their face could it. Arms were supplied to rebels by white mercenaries with concoction of evil intention. The country has been a refugees haven as they play the role of peace-making. The mistaken belief that they have magical power to fend off evil spirit which may attack them in the forest. It was an ethno-religious crisis. White papers were written on the war report.

And for several day, they street was turned into a huge bonfire as hundreds of people were murdered untimely .Worse still ,they boys claim there are foams on the bed and they sleep on bare floors. Some tested positive to the disease and were admitted. It was named a black day by the newspapers .Immediately ,the incident occurred ,and the village was thrown into dark mourning.


The ebolla virus epidemic cause the death of the missionary nurses in their grave illness .The symptoms were discovered as their bodies decayed in the morgue. It was transmitted directly from patient to nurses as the foreign bodies warned that the authorities where living in abject poverty as the disease was diagnosed but they never survived it .The victims suffered irreversible consequences .

The outbreak was a result of eating monkeys and bat as food during the war and this transmitted the disease to the nurses. Some drugs were used but this didn’t save them from dilemma. They were shocked on hearing there was an outbreak of ebolla virus among the children and these avoided them.They lived atop refugees, walk on it and carry transactions. They were forced to live on filth.They are subject to living with garbage as a way of fighting flood.Some youths were hawking along the villages of their item sales.

The premised of their home were filled with refuse which brought them malaria outbreak. A white-man almost drowned himself into a ditch as relative calm return to the village amidst outcry by some citizens of menace OF FAKE SOLDIERS.

At least, some women were shot and wounded by the revolting soldiers. Pellets of locally made guns were removed from their bodies. Resident said fighting spread over night to area of fringe “attacks are still going on the areas” a victim said. The witness reported that mobs went from house to house hacking and shooting them inside, defying the curfew .The goorrillas fed casually on banana which they chewed fastly. One female monkey climbed the tree as monkey climbed the tree as Jamal went on expedition with some white-men to pick some herbs. It showed that the gorillas who invaded the bush were tested to the ebolla virus. Jamal fell crashing down into the midst of the gorillas laying motionless on the ground for nearly some minutes. He raised his gun and the chimp bit his knee cap. The pain was hurting bad as the gorillas were very close, close enough to smell, musty odour of their bodies .The animals were confused that human being crashed into their midst.

A baby gorilla clinch to the chest of her mother ,rolled in the mud. Nobody in the expedition could .They had no food and water and the little syringes to shoot in the midst of the chimps .They had experienced a nightmare.

The soft murmur of voices woke him from his deep sleep a virus genius ”said one of them with hemorrhage fever .A missionary hospital run by the white-men succumb to the white-men as the patient succumb to the disease.It was due to be re-used as needles of injection without sterilization.Scientist tell them to beware of eaten dead animals from the bush.Jamal and Lirrissa had a tough time in the forest as they shoot syringes into the belly of the guerrillas to decompose them

But like men, gorillas had smell on their bodies. Then one began flitting ,slapping and tearing up the grass.They were huge gorillas. Jamal spoke the language of the chimps “ha ,ha, ha” .Their was radio communication among the geologist .They record of the sounds of the gorillas and interpreted their language in a machine .The animals never cared that people were watching them.

But the fragile peace returned to the city and villages.It was a crime against humanity wiping out an ethnic people.There was cover-up by the rebels as they removed bodies from the city and hospital morgues and they buried the dead victims in mass grave .They take alcohol in beer par lour and this took on dangerous dimension when a larger society is obsessed with it. The composition of the liquor in contention is KONKO- which makes the situation troubling the people with ethanol .When it touches fire,it ignites .Kabemba was a drunkard who loved the liquor and will usually drink as tonic to keep body and enjoy his life.

But in numerous huts, the dangerous liquor is served to women “Jem usuh” means life charcoal and stands for elephant that turns it buttocks on men.A beer has taken a rampaging character before it wreak havoc on the people known as a tragedy.They call the liquor a “push me,I push you” beer,yet people tak it to enjoy their lifetime.


As the dry season peaks in the country with it bad conditions, the spread of Ebola virus was the beginning of wisdom.It was nightmare trying to prevent the Ebola outbreak in the hospital.Jamal had her Lover girl in the missionary school infected and she almost died but for the safe delivery of drugs to the Hospital.He loved her dearly.Their last moment when they sang anthem holding hand before she spoke her mind about her love affair.

“The rebels tried killing me”.

Jamal asked how she escaped through the dangerous bush. She said the village blocked the war from spreading. Some where slaughtered in cold blood. Jamal never knew where his home would be as they had set it on fire. He thought of begging money from the red cross .He felt embarrassed and didn’t ask again as his conscience was touching him. He had always had reservation about the war. The memory of their lovely moment at school was still fresh in his mind.He had fascinated for her in his heart as an element of love .But the priest came to preach about Christ in the hospital.He spoke of the memories of the war that erased the Shamba, tribe that walked with their god in the beautiful land. Some said people were living at the refugee camp. Yet blood flowed freely covering the camp with sins to God.He said all wounds w ill be healed by turning to God.

They all knelt to God and prayed for the land .Jamal predicted when he first dreamt of bloodshed .It is hard to imagine the land has been fighting and bombing militia’s . “What could the country prevent from happening as the bloodshed ” All thing will change as soon as their will be peace accord” he said .Jamal went back to the missionary to study medicine in his village and fulfilled the dream of taking her mother’s job after she retires.

Her girlfriend was saved by the doctor’s from the ebolla virus. The sun arose to announce the day as the cock crow and Jamal woke up.

He had heard a screaming voice of a pregnant woman as he saw the tears flowing down their cheeks.She was told to she had no hope of delivering the baby alive.

As he moved moved into the city ,the hooting of lorries were passing by the village. He felt the pain that his father was attacked in the Refugee home. He could not condemn his father for being care-less about his safety .The country regained freedom and Jamal did marriage with her sweet-heart at the end of the day. They were blessed with children as he continued working with her mother in the Hospital.

The hospital was preserved from being razed by the missionaries .The war left a scar on their memories as the ethnic bury their disagreement by installing a New government. Jamal lived happily after, as a warrior of the village. But her mother died at old age, leaving a shackles of memoirs for the people.

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[Kabemba was well built, with muscles to attract women in the village.He usually drinks at night when there's dusk to dawn in the village.He was a member of the great party, who fought against slavery by the british.He had a small shop which he uses in selling provision.He usually visit the brothel for nasty sex and had become their friend as a usual customer.kabemba had a beautiful wife at home ,and she usually complained he was always drunk and a man who could'nt keep a marriage vows.He usually atttends the meeting with the village elders to hold talks about taking their land back which was seized by the white-man.
They were held in detention when they revolte d about the land which was seized by the english mercenaries who uses the bible to pull wool to cover their eyes.Jamal moved on to the farm with a comic laughter from the his joke.
Kabemba salutes him with his hat raised up and he cracked another joke which Jamal didn't answer, as he knew his antics and humor, and didn't want him to spoil his day.]

ur work is awesome, there are so many paras that i loved. and one more para is :

[The war pierced the nation's heart with knive and unforgetable scars of memories of silent scandals of bloodshed memories of wounds.An estimated two hundred thousand people suffered amputation from matchete and axe being used to cut arms and leg.Their tactics was physical mutilation.They will kill anyone who tries to escape.]

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Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:48 am
megsug wrote a review...

Wow. This is a lot. Yeah... I would take Lycando very seriously here. People don't like really long works. It's a lot of work to review if we want to do it right.


Hello there Yommy,
What an adorable name.

I'll be breaking your work into chapters for my own sanity. We'll see how far I get. If I don't finish (I won't) I promise to return.
I love Sierra Leone. I did a very extensive project on it in seventh grade.
I'm going to go ahead and jump on in.

Just before dawn, the Sierra-Leone thunder struck with the fury of a defiant war, blowing clouds of rumbling dusts, refuse and dried leafs over the whole village.

Hm... What is the difference from a defiant war and a regular one? I feel like any war has enough fury to get your point across. Defiant just confuses the message.
Rumbling dusts? This doesn't make any sense.
It's a wonderful sentence otherwise.

They were always haunted by the ghost of the past droughts

Outside the sudden[s[ly[/s] let up of the rain and the day breaking through the clouds had amplified the humidity.

If you get rid of the 'ly' the sentence with work, but compared to the rest of your fantastic voicing, 'let up' is pathetic. It's kind of obvious that you couldn't think of that perfect word you were looking for.

The heat quickly spread with the harmattan that crept over the horizon.

I had to look this up. Perhaps, add a definition here since not everyone reading will know much about African culture.

his Ugalli porridge and stew.

Same here.

He sat with other children on the mat

Whoa! I'm not exactly sure what happened, but you changed tenses. Easy to do, but a big problem that needs to be fixed.

wash his hands in the calabash,

I had to look this word up too.
Another tense switch.

His morning ritual had begun.

Tense switch

The Villagers lived an Arcadian life; their men spent their time working on remote farms, and the women help their husbands to rear the cattle.

Another tense switch within the sentence

He usually drinks at night when there's dusk to dawn in the village.

Tense switch

He was a member of the great party, who fought against slavery by the British.

He usually visits/ed the brothel for nasty sex

It depends on what tense you decide on

Kabemba had a beautiful wife at home

a man who couldn't keep a marriage vows.

He usually attends the meeting

They were held in detention when they revolted about the land which was seized by the English mercenaries who uses the Bible to pull wool to cover their eyes.

I believe the saying is 'to pull wool over their eyes.'

Kabemba salutes him with his hat raised up and he cracked another joke which Jamal didn't answer, as he knew his antics and humor, and didn't want him to spoil his day.

How would antics spoil a day

Kabemba was a haggard looking old man, wrinkled face and a dried body. He was short, with a witty mouth.

You're breaking up the description of Kabemba. I don't understand why. You should put the entire description and history together, so you don't distract the reader.

"The man with a good heart" while the beautiful girls dance to the rhythm of the sound.

What a beautiful sentence

his voices would rise with loud laughter that could be heard everywhere as he sprayed cash on women.

Sprayed is a... strange verb to use here. I'm not sure it's a good choice.

Often, his wife would come to the Liquor joint to scold him

I haven't mentioned it because I thought it might be on purpose, but you have randomly capitalized words. If it is on purpose make sure it is the same throughout. You have liquor used in liquor joint earlier and it isn't capitalized.

his wife would steal his money before he would awake

they would fall to the same fate.

a. Who is 'they'?
b. What is this fate?

And whenever Amina

We have to assume this is his wife. Don't make us assume.

in exchange for afew notes of SHIRA

Why completely capitalized?

covering his body and clothing.

a job which had always given him muscles

He finally threw down the hoe in deep anger,

Why is he angry?

to go home or to the hospital.

The hospital?

back pain at night before his mother massages/d with a white towel and hot water.

people was got their treatment

Alright. I think I need to take a break from this for a bit.

This writing style is fascinating, very African feeling. I really like it.

I stopped pointing out the tense changes because I think you get the point. You definitely need to read through this for typos. There are a BUNCH.

I like your character and again, your tone is fantastic. I love it.

I'll be back. If you have any questions don't be a stranger! Just PM me or go to my wall.

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Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:52 am
Lycando says...

One tip here, split your whole story into chapters. I know you divided them up but you still post them all at once. Not many people have the time or patience to read, let alone review this.

If you split them up into Chapters I'll gladly help to review it! :)


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Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:39 am
yommy1 wrote a review...

Change isn't inherently good, but you can't stop it, so let's just enjoy the ride. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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