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Two little girls-Leona and Amelia’s song

by vampricone6783

*Leona and Amelia are characters from my “Town of Richardson” stories.This is their song.I made it for them.Gacha Club character designs are on my wall.Enjoy!

Two little girls

Two young sisters

Known to family as Leona and Amelia Richardson

But they were known to their peers as

“Brats,annoying, and spoiled”

Only thing that mattered to others was the money they had

All they wanted was to live and enjoy life

They were only two little girls,after all

But do not worry!

They will not be sad for long!

For they are going to the Ladouceur family circus!

All their troubles will go away!

They’ll be carefree and happy,the two of them!

Just like they should be!

Off to the Ladouceur circus they go!

To the Ladouceur circus they go..

We just love the two little girls,don’t we?

Such innocent young girls…

Nothing bad will ever happen to the girls!

Because they are in the Ladouceur family circus…

The safest and happiest place to be…

No one can deny it…

No one…

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Wed Aug 10, 2022 8:06 pm
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AriesBookworm wrote a review...

You leave us on a very ominous note. It is very clear that something DOES happen to these sweet innocent girls. My guess is molestation, kidnapping, or both. These are very real things that happen in real life, and they do tend to happen in public places where people think nothing bad can happen. At a circus perhaps? This is quite sad as everyone else already seems to think that the girls are brats. This does tend to happen with children whose parents have a lot of money. The second they do something wrong they are labeled as spoiled brats. The girls parents are most likely the only thing keeping them happy, and whatever happens at the circus will most likely destroy that.

vampricone6783 says...


The ringmaster of the circus ends up burning their home.The girls die in it.Their parents get out.Their parents have to live with their death.

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Fri Jul 22, 2022 8:50 am
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Kelisot wrote a review...

I came here without reading or knowing anything about the"Town of Richardson" story but I seemed to have understood your lyrical art. I thought this at first should've been poetry, but if you aiad it's lyrical, then it's probably lyrical.

Alright, personal analysis. Just a reminder that everyone sees perspectives and thinks differently like a half full and half empty cup of water. Forgive me my interpretation wasn't what you wanted at first.

I liked your little "rhyme" and "groove" of the first two lines because not only were they short but had similar meaning. Sometimes, you can like such simple, small, mundane things in life, don't we?

However moving on, we get some interesting lines from below:

Known to family as Leona and Amelia Richardson.

But they were known to their peers as

“Brats,annoying and spoiled.”

Alright, you only call someone a brat, annoying and spoiled if they're really a terrible person you want to insult or if they actually are (or just both). This is interesting, because it seems like these two girls, Leona and Amelia aren't looked well in the public, or perhaps this is actually their negative, bad personalities people like pointing out.

Your song later continues to say
Only thing that mattered to others was the money they had

All they wanted was to live and enjoy life.

They were only two little girls,after all.

Alright, that says a lot of things. Considering what was just said is true, that's... A lot. A cliche naïve life of a youngster brat.

And the mood of your song changes, and I love the eclipses it ends with to make a "right?" Uneasy feeling.

Thank you, loved your song :)

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