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This is Creepypasta

by vampricone6783

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for violence and mature content.

*I was inspired by the YouTube channel @Ijustwannahavefun who made an animation video with the Creepypasta characters using the song “This is Halloween”, from the Tim Burton movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Go check them out! (I think that other channels did it too though). Anyway, I decided to make “This is Halloween”, but with lyrics specifically for the Creepypasta characters. This may not be as catchy as the original song. I tried my best. I hope that you enjoy and have a Happy Halloween! I will tell of the significance of the lyrics in a comment!

Children young and old

Would you like to hear of horrors untold?

Run with us, can’t go home hasta

You’ve heard the stories of Creepypasta

This is Creepypasta! This is Creepypasta!

Humans scream out of pure fright

This is Creepypasta, humans go and hide

Scream and scratch, make them all die

You’re on our hill, everyone kill!

In this world of Creepypasta

I am the dog glowering in your screen

Look again and I’ll haunt your dreams

I am the girl without eyes

I’ll take yours since I don’t have mine

This is Creepypasta! This is Creepypasta!

Creepypasta! Creepypasta!

Creepypasta! Creepypasta!

Here in the woods, monsters lurk

All of us, we’re all berserk

Here in the woods, we can strike

Here in the woods, we take your life!

In that garden shed, is that X-virus?

He’s got a syringe, he’s gonna pierce your skin

This is Creepypasta, blood red and bruises blue, silver weapon

You’re still here? We’ll break you soon

Summon us with friends, it doesn’t work

Summon us again, all alone, you’ll get hurt

Everyone kill! Everyone kill!

In our dear old hill

I am the clown creeping in your closet

I only pop out when the hour is darkest!

I am the girl who wants to play

Come on over, it’s your day

I am the slender who sneaks about

I’ll find you, without a doubt

This is Creepypasta! This is Creepypasta!

Creepypasta! Creepypasta!

Creepypasta! Creepypasta!

Creepypasta! Creepypasta!

Young and old, all so bold

We weren’t always the horrors untold

Once, we were people like you

But all our lives were filled with doom

Here comes Zalgo, leader of us all!

Demon king who doesn’t stall!

He’s hiding in your walls

This is Creepypasta, everyone kill

Hail Zalgo, our demon lord

That we all adore

This is Creepypasta! This is Creepypasta!

Creepypasta! Creepypasta!

Creepypasta! Creepypasta!

In this hill, we all kill

Now won’t you just sit still?

La, la, la, la la la, la, la, la la la, la, la, la la la, la, la, MWAHAHA!

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Stickied -- Tue Oct 31, 2023 10:21 pm
vampricone6783 says...

Hasta is Spanish for “Until”.

The dog is “Smile dog” and is a scary looking dog in a creepy looking photo. He’s said to haunt dreams if one looked at his picture. He was created by Michael Lutz, username Warrenisdead.

The eyeless girl is Lulu, who had her eyes removed in death. She steals eyes to put in her sockets. Lulu was created by Chibi-Works.

X-Virus is an orphan who was experimented on by the man who adopted him. As revenge he experimented on the man and now experiments on other people. He was created by Ikfiresonn.

The clown is Laughing Jack. He was forgotten by his first friend, Isaac Grossman. As revenge, Laughing Jack murdered him and now kills other children. I said the word “Pop” on purpose, because his theme song is “Pop goes the weasel.” He was created by Steve Aikins, username Snuffbomb and is by far my favorite one.

The “girl who wants to play” is Sally Dawn. Her Uncle Johnny did something horrible to her and “called it a game”. She ended his life and now her ghost “invites people to play”. She’s a harmless ghost for the most part and will only hurt adults she doesn’t trust. She was created by Chibi-Works.

“The slender” is Slenderman. He was created by Eric Knudsen.

Although Slenderman is the faceless face of Creepypasta, it is said that Zalgo is the leader of all Creepypastas. Zalgo and Slenderman are rivals. Zalgo looks like the devil, that’s why I said “Hail Zalgo”. He’s said to hide in walls, that’s why I wrote about him hiding in walls. He was created by Dave Kelly, username “Shmorky”.

If the Creepypastas were real, I would not believe that they would live in a mansion together. They just wouldn’t get along. But a lot of people say that they live in a mansion with Slenderman, so I’d imagine that it was a mansion on a hill.

That’s all!

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Thu May 09, 2024 12:53 pm
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valentin3 wrote a review...

This isn't really a review but...

I read this and I was like wow. I remember a couple years back I watched the exact @ijustwannahavefunn video. I really liked you idea on "rewriting" the song a and sorta making it you own. Reading this I got a nostalgia trip.

I am the dog glowering in your screen

Look again and I’ll haunt your dreams

Just reading this I know exactly who youre talking about. Smile Dog. I actually used to thing smile dog was a scary as crap.

Summon us with friends, it doesn’t work

Summon us again, all alone, you’ll get hurt

I used to try and summon them and I never worked so and reading this reminds me of going into the woods and trying to summon jeff the killer.

Sorry for that lame review.
Have a good day/night

valentin3 says...

Just to and like a footnote. I tried to sing it and the syllables kinda don't match up but it okie! But idk how to write a song so its better than what I can do

vampricone6783 says...

Thank you for reading!

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Thu Dec 07, 2023 3:22 pm
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IcyFlame wrote a review...

Hey there vampricone - I'm getting through a bunch of reviews today so you may see a few more from me over the next couple of hours! I'm a sucker for anything Tim Burton, and I love Nightmare Before Christmas so I definitely had to check this one out.

I think there are some areas where the length of the line (or number of syllables) doesn't quite fit with the original and you might have to elongate the word to make it fit properly. For instance:

Children young and old

The original line has seven syllables and this only has five. Try singing it or saying it out loud and you'll be able to find the areas that don't flow as well.

I like the way you've kept to the original vibe, and the rhyming was generally pretty well done too! Thanks for sharing :)


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Sun Dec 03, 2023 1:29 am
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momonster wrote a review...

hello! momo here with a review :)

i don't know anything about creepypasta, but i've heard of it, and i really enjoyed reading this parody! you rhymed the lyrics very well and the rhythm stayed pretty consistent with the original song. as someone who is terrible at rhyming, i'm always impressed when people rhyme things. i have a few notes so let's jump in!

Run with us, can’t go home hasta

i know you used hasta here to rhyme with creepypasta, but this line feels very awkward to me. i'm not sure what word you could use instead, but hasta doesn't really fit here.

This is Creepypasta, blood red and bruises blue, sliver weapon

i'm pretty sure you mean silver weapon here.

that's all! i'm sorry if i came across as rude in this review; that was not my intention. great job!

keep writing,

vampricone6783 says...

Thank you!

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Fri Dec 01, 2023 1:41 am
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Cozmo2024 says...

This is perfect! I've been trying to dive in more into creepy pasta lately and this was just lovely to see.

vampricone6783 says...

I%u2019m glad you like it! :>

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