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The perfect Valentine’s Day gift…

by vampricone6783

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for violence and mature content.

*Hello everyone! This story is based off a video uploaded by the YouTube horror account “David Near” and is titled “Laughing Jack’s story time (Valentine Surprise)”. Laughing Jack is a Creepypasta demon clown character created by Snuffbomb. If you don’t want to listen to the video, I’ll spoil it over here: In the original audio video, Laughing Jack brutally murders an entire family. This story is if the mother agreed with what Laughing Jack did and survived. Obviously, she wouldn’t be a good mother if she did so, but that’s the point. She’s just so tired of everyone. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Enjoy!*

Emma stared at the wreckage before her. Her husband, Tim, and her three children, Emily, Edith, and Evan, all lay bleeding in the backyard pool. Standing next to the pool was a black and white striped clown, laughing his head off at the situation, covered in the blood of her family.

Throughout their marriage, Tim got further and further away from her, until they were like polite friends and not a married couple. It was Tim’s idea to go out for Valentine’s Day, which had been awful. He took three hours ordering a drink and finally settled on water. After he ordered water, just clean, regular water, he spit the whole thing out as if it were poison.

Emma ordered spaghetti and meatballs for them to share. Tim ordered one single pizza slice and didn’t even want to share it.

Dessert was ever more disastrous, for Tim insisted on a whole chocolate cake. The restaurant only gave out slices, but he demanded so loudly that they relented. At that moment, Emma just wanted to disappear.

To make matters worst, a much younger couple looked at them as if they were grotesque creatures from Hell.

Emma dreaded coming home to two crying little girls, Evan upstairs playing his insane video games loud enough for the whole world to hear. She couldn’t spend another night comforting them, attempting to rid the girls of their worries. She couldn’t spend another night yelling at Evan to turn down his game, when he would just roll his eyes and turn it up louder.

Oh, and Emma couldn’t bear another sleepless night with Tim, always getting up, always complaining about something.

So no, Emma didn’t cry when she saw her whole family drowning in a pool of their own blood.

In fact, she laughed with the clown.

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Sat Feb 10, 2024 7:10 pm
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FionaSharp wrote a review...

Hi! I'm gonna leave a quick review, and I hope it helps you out.
First off, PLOT TWIST!! I really like how you introduced Emma and the conflicts she had with her family, and what drove her to become THAT unhinged that she would laugh with the clown. I really felt bad for Emma, and you did a great job connecting the readers to her and her family. I think we can all kind of relate to Emma in some kind of way, and that was really helpful for reading. It was a really great twist on the Laughing Jack story, and the beginning was an awesome hook. Overall, it was really great! I'd be interested to see what happens next with Emma and the clown. Keep up the good work!!

vampricone6783 says...

Glad you enjoyed. :>

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Tue Feb 06, 2024 5:42 pm
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SkyJayde wrote a review...

Heyo! It's SkyJayde and I'm here to leave a review!

First off, I like how you added a little context of what the story is based upon before diving into the story. It provides just a little insight and the reader can clearly see where you got the idea from.

Second, the story is nice and short and sweet in a dark kind of way. The addition of the laughing clown is the perfect touch. It gives off a vibe like something is wrong but something is also just downright hilarious. I just loved it! Good job!

Thirdly, I loved the description of how Emma's day went. It describes pretty much the reality of a real-life average family and how they function. Wonderful job with that!

Finally, the story overall is a good story. I like the fact that Emma laughed along with the clown almost as if she was in shock (at least one would think that) but I don't believe she was. I believe that she knew exactly what was going on and chose the route of laughing instead of screaming or crying. The reader would almost think that the clown had done Emma a favor by brutally removing all the stressors in her life.

Wonderful job overall! Keep up the good work!

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