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Crazy, creepy clowns (A parody of Spooky, scary skeletons by Andrew Gold)

by vampricone6783

*This was originally supposed to be a silly parody of Andrew Gold’s song, “Spooky, scary skeletons”, but I fear that I made this song not-so-silly anymore.

Crazy, creepy clowns

Will eat your child’s flesh

Their laughter is always heard

Nothing can escape them

Crazy, creepy clowns

Are sure that you’ll be found

You’ll wish you were never born

When you hear that awful cackle

I guess it’s our fault

That clowns are scary

They used to bring joy

But the movies gave them terror

You see, they used to bring the idea of glee and silliness

Ever since we got a sliver screen and an imagination

We’ve fueled our wildest dreams

And turned them into feared nightmares

So now the crazy, creepy clowns

Are set out for revenge

We’ve corrupted their souls

And left only darkness

Just like we corrupt everything else

It’s not their fault they’re full of bloodlust

Maybe if we hadn’t let our greedy imaginations get the best of us

There would be no crazy, creepy clowns

Would there?

See, it’s our fault and we don’t want to admit it

It’s our fault the world is rotting

It’s our fault monsters exist

It’s our fault we’re in danger

It’s our fault the carnival is burning

And the kids are helpless

Nothing but disgusting cadavers

In a forgotten circus of magic

In a forgotten place of dreams

And with it, our forgotten in innocence and childhood

With it, our smiles

Our laughter

Till we’re serious shells

We made the clowns crazy and creepy

We did it

It’s our fault

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