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12+ Language Violence

Clowns, magic, murder and lies.

by vampricone6783


Chapter One-GOOD NEWS!

Hello,my name is Hayley Blackrose and this is my story.

It all started last year,at Spring.I was sixteen at the time sitting in my room,listening to music on my phone while reading a book.I was pretty content with my life.Until this happened-


I took my headphones off and looked at my door.Something slammed my door off its hinges,I frowned at the monster responsible for it.

The monster was thirteen years old,smelled like stinky socks,thought it knew everything and annoyed the heck out of me.

This monster,this creature,this demon from Hell...

...was my little brother,Ryan.

"Ryan,there are doors for a reason.To block out annoying pests like you." I said shortly.

Ryan frowned at me.

"That's why I'm here! To break down doors! Also, I came to tell you THAT WE ARE MOVING AWAY!!!!" He screamed.

"What?" I asked sharply.I didn't want to move!

"What's going on?" My parents asked.They walked over the fallen door and put hands to their mouths.

"Ryan,don't tell us that you karate kicked her door! We told you not to do that!" They yelled.

He rolled his eyes.

"Sorry! I'm just so excited that we're moving out!" He yelled.

"Don't say sorry to us,apologize to Hayley." They said.

"Sorry,Hayley." He said,looking down.

Even though he was annoying,he was my little brother and I loved him.(He didn't know how much and I would like to keep it that way.)

I hugged him.

"It's fine." I said.Besides,he looked pitiful like that.

"Now,what's this about moving out?" I asked.

Mom put a hand to her head.

Dad spoke up.

"Actually,we're not moving out! We found a summer home to rent! We're staying there for two weeks and moving in tomorrow!" Dad yelled.

"And where,exactly,are we going?" I asked him.

"We're going to Shimmering Lake." My Dad said.

Shimmering Lake! I heard of that place..

Then I remembered!

"Dad,legend has it that fairies live there! Are you sure we should be going there?" I asked him.

He nodded.

"It'll be fine! Besides,fairies don't exist,you know that! Now,let's go downstairs and watch a family movie,there's nothing to worry about." He said.

Mom nodded and took Ryan with her downstairs.Dad followed.

But I wasn't so sure if fairies didn't exist...

Chapter Two-Moving Day

Today is moving day and I’m not  too excited.

I know I shouldn't call it moving day,because we aren’t  moving at all! We are just going to rent a house..

..and yet,as I packed my stuff,it felt like we were moving away.

I put everything in a silver backpack. (it doesn't hurt anyone to be stylish.)

I brushed my dark purple hair (I dyed it) and I took time to admire myself in the mirror.

I have purple hair,brown eyes,freckles,a purple and green top,a red skirt,pink and white striped socks and mix and max shoes.

"Gorgeous!" I said to the mirror in a ridiculous,weird voice. I laughed at how funny I sounded.

But the moment to myself was short lived.


I quickly ran downstairs.

"Is there time for breakfast?" I asked quickly.

"No,Hayley,we have to go! We have been waiting for you forever!" She said.

I sighed.Everyone in my family said I took a long time to get ready,but can you blame me? I wanted to look nice,approachable.

Also, I'm not slow.Everyone just says I am..

"HAYLEY,GET IN THE CAR!" My Dad yelled.

I blinked. I realized that I was standing in front of the car and I had been standing there,thinking.I wonder how long I was daydreaming...

"GET IN!" My parents yelled.Ryan rolled his eyes at me.

I quickly got in the car and buckled my seatbelt.

After a while,I woke up in the car,at a forest.There was a Victorian Mansion with a beautiful rose garden.In the garden was a small pond,called:"Shimmering Lake."

I rolled my eyes.Why couldn't they just call it "Shimmering pond?" It fit the name better.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and walked to the beautiful but freaky house.Windchimes played somewhere. I quickly unlocked the front door..

"WAIT FOR US,HAYLEY!" My parents said,dragging Ryan behind them.

I smirked.Oh,so NOW THEY WANTED ME TO WAIT FOR THEM?! So first it's:"No,Hayley,we have to go! We have been waiting for you forever!" and now it's:"WAIT FOR US,HAYLEY!"

Pick your words,Mom!

But I waited for them.

They opened the front door to a..

"A creaky dump.Wow." Ryan remarked snarkily.I shot him a glare.

"It's not a dump,Ryan,it just needs to be fixed a little." I said,walking upstairs. I saw a big room with a view of the garden and I shouted:


I unpacked my stuff as my parents talked downstairs and my brother brought out his video games and started playing them.

When I was done hanging up my dream catchers (Hey,don't judge, I like dream catchers and things like it) ,I saw a strange blue light..

Chapter Three-Something Strange

The blue light floated to the rose garden,I followed it,my family didn't pay attention to me.

When I found the blue light in the garden,it materialized and turned into..

...a girl who was about my age.She was unnaturally and mesmerizingly beautiful.Her hair was long and red,with black and white streaks,she had long bangs,black eyes,scarlet butterfly wings (real wings),a purple flower dress, (the dress was literally a giant purple flower,with the petals as the skirt.How she can wear it remains a mystery to me) and a crown of rotting animal bones and dead sticks.She didn't have any shoes.

I just blinked at her.She finally noticed me.

"What are you staring at?" She asked teasingly.

"Uh-um...didn't you want me to follow you?" I asked her.

She approached me and booped my nose.

"No! You just so happened to see my light.Who are you?" She asked me.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I asked you first!" She giggled.

I wasn't sure if I should tell her who I was,because she was a stranger...

But,what the heck? You only live once,right? So, I will tell her!

"I'm Hayley.Hayley Blackrose. I just moved here...now you have to tell me who you are!" I yelled.

She made an adorable pouting face and flew to a giant tree.

"Ugh,fine! Whatever! I'm Calypso,the vampire fairy Queen of flowers and life.Yes,I'm half vampire,half fairy.Also yes, I am the Queen of life." Calypso said.

"Are you going to tell me why you brought me here?" I asked.

She flew off the tree and faced me.

"There's no reason! You just followed me,like a stalker!" She yelled,walking to the lake. I sat next to her,but she ignored me.

I wasn't sure how,but I knew she was lying.

"Tell me why you brought me here." I said.

She whipped her head,realizing that it was no use lying and sighed dramatically.

She handed me a book.

"Okay,so there is a reason I brought you to the garden,but it will be better explained in this book.read it." She said.

With that,Calypso disappeared.

Chapter Four-A magical book

I looked down at the book the vampire fairy gave me.The book was old and made out of flimsy brown leather,the title was,in medieval style letters:


It was written by the council of fairies...wait...an actual council of fairies wrote this book?

There was no time to think.I grabbed the book and ran inside.

Mom and Dad were already making lunch,Ryan was now watching T.V.(Seriously,he never goes outside) so I thought that I might have time to read the book.

I headed upstairs,to my new room and opened it.

The book was pretty cool,but I didn't see how it had anything to do with me or Calypso.

Then I saw it.

There was a drawing of my house on the book and this story next to it:

There was once a young,thirteen year old girl named Veronica,she lived happily with her mother and father,but then,she started seeing things.Unusual things.She was seeing us,fairies.She began talking to the fairies,she even made friends with Calypso.

I turned the page..

But she wanted more.She wanted to have magical powers,Veronica wanted to control fate itself! She asked Calypso and us,the council of fairies for powers and we told her no.Sadly,she didn't listen and she uttered a spell to gain powers.She thought she would become a fairy,but instead...She died and had magical powers from the fairies.Her parents died of an illness she placed on them and now she lives,forever,in her house,waiting for people to test her new powers on.

I didn't understand.She became some sort of sorceress and wanted to test her powers on anyone who lived here? She killed her parents by making them sick?

What was going on?

Chapter Five-A dark entity

Lunch was made and I ate it quickly,without looking at anyone. I wanted to be done with lunch so I could explore the house and find other secrets within.

I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. After that,I realized that I was getting uncomfortable in what I was currently wearing,so I went to my room and changed into Pajamas.

"Much better.If I'm going to run around in the house,I should at least be comfortable-" I heard a tapping noise in my closet.


I didn't open the door.

The tapping continued,louder this time.


I opened the door,revealing a thirteen year old girl with straight,shoulder length blond hair,a basic black headband,a black long sleeve,knee length turtleneck dress and black boots.

Her eyes were grey and her facial expression was emotionless.

The blond girl said:

"Give me your hand."

I didn't listen,too shocked to do so.

She grabbed my hand and punctured it with a needle.

"OW!" I screamed.

"You're perfect." The girl smiled.

"For what?" I asked,but she already dragged me into the darkness of the closet.

Chapter Six-Why is she protecting me?!

The girl smiled wider,revealing unnaturally white teeth.

"I'm Veronica and you are my new test!" She yelled.

It was Veronica! From the book!

"Okay,are you that girl who wanted fairy powers but became a sorceress instead? If you are,then why are you kidnapping me?" I asked.

"Listen,if you hang out with fairies as long as I have,then you'll want some of those powers.It's only normal that I wanted powers.Maybe I didn't get what I wanted,but I got powers,nonetheless.My parents didn't understand my powers,they didn't understand what I could do.So I killed them by poisoning them.Now,I want to test my powers on anyone who lives here." Veronica said.

Before I could ask her what her powers were,she stabbed a needle at a doll that looked exactly like me and I screamed.

Veronica smiled.So from what she told me,she could make poison and use voodoo dolls.

Because right now,she was stabbing my voodoo doll.

But then I saw a blast of blue light flash on Veronica and the blue light carried me to safety.

This was clearly Calypso saving me,but why was she saving me?

Why was she protecting me?!

Chapter Seven-Calypso is gone

It's been a week since I was in the rental house.

I still get small cuts from Veronica when she pinches my voodoo doll and I have learned a lot about Calypso.

But I'm not sure how much of this can go on... I don't know how much longer I have to live.

Just when I was thinking about her,she appeared before me.

"Hayley,understand that I am doing this to protect you." She said.

"Protect me? Why? What do you mean?" I asked her.

But she pointed at Veronica.

"She's hurting you with her magic.I can try to kill her,but it's risky for me. I could die." Calypso said.

"So then don't protect me." I said,but she was alreadybflying towards her.

She was about to blast Veronica with her magic,but Veronica shrunk her and stepped on her.Like a bug.

I couldn't believe it.

That girl just killed Calypso,the fairy.

Chapter Eight-Facing Evil

I turned towards Veronica.

She looked at me innocently and raised a knife towards my voodoo doll's heart...

But then I noticed something.Veronica was misty,see-through,like a ghost.

WAS she a ghost?

Did she KNOW she was a ghost?

I think she's a ghost...

I snatched the doll from Veronica's hand before she could do anything else and saw a black shadow behind her.

"Did you know about that shadow?" I asked and pointed to the shadow.

"What shadow?" Veronica asked.

"Behind you." I said,pointing at it.

She found it on the floor.

"What is that?!" She screamed.

I shrugged.

"I know what it is." I heard a voice say.

I turned around.

It was Calypso! She was alive!

"How are you even alive?" I asked.

"Magic,I guess." She shrugged.

Veronica was acting up.It was like she was being controlled by something.

"That shadow was controlling her all along,wasn't it?" I asked Calypso.

She nodded.

"She died a long time ago with her powers and she wanted a normal life,this shadow is a representation of her growing hate for fairies,her early death and the fact that she hurt her parents.It's been controlling her ever since.I can't believe I didn't realize this until now." Calypso said.

"How are we supposed to save Veronica from herself?" I asked,but she was gone.

The black shadow was taking over Veronica,controlling her,manipulating her.

I couldn't let that happen.

I walked to the shadow and willed it to disappear,but it didn't work.

Only Veronica could make it disappear.

I told her what to do and she closed her eyes and whispered things,slowly,the shadow disappeared into darkness...

Veronica smiled at me,tears in her eyes.

"I can't believe it. I finally found peace.I never thought this day would come." She said.

With a puff of grey,glittering smoke,she disappeared into the sky,towards what I believed to be Heaven.

Chapter Nine-My beautiful Calypso

It went by so fast! Tomorrow I am going back home!

I hate to say this,it sounds so clíche,but I developed feelings for the vampire fairy..

...and I would never be able to tell her how I felt.

But then,as I packed my stuff,Calypso stopped in front of me.She grew to be my size,my height.

"Calypso, I-" She kissed me on the lips,never letting go.

I didn't understand what was happening or why she was doing this,All I knew was that she felt something for me,because when she broke the kiss,she said:

"I love you."

I told her that I loved her too,she cried.

"What?" I asked.

"Do you know what happens when a celestial being kisses a human?" She asked me.

"No!" I yelled.

"They disappear." And then she was gone.

Really gone.

In my brief time of knowing her, I wished she didn't have to disappear into thin air.But life is unfair.

Chapter Ten-She never really left

A year passed and soon it was my seventeenth birthday and I decided that we would go to shimmering lake to celebrate.

When we got to the house,I went outside in the garden,to smell the flowers.

For a moment, I thought I saw a blue light shimmer and a flash of red hair..

...but it disappeared..

... I smiled and smelled the flowers.

Calypso never really left.

She would always be here.Always.


Chapter 1-I hate clowns

Hi! My name is Nova and I had a phobia of clowns.Why was I afraid of clowns?


It all started when I went to this friend's birthday party.I was eight years old at the time.They invited a clown to their party. I didn't care then.

But my friend's older sister was playing a movie with a scary clown in it and I just so happened to watch the movie with her.When the clown came for the birthday party,I screamed and cried and ran away.It only got worse.At ten years old my friends wanted me to go with them to a haunted house attraction for Halloween,I came and guess what they had?! Someone was dressed as a clown.Being only ten,I thought it was all real and screamed.When I was thirteen my friends dared me to say “Clown come get me" at 3 A.M. on Halloween.I had to say it five times.I did it to prove I wasn't scared,but then a clown came and chased me.My friends laughed and told me that it was just some other teenager they got to dress like a clown and chase me.I was so embarrassed at myself.This irrational fear of clowns kept me from many things.I missed out on a lot.

But right now,I am seventeen years old and this is the story of how I met the clown under the bed.

Me and my family moved to this mansion.I lived my life and went to High School,etc.

One night, I went to bed and I saw a pink haired female clown.Her face was absolutely terrifying.Her eyes were crimson like blood.Her lipstick was smeared across her face.Her black gloves hid sharp nails.Her teeth looked like they could cut through glass.Her hair was clumpy and long.She sneered at me and as quickly as she came,disappeared under the bed.I screamed like a physco.

I kept seeing her every night and I kept telling my parents about her,but they just told me to stop watching T.V.

But one night when I went to bed,I heard psychotic laughter and nails pulled me under the bed.

“AHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed.

The clown pulled me under the bed.

Chapter 2-Wait,What?

I was under my bed! Staring straight at me was a smiling,pink haired clown.It was like the scariest thing ever.

"Please don't kill me, I'm too young to die!" I blurted.

The clown took her hand out and said:

"Shake my hand,girl."

Her voice sounded just like any other teenage girl's.I was stunned.

"Huh?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes.

"Are you deaf?! I said:Shake my hand,girl." She said those last words slowly,like I couldn't hear very well.

"Why do you want me to shake your hand? Do you want to kill me or something? Is this the part in horror movies where the clown kills the person and the only thing left is their dead body? IS THAT WHAT THIS?!" I was breathing hard.She raised her eyebrows and said:

"Kill you? What? I have no interest in killing you,believe me.I just wanted to shake your hand.I feel like we got off on a bad start."

"Really? Is that what you called it? A bad start? You literally sneered at me before I went to bed.Now,you pull me under my own bed because you want to talk. I honestly don't know how to feel right now." I said.

"Ugh,okay! So I might have frightened you,but if you just shut up for one second of your life and let me explain myself,surely you will understand." She said.

"Sure,whatever." I said.

"Okay,so it starts like this:I used to be a normal,serious,boring human like you.The year was nineteen ninety-three. I lived here.This was my room.My clown name was “Kit the clown" but my real name is Philippa Anne Morison.I'm nearly forgotten.Anyway,I really liked this girl and she liked me too.We would see each other and go on dates.It was wonderful,simply wonderful.But then my family found out and made me perform in the circus,because "love can't get in the way of a good business".They said they wanted me to continue the business or whatever.I did it,but I never stopped seeing my beloved.One day,she died of cholera and...and..."

Philippa looked like she was about to cry from the painful memory.I held my hand out to her.

"You don't have to continue if it bothers you." I said.She wiped the tears from her makeup face.

"'No, I have to tell you.I.. I died too,from suicide.I missed her and couldn't live without her.But...then I came back to life...in this stupid clown costume.So I'm hiding under what used to be my own bed.Why?! Because I don't have a freaking purpose! I wanted to talk to you and tell you everything,because I just have to tell someone how I feel." She said.

I couldn't believe it. I was scared of her this whole time and here she was,crying and shivering before me.

"Bye." She said.She put me back in my bed and disappeared like she was never there at all.

Chapter 3-Philippa comes again

She kept on seeing me every night and I looked forward to it.We talked for hours.I feel like we're more than friends now.She said so herself.We're girlfriends.

It's funny,isn't it? How something can seem so scary until you talk to it.Then,it's not so scary.

Anyway,she came to me one night,scared and asked:

"Might I sleep in your bed with you?"

I smiled.

"Sure." I said.

"Thanks,Nova." She said.

"What's wrong?" I asked as she cuddled next to me.

"I had a nightmare...about my other girlfriend.The one who died.Did I tell you her name? It's Violet.Well,in the dream Violet was dying and I was trying to help her,but she kept saying:It's no use...I will die...come and die with me,Philippa...come with me...or I will hurt Nova.. It was terrifying!" She panted.

I just stroked her pink hair.I whispered sweet nothings to her and she fell asleep. I told her it was all just a dream.

She kept dreaming about Violet and it scared her.Finally,she just decided to stop sleeping under the bed.I didn't mind.The bed was warmer now that she was around.

Chapter 4-Something Strange

I was walking to school the other day,taking the shortcut in the forest,thinking about my dear Philippa,when all of a sudden,my shadow moved.I was standing still when it moved.

"Who is there?" I asked.

"Who isn't there? There is always something lurking in the corner.." My shadow said.

"What is happening?!" I screamed.

"You tell me." My shadow said.

I peered closer.Nothing...




"Well,I guess nothing was the-"

But then a hand grabbed me and dragged me to the ground!

Chapter 5-VIOLET!!

"HELP!" I screamed.

The hand was dragging me to the ground...

"TAKE MY HAND!" A voice screamed.I looked up.It was Philippa!

I tried to grab her hand,but it slipped off.



Philippa grabbed me from the waist and hoisted me on the ground.The hand let go.

"You!" A voice cried out from behind me.

"Violet? I thought you were dead." Philippa said,shaking.

I turned around.The person who tried to kill me was none other than Violet herself.

Chapter 6-Introductions

"Long time,no see, Kit." Violet sneered.She didn't even call her by her real name.

"You don't know how shocked I am at you being here! Why did you try to kill Nova?!" She screamed.

"Simple.Because it's entertaining.I guess it's about time I tell you what I really think about you." Violet cackled.I didn't like her.Not one bit.

"Remember my family's circus? It was doing horribly.Yours,however,was sitting on a pile of money! I needed to do something to help my family's business,So I decided to hang around you and pretend that I loved you.I quickly realized that you were the key to my family's success,So I had you perform for our circus.However,when your family tore us apart,I knew I needed to come up with a new plan.So I drank a potion that would make me live forever.I pretended to be dead.You fell for the trap and overcome with despair of my death,you foolishly killed yourself.Then,I turned you into a clown and had you live under your own bed.Why? Because watching you suffer is fun." Violet finished.

"What about those sparks we felt for each other?!" She screamed.

"Those "sparks" weren't love,it was lust,sweetheart." Violet drawled.

I felt like I shouldn't be here,But Philippa insisted that I stay.

"So what am I to you?!! A big joke?! Something to entertain you?!! A clown?! A ridiculous clown,is that all you see?!" She screamed.She was crying.

"Yes honey,you're nothing but a ridiculous clown." She snarled.

Chapter 7-Fighting Fears

For seventeen years,I had suffered from serious Coulrophobia.

But now,I was with this real clown named Philippa who seemed more human than any other horror movie,show or story that could portray clowns.Here she was,crying and screaming.

I had come face to face with a clown and have even fallen in love with one.If I could overcome my coulrophobia,maybe Philippa could overcome her monophobia,which was her fear of being alone.

"Yes,Philippa,I lied to you.Now,I'm going to kill your precious Nova." She cackled.

"Not Nova!" Philippa screamed.She held my waist protectively.

"Oh yes,especially Nova!" Violet laughed.

Philippa let go of me and proceeded to fight Violet.Violet came with her magic powers (I think she's a witch) and zapped Philippa,but she wasn't concerned.She just used some super cool karate skills to fight back.

But then Violet had her pinned on the ground in between her fingers.

"I have you now,Philippa." She edged a knife to her throat.

Chapter 8-Violet no more

I was so furious with her.No one would hurt my beloved Philippa!

I didn't know what was happening with me.I felt so angry and furious...my mouth opened...

"Ahhhhh!” I screamed.

Violet paled.Suddenly,she exploded into a million pieces.

Philippa panted and looked at me like she saw a ghost.

"What was that?!" She asked fearfully.

"I...honestly...don't...know." I panted.

Chapter 9-Together Forever

I was stunned.What was I? A freak?

"You have amazing powers and one day,we are going to find out how you got them.But for now,the important thing is that we are together." Philippa said.

She was right.There was no time to worry about the future.The important thing is that we were together.

Philippa walked up to me and kissed me.I kissed her back.It was a wonderful,beautiful kiss.We were safe and together,forever.

Chapter 10-Twisted Girl

Later on, I found out that I was a witch,I inherited it from my Mom.She told me and taught me my powers.

Meanwhile,I was still dating Philippa,who was always so sweet and a little sarcastic.My pet name for her was “Twisted Girl". Not the best but she liked it.

Time passed.It was Halloween,October 31st.I invited my two good friends,Nina and Ava to my house.

"I invited my boyfriend if that is okay with you." Nina said.Ava looked aghast.I just smiled sadly.Nina's boyfriend wasn't the nicest person.

"Did I say he could come?" I asked.She just shrugged.

Ryan,Nina's boyfriend,came a minute later,with an unpleasant smile on his face.

"Heyyyyyy,Nova! What are you doingggg?" He asked.I stiffened.

"We're just going to watch a movie." I said.

"Ooohh,it's probably going to be a loser movie,because you're a loser!" Ryan chuckled.

Nina was telling him not to be rude,but I was still upset.

Anyway,we turned on the movie and Ryan kept yelling:


I couldn't take it anymore, I went upstairs to my room.Ryan appeared to have followed me.

He came really close to my face,So I could smell his Cheeto breath.His breath didn't smell like lilacs,Like Philippa's breath did.

"You know what I do to losers?" He asked.I didn't dare say anything.

"This!" He yelled.Before I could react,he punched me in the nose.

He left quickly.

Philippa snuck up behind me (she has a habit of doing that) and saw the blood.

"What happened? Are you okay?" She asked.

"No...he punched me in the nose...called me a loser...but it's fine...I'm a strong girl... I can handle it.." I said between tears.

"No,you can't handle it.I'll show him! Calling you a loser! We'll see who the real loser is when I get him!" She declared passionately.She hated it when I was hurt.

"What are you going to do?" I asked her.

But she already left with a devious smile on her face.Oh no.The poor boy...

Well,there was nothing I could do now!

A minute later,weird carnival music was playing.

"Hey,what's that noise?" My friends asked me.

"I don't know." I lied.

"You wait here,pretty girls! I'll save the day!" He yelled.

"Nina,I have some things to say about your boyfriend..." I said.I told her everything and pointed to the blood.

"What? How could he do this?! I'll go talk to him..." She went to look for her boyfriend while Ava dabbed at my nose.

Outside in the backyard,I could see a carousel.Philippa must have summoned it.

Ryan was foolishly walking outside,looking at the carousel.




Ryan was about to leave,but all of a sudden,out of nowhere,Philippa jumped at him and yelled:


"AHHHHHHH!” Ryan screamed like a girl.I had to hide a giggle.He tried to run out of the backyard,but was immediately confronted by Nina,who gave him a talking-to.He left the place,crying.

Philippa jumped from behind and kissed my ear.

"He was a real coward." She said.

I just laughed.The twisted girl strikes again!


Chapter One-Halloween scare

I was lying on my bed,just staring at the ceiling.

I couldn’t sleep,even though I was tired.You know why?

Because it’s October.

It’s October twelfth.

Even though it’s nowhere close to Halloween,the air of spookiness and pumpkin spice was in the air.

When it’s October,it’s like the whole world is holding their breath,waiting,anticipating and fearing Halloween.

Myself included.

To top it off,there was a furious thunder storm outside.The kind in horror movies.

I lay there,staring at the ceiling,listening to the ominous thunder.




It was still going.I sighed and turned around,so that my back was to the window.

Then,I saw it.

A pink haired,female clown,smiling at me.Her smile was unnatural and didn’t quite reach her eyes.

She held a rainbow of balloons in one hand.In the other,she wielded a machete.

I didn’t think.I reacted.

I grabbed the rosary from my nightstand and shoved it in her face.


The clown started chuckling that weird laugh all clowns have.It was high pitched,garbled and insane.

She put the machete away and that’s when I recognized her.


My magical clown girlfriend.

“What was that?!? Where did you get that machete?!” I asked her.

She continued to laugh that ugly clown laugh.

“That machete isn’t real.I stole it from a Halloween store.” She stabbed her finger to show me.

“See,not real.It’s plastic.Touch it.” Philippa said.

I narrowed my eyes at her and touched it.Sure enough,it was plastic.

“You should have seen your face! You were all shocked and scared.It was hilarious! All I did was a harmless Halloween prank and you totally fell for it! You sounded like an exorcist from a cheesy horror movie!” Philippa chortled.

She kept laughing,her laugh getting uglier and uglier by the second.

“That wasn’t funny,Philippa.I thought you were going to kill me like those clowns from the movies.” I said.

“Oh,really?!” She howled.She was still laughing!

Damn,that girl can’t stop laughing.She can’t even laugh with manners.

Suddenly,I heard my Mom walking downstairs.Me and Mom are witches,so she knows about and tolerates Philippa.

That doesn’t mean she likes her.

She finds her very loud and annoying.

Mom slammed the door open and narrowed her eyes at Philippa.She had her bathrobe hastily tied on her.

If anyone is more mad at Philippa than me,it’s Mom.

Philippa shut up the second she saw her.

“Philippa.It’s 12:00 A.M..Why are you bothering Nova? Leave her alone.Because when you bother her,you start getting loud and it drives me crazy! Be quiet.Please,I’m begging you.” My Mom said shakily.She had bags under her eyes.

“Sorry.” Philippa mumbled.She’d only apologize to her.

She left and I was alone with my annoying clown girlfriend.

Welcome to my life.

Chapter Two-Learning about something fishy

So,it was October Thirteenth now.Friday the thirteenth.

Yeah,yeah,I know.Spooky day, spooky month,yada yada,monsters,blah blah blah serial killers,bleh blah bad luck.

Honestly,Friday the thirteenth is overrated.The hype for this one day is overrated,of course.

Anyway,after school,I went to the Halloween shop to buy myself a costume.

Listen,I know I’m eighteen years old,but I like getting dressed up for Halloween,okay?

As I was looking through the shelves,the T.V. in the store was playing.It was on the news.There was a woman,there,reporting.The reporter informed:

There is a blond girl with violet eyes appearing in crime scenes involving murder and stealing the bodies.Police are after this girl.No one knows why she’s stealing bodies,so stay tuned for news on this cute kitty!

I blinked.That was an interesting change of subject for her.

A girl about my age with short,black hair with hot pink highlights and the Halloween store uniform walked up to me and said:

“Yeah.Something fishy is going on.But they don’t want to talk about the people’s bodies being stolen.It’s too gory,so they change the subject.Messed up? Yes. Anyway,have you decided on a costume?”

I looked at her name tag.It read:”Hayley Blackrose.”

“Well?” She asked.

I grabbed a clown costume.

Huh…I chose a clown costume.


“Let’s go pay for that.” Hayley said.

I walked up to the counter and paid the price.As I left,Hayley yelled after me:

“I hope you don’t end up like the dead people in the news!”

I shuddered.Why did she have to mention that?

Chapter Three-Babysitting

I walked to my car and opened the front door to the driver’s seat.As I sat down, I glared at the girl sitting in the passenger seat.

Philippa.She was smiling innocently at me.

“Do you have to follow me around,all the time? Seriously,Philippa,it’s creepy.” I said,starting the car.

“I don’t like being alone.” Philippa said.

“You have my Mom to be with.” I said.

Philippa shuddered.

“Your Mom is no fun.You’re fun.” Philippa said.

“Whatever. I still love you.” I said,smiling.

I told her about what I saw in the news and Hayley’s ominous words yelled at me when I left the store.

When I was finished telling Philippa,I realized that I recognized the blond girl they were describing.

When I saw Philippa’s face darken,I knew that she did,too.

“Violet.” We said at the same time.

Violet.The girl who cursed Philippa to be in a clown costume after she died.

Yes,Philippa is dead.Yes,Philippa was a human when she was alive.

I thought we had defeated Violet.

Just as I was having these dark thoughts,my phone rang.I asked Philippa to hold my phone and put it on speaker,so I wouldn’t get distracted while driving.

“Nova,can you please babysit the neighbor’s kids,Angelita and Maybelline? Their parents are going out and I want you to watch over them.You don’t have any homework,so why not babysit them?” My Mom asked from the phone.

I sighed.She was talking about Ethan and Felicity’s kids,the twins.

“Aren’t they,like,fourteen years old? Do they really need a babysitter?” I asked.

“Felicity and Ethan asked me to ask you to do it.They are their parents.They know what’s best for their kids.” My Mom said.

I was seventeen years old.I didn’t have to listen to Mom.I could talk back and tell her no and she wouldn’t be allowed to argue with me,because I was old enough to make my own decisions.I could ask Philippa to hang up.

But I decided to be nice and said:

“Sure,I’ll babysit them.”

“Thank you,Nova!” Mom said.

Philippa turned off the phone.

“Why did you say yes?” Philippa asked.

“Because I feel like being nice.” I said.

Chapter Four-Something horrible happens

When I got to the house next door,Philippa disappeared.Good.I didn’t need two young adolescents freaking out about a six-foot tall,pink haired,clown girl.

When I got to their house,Angelita and Maybelline greeted me.

The girls look alike.They both have long,black hair and light brown skin.They have brown eyes,too.They look so alike,their parents had to style their hair differently and dress them in their favorite colors so they could distinguish them.

Angelita was the girl in purple.Maybelline was the girl in red.Angelita had shoulder length hair,Maybelline had hair that went past her waist.

They looked like their mother.

Anyway,as they were greeting me,I saw a woman with short,black hair,red roses in her hair,a pink and white dress,pink and white striped fishnet gloves and grey boots,walk out with a black haired man in a suit.

Felicity and Ethan.

Felicity went up to me and told me everything that needed to be done in order to babysit them.I nodded my head.

When she was done explaining everything to me,she walked up to the girls and said:

“Make sure you behave.”

They nodded.

Ethan and Felicity left.

After a while,the girls were getting bored.We were playing a board game and so far,no one was winning.

“Can we watch T.V.?” Angelita asked.

“Sure.” I said.

I turned on the T.V..It was on the news.I was about to change the channel,but what the newswoman said next made everyone (including me) gulp.

She said:

Ethan and Felicity Lopez have been found dead in the back door of the restaurant.It is unclear how they died,but police are reviewing their bodies and say that they have been murdered.Stay with us for more on this tragedy.

“No…they can’t..it isn’t…they made a mistake! They thought…but it can’t be..” The girls were stuttering.They looked like they might cry or scream any moment.

“No…they got the names wrong…it isn’t..” They stopped talking and started crying.

I didn’t say anything.I wanted to tell them that they clearly didn’t make a mistake,but I also didn’t want to make them any more upset than they were.

“OUR PARENTS ARE DEAD!” They yelled.

Chapter Five-A terrifying nightmare

Later on,I decided I’d take them to my house,until I could figure out what to do with them.

I went to bed and closed my eyes..


I was walking down a dark,run down,abandoned carnival.Angelita and Maybelline were there.

They were laughing and giggling.But suddenly,their faces went dark.

“We should go back.Nova will be worried about us.” Angelita said.

“And face the fact that our parents are dead?! Us running away to this carnival is paradise!” Maybelline squealed.

A clown with purplish-blueish hair,a yellow puffy sleeved shirt,red puffy shorts,a green party hat,green socks and pink shoes stepped out of the darkness,holding a yellow ballon and a pink lollipop.

Angelita and Maybelline stared at the clown.

So did I.

As if that wasn’t weird or creepy enough,a marionette woman danced out of the darkness.She had puppet strings on her,glass eyes,a black,empty mouth holding a rose and a pink dress on.

Even weirder,they seemed to recognize the twins and yelled:


The girls glared at them.

“You weirdos aren’t our parents.” They said,

“Care to explain?” The clown asked the puppet.

“Definitely!” She beamed.

I am interested now.

“Okay,so it’s like this.When we were human and standing in line at the restaurant where we would get our dinner,this young blond girl with violet eyes is standing all alone,crying.She’s saying:”I’m lost! Somebody help me!” So,we agree to help her.She thanks us and tells us to follow her.We ask her why and she says it’s to show us where her parents were last time.We make the dumb decision to follow her and then,she pins us both to the ground and kills us.Our souls were demons for a bit,but that’s not all.She changed us and made as come back as…this.” The puppet pointed to herself and then her husband emphasizing the fact that they weren’t human.

“We can’t even leave this place.Believe me,we tried.” The puppet said.

“If you’re REALLY our parents,then prove it.” Maybelline said.

“Well,you,the girl in red and with longer hair,you’re Maybelline.You,the girl in purple and with shorter hair,you’re Angelita.We had to dress you guys in your favorite colors and style your hair differently so we could distinguish you.Sometimes,you’re friends would mistaken you for each other and we’d all have to explain to them that you guys are two different people.One time in kndergarten,you got upset,Maybelline,because your friends thought Angelita was you and you tried telling them the truth,but they wouldn’t listen.You came crying to us after school and you even wet the bed-“ The clown was saying,but Maybelline interrupted him.

“Okay,okay,we get it.You’re our parents.No need to go into detail.” Maybelline said.

Ethan and Felicity smiled.

“I can also become a clown.” Felicity said.Then,she transformed into a tall,green haired clown with pigtails,a pink puffy shirt,a blue skirt and yellow shoes.

“Wow! Cool!” The girls squealed.

From behind them,I could see Violet holding a knife.Wait,how did Violet get here?!

“BEHIND YOU!” Their parents yelled.

The girls looked behind them and screamed.Violet lunged towards them.

Their parents tried to save them,but it was too late.Violet sliced and diced them.

They were dead.

Just as quickly as she came,Violet disappeared.

I watched as Angelita and Maybelline transformed into bloody demons and finally,clowns.

They were just like their parents now.

I screamed and woke up in a cold sweat.

I went to the guest room to see if they were still there,but they weren’t.

I turned on the T.V. in their room.

The news again.

“Angelita and Maybelline Lopez have been reported dead..”

That was all it took for me to scream in terror.(Again.)

Chapter Six-Hayley,a ghost and a fairy

I heard skipping in the hallway and then the door swung open.

Philippa walked in.

When she saw the expression on my face,she stopped smiling and said quietly:

“There’s a girl at your door..she said her name is Hayley and that she knows you…she’s got a ghost with her..it looks like the ghost of a thirteen year old girl..”

I walked up from the room and went to the front door.

Sure enough,Hayley,the cashier was there.She also had a young,thirteen old blond girl dressed in black.

I studied the girl in black closer.

She was,most definitely,a ghost.

I looked at Hayley.

“I have so many questions.How did you get the address of my house? Why are you here? Who is that?” I asked,pointing at the ghost.

“Well…I was taking a walk one day and I saw you get in this house.I wrote your address down,so I wouldn’t forget.” Hayley said.

“Like that’s not creepy.” I mumbled.

“I’m here because I don’t believe the killings that have happened are normal and I have seen you with Philippa,in your car.I’ve seen fairies and ghosts before,so I thought that we could help each other.” Hayley said.

“HOLD ON! You said you saw me in my car?! Now,I don’t think I want your help.” I said to the creepy stalker.

Hayley ignored what I said and pointed to the girl.

“This is Veronica.I met her when me and my family rented a house in this neighborhood.She did magic when she was alive,maybe she can help us now.” Hayley said,pointing at Veronica.

I saw a red haired fairy behind her…wait,a fairy?!

“Who is that?” Philippa asked,pointing to the fairy.

“Who is what?” Hayley asked.

“Behind you.” I said.

Hayley turned around.

“Calypso…I thought you died after you kissed me.Didn’t you say a celestial being dies from kissing a human?” Hayley asked.

“I thought I did too.But,surprise,since I’m a fairy,I came back to life! Don’t ask how.” Calypso said.

“Why are you with her? I thought she ended up in Heaven.” Calypso said.

“ I agreed to help.” Veronica said.

I sighed.At this point,I’d let them in.

I opened the door and said:

“Come in,everyone.”

Chapter Seven-Death

“So you’re saying that the plan is that we just go to the neighborhood circus,look for Violet and then kill her?” I asked.We were all standing in the living room.

“Yup.” Hayley said.

I shrugged.I’d do anything to save the day.

“Alright,we’ll split into groups.Me,Hayley,and Veronica will go together.Philippa and Calypso will go together.” I said.

“But what if something horrible happens?! What if you die?!” Philippa asked me.I noticed Calypso asking Hayley the same kind of questions.

“Don’t worry,I’ll be fine.I defeated Violet once,I can defeat her again.” I said.

“Okay.” Philippa said,but she still looked worried.

So we set off on our journey to find Violet.

After a long drive,we were in the neighborhood carnival,looking for Violet.

Me,Hayley and Veronica were walking and talking in a group.

Veronica stopped walking and said:

“Look behind you!”

We turned around.


I tried using my powers on her,but for some reason,it wasn’t working.

She brought a machete to our faces.

Next thing I knew,me and Hayley were lying dead on the ground.

We went from demons to clowns in a split second.

“OH,COME ON!” I screamed.

Chapter Eight-Philippa has a family?!

By the time Philippa and Calypso got to us,we were already clowns.

“What happened to you guys?!” They asked us.

Before I could say anything,Veronica told the whole story.

“Oh wow.That’s nice.We’re all clowns.Except for Veronica and Calypso.I brought more clowns too.Now,these clowns claim to be The Lopezs.Look at them,Nova and tell me if you recognize them from your dream.” Philippa said.I told Philippa about my dream before we split up.

She pointed to the four clowns huddled in a corner.They looked like The Lopezs when they became clowns.

I recognized Felicity,Ethan,Angelita and Maybelline.The entire family.

“Yep,that’s them.” I said.

Suddenly,two more clowns appeared out of nowhere.There was one young looking clown (can a clown look young?!) with pinkish-purplish hair and a pink dress and another yellowish-bluish haired clown with green eyes,a yellow shirt,red shorts,blue and red socks and yellow boots.

“Ooh..forgot to introduce these two to you.These are my siblings.The male clown is my older brother,Conrad and this girl is my little sister,Lily.We reunited today.” Philippa said.

“Are they dead,like us?” I asked.

“Yes,we are.” Conrad said.

“Well,just because we’re dead doesn’t mean Violet has won.We can still defeat her.” I said.

“Follow me,clowns,fairies and ghosts.We’ve got a wicked witch to defeat.” I said.

I could tell everyone was giving up,but they followed me anyway.

Maybe because they still had a little hope,even when they were on the brink of giving up.

Chapter Nine-Violet

We ran as fast as we could to get to Violet on time.

Out of nowhere a melody started playing from a music box.

I ignored the sound and focused on looking for Violet.

We finally found her,standing inside a tent,cackling.

“Well,well,well.If it isn’t the devil herself.” Philippa remarked.

Violet turned to look at us.An unnatural smile came on her face.This made my blood boil.

“Look at you! You’re freaks! Every last one of you!” She hollered,pointing at everyone.Everyone except Veronica and Calypso.

“You have no right to call me the devil because I’m too beautiful to be the devil.” Violet said,flipping her hair.

Violet giggled.

“Actually,you SHOULD call me the devil.” Violet grinned.

“You know,I’m not actually a witch.I’m not even a human.I’m…a demon clown.” Violet said.

“You know how demon clowns are created? From the spilled blood of children,confection and crushed music boxes.That’s how they are created.” Violet said.She sounded hungry when she said the word “children.” It made me sick.

Why did she sound hungry when she said that?

Do demon clowns EAT children to survive?!

“This was how I came into the world.Yes,I do eat children.They’re quite delicious.Especially when they are screaming in pain and crying for their mommies.But we’re getting off topic here. I wanted to look human and have a human form,so that it’d be easier to kidnap children.But in order to do that,I must find dead bodies or kill people myself,raise them from the dead and then turn them into clowns.That way,I’d get a human form and I’d be able to control when I can turn human or turn into a clown.” Violet said.

“Wait,you’re saying all that time we spent together was a lie?” Philippa asked.She dated her in life,but then she died and Violet cursed her to be a clown.

“Yes.Well,except for the time I called you a joke.You are one.” Violet said.

Violet turned into a purple haired clown in a pink dress,with wrinkly,pasty skin and then ran.

We wasted no time.We chased her.

Chapter Ten-People get what they deserve

The music was playing louder,it was almost hilarious to hear happy,tinkling music in a time like this.

We cornered Violet.Lily grabbed a burning stick of fire.

“How did you get that?” I asked her.

“Don’t ask.” Lily said.

Ethan and Felicity turned to face Violet.

“You killed us,our children and millions of more people and then,you turned them into clowns.But not anymore.This time,you’ll get what you deserve.Drop the stick,Lily.” They said.

Lily dropped the stick and Violet screamed.We watched her burn to death.

Then,suddenly,we were getting our human forms back.Well,some of it.There would be clown elements,like the red nose and the party hat, but we were fine with it.

We left the burning carnival,planning to never return again.


It had been months,maybe even years,since Philippa,Nova and everyone else defeated Violet and ascended to Heaven.Philippa wasn’t keeping track of how long it had been.

Her afterlife was…nice,now.Of course,Philippa wished that Violet never walked into her life and tainted it,but,it’s only a wish.

She had her girlfriend,Nova,who sometimes visited her Mom in earth,her siblings,Conrad and Lily and some of her new friends:Hayley (Who visited her fairy girlfriend,Calypso, on Earth),Veronica (the only member of their group who wasn’t killed by Violet),Felicity,Ethan,and their two children,Angelita and Maybelline.

“If only Jennifer were here.” Philippa sighed.

Even though she was in a relationship with Nova now,she still missed Jennifer.She thought about her all the time…

“Hello? Philippa?” A voice asked behind her.

No,it was too good to be true…

“Jennifer?” Philippa asked.

“Yes,it’s me.” Jennifer said.

Philippa turned around…

It WAS Jennifer,with angel wings.

“I’ve been so worried about you,Philippa.I tried to help you,in the afterlife…Why did you do it? Why’d you take your own life? There was still so much for you to discover..” Jennifer said.

Philippa began sobbing out her whole story to her.

Jennifer hugged her.

“Hm..I’m sorry you had to go through all that.At least you have your family now.Who knows what might happen to you later? The soul sometimes reincarnates as someone knew,so maybe that will happen to you.No one knows for sure.Do me a favor and be as happy as you can be.” Jennifer whispered into her ear.

If this was her imagination,a dream,Philippa didn’t want it to end.She was glad she got to see Jennifer again.

Characters I made in Gacha Club:

Clown Nova:


Clown Hayley:

Clown Angel Hayley:

Demon Nova:

Demon Hayley:

This last photo is clown angel Nova.

The rest of the characters are in my wall.

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Sun Sep 19, 2021 5:52 pm
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FireEyes wrote a review...

Hello there, vampricone6783! Incoming review for you!

I'll start out with critique, strap it. The first thing that was obviously apparent even before I started reading was the length of your story. Uhm, it was very long. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a long story. But if you want people to read it, on this site, the length can deter people from reading. If you click around onto some people's portfolios for books they are writing, you can see they split up chapters into two to even four parts, and the average word count usually being around the 2000-2500 mark. I see that you've done reviews and know how to post more works, just break up this story into small pieces so that more people will want to read it.

Another thing I have to say is with the Gatcha art at the end. They take up a little less than half of the space for your work. If at all possible you could instead post them on your wall for people who are genuinely interested as to how you intended your characters to look. Because you didn't really describe any of your characters, it also brings confusion to the table when someone is reading. When describing a character it doesn't have to be, "They had long black hair and dark brown eyes." It can come much more naturally when they are doing something with their hair that's when you describe it. Or when they're looking at something very intensely, that's when you can describe their eyes.

I found lines like this

Veronica was beyond frustrated and sad.She just wanted their powers! She wanted to live in harmony with them!
to be lackluster. A rule I always try to follow when I have motional beats in a story of mine is, "Show emotion, tell feeling." So in this case, Veronica is having an emotional beat, she's sad. But you only tell us that. Maybe you could show us like, "Veronica clenched her jaw and her breathing became rapid to keep the frustration from taking over. But her tears flooded out of her eyes before she knew it. Once she saw the diamond-like droplets, she tried to control herself even more, only to backfire into sobbing." That's a lot more captivating than what was originally written. And there are many more places where stuff like that can be done. It would really breath more life into your story because as it is, it feels bland.

One last thing I have to say is your punctuation. Like Nicole previously said you need spaces in between commas, but also periods. It causes a distraction when I'm reading and that could be the same for other people too.
One Day,however,Veronica asked her fairy friends if she could have their powers and be like them.
This was probably the most egregious offense with the however being surrounded by commas. Oh and "Day," shouldn't be capitalized.

Okay now with all that critique out of the way let me praise your work. I like your mix of sentence structures. You use very short sentences and longer compound sentences in other places. It really makes the narration feel more lively in the rhythm. The premise of your story is also pretty cool, although not my cup of tea. I'm sure someone would love to see some sort of continuation.

But that's all I have for today. I hope you found some of it useful! If you feel passionate about your story keep on with it and don't let my critique weigh you down. Anyway byeeeeeeeeeee


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Wed Sep 08, 2021 9:32 pm
Quillfeather wrote a review...

Hello vampricone! Nicole here with a short review!

First impressions: this was a good story! I liked it. It had an interesting theme. I like the title, i think it really draws the reader in.
I like when in the beginning you say:

Even though she was thirteen now,she never truly stopped believing in magic and fairies.

Things to improve: there were a few things that you might think about changing. First off, after most of the commas you used in this, you didn't add a space. So like when you said:
Once upon a time,there was a thirteen year old girl named Veronica.

It should be:Once upon a time, there was a thirteen year old girl named Veronica."
I suggest reading through your work to make it easier to read.
But those are just small things.

Keep writing!

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— GengarIsBestBoy