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Alexander and Mallory stories

by vampricone6783

*These are three short stories I made with Alexander and his daughter Mallory.They are from my “The clown and the little girl” stories.I hope you enjoy. As always, Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Let’s begin!

1.Alexander talking to ghost hunters 

“Shh..hear that?  That’s the clown. He’s crying.”

Teen amateur ghost hunters Tyler, Evan, Elliott, and Katie were currently in the haunted Jackson house, which was said to house a man named Alexander, who performed as a clown in life. He had this sickly daughter named Mallory who lived with his unstable ex-wife named Maisie, who had shot Mallory in the head, thinking she was a kid bullying Mallory and not knowing it was her own daughter.

He had heard the news from a phone call. Still in his clown costume, he ran outside to see her in the hospital, but had gotten hit by a truck.

Now, there were rumors that he was still alive for a few minutes after the truck had hit him and that he still could have been sent to the hospital and nursed back to health, but the people who ran him over buried him in the unfinished sidewalk, too scared to admit their crimes.

There were legends that he was buried alive and too weak to scream.

Legend had it that after he died, he killed Maisie for ruining his life. Maisie stayed in the basement while  he went all around the house, crying about his daughter, screaming, moaning, scratching the walls and breaking glass.

He never killed anyone, except his ex-wife. He mostly scared visitors away. He’s been known to be kind to young children, though. Perhaps because of Mallory..

No one had ever seen him. A handful of children said they saw him once, but those children were adults and long-dead.

No one else had seen him.

He cannot leave the house, he’s bound to the house. Maisie is trapped as well. Mallory is said to haunt his old circus and is searching for him, but he can’t leave. His energy is bound to it.

But those were just stories..right?

Well, these teenagers were going to find out.

Most of the house was dirty and dusty, the furniture overturned and covered in plastic.

Katie walked upstairs and found a closed door.

Huh..no doors were closed in this house..except this one..

Katie turned the knob..

The room had pink walls, a large bed with white sheets, shelves of toys, books and board games, an old music box in the corner of a shelf, and finally, LED fairy lights on the ceiling, all turned off. There was a lamp with silver butterflies which was also turned off and flowers and butterflies painted on the walls.

But the paint and decorations were peeling off and fading. The room was dusty.

Katie coughed up dust.

Another thing, any time someone walked into a room, a light would turn on, as if lighting up the way for visitors.

 But this room..did not have lights turned on.

“What are you doing in her room?”

Katie turned around..

..So..the legends were true..the halls may have been a little dark..but she knew the voice speaking was not one of her companions..she could faintly tell..it was a..clown..

“Alexander?”  She asked.

“So people have been spreading my story.”


“So you’ll know you’re not allowed to go inside Mallory’s room.”

“No .I didn’t know that..”


“Could you please leave her room?”  He asked. He seemed distressed.

“Why?”  Katie asked softly.



“I don’t want anyone in her room…it’s her room..please…leave..now…”

Katie didn’t bother to ask. She just walked out of her room and he closed the door, following after her.

“I thought you couldn’t touch physical objects.”

“Most of the time. But I can close Mallory’s door. That’s the only physical thing I can touch. I can’t touch people or other objects .Obviously, I can touch other ghosts..say, why are you here, anyway?”

“Me and my friends wanted to find you-“

“Ah yes, you’re one of those.”


“Ghost hunters. They come here everyday, to hear me cry. I..I just cry, okay?  I..I miss her…what more do you want from me?  Why must you stay and record my distress?  Have you got nothing else to do?”

“I..I never thought of it that way..”

“No, you didn’t. You people never do. You just want to hear me weep. How would you like it if someone wanted to record you in times of distress?”


“You wouldn’t like it, now would you?”

“Why do you feel comfortable talking to me?  I’m a human-“

“I’m still human, dead or alive.”

“Go and take your friends with you. Tell no one you saw me.”

“You okay?  You look like you’re about to cry.”

“Just go!”

With that, he disappeared. As if he were never there at all.

“Find the ghost?”

Katie didn’t look at them. She just thought about the look in his eyes, the lonely, breaking look and a single, silent tear slid out of her eye.

Katie shook her head no.She wasn’t about to tell them about Alex.. 

Poor Alex..was he alright?

She never cared for a ghost like now..he seemed so..so..human..so…alive.

“We..we should go now..”

“You okay?”

“Yeah..I’d feel better if we left..”

“Okay, Katie. If you say so. But we should go back-“

“No, I don’t want to go back.”

“You want us to never go back?”


“Ugh, fine!  Whatever!”  They cried out. They did everything together. If one of them didn’t want to go, the rest wouldn’t, too. It was only fair for their friendship.

Katie just vowed to never return here. It was all too much for her. Being the only one who could see ghosts, she never really cared for them. They were just ghosts. An indistinct entity.

But this was different. This was real.

She couldn’t face Alexander’s sadness, couldn’t face the reality of his loneliness..

2.Mallory talking to ghost hunters

In a forgotten circus, there was a little girl, hiding inside of a tent.

She wasn’t alive, this girl. She died decades ago.

The girl’s name was Mallory Alissa Jackson. She had a terrible sickness that weakened her entire body and couldn’t be cured.

But that’s not what she died from.

No, her mother shot her by accident, thinking that she was a rude child.

Yeah, her mother had…issues…

Mallory should have been up in Heaven. She  did go there sometimes, just to see Earth at a higher view.

She preferred being in Earth, because that was where her Dad was, before he died.

In life, he tried to make people laugh and smile. He was a clown, after all.

In fact, he performed in the very circus Mallory haunted now!

He even made a doll for Mallory. It was a pale porcelain clown doll, with curly black hair in pigtails, pink flowers in her hair, who wore a red dress and carried a pink balloon.

The very doll she now possessed.

The doll was in the circus, but it was dedicated to her and she’d never let go of the doll.

It was the only thing she had left of her Dad.

He..he died..and he wasn’t in the same place as her.

She didn’t know where he was now!

Mallory silently cried in the very tent she was hiding in, holding the doll close to her.

Would it always be like this?  Lonely days, lonely nights?  Was she doomed to never have peace?  Was her soul to be forever tormented-

“And this is where the ghost girl is said to haunt. To this day, no one knows why she’s here.”

Mallory raised her head up.



Did…did he come back?

Did her Dad finally return?

Was he going to see her again?

Mallory rushed out of the tent and-

-and was met with a blinding light.

Was this the end?

Was her spirit going to fade away?

“Oh look, it’s the ghost girl herself!  Chad, did you get that on camera?”

“Yes, Paige, I did!”

Mallory blinked her eyes and saw two older people, one girl with bright pink hair, blue eyes, who wore a red shirt, a short jean skirt and black high boots.

The boy had black hair, green eyes, wore a yellow shirt, gray pants and brown sneakers.

These people…who were they?  What were they doing here?

“Who..who are you guys?”

“Look, the ghost is talking!  We’ve never had a ghost talk to us!  Chad, record this!  We have to show everyone at school!”

“I’m getting it, Paige!”

“Finally, they’ll believe us when we say ghosts are real!”

“What’s going on?!”  Mallory asked, panicking.

“Calm down, little girl. We’re just going to film you-“


“It will be like you’re on TV, only-“

“I don’t want to be on TV!”

“You’re missing the point. You’re not going to be on TV. .Well, you could be if this ghost sighting video goes viral. Chad, if you drop that phone I’m going to kill you-“

“Stop it!”

“Calm down-“

Mallory couldn’t take it anymore, this awful, sickening feeling of weakness.

So, she flew back to the tent, to where her funhouse doll was and hid inside of the doll.

Maybe they would leave her alone if they couldn’t find her.

Maybe they would go away…

3. Alexander will always be there for his daughter 

In a forgotten house, there was a clown ghost named Alexander and his five year old daughter, Mallory.

Both could go to Heaven if they wanted to, they both had angel wings.

But they didn’t want to most of the time. They just stayed in Earth together, because it held memories.

In fact, Alexander was using his wings to warm up Mallory.



“When I used to be in the circus, there were..these people.”


“Um..a lady with pink hair named Paige and a black-haired guy named Chad.”


“They called themselves “ghost hunters.” They put this light to my face..they were so loud..it was so bright..they said they were gonna film me-“

“They did what?”

“They-they filmed me.”

“How long ago was this?”

“A very long time ago, I don’t remember.”

At that moment, Alexander wished he could give them a piece of his mind. Nobody should bother his daughter, dead or alive!

But he wasn’t there to protect Mallory at the time.

“Well, you don’t need to worry about them. I’m sure they won’t come here, to this house.”

“But what if they do?  What if they film me again?  I don’t want to be filmed, Daddy. I..the cameras are so bright…”

“If they do come here..to film you…they won’t be stepping out of this house.”

“What does that mean?”

“Nothing, sweetheart. It’s just something I did a long time ago, that I’m willing to do again. I did it when Mommy was trying to bother me.”

“What happened to Mommy?”

Alexander smiled at her, in an effort to mask his panic.

She didn’t need to know what he did with her Mommy. No one did.

“Just stay close to me and you’ll be okay.”

“Um..okay, Daddy. If you say so.”

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Fri Nov 25, 2022 4:13 pm
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Liminality wrote a review...

Hi there vampricone! Lim here with a review.

First Impressions

I thought these were interesting stories. They definitely have a spooky/ creepy atmosphere, but also this feeling of sadness and pathos for the characters. I like the idea of making the ghosts the ‘main characters’ to sympathise with rather than the ghost hunters, which is usually what happens in horror stories.

The theme of the first two stories seems to be how living people don’t see things from the ghosts’ perspectives and don’t empathise with them normally. For instance, in the first story, the teenagers disturb a dead person’s home for fun, and in the second story, the girl and the boy don’t see a crying child, but see a tool to create a viral video.

I particularly liked these lines from the first one:

But this was different. This was real.
She couldn’t face Alexander’s sadness, couldn’t face the reality of his loneliness..

I thought this was moving and also captures the reason why Katie initially might not have realised that being a ghost hunter was a bad idea here.

I’m not particularly sure what the theme / message of the third story is, but it’s still nice to see that Mallory reunited with her father at some point.


I think the relatively simple character personalities and motivations make sense for stories as short as these. At least the more complex sides can’t be fully explored in so short a word count. I thought that Alexander and Katie had the best character development and characterisation in the stories. For Alexander, we find out the most about him compared to the other characters – he worked as a clown because he liked to make people smile and he was deeply hurt by the loss of his daughter, and so if very protective of her as a ghost. As for Katie, I like that her character goes through a change in her story, where she realises that the ghost hunting activities are harmful to real people.

There were some parts of how the other characters were written that made them a bit less believable to me. I kind of wish we found out more about Mallory besides her relationship with her parents, because I think having that kind of info would make her feel more three-dimensional as a character. I was also a bit confused by this quote:
No, her mother shot her by accident, thinking that she was a rude child.
Yeah, her mother had…issues…

It kind of feels like an understatement or underreaction for a child that was killed by her parent? The way she kind of brushes it aside in a couple of lines kind of lessens the impact of this event which was emphasized in the first story. That’s how it seems to me anyway, though who knows, maybe there’s a reason for it.


Something I liked were the little details of the setting you gave and the worldbuilding. For example, I like how Mallory’s bedroom was described in the first story. The descriptions are specific and so make the place seem more real to me as a reader, so it’s easy to imagine or humanise the ghostly characters as people with their own lives. I also thought it was interesting and tragic that the ghosts seem to be bound to particular places after they died. I wonder how Mallory managed to get out of that circus by the time of the third story, though. I also find it interesting that the angel wings symbolise / enable their going to heaven.


It was interesting reading your take on the ghost hunting genre of horror stories! The fate of Alexander and Mallory becoming these sort of ‘tourist attractions’ for the inconsiderate people in the story was really quite sad to me, which means your story ideas are effective.

Hope this review helps, and feel free to ask for more feedback!

vampricone6783 says...

Thank you for reading! It means so much to me. I was tired of things being shown from the perspective of the ghost hunters and making the ghosts out to be monsters.

Mallory doesn%u2019t want to hate any of her parents. No matter what. Even if one of them killed her. She%u2019s horrified on the inside, but she doesn%u2019t truly WANT to hate anyone. She WANTS to forgive her Mom, but can%u2019t. And that makes her sad.

Hope that helps!

Liminality says...

Ah, that makes sense! That def adds the my understanding of the story!

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Thu Aug 18, 2022 11:04 pm
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Horisun wrote a review...

Hello! I hope you are having a good day or night!
Straight off the back, I actually really adore the concept for this story. The ghost hunters add a neat bit of worldbuilding that I otherwise hadn't considered. If ghosts really are so common in this other universe, of course people would start to pick up on their presence. It almost seems like they are simply a common occurrence, even no more than an irritant to some, which I find absolutely fascinating. It adds another dimension to the setting and makes me curious to see how this will all come to a head.
For the ghost hunters themselves, I wish you added a little more depth to them, and their individual characters. Aside from our POV, I couldn't tell you anything about Tyler, Elliot, and Evan on their own. That's not to say you need to write intricate backstories for each of them, especially if you don't have anything big planned for their characters on their own, but as is, you may as well cut them out of the story entirely, and have Katie be the sole ghost hunter, and the story itself would remain unchanged.
In relation to this, it may too be beneficial for you to add some character descriptions. (This too may play a role in why the ghost hunters fail to be distinctive.)
Furthermore, I have some small gripes with the "Fun Facts" listed at the end of the story. It is here you choose to divulge the fact that Katie is unique in that she can see the ghosts, wherein her friends cannot (Side note, does this tie back to Annabelle Lees Past, in which she and her family had the ability to view the supernatural?) This is vital information for the reader to understand the story and, by extension, your characters, and should not be mentioned after the fact in an authors note.
I also had a few questions/theories that stemmed from this story (one of them was already mentioned above, lol)
-The circus appears to be a reoccurring motif in all of your stories, and I was wondering if there was any connection between them? Perhaps run by the same company, or what not?
-How were Mallory and Alexander reunited?
-What happened to Loraine and her family? Didn't they move into the house that Alexander now haunts? Does Katie meeting Alexander take place before, or after the events of "How Curious"
I really enjoy how this story unfolds. It's not quite linear, but each new tale reveals something new about your world, and adds something new to the lore. I like catching little details that connects seemingly unrelated stories. Honestly, it's just a whole ton of fun! :D
So with that, keep on writing, and have a fantastic day!

vampricone6783 says...

The circuses aren%u2019t connected.When Loraine spoke to Alexander, his ghost appeared at the carnival where Mallory haunted and that was how they were reunited.

Loraine and her family were out for a day. They had the whole house to themselves.

Katie meeting Alexander takes place before the events of %u201CHow Curious%u201D.

Katie is not related to Annabelle-Lee.

Thank you for reading.

vampricone6783 says...

I deleted the fun facts and put the thing about Katie seeing ghosts in the actual story.

Another thing is that anyone who has faced him has feel terrified, sad or both.

Loraine was scared of him when she first met him in %u201CThe clown and the little girl%u201D but then they spoke and became friends.

Alexander feels lonely without the other ghosts and Loraine.

vampricone6783 says...

Listen to %u201CCarousel%u201D by Melanie Martinez (Creepy version) uploaded by the Youtuber %u201CAyden%u201D while reading this.I imagine Mallory singing this with Alexander in the background.

I love her dearly, but I can’t live with her for a day without feeling my whole life is wasting away.
— Miss Kenton, The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro