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25 cheerful Christmas tales

by vampricone6783

*Quick thing before we get into this:Most of these stories are from other stories I haven’t posted yet and might post some time in the future.You can look at character designs in Gacha Club.Alright,without further ado,let’s get started!

TALE ONE-Family matters

Once upon a time,on Christmas Eve,there was a twelve year old vampire girl named Lilith Callista Williams,hanging out in the living room with a little ghostly girl named Jasmine.

Jasmine was a ghost who lived with Lilith and her parents.She lived with them ever since Lilith was seven and she was like a sister to her.They weren’t just sitting in the room together for no reason! They were waiting for Santa to come,because Jasmine always wanted to catch Santa every year and with Lilith born a vampire,she didn’t need long hours of sleep.

So why was Jasmine looking down in the dumps on her favorite day of the year?

“Lilith,I have something to tell you.Please don’t be mad!”

“I won’t be mad.You can tell me anything,Jasmine.”



“Do you know how I died?”

“No,you never told me.”

“Okay..so,..in the 1920s..your Dad was at my birthday party…he gave me apple juice…but it wasn’t apple juice…it was poison…I didn’t know it was poison then…he killed me.Your Dad killed me.”

Lilith didn’t know what to say after that.Of course,she knew that her Dad was a vampire for many decades and was told by her Mom that he wasn’t the nicest person until he met her.

But why would Jasmine stay with her killer’s family?

“Jasmine,I believe you.But why would you stay if my Dad killed you?” Lilith asked.She wanted to know.

“Because I wanted to be with you.You seemed nice and I wanted to be your friend.”

“Even though my Dad killed you decades ago?”

“Even though your Dad killed me decades ago.”

“You aren’t mad? Vengeful? If I were you,I’d be vengeful.” Lilith said.

“Nope!” Jasmine said with a smile on her face.

With that,Jasmine hugged Lilith and they continued to wait for Santa Claus.

TALE TWO-It’s important to save souls

It was Christmas day for Lilith and Jasmine.They hadn’t succeeded in finding Santa Claus,but they still had awesome fun trying to catch him together.

The family was going to a town called:”Apple Blossom lane”,where there were supposedly the most beautiful lights and delicious hot chocolate ever made.

When they had finally arrived at the town,they decided to stand in light for a hot chocolate stand.

No one could see Jasmine except Lilith and Lilith’s parents,so if they ever spoke to Jasmine,the people there thought they were talking to themselves,but at least they had the decency to mind their own business and not ask them what was going on.

Anyway,Lilith and Jasmine stood in line for hot chocolate with their parents,when suddenly,they noticed a woman with curly black hair and a pink dress,another woman with silver hair (also wearing a pink dress) and a woman who looked like Lilith’s Mom,only,she had curlier hair and a green dress.Lilith’s Mom was already with her and she always wore black,gray or white.

Never green or anything bright.

But the three women beckoned the girls to follow them and they did.

They followed them to the backyard of a Christmas themed restaurant.

The green dress woman was the first to speak:

“I’m Fiona Angelica,your mother’s great Aunt from the 1800s.Your Dad killed me.He sucked my blood.”

“Yeah,I know.My Mom told me about you.You were madly in love with him back in the day.I’m just going to say this as it is:My Dad had some sins to make up for and still does.” Lilith said.She loved her Dad,he was a wonderful person,but he has done some terrible things back in the day because of some stuff he was going through.Lilith couldn’t remember…

Oh wait,now she could! Her Dad’s parents-Her grandparents-died in a fire and he was left to take care of himself.

The silver haired woman whispered shyly:

“I’m Cassidy.I..I found your Dad when he was a little boy…when your grandparents died..”

“And?” Lilith prompted.

“And..I gifted him to be a vampire and left him on his own.”

“Why?! Why would you leave a child to fend off for himself?!” Lilith screamed.

Cassidy sighed weakly.

“I..I saw a vision..where..he became..a..monster.A monster because of me.I practiced dark magic when I was alive and I was afraid he’d learn my ways.So I turned him into a vampire and left him on his own in hopes that he would find a better life for himself.I realize now that it was one of the dumbest decisions I made and I apologize for that.” Cassidy said.

“You know why I have silver hair? It’s not from old age.No,it’s from a spell I did.I was trying to create a barrier around my house to protect myself from witch hunters who were trying to kill me,but it backfired and I ended up killing myself.The spell was a shock that killed me and caused my hair to lose color.” She said.

“What color was your hair before?” Jasmine asked.

“Dark,velvety brown.” Cassidy sighed,as if she missed having brown hair.Maybe she did.

Finally,the girls turned to look at the black-haired woman.

“My name is Lenore.No,I never knew your Dad.I was a witch,but I only used my powers to help people.I still got burned to the stake,though.” Lenore said.

“Why?” The girls asked.

“Because I was a witch and no one wanted a “dirty witch” around.” Lenore said.

“Why are you guys here? You died horribly and I feel bad for you,but why are you here?” Lilith asked.

“You’re a vampire,you have powers.You could help us pass on.” They said in unison.

“But how?

“Just imagine all of us living peacefully.”

Lilith closed her eyes and imagined all right.

When she opened them,the women weren’t there.They had passed on.

“Come on Jasmine,let’s go to our parents.They must be so worried about us.” Lilith said,taking Jasmine’s hand.

With that,they walked back to the càfe.

TALE THREE-The generations of family come together 

After they had hot chocolate at the càfe and gazed at all of the Christmas lights,they had decided to stop by Lilith’s grandparent’s house.(Her Mom’s parents.Her Dad’s parents died centuries ago.)

When they got there,Lilith’s Aunt Angie was there (So was her Mom’s friend,Skylar,but Lilith didn’t care.Skylar was boring) which was always a fun visit,because she understood Lilith when her parents didn’t and plus,she was a fun Aunt.

Lilith was playing a board game with her Aunt in the living room,when,all of a sudden,she heard Jasmine rush into the room.

“Lily! Lily! Lily!” That was her nickname for Lilith.

“What?” Lilith asked.

“My parents,they’re here! In the upstairs bedroom! They came!” Jasmine squealed happily.

“Your birth parents?” Aunt Angie asked curiously.

“Yes! Come upstairs,now!” Jasmine could hardly contain her excitement.

The two ladies followed Jasmine upstairs and guess what?

Jasmine wasn’t lying.

There were two angels,a woman and a man,both looked as old as Lilith’s grandparents.

Hold on…Jasmine was seven years old…why were they so much older than her?

They seemed to read Lilith’s mind,because they said to her:

“We know what you’re thinking.Jasmine..she died before us.We..we died..painlessly.From old age.”

“But didn’t you die decades ago? Jasmine died in the 1920s,which means you died years ago,too.You couldn’t possibly have lived long enough to reach the 21st century.” Lilith said matter-of-factly.

“Of course we died years ago,child.I think you mean to ask why it took so long for us to visit Jasmine.First of all,it’s none of your business.But we’ll tell you anyway.Leaving Heaven to go to Earth requires..paperwork.A lot of paperwork.Paperwork that could decades to fill out.Another thing,if we want to bring another soul to Heaven,like Jasmine,it could take an extra year.That’s why it took us so long,Ms.nosy-body.” They finally finished,annoyed at Lilith for asking too many questions.

But Lilith wasn’t mad at them.She understood why they’d be annoyed with her.

Instead,Lilith turned to Jasmine and asked:

“Are you going to be with your parents now? Are you going to leave us and never come back? If that’s what you want,then I’m fine with it,but you’ve got to tell my parents,because they’ll miss you.”

Jasmine burst out into a laughing fit.Aunt Angie and Lilith stared at her,puzzled.

“Leave you forever? Of course I won’t leave you forever! I’ll just visit you guys! Now,I’m going to tell your parents what I’m doing.”

With that,Jasmine went off to tell Lilith’s parents about reuniting with her parents,excited that she got to see her loved ones again.

TALE FOUR-A vampire and his parents

Once upon a time,in the year 2021,there was a young,thirteen year old boy named Lycidas Hayley,lying in the couch,at a long forgotten house.

Well,actually he was thirteen decades ago.1985,to be exact.

That was the year his parents died in a car accident and he was sent to live with his Aunt Auburn,only to have been kidnapped by some crazy woman who possessed a mannequin and she turned him into a..vampire.He’s been trapped with this woman..Eloise…(He had to hold in his vomit thinking about her name) for years,until someone who was also kidnapped by her..his new friend,Marcie,who was also “his age” (Because he looked thirteen but he wasn’t),saved him and he went back to live with his Aunt.

However,she was long gone when he returned,as was everyone else in his family.

Why? Why’d he have to live forever?! Why couldn’t he just join his family,wherever they were?!

Why did he have to be cursed with such immortality?

You’d think Lycidas would have driven a stake in his heart by now,to be with the rest of his family.

Don’t you think he tried? Countless times? None of them ever worked.

Lycidas was stuck with living forever,never,ever dying.

It was Christmas Eve,too.The supposedly cheerful time of hope and happiness.He’s seen a thousand Christmas Eves (well,not a thousand,but you get the idea),none of them comparing to the ones shared with loved ones.

He lay still in the couch,crying,wanting nothing more than to have happiness and joy.

Out of the corner of his eye,he saw glowing lights…glowing lights transforming into…angels…angels transforming into his parents…and another light transforming into his aunt.

“Mom? Dad? Aunt Auburn?” He choked out,tears forming on his pale face.

They didn’t say anything.They didn’t need to.They just ran over to him and embraced him in their arms,while he cried at their touch.

“I..You have no idea how much I miss you guys! I..I want to be with you…but I can’t! I-“

“Shh..” His Mom soothed.

“If we could,we’d help you get to us.But we don’t have that power.” His Dad said.

“Not even as angels?” Lycidas asked.

“Not even as angels.” His Aunt added.

“Look,we were always there for you and we’ll continue to be there for you.Hey,maybe one day you might lose your immortality and we’ll finally be together as a family.But for now,I need you to stay strong.For me.For us.” His Mom said.

“Stay strong? How can I,when you’re all taken from me? Do you really think that one day,I could join you?”

“Yes,I do believe one day,we’ll all be together.The key is hope.You’ve got to keep having it with you.How do you think you got on all these years? How do you’ve persevered when you were kidnapped? Hope,you had hope.Hope because we there,in your heart and hope because of you.You gave yourself hope.Don’t give up now,there is still happiness waiting for you.It’s Christmas,after all.” His Mom said.His father and aunt nodded,agreeing.

Sure,what she said was cheesy,but it was also meaningful and the words from his Mom.

It was just what he needed on his lonely Christmas.

Undying love from his family.

TALE FIVE-A boy and his Mom

Far off,in a dark house,hiding away in the woods,in the freezing snow,there was a little boy named Eddie,spending Christmas with his Mom.They were trying to figure out how to light the house up and look less dreadful and more cheery.

Except neither of them were alive.They lived during the 1960s and it was the 21st century now.

Poor Eddie was murdered by a scary black-haired woman named Eloise Blake.His skin was used to make a dress.Eloise sold the dress and Enisa bought it,not knowing that it was Eddie until decades later.

See,after Enisa died of old age,she reunited with Eddie and he told her what had happened.

Now,Enisa and Eddie were trying to figure out what to do for Christmas.

“Well,we could just steal broken lights from the living.I’m sure they have piles of unwanted Christmas decorations lying around in their garbage cans.We could use them to decorate our house.” Eddie said.

Enisa nodded,agreeing with his plan,but suddenly,they heard voices coming up their way.

“Why do you want to decorate this house?! No one lives here.”

“Because every time I take a walk here, I always see this house and it looks so sad and depressing.It’d be nice to give it some Christmas cheer.”

“Why?! No one sees it.This is the stupidest idea.Why can’t we just stay in and watch Christmas movies?! Why do we have to trudge out in the cold snow decorating some ugly house?”

“Because it’s a nice thing to do!”

“It’s stupid.”

“Just follow my lead!”

Enisa and Eddie turned their heads up.It was a little hard to see,since it was night and the only blare of light they saw was coming from flashlights,but when the lights got closer,they noticed that there was a teenage girl and a young boy,about one year older than Eddie.(Eddie was six) They were holding boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations.

“Fine.I’ll do it.” The boy said.

“That’s the spirit!” The girl squealed happily.

They began decorating their house.

Eddie stared at them in amazement.The lights they were using were so pretty and sparkly! He loved them!

Enisa smiled and held Eddie close.

“Looks like we don’t need to steal Christmas lights this year.We’ve already got people helping us out.” Enisa gushed happily.

Eddie just giggled happily.

TALE SIX-A very McLain Christmas 

Once upon a time,in a beautiful mansion covered in snow,a party was taking place.

A young woman named Jessica McLain was attending the party,an older woman named Olivia McLain and an older man named Alejandro McLain were also present and with a young man named Ash McLain who also bought his boyfriend,Henry,along.

A young woman named Ashley was at the party as well.There was a woman named Felicity,bringing her husband,Edward,along with their children Ivy,Bronte and Damien.A woman named Kaida was there too and a woman named Arachne was there as well.

Finally,there were two women named Victoria and Veronica,who had brought their kid,Delilah,along.

And who was hosting this large gathering?

A family of four.A woman named Poppy Verosica,her husband,Derek Verosica and her two kids,Carmen Verosica and who was twelve years old and Maria Verosica,who was eight years old.

But this wasn’t your average human family.

Olivia McLain,for example,was a siren.Her husband,Alejandro,was a human,but their children,Jessica (the oldest,who was a witch),Poppy (the middle child,who was a siren,like her mother) and their youngest son,Ash,who was a human.

Ash’s boyfriend,Henry,was a vampire.In fact,they had met when they were teens.Ash used to hunt down vampires for this woman named Chloe (he didn’t know it was Chloe at the time,she shape-shifted and disguised herself as this horribly-dressed man named Von or Van? He forgot the name.Whatever,he’d just call her other form Van Death.) until he met Henry,who was being weakened by these experiments and he had saved them.

Jessica was also being held captive,because of her physic witch powers and so he saved her,too,along with the help of Poppy,Derek and Ashley.

Speaking of which,Poppy,Derek and Ashley ran away from their homes when they were teens.Derek was Chloe’s ex-boyfriend,who used to hurt Chloe mentally and physically,so she cursed him (Yes,she’s a witch ex-girlfriend) to be a vampire.Which was what he deserved at the time,but he became a new person when he met Poppy.

Ashley’s real name isn’t Ashley,it’s Agnes.She was a witch who had gotten targeted by Chloe centuries ago (Literally,centuries ago) and was threatened to create a potion that would turn someone into a vampire.If she didn’t do it,her whole family would be murdered.Ashley listened to her to protect her family,but it didn’t matter,because they got killed anyway.

Kaida came to the party with layers of makeup that no human could possibly apply on themselves,not even models,to conceal her scales that covered her entire body,because she was a dragon-woman.A woman covered in dragon scales and who had the same abilities as a dragon.She was locked in a circus,along with Poppy,Derek,Carmen,Ashley,Arachne,Bronte,Damien,Delilah,Victoria and Veronica.

Arachne was in her human form,she’s actually half woman,half spider.Arachne saved Poppy,Derek,Ashley and some other supernatural kids (they were teens at the time) from being experimented on.Arachne’s name isn’t Arachne,she just calls herself that because it seems fitting,since there is a Greek myth about a woman named Arachne who got cursed to be a spider.


Bronte is twelve years old,like Damien,Ivy,Delilah and Carmen,but they were all four when they first met.Anyway,Bronte has extraordinary witch powers and she ran away from her family,who wouldn’t accept her.

That’s where Damien comes in.If one looked at Damien,they’d see a completely perfect looking boy,with long lashes and shining skin.

That’s because he’s a porcelain doll.He’s been cursed by a witch to be a doll and was taken from his family.He found Bronte and the two were the best of friends ever since.

Damien reunited with his family and brought Bronte to live with him,too.

His sister,Ivy,was cursed to be a snake girl.A girl with snake skin and snakelike powers.His Dad,Edward,got killed by the same witch who cursed him.

This witch cursed him and his family because she was at odds with his mother,Felicity,who was also a witch and spent years trying to reunite her family.She was left with Ivy,but now,she was with her entire family.

Yes,her entire family.She brought Edward back from the dead and now,he was her loving zombie husband and a caring father to Ivy,Damien and Bronte.Edward was in his human form at the moment.

Since Derek is a vampire and Poppy is a siren,their kids are half siren and half vampire.

Oohh…I almost forgot! Victoria,Veronica and Delilah!

Delilah was a young vampire girl who got adopted by the vampire sisters,Victoria and Veronica.She’s been living with them ever since.

Now,what this imperfectly perfect family doing together?

Why,they were getting together for Christmas and hanging out.

That was all anyone ever needed.

TALE SEVEN-Zombies and lights

Somewhere,in a house,there was a family and some friends hanging out together.

A young lady named Josette was there and she had brought her husband,Braden,along.

There was a purple-haired woman named Marie who was also there and a man named Terrance who had brought his teenage pink-haired daughter named Ava.

The family hosting the party?

A man and woman named Luisa and Charles,with their fifteen year old son,Oliver and their thirteen year old daughter,Lola.

But..this family wasn’t just some family getting together for the holidays.

Luisa,Josette and Braden hunted down zombies in their teenage years,together.

Luisa’s Mom,Luna,was a witch,so Luisa inherited her witch powers (her parents (yes,she has a Dad.A human Dad) couldn’t come to the gathering,because they were at another Christmas event.They’d come next time,though) from her Mom.

Marie was a witch,too and she had assisted them on their adventures when they were teens,helping them defeat their enemies.

Terrance and Ava weren’t alive.You see,Terrance was an angel and he got killed by his wife,Elena,who also killed Ava and turned her into a demon.With the help of Luisa and Josette (Braden wasn’t there at the time) they defeated Elena and reunited Ava with her father.

Luisa had met Charles,who was an ordinary guy,on an online dating app and long story short,they fell in love,got married and had Lola together.

Wait,didn’t I say Lola was younger than Oliver? You’re probably wondering,where did Oliver come from?

Well,Oliver was being held captive in a dark forest by a monster woman named Helena Blackrose.The forest kept him to be a certain age-eight.

But one day,Luisa and Lola were taking a walk in the park and Lola had run into the forest,defeated Helena and saved Oliver,who went on to live with them.

Now,they were having a relaxed party together.

“Who is up for some Christmas movies?” Luisa asked.

Everyone raised their hands in anticipation.

Luisa smiled and turned on the T.V. .

TALE EIGHT-Magical Christmas

At a far off circus,long forgotten and mistreated,were..

A clown and his porcelain clown girl daughter (She’s made out of porcelain and human flesh) were gazing at the night sky,at the stars and the snow gently falling on the ground.It would have been beautiful if they were alive to really enjoy it.

Yes,they were both dead.

The girl,Riley,had reluctantly followed her “friends” to an abandoned circus (This circus) in 2014 (it was 2021 now) and she was about to leave,second guessing her decision.One of them was so furious with her that the person threw her body against a rusty old carousel,which had crushed and killed her.

At least,that’s what everyone thought happened to her.

But the clown had found her and reanimated her back to life.The clown made her a porcelain/human girl.

The only downside was that Riley couldn’t leave the carnival.Ever.Why would she want to,when she looked like a “freak?”

At least Riley liked living with the clown,who had yet to tell her his name.

She knew that his daughter and his daughter’s boyfriend had killed him and trapped his soul in the carnival (something about him not liking her boyfriend and his daughter getting so mad that she started a cult and sacrificed him) and ever since then,his spirit was paralyzed.

That is,until Riley came into the picture.He came back to life and saved her.He even went so far as to call her his own daughter.

Riley wished he wouldn’t be so afraid to tell her more about his life,since they’ve been together for years,but he never went beyond the fact that his own daughter had murdered him.He didn’t seem to like talking about it,whenever Riley brought it up.

But Riley wouldn’t bother him about it for now.It was Christmas,after all.

“The stars.They’re beautiful,aren’t they?” He asked her.

“Yeah,they are..” Riley smiled.

“Yeah..Riley?” The clown asked,facing Riley.

“Yes?” Riley asked.

“You really want to know about my life,don’t you?” The clown asked.

Riley nodded.

“Alright…where do I start? Ah yes,my daughter.Her name was Davina.I..I had a wife,Clarissa,but we fell out of love.You know,things happen.People stop loving each other.She mostly had custody of Davina.You know,Moms always get custody of their children.That’s just how it is.Oh wow,I forgot to tell you my name! I’m so sorry about that.It’s..it’s rather cheesy,but it’s my name.Clyde.My name is Clyde.”

“Clyde the clown.” Riley said with a smile on her face.

“Yeah,well don’t say that,it’s annoying.” Clyde said with a smile on his face,which made Riley giggle.

“Seriously though,call me Dad,like you have always called me.I prefer it if you did that.”

“Okay.Can you please continue your story?”

“Yes,yes,I’ll continue.Teenagers…so impatient these days..anyway,Clarissa was left with Davina,for the most part.I’d get to see her,on weekends.When I did get to see her..we’d..we’d..I forgot exactly what we did,but I do remember that we’d go out and have fun together.I..I loved hanging out with her when I could.She was my daughter,after all.She’d never do anything wrong..”

“Until that boy came along.I’d thought maybe I was just being an overprotective Dad,but..Eric was something else..”

“Eric was his name?”

“Yes,Riley,that was his name.Eric.This Eric kid,he’d come over.Bring Davina upstairs,to her bedroom.They didn’t pay attention to me.Why,I’m just her Dad.My opinions didn’t matter.But..I..I did some nosy eavesdropping.Thought I’d hear them talk about going out to parties and stuff like that.They didn’t.I wish they did.”

“What did they talk about?”

“They talked about a cult.Something called “The free teens.” He said to her that they could run away together and live freely,not following any rules.That sounds all rosy,but it isn’t.If you were in the cult,you had the right to kill whoever you wanted.You’re giving me that look.The one that tells me you are going to ask more questions.Yes,I told the police about them.No one believed me.Who would? No,I don’t know who was the leader,but that’s beside the point.”

“I’ve tried things like taking away her phone privileges and getting her grounded.Didn’t work.I think it made her hate me more.I even tried talking to her about it.She just smiled at me.Davina was always calm when I talked to her about the cult.It unnerved me.I didn’t talk to Clarissa about it.I didn’t want to worry her.”

“That was a big mistake of mine.” He said softly.

“It was my birthday.Davina said she had a surprise for me.Said it was for being such a caring Dad.Said she was moody and that she really cared about me.Davina drove me somewhere.She drove me to this clearing.This clearing,which is now a carnival.I got out of the car and I was about to ask her why she brought me here..”

He didn’t say anything else.

“And?” Riley asked.

“And Eric stabbed me.Not in the heart,though.My arm.Davina grabbed me like she was trying to save me,but instead,she throws me against a carousel.The same one you died in,Riley.The carousel just…appeared.The carnival just…appeared.Everything just…appeared.I looked down at my hands..they were in gloves.Davina says to me:”You’re nothing but a clown..” then…darkness and then…I heard you die…and then,I saved you.”

“But the people say you died in 1947.This sounds too modern for that.”

“I didn’t die in 1947.I died in 1982.You got the date wrong.” He said.


“It’s alright.”

“Hey,want to go to the tent? Maybe the living will play Christmas music in their houses and then we can hear it from there.”

Her Dad smiled.

“Race you.” He grinned.

And they were off!

TALE NINE-Demons and angels

Once upon a time,somewhere far,far away,in a place you may know as the afterlife,there were two teens,arguing.

You might think that these teens used to be alive and that are simply people who have passed on,but that isn’t the case.

They were never alive.They were created as children from people who had already died.

Their names were Naomi and Jacob.Naomi was an angel and fourteen years old.Jacob was a demon and the same age as her.(Yes,they are twins.)

See,they were fighting over who got to put the star up on their Christmas tree this year.

Oh no,it’s not just any star.You can’t find this star anywhere in human Christmas stores.

No,this was an actual star that erupted from a supernova.

So now you can understand why they were fighting over who got to put the star on the tree.It’s rare that anyone gets a supernova star.

Just as Jacob and Naomi began to channel their inner godly ways and kill each other over some stupid argument,their parents walked in.

Their Moms weren’t happy with them,either.

Jacob was a demon because of their mother,Stella.She became a demon after she died.

Now,demons aren’t all that bad.If they still had redemption,like Stella,they could visit angels and have them as friends…or more than friends,for Stella’s case.

For her wife,Amanda,was an angel,also why Naomi was a demon.

Anyway,back to the story.

“Are you guys seriously fighting over some stupid star? It’s just a star,for God’s sake!”

These words came from Amanda,the angel.

“Just a star?! How is it just a star?! It’s the most beautiful star in the entire world and Naomi is stealing my chance to put it up! She’s always stealing my spotlight!” Jacob cried out pathetically.

“I’m not!”

“You are!”

“Am not!”

“Yes,you are!”

“Alright,stop fighting!” Stella yelled.

They didn’t listen,obviously.Why would they? Who cared about what parents had to say,when you were a smart and dashing teenager who had the whole world figured out?

“STOP FIGHTING OR I’LL FRY YOU ALIVE!”Stella boomed in a rather monstrous and demonic voice.She even startled Amanda.

“You wouldn’t really fry our children alive in the firey pits of Hell,would you?” Amanda asked nervously.

“Of course not.Not when they’re behaving.But…” Stella gave them both death stares that could have killed a vampire in two seconds.

“You know what? Let’s talk about something else.How about we put up the star together?” Stella suggested,wanting them to forget she ever said anything.She anger issues,that one.

They all smiled and nodded.

But then,Naomi remembered something Amanda said.



“Isn’t it illegal,especially for an angel like you,to say “For God’s sake”?”

Amanda gave her a wicked grin.

“What God doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” She said.

Suddenly,as if their Christmas couldn’t get any stranger,black smoke formed in front of them,showing a young blond woman with blue eyes,wearing black.

“Who on Earth are you?” They all asked.

“My name is Celeste.I’m the witch who is responsible for giving Luanne and God the potion to cure their parents.In other words,I played a part in cursing your enemy to be how she is.” Celeste said freely.

Luanne was God’s demon sister who was a threat to humans.Stella and Amanda had a long war with her before they could officially defeat her.Luanne told Stella once that a blond woman given them a potion to save their parents (Yes,God and Luanne had parents) from a deathly sickness.However,God had used the potion for himself.That’s how God became God.

Naturally,Luanne was at war with him and she ended up fighting humans,which caused Stella and Amanda to fight her,because she was turning her anger on humans.

But that’s for another story.

“Why are you telling us all of this?” They asked.

Celeste smiled-not in happy way.In a grim and serious way,if that makes sense.

“Because I’ve got to confess my sins.” She said.

“You don’t have any,because you didn’t know what they would use the potion for.You only wanted to help them.It’s not your fault.But more importantly,why are you intruding into our home?” Stella and Amanda asked.

“I heard that you ladies rule Heaven and Hell,besides God and Satan.”Celeste said.

“Yes,we do.” They said.

“So..you could reunite souls with each other,correct?” Celeste asked.

They nodded.

“I want to see my family again.I’ve been in the waiting room,because..I’m scared.But I’m not scared anymore.I have some misunderstandings with my family that I’d like to settle.I’m a witch and they weren’t.They thought I worked for the devil and I ran away from them when I was a child.Could you please..take me to wherever they might be?” Celeste asked.

Stella and Amanda did know who her family was and where they were and they could help her,but what about their kids? Would they want to spend time with them? It was Christmas,after all.People spent time with their families.

“Maybe we could join you! It’d be fun!” Jacob and Naomi said with an excited glint in their eyes.

Stella and Amanda smiled.

“I think we can do something for you.” They said to their kids and to Celeste.

So,the four of them were off to help someone be with their family!

TALE TEN-Evanna’s Christmas

In a year you may know now,2021,the year after the COVID-19 pandemic hit,an asteroid was heading towards Earth.

Well,not a dangerous asteroid.Just a mini asteroid,that would do very little damage.

Inside of that asteroid was a young woman named Evanna.

Evanna was a human,who had lived alone and had no one who would miss her.But one day,a space vampire from an unknown planet called “Smartsmerit” , recruited her to be in the space vampire army and to fight off galaxies.The space vampire was named “8905” and she was the leader of the space vampire military.8905 thought that Evanna was a human with power and had chosen her to be in her army.

Too bad 8905 only cared about conquering galaxies and nothing else.

Evanna was assigned to destroy her home planet,Earth,but she couldn’t do it.Not when there so many people who actually had lives worth living.

So as a punishment,8905 cursed Evanna to lose her physical form.

But Evanna gained it back and was now coming to Earth in an asteroid.It was Christmas time now and maybe…

Maybe Earth wasn’t so bad after all.Maybe,if she went back to her home planet,there could be people who’d love to meet her and be friends with her.

Evanna would just give it a try.

TALE ELEVEN-Antionette’s Christmas

Once upon a time,in a dark,abandoned house,there was a family.

Well,an undead family,that is.

There was a mother and a father,a little baby girl named Molly and her older sister,who was four years old,Antionette.

Anyway,they all got murdered by someone.They didn’t know who,it was years ago,but they all remembered how they died.Even the baby did.

But Antionette was separated from her family for years.She haunted their old house,all alone,looking for a family with a baby girl,so she could kill her and replace Molly with her.

Someone named Alice had a husband and a little baby girl named Ardienne,so when Antionette tried to kill her,Alice told her to stop and to find peace.

Whatever that meant.

She listened to her words and left Aridenne alone,but with it,she was all alone.

Until now.Her family had just reunited with her.After so many years,they finally came back!

Now,they could spend their Christmas together,as a family.

They could be whole.

“Now,who wants to decorate the tree?” Her Mom asked.

Antionette raised her hand high up into the sky.

TALE TWELVE-An alien Christmas

This year,in 2021,there was a family,watching Christmas movies together.

A Mom,A Dad and a teenage girl who was fourteen years old.

The Mom was known as “Alice” and she had gone on alien adventures before.

Meaning that she actually went to outer space in her teenage years with her two friends,Rebecca and Murete,and met her now husband,Bryon (alien name is A2614) on planet Smartsmerit.

Yes,he was in his human form now.

Their daughter,Aridenne,is half human and half alien.She was also in her human form.

But I think we can all agree that they wanted a good time on Christmas.

TALE THIRTEEN-Anastasia’s Christmas

Once upon a time,in a far off land,there was a Queen and a King,celebrating Christmas with their subjects.

Their names were Queen Anastasia and King Joseph.

The two had a rough ride together,they fought his mother,who was a witch,demons and a vengeful ghost,but they ended up safe and sound together,ready to celebrate Christmas.

Ah yes,a beautiful time indeed.

TALE FOURTEEN-Christmas at the beach

Once upon a time,at a beach town,there were two friends decorating a beach house for Christmas.

Their names were Lorelei and Finn. They were decorating Finn’s house.

Lorelei had hallucinated that she met a siren named Israfel in her teenage years and she was dating him.

Until she met her best friend, Finn. He set her straight.

She wasn’t lonely anymore.

But as she looked at the waves crashing gently on each other at the beach,she thought she saw a tail glistening in the waves.

Not just any tail.A siren tail.

Lorelei glanced at the spot where the tail came out,but just as quickly as she saw it,it disappeared.

Huh.Maybe it was her imagination..

TALE FIFTEEN-Clowns and holiday cheer!

Once upon a time,in a dark circus...

There were some individuals there enjoying it.

There was a teenage girl,her name was Philippa,with her girlfriend,Nova.There was also a young adult,Conrad,who was Philippa's older brother and a little girl named Lily,who was her sister.

There was also a young lady named Hayley and her girlfriend,Calypso,who was a fairy.(Yes,you heard me right.An actual fairy.)

Not only that there was a family there.A woman named Felicity and her husband,Ethan and their two kids,Angelita and Maybelline who were fourteen years old.

Now,everyone except Calypso was a clown angel.

What's a clown angel,you ask?

Well they were all cursed or killed by Violet,a clown demon to be clown demons like her so Violet could maintain her human form.

But they defeated her and had resulted as clown angels.Meaning that they were angels with clown elements,like a red nose,etc.

Sometimes they visited the circus in which they were trapped in.Since they were trapped there for so long,it's hard to stay in Heaven.

Now,all of them are getting ready for Christmas! A season of lights,joy and family...

Speaking of which-

"Mom? Dad?" Philippa asked.

She couldn't believe her eyes.

Her parents,visiting her.Her parents,seeing her.

You see,back when Conrad,Philippa and Lily were alive,they didn't really get along with their parents.Philippa the most.

But now...they came! To see them!

"We miss you...we..we want to see you.." They said,

Philippa,overcome with joy,ran over to hug them.So did her siblings.

The Christmas spirit just got better.

Yes,it did.

TALE SIXTEEN-Reuniting with your family,all together.

In a house,there was a fourteen year old girl named Natalie,quietly sitting in her room.

It was the Christmas season,but she didn’t feel very cheery.Why,you ask?

Her father wasn’t there.He died in a car accident when she was twelve years old.

Not only that,but a demon started speaking to her,possessing her and ruining her and she let it ruin her.Because it said it could be like a father to her.

Her friend,Anika,found out and helped her defeat the demon.

Now it was just her,her Mom and her friend,Anika.

No one else.

Natalie cried silently to herself.

“Shh…it’s okay…I’m here..” A voice said.

Her Dad.

But he was dead.

She gazed up at her…Dad..who looked like an angel…maybe he was…maybe it was a hallucination…maybe she was losing her mind..

At least she got to see him.

If this were a dream,she didn’t want it to end.

She gave a small smile to him.

He smiled back.

That was all she ever needed.

TALE SEVENTEEN-Reuniting with your kids again.

Deep in a dark shed,there was a woman named Giovanna.

Giovanna was a corrupted angel.What is a corrupted angel,you ask?

Someone who isn’t wanted in Heaven or Hell.

Yes,Giovanna was dead.She was killed by her husband,Dylan,because he didn’t like that she gave birth to children who weren’t human,even though they were both humans.

No,she gave birth to Halloween monsters.

So Dylan killed her.He shoved a piece of glass in her eye.

Then her oldest child had murdered her husband,for her!

But,now it was Christmas,she’d visit her darling children! Her children,who were now adults!

Her oldest child,Samantha,who was a clown monster,was fifteen when she last saw her and she loved her a lot,more than any of her other kids.Probably because she was the oldest.

Her second oldest child,Adelaide,who was a vampire,was thirteen when she last saw her.

Her third oldest child,Alastair,who was a werewolf,was twelve,her fourth oldest child,Aiden,who was an alien,was nine and her youngest child,David,who was a demon,was six years old.

Oh boy! She really wanted to see them after so many years!

Wouldn’t that be a fun reunion?

TALE EIGHTEEN-Eloise’s Christmas

Eloise Blake.

She was a demon,you know why?

Because she murdered children and turned them into clothes in her life.

She had a family.A mother,a father and four other sisters.Their names were Lyra,Emily,Ariana and Sarah.

It was Christmas and she was going to reunite with them.

Would it be perfect? Definitely not,but it was something.

She could see her family,even though they’d hate her.

She’d seen them,because she kind of missed them.She missed it when things were simple.

When she wasn’t a murderer..

TALE NINETEEN-Leona’s Christmas

Once upon a time,there was a young lady named Leona Fitzgerald.

A lady who was a ghost.

See,she was the adopted daughter of a woman named Eloise,who was a murderer.

Leona had taken after her.

Now that she was dead,she was going to see her parents again for Christmas.

Oh boy…wouldn’t they be surprised?

TALE TWENTY-A very Richardson Christmas

Once upon a time,in an abandoned circus,there “lived” fourteen ghosts.

I’ll introduce them in the order they died.

There’s Leona and Amelia,both six,both twins,who died when their house was burned up.

Then there is Isabella,wife of Lucas.

Lucas stabbed her to death.

He’s actually the one who burned up Leona and Amelia’s house.

He was also the owner of the circus they haunt.Isabella and William had helped him out.

Speaking of which,his son,William,who was thirteen years old,had witnessed his mother die.

Lucas ended up killing him,too.

Oh,but we’re not done yet.

For now we must introduce Gabriel and Denise.

Gabriel and Denise,both fourteen years old,were dating each other in life.

Gabriel is a friend of William and had performed as a clown in the circus.

During life,obviously.

So then,what had killed him?

Well..it was late at night and he was on a date with Denise,at the circus.They thought no else was there.Gabriel hadn’t had time to change out of his clown costume and as a result,when he found the bodies of Isabella and William,he couldn’t run as fast as Denise when they were running for their lives from Lucas.

Actually,when he had reached the gate of the circus,it was locked and could only be unlocked by the person on the other end.

Denise didn’t unlock the gate.Mind you,this is a very high gate on which someone can’t easily climb on and Gabriel was wearing a clown costume,soo..

..But why had she left him for dead?

She was one of those popular girls every boy had a crush on.

One of those shallow ones.

She never cared for him,she only dated him for a dare her friends gave her.

She thought of him as ugly and gross and better off dead.

Denise didn’t give a hoot and a holler when she walked away from him and Lucas had dragged him to a tent,to his doom.There,his lips were sewn shut and his insides turned into his outsides.

William and Gabriel are still friends to this very day and whenever Gabriel thinks about his death,William is there to comfort him.

Next,we have Samuel,a ten year old boy who didn’t like the circus very much,but only went because his little sister liked it.

I forgot to mention that Isabella killed Lucas.

Anyway,you’ve heard of Gabriel,right? Well,he was also known as “Bubblegum the clown.” Little is known about him,but most people (-William and his own family) don’t care about him.He’s been the target of countless bullying before and that didn’t change after his death.

Samuel didn’t know what he was doing and had joined in on the bullying,so no one would bully him,but that didn’t matter anyway,because Lucas killed him.

Next,we’ve got the Dereece family,who came to this town,Richardson,the place where all this happened.There is Serena and Edison Dereece,the mother and father of fourteen year old Madeleine and eleven year old Elaine Dereece.

Lucas had possessed Madeleine and made her kill her entire family.Then,he killed Madeleine.

The last we have are Avita and Cassie Charlotte.

Avita is thirteen years old and Cassie is eight years old.

Avita tried to stop Lucas after hearing about what he did from the other ghosts,but Lucas ended up killing Avita and Cassie.

Don’t worry,they all defeat him,in the end.

Now,it was Christmas!

Do you know what William was doing for his dear friend,Gabriel? Poor Gabriel,who is having it the hardest?

He’s throwing a surprise party for him,with the rest of the ghosts!

Isn’t that the best Christmas gift ever?

TALE TWENTY-ONE-What if Christmas was…at the playground?

At a dark playground,during the Christmas season,there were five individuals.

Five undead individuals,that is.

First there was a clown,whose name was still unknown to the kids.

Next,there was a little girl named Vicky,who had a dog sewn on her arm.Her very own dog,Mr.Woof,who still barked and played like he did before.

The clown did that to her.

Next,we’ve got a bloody boy named Samuel,who is Vicky’s friend.He also got killed by the clown.

There is a teenage girl named Vivian,Vicky’s older sister,who bullied her relentlessly.

She got her karma from the clown.

The last we have is Vivian’s boyfriend,Evan.You guessed it,the clown killed him!

But he wasn’t alone in his killings.

No,the main mastermind behind this would have to be his bride,Juliet.

They steer clear from Juliet and her clown. They celebrate Christmas in a decaying playground, with only each other to keep company.

TALE TWENTY-TWO-The Wilson family’s Christmas

Once upon a time,during Christmastime,there was a family celebrating the festivities of the holidays.

A teenage boy named Asher Wilson,his older adult sister,Rosalyn,his friends,Ryan, James,David and Lux,his girlfriend,Paige,his Aunt Eleanor and his Mom,Kelly.

Asher is a demon,who’s always been a Momma’s boy.It was his Mom who cheered him on as he ate his Dad when he was seven years old (His Dad was the one who cursed him,after all) and his Mom who didn’t get totally furious with him when he nearly burned an entire town a year later.

His older sister,Rosalyn,used to be a glitch,but he used his powers to make her human,to save her.

As for his Mom,Kelly..she was killed by his Dad…she was a ghost…but he brought her back as an angel..he saved her.

His Aunt Eleanor was on his Dad’s side before,but she ended up being on his side.He made her come back as a guardian demon (A demon who watches over bad people) because she died and he wanted her back.

His friends,Ryan and James were witches.

His other friends,David and Lux (Well,David was three.Lux was five.),weren’t human either.

David was a ghost and Lux was some sort of gray monster girl with an iron blindfold.

He met David and Lux when he was haunting David’s room at eight (or was it seven? He forgot) years old.Lux was also haunting his room.The three of them became friends.

Asher stuck with him after David’s stepmom killed David.

Paige was actually his victim when they were both children,but he decided not to kill her,so they became friends.They met again when they were teens.Asher had found out that Paige was a witch.

Now,they were all together,celebrating Christmas.

TALE TWENTY-THREE-Ghost house Christmas

Once upon a time,in a dark and abandoned house,there was a celebration.A celebration of Christmas.

The people celebrating...they weren’t alive.They were ghosts.

A bloody little girl in a purple dress named Samara,who was often very mischievous.

But she was a kind girl deep down.

There used to be a teenage boy who lived there,his name was Cain.One Halloween night he bought his boyfriend,Thomas over.

Thomas was awfully frightened by the experience of seeing ghosts.

The two of them lived somewhere else,no one alive lived in the house anymore.

However,Samara knew where they lived and she visited them.Secertly and without their knowledge,of course.

They were grown men and married to each other now!

I’m getting off track here.Samara also lived with her Mom,Myra and her Dad,Hector.

There was another family,too.A woman named Rosalie and her husband,Anderson.They had two children Samara loved to play with! Their names were Helen and John.

Last,there was a beautiful,bloody woman named Elaine Lawrence who always wore a purple dress and Elaine’s parents,Mr. and Mrs.Lawrence.

Even though Samara was spending Christmas with the ghosts,she still missed hanging out with Thomas and Cain and basically other living humans.

Maybe one day,she’d hang out with living humans again.

TALE TWENTY-FOUR-Circus of cheer

Once upon a time,in an abandoned circus,on Christmas Eve,there were ghosts there,celebrating the holiday season.

There was a ghostly little girl named Abigail,two teenage boys named Charles and Andrew,who were clowns (They were also in a relationship),bleeding twin trapeze dancers named Elaine,Miles,a ringmaster woman named Teresa,a magician named Malcolm and a prima ballerina named Qetsiyah.

They were all ghosts,yes.They all experienced horrible deaths,yes.

But they were all together now and happily celebrating Christmas.

TALE TWENTY-FIVE-Loraine’s meaningful time of cheer

Once upon a time,in a house,far,far away,there were people celebrating Christmas.

Most people but two weren’t even alive.

There was a fourteen year old girl named Loraine who lived there.Her living friend,Heather,who was the same age as her,was there.

Then,there was also a little ghostly and gaunt girl named Mallory,who was the cutest and sweetest thing ever.She possessed a porcelain clown doll with black hair and a red dress,a doll she loved in life and a doll her father made for her.

Then,Mallory’s father,whom Loraine was scared of when she first met him at five years old,but were now good friends,Alexander.

Why was she first scared of him?

Because he was a clown and Loraine had a fear of clowns.

Next,there were Alexander’s two ghostly friends,Lydia and Michael.They were so cool and fun!

Last,there was a mysterious demon woman,who lived in the basement.Loraine rarely ever spoke to her.Alexander told her that she was his ex-wife,but never her name or her history.

Loraine wanted to know more.

Maybe he’d tell her today,since it was Christmas.


It was 11:00 A.M. and Loraine had thought of asking Alexander about his past.

She decided to do it..

…oh look! He was coming to her bedroom to check on her! She’d ask him now.


(She called him Dad,because she saw him as her father)

“Yes,sweetie?” He asked,pulling up a chair to talk to her.

“Who is that woman in the basement? And don’t tell me she’s your ex-wife,she’s obviously more than that.Why do you hate her so much? What did she do?”

Alexander didn’t say anything.She was afraid he was going to leave and never talk about it again.

But,he sighed and said:

“I guess it’s about time I tell you more about my past.”

“This is the story of my life and how it ended.The short version.” Alexander said.

Loraine curled her legs closer to her chest,prepared to hear a story.

“That woman is my ex-wife.Her name is Maisie.This all starts in 1987.With me and Maisie.”

“It was our wedding.We were so in love,the two of us.So young too.We were in our twenties.I realize now that we should have been more rational before we had gotten married.But we weren’t.The only thing that mattered was that we loved each other.”

“Please don’t ask me how old I am now.That information is highly classified and only known to Lydia and Michael.I knew you were going to ask.” Alexander said,glaring at Loraine,as if he could read her mind.

Loraine gestured for him to continue the story.

“Well,for the most part,life was pretty boring and nice.We were happily married and we loved each other! You know, I had two jobs.One for work and one for fun.But like,I only consider the first thing as a job,because I enjoyed the second thing a lot.”

“What was your first job? I feel like clown is the second one because your ghost is a clown and you said it was fun.” Loraine said.

“Yes,being a clown was my second job.My first job was working at an office.Yeah,I know.You teenagers cringe at the very idea of sitting still in an office all day.Believe me,I would have died if working in an office was my only job.It was boring and..terrible.Just terrible.I’m not going to lie to you about that.”

“But back to my story.As we got older,we wanted a kid.You know,settle down,have a kid,that kind of stuff.So we went to make one.No giggling.I see your lips moving.Yes,I know,making babies,blah blah blah.Your parents had to do that to make you.”

“Now,time passed and we had a girl.Mallory.But..something was up with her.She was gaunt and she couldn’t keep down food very long.She coughed up blood,too.We didn’t know why she was like this,we tried to help her.”

“At least,I did when I could.Maisie couldn’t handle taking care of Mallory.I guess she was scared of what people would think of Mallory when they saw her and she was overprotective.Overprotective to a point where she locked Mallory in her own room,to protect her.”

“Yes,we’ve gotten into fights about Mallory.Yes,we divorced.No,I didn’t get custody of Mallory,she did.I thought I fought hard enough to keep her.I should have fought harder.“

“What did Mallory think about all of this?“

“Obviously,there was a time she loved us both,but I think she became afraid of Maisie because of the fact that Maisie would lock her in her room and tell her how scary the world was.“

“I wanted Mallory to live,but I also wanted her to be happy.She was,for the most part.I made a doll for her and put in the funhouse of the circud I worked in.I took her to see it one time,too.She loved it.I can still remember the smile on her little face..”

Alexander had gazed on thoughtfully,then noticed Loraine and continued on.

“Maisie didn’t want Mallory to see me.She thought I was a bad influence.Hey,maybe I was,but at least Mallory enjoyed her life around me.”

“One time,I got a call.About Mallory,from the hospital.I had just gotten back from the circus and..”

“…The call said that…”


“What?” Loraine asked.

“Might as well get it out.Maisie..I didn’t even know this…she..she..she..chased Mallory…with a gun..Mallory had seen some kids playing outside and wanted to play with them.When she went outside,the kids were making fun of her.One kid pushed her so hard,she started coughing up blood.Maisie saw it and got scared.She grabbed a gun and tried to shoot the kids,but missed.She then thought Mallory was one of the kids and she shot her.”

“She killed her.It was accidental,but she killed her.”

“After that call,I wasn’t myself anymore.I couldn’t think,I…the memory is blurry,it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to talk about this..”

“…I remember running outside and then..the sound of a truck…lights…then,darkness.I then woke up in my house and found that I couldn’t leave.”

“I didn’t know then that I died getting hit by a truck,but I learned that eventually.”

“So you lied to me all those years ago when I was little about dying in your carnival while performing?”

“Why? Why did you lie?”

“I had to.I didn’t want to frighten you.”

Silence.Awkward,dead,sickening silence.

“How did Maisie die?” Loraine finally asked,breaking the awful silence.

“It was on a dark night,on Christmas Eve.The year was 1998.Maisie came back to this house,for memories.I saw her and…please,don’t think of me differently.”

“I won’t.I promise,Dad.”

“I completely lost it.I choked her to death.Mallory was possessing the funhouse doll and was therefore far away,at my circus.She didn’t see it.When we reunited,that was the one thing I didn’t tell her about.I don’t ever want her to know.”

“I’m trying to work things out with Maisie,but she doesn’t want anything to do with me,which I guess I’m fine with.Mallory loves me.”

“Don’t tell Heather this.Ever.I know you wouldn’t tell Mallory,but if you told Heather,she’d open her big mouth and say it.”

“Alright.I won’t say anything about it.”

Loraine made that promise with Alexander.

As he was about to leave,Loraine called out:



“I still love you.Nothing will change that.”

“Even if I killed my own ex-wife?”

“Yeah,even for that.I know you’re a good person.”

“I don’t know if I’m good,but thanks.Have a merry Christmas.”

“You too.”

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Sat Mar 05, 2022 10:44 pm
dissonance wrote a review...

hey there, i'll help this out of the green room.

so, it's not quite christmas anymore. also 25?? i don't think i have enough energy to actually review every single christmas tale here, so i'll just pick the last two. whatever happens there will probably carry into the other works anyway, since i've found out that not much can be written about when talking about christmas to be honest.

…oh look! He was coming to her bedroom to check on her! She’d ask him now.

well that's convenient! maybe a little too convenient for me. there is no setting the scene, there is no introduction to the people, there's just that. it's not horribly done though because i assume that's what you were going for with it.

also i'm not quite sure of the relationship between the characters? i'm not sure if they were mentioned in the other tales, but it's kind of odd. she calls him dad, but i have no other information on who exactly he is. it's probably one of those "bad guy with bad past finds a child figure and he turns into another person" kind of tropes.

“Who is that woman in the basement? And don’t tell me she’s your ex-wife,she’s obviously more than that.Why do you hate her so much? What did she do?”


i might've misunderstood this, but ??? what. that's very questionable, alexander. if the girl here is old enough to understand what an ex-wife is and that maybe an ex-wife deserves to be stuck in a basement, maybe she can know about his weird basement stuff. well, actually, she's probably already aware of that because of this whole thing

“Please don’t ask me how old I am now.That information is highly classified and only known to Lydia and Michael.I knew you were going to ask.” Alexander said,glaring at Loraine,as if he could read her mind.

i'm not sure how i feel about his character now because WHAT?? if she is old enough to be calling him dad and learning about whatever this situation is, what does his age have to do with anything? it felt like an excuse to just bring up the fact he's either really really old and immortal, or that alexander is hiding a lot of big secret stuff.

“I don’t know if I’m good,but thanks.Have a merry Christmas.”

lackluster ending? we were just informed about a big plot change for whatever alexander has going on in his life, and then he just kinda asked "hey i murdered my wife, are you cool with that?" and no one reacts at all. it's almost humourous how this ending played out because he started feeling like a manipulative character in this spot.

it's a cute set-up for a christmas story, but i feel like it could use some more setting. the characters seem pretty cool, but i wasn't a fan of alexander. he could tone down the weird complex of "rich immortal man" that he has going on.

happy writing!
- tweezers

vampricone6783 says...

Hiii%u2026so like,yes,he%u2019s keeping secrets.A whole load of them.No,he%u2019s not immortal.He%u2019s dead.He%u2019s an angel.

He loved his daughter,Mallory,who is like five.Loraine is twelve.Loraine isn%u2019t his biological child,she and her family moved in the house.

His wife and him divorced,because their marriage wasn%u2019t working out,that kind of stuff.Anyway,his daughter,Mallory,had this sickness that made her weak and gaunt.The wife took the girl.He was alone.He wanted to help his daughter out,he wanted her to feel joy.

But his wife was overprotective of her and kept her locked in the house.Sometimes she went out,but she was bullied by other kids when she did.

He performed as a clown.Alexander had a circus.He made a funhouse doll for Mallory.

Mallory was outside one day and she was being bullied by other kids for the way she looked.Her Mom saw that and took out a gun,aiming for the kids bullying her (Yes,she issues.So does Alexander.).

But she accidentally shot Mallory.

Alexander heard about Mallory%u2019s death in a phone call.He was leaving the house to get to her in the hospital,but he died in a car crash.His ex-wife saw him die.He was paralyzed,but still alive.However,she announced him dead and buried him alive.

Mallory%u2019s soul was trapped in the circus,crying for her Dad.Alexander was locked in the house,trying to reunite with Mallory.

The ex-wife went back to the house.Alexander saw her and,this whole feeling of anger and revenge rushed through him.He blamed her for Mallory%u2019s death and tearing the family apart.He murdered her.

Now,her soul is in the basement of the house.

How did he and Loraine meet? Loraine was actually five when they met.

Alexander has a demon form,from his guilt,anger and sadness.

He LOVES Mallory,Loraine,his friends,Lyida and Michael and Loraine%u2019s friend,Heather.

He%u2019s been picked on most of his life.

He doesn%u2019t love his ex-wife.

He%u2019s trying to be a good Dad,he really is.

He%u2019s complicated.

You can read about Loraine and Alexander meeting from my story:%u201DThe clown and the little girl.%u201D

You can also read about them from the last Halloween tale in my story:%u201D31 horrific Halloween tales.%u201D

Thanks for asking! :)

vampricone6783 says...

Also,he%u2019s (Alexander) forty-five years old and embarrassed of it.He got scared that Loraine would ask,so he pointed it out.

He doesn%u2019t want to be called old.

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Mon Feb 28, 2022 1:26 am
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emilyrebecca wrote a review...


I am going to leave a review but as there are so many stories its gonna be a bit more general. I skimmed some and read others so here is my general advice.

Remember to put spaces after periods and commas as that's something I saw missing. Also regarding commas, you use them a lot. While this could obviously be a style choice, you might want to mix up your punctuation a bit. Something you did well was show background thoughts and information in parenthesis. While nothing is wrong with parenthesis you could also use quotes to show thoughts. Your writing is a bit blunt, which some might see as "showing not telling" but I think it fits in some places, so use your good judgment. Other than that I think your story ideas are interesting and well written for the most part and you should be proud.

Happy writing!!!

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