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"My Mind Was Fog; My Heart Became A Bomb"

by fortis

Confused, my mind a fog, and full of doubts,
diffused this smog, the heart to thus corrode,
and refuse-filled, to suffer bloodless droughts.
Unless defused, my heart would soon explode.
I couldn't think-- I heard only alarms--
and still the pathways of my lifeblood, dry.
A blaze is much too angry to disarm;
it's hard to reason why to even try.

You see my foggy thoughts, my heart of glass;
you crush my self-made jail; my dry spell breaks
and love comes flooding back. My only wish
has been fulfilled: that all these feelings pass.
No longer fog, my mind's a thousand lakes,
and not a bomb, my heart's a happy fish.


A/N: The poem is based on the title, which is the title of a Song by Hammock. Hence why the title is in quotes.

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