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the only thing between drowning and suffocating is the air

by chikara

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Wed Jul 28, 2021 8:37 pm
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AilahEvelynMae wrote a review...


This is fantastic. Thank you so very much for sharing.

I love how bold your first sentence is. That immediately got my attention. Actually, I totally adore every first line in each section. They are bold statements that touch deeply. Thank you so much for posting this and I hope to read more of your work very soon.

You are awesome 😎

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Sun Jul 25, 2021 1:16 am
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eilisBK wrote a review...

I must say, the title definitely caught my attention and I was not expecting this piece to be what it is. Now, that in no way is a bad thing. I really enjoyed what I read. Although there was very little context given you were still able to paint a very vivid picture. I couldn't help but imagine tatty converse shoes and old polaroid pictures.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit confused, but there is the very real possibility that that was what you were going for. There is a very end of the world-esque vibe to this piece, something I was not expecting from the title, but I still really enjoyed myself. Reading your piece was definitely a journey.

Really nice world, I look forward to reading your future works.

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