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A Homework Carol, Scene Three

by Vil


Int. Sitting Room - Rocking Chair - Late at Night

STRINGBEAN's fire has gone out, and she is now wrapped up in a giant pile of quilts and blankets. She's cold nonetheless, and extremely scared. The ghost of an EXTREMELY OLD WOMAN passes through the door and pokes the sobbing pile of quilts with her cane.

SINESTRA: (still poking) Get up.

STRINGBEAN: (crying) No!

SINESTRA: (annoyed) I will cane you.

STRINGBEAN: (scared, looks up) Uh oh... (Quickly stands) Wait... Sinestra? Sinestra! Yes! You like me!

Sinestra: (annoyed, rolls her eyes) We need to talk.

STRINGBEAN: (shoulders drop) Uh oh.

SINESTRA reaches out and somehow takes STRINGBEAN's hand despite being a ghost, and together they jump out a window.

SINESTRA: (flying) As you very well know, I can do anything and everything because I'm mean. As such, I can time travel. Tonight, I am not Sinestra, but the Ghost of Homework past, and we're going to London in the year 1883. Not that the year matters, really, you'll just know that I was 13 and have absolutly no idea how old I am nonetheless.

STRINGBEAN: (scared of flying, also confuzzled) In English, please?

SINESTRA: (rolls eyes) If that wasn't English, then I am known for killing dragons on weekends. Shut up and watch.

The pair land beside a window on a snowy morning at a school hidden in London with magic. YOUNG SINESTRA is messing with potions while her instructor, STELLARJAY, is apparently yelling at her.

STELLARJAY: (angrily) You weren't supposed to make a love potion, girl, you were supposed to make a poison to get rid of the spiders in the attic for homework!

YOUNG SINESTRA: Pfft, spiders are boring... I want to kill dragons! I don't care about spiders! Spiders are boring, unless you use them in potions, or they're big and--

STELLARJAY: You have an F in my class, Ms. Hopkins-Jones! An F! And yet you're a genius!

STRINGBEAN looks between YOUNG SINESTRA and SINESTRA. She sighs and taps SINESTRA's shoulder.

STRINGBEAN: (sadly) This isn't fair. You're Sinestra.

SINESTRA: (pats STRINGBEAN on the head) Do your homework or else.

There's a flash of light, and STRINGBEAN is back in her pile of blankets.


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Thu Dec 03, 2020 5:28 am
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spunkyspacekitty wrote a review...

HELLO! Spunky here! Again!

Glows: I see were this is going...anyway, this is awesome! I love the scene where StringBean said "In English please?" and even though this is really brief (because it's a script) you're able to include so much detail and description. It really is incredible.

Grows: Again with the nitpicks. You spelled "absolutly" incorrectly. It's supposed to be absolutely. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that the comma in,

"In English, please?"

is not needed. If I'm wrong, just ignore that.


Vil says...

I need to read my drafts more closely XD

Thanks <3

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— Emily Dickinson