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A Homework Carol, Scene Four

by Vil


Int. Sitting Room - Blankie Blob Fort Thing - Late at Night

STRINGBEAN is still freezing, and she dares not sleep lest Sinestra return and cane her. She patiently awaits the next ghost, praying it doesn't come. Then--

MOMO: (appears in a flash of pink light) Hello!


MOMO: (apologetic) Oopsie! Sorry that I scared you, but the old lady said I was next, and that we're gonna go flying and see some people you know and some people you don't know and--

STRINGBEAN: (paled with fear) Please don't eat me.

MOMO: (happily) Okay! (takes Stringbean's hand and jumps out the window with her) And we're flying, flying, flying through the air... kinda like sky bison! Or flying lemur-monkeys!

STRINGBEAN: (confuzzled again) Okay? I think? Maybe?

The pair stop on the roof of a house and peer inside a skylight, where VIOLET and her FRIENDS are enjoying a study session.

VIOLET: (nervous) Uhh... He... went to... uh... Shakespeare went to... no, he didn't go to college. So... trick question?

FRIENDS: (happy) Correct!

MOMO: See, Stringbean? Studying is fun!

STRINGBEAN: But it was a guess! She wasn't really sure, see?

MOMO: (disappointed) Fine... one more stop. And then I'l light your fire for you again.


The duo go to a house on the other side of the city and peer inside. VILNIUS and SHADOW are quietly studying English together.

SHADOW: (nervous) Did I do this right? Grammarly keeps yelling at me...

VILNIUS: (reading) Looks okay to me! Grammarly is just stupid sometimes.

SHADOW: (smiling) Yeah, it is. At least you aren't Grammarly.

VILNIUS: I make the mistakes, too.

MOMO: (interrupting the scene by talking to Stringbean) See? Small groups work too and they can help build relationships. Study and do your work!

MOMO disappears and STRINGBEAN appears in her rocking chair. The fire is blazing once more, and she reaches for a quilt, bundles up, and goes to sleep.


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Thu Dec 03, 2020 5:35 am
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spunkyspacekitty wrote a review...

Howdy! Spunky here!

Glows: I like how STRINGBEAN shows that VIOLET wasn't sure about the answer, thus showing MOMO it wasn't the best example XD.

Grows: Nope, it's not another misspelled word! It's this sentence that I have a problem with:

"The duo go to a house on the other side of the city and peer inside."

Technically, it is correct, but it just doesn't sound right. I don't know why. But I think,

"The duo went to a house..."

sounds better.

No more reviews tonight LOL! I'll do the rest tomorrow!

Vil says...

Thanks, Spunky!

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