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E - Everyone

A Homework Carol, Scene Five

by Vil


Int. Sitting Room - The Rocking Chair - Almost Midnight

The fire goes out as HARRY slithers through the cracks of STRINGBEAN's window. Hooded and cloaked, he is dressed all in black. His bony hands are fearsome to behold. STRINGBEAN feels the chill and slowly starts to wake.

STRINGBEAN: (drowsily) Momo, turn the fire back on...

HARRY taps her shoulder and she springs awake, jumping out of her chair and landing face first on the floor.

STRINGBEAN: (scared, hurt, breath very fog-like) Uh oh...

HARRY holds out his hand to help her up and then moves towards the window. Instead of jumping, however... he shoves her through the window. Stringbean falls to the ground and all goes dark. When she awakens, she can hear people talking about her.

VILNIUS: (sadly) Did you hear about Beany?

SHADOW: (sadly) Yeah, she failed her course because she wouldn't do her homework... got kicked out of college over it, had to sell everything just so she could find a place to live. My family won't let me go see her right now.

VILNIUS: (depressed) I can't go over there either... Chemistry work. See you tonight for our study session?

SHADOW and VILNIUS hug and part ways as STRINGBEAN quietly tries to follow VILNIUS. He is on his way to the library. EUPHORIA has already arrived, messing with her keys as she tries to unlock the door.

EUPHORIA: (sadly) Are you okay, Mr. Pelican?

VILNIUS sighs and shrugs, not saying anything. After the door is finally unlocked, STRINGBEAN runs up to tap VILNIUS on the shoulder-- but her hand goes right through him.

STRINGBEAN: No... no, no, no, no, no... (panicking) NOOOOOOOOO! VP! NO!

STRINGBEAN collapses to the floor, and all goes dark again.


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