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why am i the moon

by TypoWithoutCoffee

the long summer rays have drifted away
and i am left here to feel their warmth slowly fade
did i make them miss my touch
a little bit too much
did they simply not want to stay
i close my eyes and sigh as they stray
aqua rolls down onto my neck
i never said that i wouldn't cry
when i said goodbye to your sunshine
i was in denial for all this time
and i never said goodbye
dear sunshine

i miss your soft winds and it took me too long to realize
the way they held me up was all that kept me from falling
i can still feel the ghosts of them breathing
you are good enough
i hope you still lift others up
tell me is your wind still blowing
in the four corners of this earth
i cant go on not knowing
do you have any idea how it hurts

ive replaced you with a wishing well
i keep looking into its depths
i could dive in oh
how i wish i was well
but i can tell you im okay for now
i replaced you with a wishing well
i tossed my heart into its depths
i tried to hide it from your sunlight
buried in eternal night
i cant hide in my wishing well
no matter how hard i try
i keep getting stabbed
when i least expect it
by shafts of beloved sunlight
how can i wish to be well
when i cant throw a coin

i think ive been wishing myself hell
and my hearts burning is case and point
i tried drowning in this wishing well
but i kept coming up alive
i hold my breath in this wretched well
but i dont know what im waiting on

will i emerge from the well
to someone elses sunlight
or will i become the moon
paler still; in comparison to you
i think i may become the moon

we already look alike
pale and with a million scars
we both cant face the sun
out of fear or out of habit
we probably have both hurt somone
that we wish we hadnt

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Mon Jan 24, 2022 7:13 pm
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Maxwellisunwell wrote a review...


I loved your poem! The shape formed by the stanzas is really cool, and makes the words flow that much better. I also want to applaud you on your rhyming in the first stanza especially. I think that my favorite part of the poem is right before the first break; where you wrote

"i cant go on not knowing
do you have any idea how it hurts"

I've always been drawn to the moon, even though I'm a sun sign, and I like how you alude to the moon being more in the backgrownd- it'd not a star, and it's not nearly as bright, but it's still important and deserving to be recognized.

Good job : )

thank you

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Sat Jan 22, 2022 6:39 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Oooh..I loved reading this poem.It’s very romantic and sad.This person feels lost and alone…like they can’t be someone else’s light,no matter how hard they try.They can never be someone else’s sunshine.They’ll always be the moon,because of their feelings.It’s like..overwhelming loneliness.Loneliness that’s everywhere.I enjoyed this poem.I hope you have a lovely and wonderful day and night.

thank you <3

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