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E - Everyone


by Stellarjay


she is fluffy and adorable

her clear brown eyes

staring back at you

She is small and brown

with hints of red in her coat

and in her floppy ears

That energetic puppy

biting at your hand

chasing her toys

and making a mess

She is so cuddly and warm

she never barks 

or goes to the bathroom inside

This is Maggie_Doodle

The best puppy in the world.

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Fri Oct 25, 2019 3:39 pm
Stellarjay says...

Thank you guys for all the awesome comments!

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Fri Oct 25, 2019 5:12 am
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dahlia58 wrote a review...

I can practically see Maggie_Doodle running about in front of me. She sounds just adorable, but it would be tough work cleaning up after her mess, wouldn't it? Still, I can believe it when you say she's the best puppy in the world.

This poem doesn't seem to conform to a firm structure. It's free verse, correct? I felt as if I were reading a well organized text message rather than a regular poem, which is a compliment. This work gets its message straight across: Maggie_Doodle's the greatest.

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Thu Oct 24, 2019 12:28 pm
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MiniGem26 wrote a review...

Gem climbing out of her Jewelrybox for another review, on this cute piece!

Maggie Doodle sounds like a super cute puppy. Very good use of imagery! Keep writing such cute poetry and you'll be on a roll. Like Lily said trying different styles of poetry won't hurt! But I really like the style you have it's very creative. Most of all writing what you have strong feelings about it helps with the imagery. It’s altogether a great poem! I can really envision your grand mothers puppy.

And with tht gem climbs back into her Jewelrybox until next time.

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Wed Oct 23, 2019 12:41 am
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LilyPhelen says...

That sounds like an absolutely adorable puppy. Very good use of sensory language! keep writing poetry. I'd try different styles as well! it's always good to get creative. keep writing about what you love!

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Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:03 am
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BookDragon says...

It’s altogether a really good poem! I can really see your puppy in my mind.

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