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16+ Language Violence

Hybrids: Chapter 10

by SkyVibes

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language and violence.

Yagi woke up on the floor with Victor shaking him. “Yashagami!”

Yagi groaned and put a hand to his head. His blue eyes met the panicked brown ones in front of him as Victor sat unsure of what to do. Yagi tried to sit up but Victor had him stay lying on the ground where he was. “You fell again. Just relax, okay? Just take your time. There’s no rush.”

“I want to sit.” He mumbled. Victor nodded and helped him sit up and lean against a wall for support. The last thing Yagi wanted was a demon to help him but he knew deep down-demon or not- he needed help from someone and right now that someone was Victor.

“Let me go!” Sako’s voice yelled. Yagi looked in his direction and found him on the ground trying to pull his unhurt arm free from a restraint on the bed. He looked at Yagi and growled as he tried to pull his arm free again. “Let me go!”

“Your arm.” Victor went on to explain to Yagi. “It’s still bleeding. Your head too. We haven’t trained together yet so Sako doesn’t know how to control himself. As soon as he heard you fall and looked at you, he switched again.” He walked over to Sakuro and shook his head as he knelt down, “You’re gonna dislocate something if you keep pulling that hard.”

Sako paid no attention to him and kept trying.

He wanted Yagi’s blood.

“He’s still there. He would have tried to attack me if he wasn’t.”

Yagi wiped the bloody strands of his blonde hair out of his face and then touched near the area of the wound. He immediately winced in pain and scolded himself for doing so.

Branson did his best to cover the open wound with gauze but it didn’t do much since Branson had no clue what he was doing. To Yagi, the other half-angel was probably making it worse.

Yagi called out Doctor’s name and he came in a few seconds later looking completely surprised since this wasn’t how he had left them a few minutes ago. He knelt down next to Yagi, “Are you okay?” He pulled away the gauze Branson had tried hard to put on and then frowned. “How did you…? Did you faint again?”

Yagi nodded, “Yeah but I’m fine. Sako needs help.”

Doctor handed Yagi fresh gauze to press against the wound and then stood up and went over to Sako. He put his hands out to try to get his attention. The only thing he got out of Sako’s attention was Sako trying to bite the hand closest to him. Doctor quickly pulled away as Sako stood up and tried to reach for him. “Let me go!” He ordered before going back to trying to pull his hand free. “Let me go!”

Doctor went over to a counter at the other end of the room and opened a cabinet. He pulled out a syringe and walked back over to Saruko. Sako’s eyes widened and he sank to the ground trying to stay as far away from Doctor as possible. He pulled on the restraint even harder to try to get free faster.

Doctor got closer and Sako started kicking to keep him away. “No! No! Stay away!”

Doctor stopped and stood straight, “Branson, cover up Yagi’s arm. Victor, I want you to get ready to catch him if he faints again. Sako is back now. If he were still in his demon phase he wouldn’t be scared of this.”

Sako breathed quickly and stayed sitting on the ground, still attempting to pull his hand free. He looked at the syringe in fear. Yagi was becoming more confused. This demon science wasn’t making much sense to him, but as long as he stayed away from Sako, he didn’t care what made sense. Someone could explain later.

“You’d think what you’re trying to give him is poison from how he’s acting.” Victor chuckled. He knelt down in front of Sako. “Would a lollipop help calm you down?”

“Saruko has a fear of needles.’ Doctor explained. He looked at Yagi seeing that Branson had finished bandaging Yagi’s arm. “Go ahead and release Sakuro.”

Victor did and Sako stayed sitting on the ground. He lowered his gaze to the ground, ashamed of himself. After a minute he whispered, “Can I see Yagi? I want to apologize.”

Hesitantly Doctor said yes and then Leader walked in. But he didn’t do anything. He just moved to a wall and stood there as he watched them. Yagi wondered why. Did he want to see if Sako attacked him?

Sako stood up and moved over to Yagi. Yagi flinched away at first but then stayed stiff for Sako to wrap his arms around him. Sako’s voice wavered, “I’m so sorry, Yagi. I don’t know what’s happening.”

Yagi wanted to hug him back but he didn’t and Sako let go as Doctor knelt down and started toward the gauze around Yagi’s head. Yagi looked at Sako, “It’s okay.”

Sako sat back on his legs with his eyes stuck on his own hands, not being able to look at Yagi. “No, Yagi. It’s not okay. I keep wanting your angel blood and I can’t stop myself from attacking my best friend. I don’t even know how I’m stopping myself right now.”

Yagi put a comforting hand on his friend’s even shoulder though he wanted to get away from him, “No, Sako. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. You just need to train.”

“Yagi…” Sako said with a pained voice. He shrugged Yagi off, “You need to leave. I’ll never forgive myself if I end up hurting you.”

“Yagi is right, Sako.” Victor said. Branson and Doctor nodded in agreement.

Leader helped Yagi to his feet and Sako sat there watching as he fought off the demon part of him that still craved his blood. Victor walked over and pulled Sako to his feet and helped him walk to his cot.

“Sakuro, do you want me to sedate you?” Doctor asked.

Sako nodded and within a minute he was completely out.

They all went outside and Doctor sighed as he removed his glassed and then ran a hand through his dark hair, “I can’t allow anyone but Victor to see Sako anymore. Until Sako can control himself, it’s too dangerous.”

“Wait, what about Ryan?” Victor suggested. “If two demons help Sako, then the progress will go much faster. Especially with Ryan.”

“Good idea. Go get Ryan real quick.” Leader said.

Victor ran off and returned a few minutes back with a person shorter than him with a black hoodie covering their features. Yagi frowned, another demon to work with, he thought. Was Ryan another boy or was Ryan a girl? Did Ryan want Yagi’s blood too?

Ryan lowered the hoodie and Yagi felt his heart flutter. He tried not to stare but it was difficult.

“What’s wrong with him?” Ryan asked. Her vivid blue eyes looked right at Yagi’s own. She crossed her arms and scowled. “You thought I was a boy, didn’t you? You thought the name Ryan belongs to a boy didn’t you?”

“No! Of course not!” Yagi said quickly as he shook his head.

She scoffed and looked at Doctor as she tossed her brown straight hair to the side, “So where is he? This guy named Sicko?”

“His name is Sakuro.” Yagi growled. “He goes by Sako. Not Sicko.”

She rolled her eyes. “Gee sorry. I didn’t mean to offend your boyfriend. No need to get all mad about it.” She said sarcastically.

Yagi couldn’t think of a comeback other than, “He is not my boyfriend. He’s my best friend, idiot.”

She rolled her eyes again. If she weren’t so irritating, Yagi would have fallen in love with her. She had the prettiest eyes he had ever seen and even though she was short at about five foot four or three inches, she was beautiful. He hated how his heart beat faster because of her just standing there.

She moved her glossy brown hair away from her shoulders, “So are we all gonna gawk at me or are we gonna help the half demon?”

“He’s asleep right now. I want to talk to you and Victor and introduce you to the rest of your section.”

Branson smiled, “Awesome!” He nudged Yagi, “I didn’t know we’re in the same section, Yashagami!”

“‘Yashagami’?” Ryan asked. She smiled a little, “That’s a mouthful. Don’t you go by something else like your friend?”

He glared at her, “Not that you’re gonna address me by.”

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Sun May 28, 2023 8:04 pm
vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Ryan seems a bit testy, but she probably has her reasons. I wonder if Ryan will love Yagi the same way he feels about her. I’ll have to see. I hope that Ryan can help Sako control himself. Maybe they’ll escape together. I enjoyed this chapter and I will be sure to check for more chapters.

I hope that you will have a very beautiful and amazing day and night. Goodbye for now.

SkyVibes says...

Yes that's what I was going for for Ryan!
Unfortunately my chapters won't be published too quickly because my life is super busy. But please yes keep an eye out for more chapters!


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Sun May 28, 2023 12:41 pm
MerleBlackbird wrote a review...

Once AGAIN, this chapter feels like a massive improvement over the last. You're seriously getting better and better at slowing down and really getting into the description and images. It's lines like these: "Yagi wiped the bloody blonde strands of hair out of his face" and "He wrapped his arms around himself and pulled his legs close" that really paint a picture in the readers head!! Short little sentences or phrases that communicate a huge amount of missing information!! Now that's what I'M TALKING ABOUT!! :-) Of course, the story is also getting gradually more intense, so maybe that helps to motivate slowing down and putting everything into each part. I love it!

Okay, here's another awesome description phrase thingy that I'm actually super curious about: "His blue eyes met the panicked brown ones in front of him." Simple, effective, Perfecto. But I KNOW this phrase! So my (heh heh heh) question that I'm dying to know the answer to: It's technically a clever little line that anyone could think of and use and adapt to any situation in which characters have EYES, but did you happen to learn it from Kaia? I feel like I might have just discovered the cutest little author learning chain (but maybe I'm wrong!) so please let me know hehehehe

SkyVibes says...

Thank you for reading!
I'm glad it doesn't seem to rushed and the descriptions are getting better!

Yes I do know her. I get a lot of inspo and tips from her and try to keep the descriptions up with help from her. Whenever I feel a description is dull or I can't build my characters I usually read something by Kaia and get a new idea for a description!


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