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by Rose

Outside is a cold lovely evening. The sun is nowhere to be seen anymore and the darkness took over. Owls with big eyes on trees, dogs sleeping, plants all calm and sweet, the wind that sings a nice melody. Beautiful and quiet as everything should be.

But inside...

A hand rummaging all the way through the kitchen cupboard. The crackling of the chips, the popping of the popcorn in the microwave and the hissing sound of the soft drink that is being opened.

"Don't start the movie without me!"

We are all sitting on the sofa, hands that go in and out the big bowls filled with tasty chips that we bought this afternoon from the supermarket and the popcorn that we found somewhere in the back of the kitchen cupboard. Eyes that follow every single movement on the TV.


"The good guy is the bad guy?"

Ever since the covid pandemic sneaked into our world, Netflix became a hit. And when I say a "hit", I mean a hundred thousand times that.

How on earth did that happen?

It all began with two persons. One was a CEO and the other one the VP, they worked for the same company.

Netflix was founded in 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. The idea for the company began to take shape after Hastings rented Apolo 13 from Blockbuster, the video rental powerhouse at the time.

After returning the rented movie a few days late, he had to pay a $40 fine.

Which got him thinking... Could there be a better model of buying and renting movies?

Yes, yes, I'm not planning to give history lessons. Which "can" be really exciting, but no, let's move on to the fascinating part.

There are many movies, many series and many documentaries on Netflix. Just search up a topic and you've got a whole list of things to watch. Where's the point of going to the cinema if you can see it all at home? People bought a bigger TV for this reason, or installed Netflix on their computer.

You can now eat your pizza while watching movies and also check your mails while the movie is on pause.

After a busy day at work or school, an episode of an interesting series can always be the remedy for over-tiredness. All you have to do is sit on the couch with a nice cup of coffee or maybe a big bottle of coca-cola and just press that "play" button.

Netflix became so popular that they even made a verb in Dutch for it and a "Netflix button" on your remote. How cool is that!

Netflix is making their own movies, documentaries and don't let me even start with their addictive series. When it's already 10 PM and you're supposed to be in bed because you have a special meeting or a exam tomorrow, you're still up with popcorn falling out of your mouth still recovering from the affect that the complicated twist had on you.

All the series are made to insert the only annoying question in your head that keeps you awake:

"What happens next?"

And we always want to know what happens next, don't we?

How does it feel when you watch something great on Netflix and all your worries float away?

Or when you are close to the dark truth being revealed?

What is it like to experience all that on your small TV?

How does it feel when you watched that last episode, hit that exit button and realize all the work is still waiting for you?

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Fri Apr 21, 2023 6:50 am
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PickledChrissy wrote a review...

Hello Rose!

Who doesn't love/hate Netflix, depending on the day and the mood? Your choice of topic is imaginative and attention-grabbing, as well as having a wide appeal.

I have a few critiques of your writing style and a couple of grammar mistakes to point out.

The piece begins in the present tense but soon after changes to the past tense. Even though technically there is a transition in your piece, making the change permissible, I found it jarring and it drew me out of the story. For a work of this nature, I recommend using the past tense throughout.

The sun is nowhere to be seen anymore and the darkness took over. Owls with big eyes on trees, dogs sleeping, plants all calm and sweet, the wind that sings a nice melody. Beautiful and quiet as everything should be.

The second sentence in this paragraph (first of the piece) is incomplete and the paragraph itself is a bit clunky. I'd recommend reworking it slightly. For example:

The sun was nowhere to be seen and darkness had taken overtaken the day. Owls with big eyes settled in the lower branches of the trees, dogs curled up on their mats, and the fragrant flower furled their blossoms against the approach of night. The wind sang a gentle melody through the rustling leaves.

Beautiful and quiet, as all should be.

I took a few creative liberties (please forgive), but you should rework the paragraph in your voice.

It is a beautiful, though short work. You have definite talent in crafting words to tell your story and a gift for choosing your topic well. I look forward to seeing more from you!

Christus Rex Est,

Pickled Chrissy

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Wed Apr 19, 2023 10:01 pm
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KaiaJersaga wrote a review...

Okay, this is just awesome. I'm not a Netflix fan. In fact, as far as I remember, I've never even watched Netflix. BUT, I've watched movies and in all honesty, a good amount of that time was wasted. So I relate. While people should be spending time getting work done, exercising, and doing other healthy activities, people spend hours in front of the TV. Or should I say, "wasting hours in front of the TV." Sure, there're plenty of advantages of Netflix, but as I also noticed, you point out that Netflix has a way of pushing everything else to the side. But, once the TV screen is shut off, all the responsibilities come back. Netflix is only temporary relief if you ask me.

Overall, well written! I enjoyed it immensely. The first part with the comparison of outside and inside got me instantly hooked. I also really liked that you included a little history to Netflix. Great job, fellow writer.

Happy writing (and staying off Netflix)


Rose says...

Hi there!

Appreciate the review, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I’ll marry the finest banana in the galaxy for you.
— Tuckster