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16+ Language Violence

The Forsaken Race - The Hidden Truth: Chapter 8

by RavenAkuma

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language and violence.

Chapter 8 - A Zyrean Field Guide



As the light coming through the window became notably brighter, Kita turned her head to look.

Last night, after returning from her talk with Corelia, she was able to get a little over an hour of sleep. It was just enough to refresh her mind a bit, so with hours to think quietly, she focused on remembering what she learned and what she wanted to do. Soon, the base of a plan had formed. The risks made her nervous, anxiety was making her second-guess everything, and she already felt like she was in over her head. However, going back now would render her stuck again, and she couldn't stomach the idea of another hellish night. That made her only more determined to press on.

After a while, Mao began to stir in the other bed, and Kita took that as her cue to get moving. She sat up and stretched.

Mao yawned, "Please tell me you slept well."

Kita gave a faint smirk and nodded. "Better."

"Great!" Mao remarked.

"I talked with her majesty, last night," said Kita. "She told me more about the symbol."

"Wow, really? I knew she'd be helpful! What is it?"

"I'll explain it in the carriage.”

Mao looked confused. "Carriage?"

“Yeah,” Kita replied. "I thought you and I would go back to Lion's Bridge, to explain everything to Yuna. Afterward, I'm going to head back."

Mao looked uneasy. "Are you sure that's a good idea, Kita? I don't know if you should be alone right now, and that much traveling will sap your energy."

"I'll be fine. Her majesty has me on the right track."

Mao still seemed uneasy, trying to think to herself as she finally got out of bed.

While her friend was occupied, Kita took a rolled-up piece of paper from under her pillow -the same page she had taken from Corelia's observatory, last night. She then got up and went behind a floral-patterned dressing screen in the corner of the room. There, she knelt down and unrolled the page, which exposed just what she had been hoping for. A map of Sybilius and some surrounding land. There were several notes and labels that she didn't understand.

With Stud also looking at the page, Kita traced a path from the marker for the Royal City, directly south to the prominent border.

Kita whispered under her breath, "The Blood Forest. That was the territory she mentioned. It may be tiny, but I wasn't expecting it to be directly south of the palace. No wonder they're able to cause so much trouble."

"Hello, Kita?" Mao spoke. "What's taking so long?"

"Nothing..." Kita silently rolled the map back up. "I was just trying to make my clothes look slightly less horrible."

"Hey, I picked out that dress!" Mao argued. "I wouldn't have let you waste money if it looked bad."

Kita rolled her eyes, hiding the map back in her boot. When she emerged from behind the dressing screen, Mao was waiting for her.

"We should get going," Kita remarked.

Mao crossed her arms. "I don't like this new secret-keeping strategy. It makes me think you're plotting something."

Kita shrugged her shoulders. "It's not a secret, if I plan to tell you. Come on."

While Mao started rambling about breakfast ideas, Kita went to the door. However, upon opening it, she almost tripped. A black cloth bag was in front of her, with some books and scrolls inside. A folded note was lying on top, with her name written on it.

Kita wasn’t surprised as she read the note.

'Here are the books you asked for. It's everything I can let you have, and there is no rush to return them. I'm sorry I won't be able to see you off, but I wish you the best of luck and hope you feel better soon.

- Corelia'

"Hey, what's this junk doing here?" Mao ranted.

"It's from her majesty," Kita replied. "I asked for some books."

Kita stuffed the note into her pocket, then picked up the bag and whistled for Stud to follow. Mao stayed next to her as they made their way through the halls, trying to move fast.

"Stud, you better not run away again," Kita said warily.

"No kidding," Mao muttered.

Naturally, the dog didn't respond. He just trotted alongside them.

Eventually, the small group reached the grand foyer, passing the thrones. At the opposite end of the violet rug, the large gates seemed less ominous than before. Once Kita left, the guards watching her like hawks, she began searching the street for a smaller carriage.

Mao sighed, "Am I going to have to find another-"

"Miss! Excuse me, miss!"

Kita froze up, confused as a male sylph ran over to her. His brown hair stuck out in several directions, and even though he was dressed poorly, he had a gold pendant and ring.

"Excuse me," he panted. "Are you Kita Rein?"

"Um, yes," Kita replied.

"Who's asking?" Mao interrogated.

When the man looked straight at them, he flinched. Kita already knew that he was baffled by her strange eyes, but she bit her tongue. Thankfully, he kept any remarks to himself, which wasn’t always the case in these situations.

“S-So…” He awkwardly cleared his throat. “A representative of her majesty hired me to give you a ride to Lion's Bridge. Does that sound right?"

"I guess so,” Kita replied.

Mao laughed, "She's always one step ahead of us."

The driver pointed behind him. "Hop in, and we'll be off."

Kita obeyed, following him to a black cart. Four reddish-brown armequus were hooked to it with several black straps. Kita hopped in and set the bag next to her, on the deep teal seat with lavender trim. Mao took the other seat, and Stud took the remaining space beside her.

There was a noticeable jerk as the armequus began hauling the cart.

"Not nearly as jerky as the first one," Mao remarked. "Anyway, now that we're here, you better start talking."

Kita took a deep breath. Even though she had done a lot of planning last night, it was still a lie she had in mind. A very big lie, and telling it to her loyal friend felt wrong.

Kita thought to herself, I can't tell her what I'm planning, nor where I really want to go. I have to tell her at least part of the truth, though. It'll make me feel a little better.

"Is it that troubling?" Asked Mao.

"N-No," Kita stammered. "Just surprising. We are not allowed to share this with anyone, though, okay? Her majesty literally called it a royal secret, and she said she'd never tell us if it weren't for the situation."

"Wow, it sounds important.”

"Mao, I mean it,” Kita argued. “Tell me you'll keep this between us."

"Okay, okay!” Mao exclaimed.

“Good…” Kita took a deep breath. “The symbol represents a tribe of demons. They do exist, and the shopkeeper was wrong; this tribe is only seven people now, but they're still alive."

Mao’s green eyes went wide. "Really?"

Kita nodded. "One type of them is particularly aggressive toward us, and they're led by what Queen Corelia herself described as 'one of the most feared and powerful beings in the Northern Territories.' Just my luck, for whatever reason, the same symbol that's been driving me insane happens to be the emblem of that exact tribe."

"Oh, dear gods," Mao murmured. "Why is this connected to you?"

"Believe me, I don't get it either, but it’s something. Because her majesty is so restrictive with the information, I'd feel better exploring this on my own, which is why I want you and Yuna to stay in Lion's Bridge while I go back."

Mao pouted. "I don't like the thought of leaving you alone. Not just because I'm worried about your condition, but because there are so many unknown factors and meanings here. You didn't even give me a timeline."

"You can visit after I've settled in," Kita replied. "Just give me enough time to figure out how long this'll take. It could be a few days, or it could be a month."

"A whole month?" Mao whined.

Kita sighed, "It was your idea to bring me here, so I'm making the most of it. Besides, I have the feeling that this is going to get worse before it gets better. I don’t want to drag you any further into this.”

"Hm..." Mao looked away, murmuring, "This doesn't feel right."

Kita started rifling through the bag. "I want to do some reading, so you can have some time to think about it.”

Thankfully, that got Mao to remain silent, and Kita breathed a quiet sigh of relief. She didn't want to argue with her for the whole ride.

As Kita pulled one book from the bag, she noticed a lot of wear around the cover. Likewise, the pages inside were yellow and withered from age.

Mao shuddered. "I won't complain, but those books smell like moths and mold."

"They sure don't look new," Kita murmured. "They almost look ancient. That makes them more interesting though, right?"

Mao's non-response revealed that she didn't agree. Kita ignored her and read the white cursive letters on the cover, still clear despite the rest of the book’s deterioration.

'Field Guide - Demonic Races Vol. 2 - Zyrean Demon'

Kita flipped through the pages, stopping at a chapter on their anatomy. She started to read it in her head.

'Through my study, I have been able to collect one thing that I have been trying to get for a while now. Finding the salvageable corpse of a Zyrean was hard, but I did it. The following account is what I’ve found in my dissection.'

Kita shuddered at the mere thought.

She kept reading, 'Like most demon species, no matter how built the creature is, their underlying flesh is spindly and stringy. It's almost like rotten meat, and just like their blood, it's all black. Their bones are thicker and more plentiful than ours, and they're extremely difficult to break. Strangely, they have no real internal organs, yet they can supposedly eat without a stomach, breathe without lungs, and so forth. I've yet to determine how that's possible.'

Kita lowered the book, rubbing her temple.

"Is it hard to read?" Asked Mao.

"Yes, but not for the reason you're thinking of," Kita muttered.

The book continued, 'This anatomy does explain why they can take shots to the body better than mortals, and their primary weak point is the spine. However, cutting deep enough to cause damage is difficult, and much like us, they are very well aware of their weaknesses.'

Kita gulped nervously and flipped the page.

'Fighting demons is not easy because of this unnatural structure, but if you are burdened with this task, don't think your primal swords will do the trick. You need the finest metals our world has to offer, or an enchanted blade. Even a simple enchantment will do, otherwise your basic steel will bend and bow.'

Again, Kita was annoyed, realizing that she had no chance of obtaining such a weapon.

She took a while to keep reading through the book, Mao sometimes interrupting to check in with her. Most of the content didn't seem helpful; it just told her more about anatomy, magic, and common fighting styles. It touched a bit on their culture, but not much.

Trying another record, Kita pulled out a scroll secured by a white ribbon. The paper’s exterior was labeled in dark violet ink, and as she unraveled the long document, she was surprised to see some more specific information.

Mao tilted her head to read. "'The Seven Survivors.' You said there were seven people left, right?"

Kita nodded. "That’s the subject here. It looks like there are some more details on the two Corelia mentioned. Thundur, the spirit-walker, is deceptive and mainly uses aura magic. Leiytning, the leader, is an electric elemental, but he's even more dangerous with a blade."

"Anyone is more dangerous with a blade," Mao remarked.

Kita laughed a bit, "Fair enough. By the way, I think there was a mistranslation somewhere..." She turned the page around. "I'm sure it's pronounced 'lightning and thunder,' but look at how their names are spelled."

As soon as she spotted the names, Mao laughed, "That's so strange! It must be a clash of alphabets, like in some of the elven stories."

Kita scanned the page again. "As for the other five, I can only see information on what's referred to as a 'beta.' He's extremely aggressive, one of the strongest warriors, and-"

Suddenly, the driver shouted, "We're here!"

Kita was confused, but as she glanced out the window, she was shocked to see that the sun was high above them. It had to be a little while after noon.

Through the small windows, the two girls saw the carriage coming to a stop in the town square of Lion's Bridge. Kita grabbed the bag of books and stepped outside, inhaling the familiar air of local pastries and orange flowers. Stud dashed outside as soon as the door was open, eagerly staring down the road to Kita’s house.

The driver got off his seat and approached. "Everything was paid for in advance, so you're good to go."

Checking that Mao was distracted, Kita replied, "Would you mind waiting for a moment? I'd like to go back with you."

The man looked shocked. "I spent the whole morning driving you here, and you want to go back?"

"Not to the city, but in that area," Kita explained. "It's complicated, I just needed to drop off Mao and my dog, talk to my other friend, and pick up a few things. I'll pay you, of course."

"I guess I'm going back, either way," the man muttered. "Fine, but make it quick."

"I will," Kita replied. "I'll be right back."

The driver nodded, returning to his seat. Meanwhile, as Mao took off running, Kita rushed down the road with her. It felt strange to be so active in her village for once, but she refused to linger on the thought.

Though Kita intended to make it across the bridge, she realized that their target was waiting on a bench near her own house. Yuna had seemed lost in thought, but as soon as Mao raced by, she lurched up with shock. Likewise, as soon as Mao spotted her, she shifted course and spun to a halt in front of Yuna.

"Good, you're here!" Mao chimed.

Yuna crossed her arms, a look of silent interrogation on her face. "What the heck is going on, where have you been, and where is Kita?"

Kita waved to her. "I'm right here."

"Oh, good," Yuna remarked. "Now I need answers. I was looking for you yesterday, last night, and this morning! Mao's note barely explained anything, and Kita, your room was a wreck!”

"Her majesty had us stay overnight," Mao replied. "We got some answers, finally!"

"Her majesty? You went to the Aubade Palace?"

Kita nodded toward her house. "Can we discuss it inside?"

Mao and Yuna were quick to agree, so Kita led the way into her small house. In the living area, Mao jumped into one of the black chairs. Yuna took the other chair, while Kita took her preferred spot, directly in front of the fireplace. Even though there was no fire, it was a force of habit by now.

"Alright, go on," Yuna insisted.

Kita slowly began to explain the horrible sequence of events that led them to the city, skipping the more unsettling parts. When she reached the point of getting into the palace and meeting Corelia, the tension grew.

Kita continued, "Her majesty returned at night. I talked to her while Mao was asleep. I learned that the symbol represents another tribe, just like the shopkeepers told us. What we didn't know is that it's a tribe of demons."

Yuna suddenly froze, her teeth clenched. She looked like she had been stabbed.

Kita looked into the fireplace. "As her majesty said, she knew all about the symbol's meaning, but not how it pertains to me. She doesn't know where I would've seen it, either."

Yuna kept her eyes down. "Of all the creatures this had to involve, it's them?"

Kita furrowed her brow. "Are you implying that you knew demons existed before all this?"

Yuna remained silent for a moment, then sighed, "I wasn't allowed to talk about it. I didn't want to anyway. I only know because of what I saw when I was little. You…” She gained a dark look in her gray-blue eyes. “You remember what I told you about my family, right?"

The subject immediately hit Kita with a sense of shock, guilt, and empathy. Remembering Yuna's story wasn't easy; one of the reasons that she was so mature was that she was forced to take the role at a young age, after her parents had been brutally murdered.

Yuna explained, "It wasn't sylphs that did the crime. It was a group of demons that sneaked into Sybilius. The only reason why, as far as I ever learned, was that they just wanted to 'make an example for the rest of the mortals.'"

Kita felt something catch in her throat, blocking her response -if she had one.

"That should give you an idea. They exist, alright, and they're horrible people. I don't even know if they are people. They were savage, and sometimes, I still see them in my nightmares. Fangs, claws, hideous jagged swords, flames like they came straight from hell..."

"They don’t sound like people,” Mao murmured.

Yuna sighed, "Is that all this is? You had to know what the emblem represented?"

Kita shook her head. "This isn't over, but I'm on the right track. With her majesty's help, I'm going back to the city to learn more. Something about this conflict has to connect to me."

"It's a horrible idea, right?" Asked Mao. "We shouldn't be leaving her alone!"

"I told you, I can't let you join me," Kita argued. "I don't want to risk getting you in trouble if more sensitive information comes out. Honestly, I don't think I was supposed to tell you this much. Trust me, you should wait here, give me some time and space, then I'll come back on my own when I'm feeling better. I’ll have the queen to help too."

Mao opened her mouth to protest, but Yuna cut her off with one calm, simple statement.

"She's right."

"What?!" Mao cried. "How can you like that plan?"

"I'll admit, I feel like our support would be helpful. However, if Kita's in the care of Queen Corelia, I doubt we'll have to worry. Besides, now that we've gotten the point across, it could help to give her a little bit of space."

Mao looked sadder, then sighed and slumped into the chair. "I don't want to leave her while she's sick, and I don't want anything bad to happen while we're gone."

Kita tried to wear a reassuring smile. "It's alright, Mao. I'll return after this is over, and everything will go back to normal. This demonic nonsense can be laid to rest."

"I believe in you," Yuna remarked. "Just be careful, and write to us when you can. We really worry about you."

"You made that clear enough," Kita agreed. She glanced at the clock. "Sorry to say, I can't stay in this house all night. I better get going."

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Mon Feb 26, 2024 2:21 pm
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keeperofgaming wrote a review...

The eyes once again make me think she is a half demon. But let me finally use a template

Btw, minor comma error "It's not a secret, if I plan to tell you."
"It's not a secret if I plan to tell you."

General Impressions:
I like how Kita doesn't like lying but finds it necessary to her situation, showing both her good character and her desperation in solving it.
I really like the simple nature of her wanting to help herself and not hurt anyone, it creates a more believable thing and allows her character to expand.

As Dragonight said, it is quite clear how much Mao and Kita care about one another. I like how you centralize their friendship as the reason why Kita lied to her.
I find it more interesting how Kita gave enough information that they would understand the severity, but not enough that they would realize her plan.
Plus the shock of Yuna's backstory is interesting in that it shows that the demons aren't just a hidden obscure problem, but is actively a problem that is hidden.

This chapter creates a foreboding tone in allowing Kita to hide her motive as well as share the danger of the situation.
I love how Kita needs to do it, but simultaneously doesn't want to get anyone else hurt.

I absolutely love this and can't wait to read the next chapter.

RavenAkuma says...

Welcome back! Glad you're still enjoying, thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Tue Jan 16, 2024 3:08 am
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dragonight9 wrote a review...

Hi, can't wait to read more so let's get right into it.

As I'm going through:

I like the start a lot. It really shows the relationship between Kita and Mao clearly.
And I also liked how Mao thought the bag of books was trash at first. A good joke and very realistic.

I thought you did very well with explaining Kita lying to Mao. How she planned it and regretted what she was doing.

I feel like this line: "Because her majesty is so restrictive with the information, I'd feel better exploring this on my own, which is why I want you and Yuna to stay in Lion's Bridge while I go back."
Is right on the edge of being too long. It almost feels like a run on sentence.

I was very interested with your description of demon anatomy. Makes me think they somehow use magic to sustain themselves rather than food and air. Really cool and not something I see all that often.

I'm very intrigued by the name spelling you mentioned. I wonder what role that will play (if any).

I was expecting Yuna to be more shocked that they went to the palace. I guess they are all on closer terms than I thought.

Yuna agreeing was great in my eyes since it went against the demonic lies from just before Kita and Mao left for the capital. It also shows that she trusts that Kita can work it out on her own.

Overall thoughts:

This chapter looked more deeply into Kita's character and built up how difficult the journey ahead of her is going to be. You've really made the reader aware of Kita's desire not to let her friends be pulled into her problems or harmed for her sake.
This will make it all the better when she has her character growth and allows herself to trust and accept their help. Perhaps even ask them for it when the time comes.

Last thought:

I just wanted to mention that, in a lot of stories I've read, the books given to Kita by the queen are used once and then forgotten or lost. I wonder if you are going to use them again at some point.

This was great! Have a wonderful day/night.

RavenAkuma says...

Welcome back, glad you enjoyed it! Truth be told, the odd names have three roles: one, I thought it was a little more realistic as spelling often gets botched when you transfer a word from one alphabet to another (in this case "demon tongue" to "Northern"). Two, to more easily differentiate the character from the element. Three, it used to be "cool" to misspell words and make them names, but that was when I was a kid and I don't know if it held up XD

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read and review, much appreciated! :)

dragonight9 says...

I thought their names were cool. And I'm sure a younger audience would too. ;)

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Wed Jan 03, 2024 2:54 pm
Liminality wrote a review...

Hi Raven! Lim here with a short review.

General Impressions

Hmm this seems slightly ominous. Kita is weaving a web of half-truths. Being able to investigate alone might help her in some ways, but that’s provided she can survive being in demon territory. The information she has doesn’t seem super helpful either. The map has labels she can’t understand and the books say she needs weapons that Kita doesn’t have access to – plus it doesn’t seem like she’s had much recent training in either survival or combat. She might get into trouble with her plan.


I can sympathise with Kita wanting to do this on her own since it’s something that has been bothering her so personally. Besides, she seems to feel responsible for ‘controlling’ Mao whenever they’re together to avoid attracting unwanted attention, such as with the brown-haired sylph– so it would seem to her to be easier in a way to go alone

When the man looked straight at them, he flinched. "Ugh, weird eyes."

Somehow I find it a bit hard to believe that someone would just say that out loud? Flinching might be an indication of a person’s prejudice – it’s a reaction that cannot be controlled, after all, but I think most people wouldn’t just verbally comment something like “weird eyes” out of nowhere, even if they’re thinking it. It felt a bit out-of-context, if that makes sense. To contrast, someone like a cosmetics salesperson calling Kita's eyes 'weird' off-handedly while talking about eyeshadow would be a believable scene, in my opinion. (Or if they refused to serve her at the shop.)

Mao laughed, "She's always one step ahead of us."

Corelia’s actions here somehow make me think she knows about Kita taking the map. I’m thinking she hasn’t changed her mind about the danger of Kita going to investigate, but perhaps she thinks giving her more info will satisfy her for now?


I thought the contents of the book were fascinating.
Strangely, they have no real internal organs, yet they can supposedly eat without a stomach, breathe without lungs, and so forth. I've yet to determine how that's possible.'

The only thing I can guess for this is a magical or supernatural cause. This seems to be foreshadowing that Kita will need to fight a demon at some point, though at present she definitely seems unequipped for that.

Fangs, claws, hideous jagged swords, flames like they came straight from hell..."
"Doesn't sound like it," Mao muttered.

I was bit confused here– what does it not sound like?

Yuna’s reveal at the end felt like it made sense. We know that the demons attack innocent sylphs and it seems each member of their friend group has had some kind of problem with their home life. I was also glad that she agreed with Kita. Kita’s secret plan aside, it does seem like she would also need some space for real.


This chapter feels like the last we’ll see of Mao and Yuna for now – at least, if Kita’s plan is going to go the way she hopes. I definitely feel curious about what Kita will find in the Blood Forest. It’s probably not going to be a smooth or peaceful journey if she heads straight there.

Let me know if you’d like more feedback on something specific!

RavenAkuma says...

Yes, thank you for pointing that out! I can see how that remark about the eyes could be more subtle. Likewise, that remark was Mao responding to the sentence prior to Yuna's description, about whether they "even are people." Maybe if I switch the order of those sentences it'll make more sense lol.

I'm unsure if I've mentioned this, but this book has been floating around Wattpad and Booksie for years, and has gone through many, many rewrites trying to find a "final" form. So, while it's overall much better than it was already (far from perfect of course), the rewrites kind of left some spots seeming a little out of context. I think I got most of them, but some just slide under the radar, so these reviews really help me catch them.

...sheesh, that was a really long way of saying "beware the sentences that don't make sense, and please call them out as much as you want" XD

Thanks for taking the time to read and review, always appreciated! :)

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Sat Dec 09, 2023 4:32 pm
PKMichelle wrote a review...

Hello friend!
I saw your work in the Green Room and figured I’d check it out.

Per my interpretation, this was a wonderful addition to your novel! It picked up right where the last chapter left off and answered some of the questions we gained from it as well!

Kita has a map that's leading her to a place she can't tell anyone else, so she can find more answers. She's doing this secretly and behind her friend's back, so Mao doesn't worry, and Kita can actually accomplish what she wants to.

This was a great chapter and an amazing setup for the next one! It can go in literally any direction—maybe something bad happens—or maybe she finds the answers she's looking for.

If I could offer any sort of advice, it wouldn't be anything too extravagent! This was incredible and a joy to read! And I really didn't notice too much wrong.

But there was just this one small thing when you were talking about how long Kita would be gone.

You said,

Just give me enough time to figure out how long this'll take. It could be a few days, and it could be a month.

Saying it could take a few days and it could take a few months is kind of contradictory, and I think it would sound better if you used "or" instead. Like this:

Just give me enough time to figure out how long this'll take. It could be a few days, or it could be a month.

I just thought it made more sense like that, but, obviously, this is just a suggestion, and it's always up to the writer, so please take this criticism lightly and know that I mean nothing negative by it—only trying to provide a somewhat useful critique.

You did an absolutely phenomenal job with everything else!

If I had to pick my favorite part, it would have to be the way you showed the different character's emotions throughout the chapter without outwardly saying what they were feeling.

One example that I really liked was when Mao was trying to comprehend what Kita was saying to her without freaking out.

Mao still seemed uneasy, trying to think to herself as she paced in a small circle.

Not only did you say she was uneasy, you showed it as well, which is really cool and was interesting to read.

Another example I really liked was near the end, when Kita was telling Yuna about the demons and Yuna was reminiscing about what happened to her parents.

Yuna kept her eyes down, and her fists clenched.

It captures her emotions very well and shows how the pain of remembering what happened also changed her body and the way she moved.

These are just two of the ways you showed the character's emotions in really fascinating and cool ways, but it was done throughout the story, so kudos to you for making that happen!

Overall, this was outstanding! You're doing a wonderful job writing such a captivating story with an interesting plot and enticing conflict! This was a great chapter, as are all of the other ones I've read, and I'm excited to check out the next one!

Thank you for taking the time to write and post this, and I hope something I said was of some use to you or was uplifting in some way!

Goodbye for now! I hope you have a magnificent day (or night) wherever you are!

RavenAkuma says...

Thank you very much for your insight, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

"I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul."
— Pablo Neruda