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The Forsaken Race - The Hidden Truth: Chapter 24

by RavenAkuma

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language and violence.

Chapter 24 - Divine Answers



The time ticked past midnight, closer to the morning hours. Despite the expedition with Kita, escalating to a confrontation with the sylph queen herself, everything was calm and quiet now. Since everyone else was asleep, the word hadn't spread, so neither did the shock or irritation. Likewise, after being reassured by Leiytning upon their return, that there would be no trouble stemming from the confrontation, Kita was even able to relax enough to sleep.

Having recently woken up to a still-dark sky, Kita rubbed her tired eyes. She turned her head to see through the weathered glass that barely formed a window. The shack wasn't pretty, but the night sky was. The stars and moon cast the faintest of silver lights over the black veil of night, illuminating the few clouds to make them seem a bluish-purple color. The faint aroma of sand, saltwater, and damp stone seeped in through the cracks.

As Kita pulled up the pocket-watch from nearby, she was able to make out the time in the faint light. Three-forty in the morning.

"That's a couple of hours," Kita whispered. "I didn't even dream."

She glanced toward the sky once more, listening to the sound of waves swarming the shore outside. For a moment, as she became entranced by the rhythmic noises, she could have sworn her breaths and heartbeat synchronized with them. Her body became light like air, and any thoughts were gone. It was as if she had found the point of true tranquility. 

Just as fast, however, she pulled her senses back to her spot on the ground. That feeling may have been nice, but it was so foreign that it mildly intimidated her.

Her thoughts spoke for her, I feel so calm...

Kita set the watch down, then turned her head. Her vision blurred for a moment, but she couldn't tell if it was her drowsy eyes still adjusting, or a relic of her more sinister symptoms. Either way, it went away just as fast, and she only saw the empty room. Stud was sound asleep by her feet.

Kita stretched her fingers, letting realization sweep over her. Her eyelids felt heavy, and she could still feel the very familiar weight of exertion. However, it wasn't just the haunting visions and taunting shadows that were absent from this room. The plague of negative thoughts, the repetitive self-questioning, the nagging emotions of darkness that ate up her heart; once a constant battle, now she struggled to find a trace of them. 

Better yet, apart from the serene environment outside, she heard nothing. No harsh whispers, no frightening voices, no critical inner voice to bring her down.

Trying to make sense of it, Kita murmured, "I don't feel happy. But I don't feel bad either..." 

She sighed heavily, which prompted Stud to wake up. The small dog groggily crept onto her stomach, watching her deep contemplation. There were still bandages along his side, where he'd been scratched in the wood, flattening his wild fur in an almost comical way.

He yawned, "Can't sleep?"

"No, I only just woke up," Kita replied. 

Stud wagged his tail. "That's good. You don't seem excited, though."

"I'm not complaining..." Kita reached under the sheet of plant fibers. "Let's try a stronger test."

She pulled a piece of folded paper from under her sheet. Its surface was rough and crinkled, damaged from the other times she tried this.

Kita unfolded the paper, then held it straight out in front of her. She took in the mark on the page. A sketch of the Zyrean Emblem.

Watching the four fires around their centered star, she noticed the marks shifting and blurring slightly, as if she was seeing double. She kept staring until her eyes began to burn, and her head grew achy.

Kita set the paper down, rubbing her temples. "That hurts, but it's better than seeing something unreal."

She folded the paper back over, holding it with uncertainty.

"I don't get it," Kita murmured. "The demons haven't really done anything, nor are they much closer to an answer. Yet I'm somehow doing better."

"Why complain?" Stud remarked. "Maybe Mao was right, and you just needed enough time out of that old house."

Without thinking, Kita stroked his head. After a long moment passed, and her mind drifted across a plethora of subjects, she poised one question that lingered particularly strong in her forethought. 

"What do you think Mao and Yuna would say to me now?"

"What do you mean?" Asked Stud.

Kita watched the roof in thought. "Would they be happy that I'm feeling better? Would they be mad that I lied to them? Would they be worried that I'm in the care of demons? What about Corelia?"

"Probably all of that, and then some," Stud replied. "But right now, I'm sure they miss you a lot. Mao, Yuna, and Corelia."

"And if I left..." Kita hesitated. "How would the demons feel? Would they feel content, or would they feel angry? Would Leiytning finally lose that look of nothingness?"

Now, Stud looked confused, cocking his head.

"Would he care?" Kita mumbled. "When I finally give him the answer he wanted from me, would it make a difference?"

"The question should not be whether he would care or not, and honestly, he probably wouldn't. He's a demon; he doesn't have emotion, nor a heart to hold any. The question should be why you care."

"Well..." Kita whispered, "Maybe his approval wouldn't be so bad..."

As Kita asked that to herself, she was also confused. However, like a bullet, her perception of reality and her situation returned. The moment of contemplation was over. 

She sneered, "Who am I kidding? It wouldn't matter, he's still evil toward sylphs. The thought of anyone caring about me feels weird too. That's why I went about everything the way I did. Even if I do miss them, I'm glad I left Mao and Yuna behind; I'd rather them be oblivious or even annoyed with me, instead of fretful. That hasn't changed."

"Sure about that?" Stud muttered.

Kita flicked his nose. "Hush."

With that question on her mind, it didn't take long for her to think about what had happened earlier in the night either. Just another one of many things for her weary, damaged mind to contemplate.

"I still have to come up with an answer," Kita mumbled. "If I'm already getting better, would it be worth staying here any longer? My common sense would tell me no, yet I still feel hesitant to make a choice."







The only sound from the Hex Den was the grinding of a whetstone against electric-charged metal.

Outside the cave's exit, leading to the path that overlooked the volcano-shaped central area, the extremely lush forest below had not even a rustle to disturb the peace. The towering stone walls gave a sense of security. As they sloped toward the circular opening in the roof, the moon seemed stagnant through it, stuck but still shining. In the distance, the faintest echo of softly rippling water acted as a form of constant white noise. Though the rare visitor would always say it was uncomfortably cold and humid here, the demons never felt it, as if they were accustomed to these borderline-primal conditions. A particularly sobering thing for any of them to think about, knowing they once lived in an enviable kingdom.

Even demons had to sleep, but between vigilance and restlessnes -and a hidden fear of what may emerge from his own subconsciousness- Leiytning wasn't keen on the notion. So he always took the night shift, ensuring no vermin came from the deeper, less tame parts of this complex structure.

However, midway through sharpening his spear, his plans changed.

Someone suddenly shot into the Hex Den, triggering him to hurl his dagger in just a flash. As if expecting it, the intruder ducked.

Skidding to a stop by his spot in the corner of the room, the intruder turned out to be Thundur. She still wore a deep crimson wrap-style shirt and loose crimson shorts, ruffled from sleep. Her black and white hair was an untamed mess, and there was a wild look in her visible eye.

"You, come, now," Thundur suddenly spoke, yanking Leiytning to the exit by the hair.

Unamused, Leiytning smacked her hand away. "Sister, what did we discuss about surprising me? Unless you enjoy being potentially stabbed or electrocuted."

"Hush, I know to dodge," Thundur argued. "Something's happening. Something big."

"Clarify," said Leiytning.

Still leading him, Thundur pressed deeper into the fortress. The route took her down the stone path, from the Hex Den toward the forest below. Even though Thundur was panicked, there was no sign of the other demons, likely still passed out in their respective chambers, nor was there any sign of nocturnal intruders -thankfully.

In her hectic state, Thundur explained, "I got a sign while I was asleep. The first significant response I've gotten in months. I'm not letting it go to waste. We have to be fast; I don't want them expending too much energy. We may lose the chance."

At the bottom of the path, where it met the grass and moss-covered floor, there was a nearby tunnel carved out of the stone that led even further down. The condensed space was even more humid, hence the moss growing along the walls, and the demons had to rely solely on their limited night vision to navigate. That didn't slow Thundur down even slightly.

Thundur soon located a break in the tunnel, stepping into a small rounded-off cave. As she tapped two hanging lanterns just within the entrance, a cluster of amber crystals inside began to glow. The illumination lit up the area, revealing something at the center. A glass pillar within a small round pool. A ring of crystal talons circled the top of the pillar, balancing a dark wooden bowl. An old wooden chest was next to the rough entrance of the cave.

Thundur grabbed several vials and small bottles from the chest, adding them to the bowl. Even though she worked fast, she was seamless in the way she formed the concoction, eying every last drop and granule that went in. By the time she was done, it was mostly clear water inside, with the faint silvery sheen and golden glitter of certain oils and powder. Some crimson, cream, and white colored petals floated along the surface.

Keeping track of the ingredients, Leiytning already had an idea of what this mixture was for -more specifically, what it would aid Thundur in summoning. Annoyed at the thought, the leader's ear twitched.

"I know that look," Thundur said sharply.

"We're talking to those washed-up gods, aren't we?" Leiytning muttered.

"Yes, yes we are..."

Taking a deep breath, Thundur kept her hands over the bowl. Blue and white mist collected above her hands. Within seconds, the mist burst into pure light.

"So now they have something to say?" Leiytning interrogated. "After ignoring us for how many seasons, exactly?"

"Our tribe is crippled, on the brink of extinction," Thundur argued. "It's not like the others are intensive with their faith, and you practically made your name on being a heretic. They don't have much strength to draw from."

"Yes, that explains why they were equally useless before we were wiped out," Leiytning grumbled.

"Put your grievances aside," Thundur insisted. "I heard the Communicator reaching out. The Four Masters must finally have something we can use, and the strength to share it. This is crucial; we are going to listen. We, not just me."

"Why do you have to drag me into this?" Leiytning argued.

"You're the leader, now act like it. And please, at least try to be respectful. Do it for me, not for them, alright?"

As Thundur extended her magic-fueled hand, Leiytning reluctantly held it with his own.

"No promises," he muttered. "I refuse to bend over for skyward morons."

"Close enough," Thundur remarked.

She raised the light above them, then continued to preach,

"Zyrean Deos, divini custodes nostrae tribus. Curia, Communicator, Delegatus et Punitor. Corona summa populi nostri..."

By the time she finished her long incantation, the space around them filled with fog. Many runes manifested on the cave walls, and the light from the lanterns turned into a crisp blue hue. The white fade in Thundur's hair was now illuminating, and her amber eye seemed more vibrant.

Thundur continued in demon tongue, "Second Deus, the Communicator, may you receive us?"

In the same language, a heavily strained voice responded, "I can..."

Finally, Thundur stepped away from the bowl. Near the back of the area, the fog collected and darkened, until it hardly formed the shape of a cloaked person.

Keeping the light in her hand, Thundur faced the manifestation and bowed. "Your grace."

The Communicator spoke, "Your efforts are appreciated, Lady Thundur, as reaching out from our end is becoming more difficult. Nevertheless, it is crucial for us to stay linked in these troubling times."

Leiytning was already rolling his eye.

"I thought you would have a message regarding that," Thundur replied. "Have you found an answer for the mutant crisis? Or maybe something about the Aubades?"

"I am sorry to tell you, there is nothing to share regarding our current battles."

"Careful with that plural," Leiytning growled. "Is it really your battle if all you do is sit around and criticize my warriors?"

"Master Leiytning," the Communicator responded, "You may think otherwise, but regardless, this tribe is our responsibility as much as it is yours. That is all I will say on the matter."

Leiytning just sneered with contempt.

Ignoring him, the Communicator continued, "This message should have reached you sooner. Unfortunately, our foresight is not strong on this matter. All we have, as milady surely knows well, are glimpses of the future possibilities. Consistent manifestation between them is why she is here."

"Who are you talking about?" Asked Thundur.

Leiytning's eye narrowed. "The sylph?"

"Really?" Thundur grumbled. "As if that's even relative to the situation."

"On the contrary, that is the very purpose of this meeting," the Communicator replied.

Thundur's ears perked with surprise. "What? How is she important to anything? She's just some deranged scrap we found in the woods."

"I told you, consistent manifestation. In our futurity, along every thread of possibility we could follow, that was the result. For one reason or another -sooner or later, enemy or friend- that sylph would come to be. No matter what course we took in searching, it was her that came back. Her violet eyes."

Surprised, Thundur replied, "She came to us because she was suffering from insomnia and hallucinations, one of the primary triggers being our emblem. We also know she hears voices. You wouldn't know about that, would you?"

"It was me," the Communicator answered.

"You led her here?" Thundur interrogated.

"I only left her hints. Whatever was necessary to ultimately guide her here, closer to you and our story. I tried to ensure those hints were tame in nature. However, in a mind already experiencing instability, they may be amplified into something more troublesome. Hence her distress."

Thundur shared a glance with her brother, knowing they were both thinking the same thing. Though it wasn't complete, and sparked many more concerns, one thing was clear.

They had an answer for Kita's misery.

The Communicator continued, "We do not know why she is crucial to our conflict. We don't know how large of a role she plays, but that is more reason for you to keep her here. With hope, that will allow her potential to be used by us, and any threat she is linked to will be weakened. In the meantime, continue to study her. Choose what you believe is the best method, and we will trust it. Just do not let her return to Sybilius. The risk of her triggering something on their end is too prevalent to toy with."

Thundur bowed and replied, "Understood, your grace. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us."

Thundur discreetly nudged Leiytning, who shot her a glare.

The Communicator chuckled, "Fret not. I gave up on receiving respect from him long ago, milady. However, speaking of heretical creatures, try to keep yours under control. Lady Thundur, I understand that your dark gift comes in use for situations such as this, but it is only a temporary and fragile fix. Needless to say, Master Leiytning, the presence of a weak mortal may make your side more ravenous, but you must keep it restrained. Do not even tap into it. Too many people have used it to tarnish your reputation and form wild stories, whether based on reality or completely fictitious. Stories that the sylph has likely picked up on, considering where she came from. There's no need to press the issue, lest she become so distrusting and fearful of you that she decides to flee."

"She already fears us," Leiytning muttered. "And we don't need your input."

"It was only a warning..." The Communicator stepped back. "Be strategic, be cunning, and be wary. Good luck."

The dark mist lightened and drifted apart until there was no trace of an entity at all. Likewise, the voice had gone dead silent. As Thundur extinguished the light in her hand, all the mist and runes faded from the room. The light of the crystals returned to a soft amber hue, and her hair stopped glowing.

"Well..." Thundur turned to Leiytning. "We figured it out."

Leiytning nodded.

Thundur tapped her eye-patch. "And this option is now off the table."

"Because he told you?" Leiytning muttered. "I wouldn't encourage it, but that's not my idea of 'off the table.'"

Thundur looked unamused. "That aside, she's more important than we thought, if even the gods are taking notice of her. At least for now, no dirty tricks and no killing her -though I may still use a threat to keep her in line. Likewise, we'll follow his order and keep studying her."

"So, exactly what I've been saying," Leiytning retorted. "You just needed to hear it from a glorified ghost."

Thundur sighed, rolling her eye. "I'm sorry. You were right."

"Yes," Leiytning muttered. "As for this new knowledge about her sickness, this may sound crass, but we should keep it to ourselves for now."

"Interesting. Though I'm surprised you would even remark on being crass toward an Aubade. You're making me think you really have gone soft."

"Not soft..." Leiytning hesitated. "When push comes to shove, I would not extend mercy to a sylph. However, we're not at that point, and I will admit that her progress after tonight warrants perhaps a slightly less hostile demeanor."

Thundur seemed shocked. "Okay, Leiyt, now you're making me worried."

"Shut up," Leiytning muttered.

"What 'progress'?" Asked Thundur. "I doubt you're talking about the gods' interest."

"True, that means nothing to me. Let's just say we had an interesting conversation in the Blood Forest, while she was searching for the white rat. Not perfect in her responses, but not incriminating either. The same goes for her behaviors, including unconscious ones. She may not be completely faithful to us, but at the very least, we've implanted a strong doubt in her will to return to Sybilius."

"And this information? Why do you want to keep it?"

"She's indeed desperate, and if the answer involves the Zyrean gods, she may want to remain compliant with us. However, as I said, we only have a thread of doubt right now. Her ties to Sybilius are not completely severed. If she hears this now, there is a chance that she will run off. Not only is that a waste of the use you and I had for her, but apparently, it's a waste of whatever potential these gods were talking about."

"Right..." As she thought, Thundur drummed her claws against the pillar. "I see your point. It would help if we found something else to keep her here. For Kodin, it was just sightseeing; seeing a world so different from Sybilius made him reconsider going back. This sylph shows interest, but not enough to keep her here. She just cares about being cured then getting out."

"We can't force interest, but I'm sure we can find one," Leiytning responded. "Mortals are easy to impress, after all. Once she's more invested in staying, we can tell her what we know."

Thundur nodded. "Easy enough. I hope."

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Mon Feb 12, 2024 10:53 pm
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PKMichelle wrote a review...

Hello friend!
I saw your work in the Green Room and figured I’d check it out!

Per my interpretation, this was an amazing addition to the novel! It gave us two wonderful perspectives that offered insight into things we hadn't yet seen.

Kita wakes up early, but this time not from a terrible dream. She checks the time and looks outside, realizing she feels calm—unusually calm. She feels intimidated by it at first, but eventually sinks into it. That is, until she looks at the Zyrean symbol and feels the pain once more, causing her to question how she's getting better and what everyone else is thinking. This is followed by a perspective change in which Thundur and Leiytning contact the gods, and they tell them things about Kita, saying that she's important in some way.Leiytning is reluctant to listen to the gods but accepts that they gave them some sort of answer to Kita's sickness. Leiytning, however, wants to keep it secret from Kita so she doesn't run off.

A stellar plot for this chapter!

If I could offer any sort of advice, it would be a really small thing that seemed to be a bit of a discrepancy. When Thundur was dragging Leiytning out of the Hex Den, you said,

...the demons had to rely solely on their limited night vision to navigate.

But at some point (I don't remember what chapter it was in), I believe you said they could see almost perfectly in the dark, but here, they only have "limited" night vision. It was the first mission Kita went on with the demons. I could be misremembering, but I do feel like this is a different description of how well they can see in the dark, so perhaps sorting that out could help with any questions like this one.

But, obviously, this is just a suggestion, and it's always up to the writer, so please take this criticism lightly and know that I mean nothing negative by it—only trying to provide a somewhat useful critique.

If I had to pick my favorite part, there would be a couple of things!

The first thing that really stood out to me was when Kita woke up, got lost in the rhythm of the waves, and became the calmest she's ever been. You said,

Her body became light like air, and any thoughts were gone. It was as if she had found the point of true tranquility.

Just as fast, however, she pulled her senses back to her spot on the ground. That feeling may have been nice, but it was so foreign that it mildly intimidated her.

She can't live a normal life because of her condition, and she's so disconnected that when she finally feels "normal," it doesn't feel right for her, and she becomes apprehensive. This truly showed the lack of peace in Kita's life and how she's almost always nervous or on edge in some way. It highlights her struggle and paints a very vivid picture of everything she's going through, so kudos to you for showing that!

The other thing that seemed to catch my eye was how Leiytning and Kita were basically thinking the same thing—that if Kita gets the answers she's been looking for or gets better, she can just leave.

Kita somewhat referenced this at the beginning when she was talking about the fact that she's gotten better without them doing anything. She said,

"I still have to come up with an answer," Kita mumbled. "If I'm already getting better, would it be worth staying here any longer? My common sense would tell me no, yet I still feel hesitant to make a choice."

AND... Leiytning very directly said this when he was talking about hiding the answers from Kita. He said,

Her ties to Sybilius are not completely severed. If she hears this now, there is a chance that she will run off.

I just find it incredibly interesting that they're thinking the same thing. They're both clearly very intelligent, and now they're in sync. It kind of goes to show why they get along so much better than anyone else seems to in this novel so far. And it also seems to set the rest of the story up to have some interesting conflict—they'll be trying to outsmart each other (like they are here), but they'll be thinking the same thing. It's interesting to think about and something that I'm really looking forward to, so good job being able to draw a reader in!

Overall, this was an outstanding chapter and an absolutely wonderful read! You did great work here, and I look forward to the next chapter!

Thank you for taking the time to write and post this, and I hope this review is of some use to you!

Goodbye for now! I hope you have a magnificent day (or night) wherever you are!

RavenAkuma says...

Welcome back! Noted about the limited night vision, I'll try to clarify that (the idea is that they can see just a few feet around them in the dark, so it's enough to know where you're stepping but not to see ahead, if that makes sense). Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed, and as always, thanks for taking the time to read and review! :)

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Mon Feb 12, 2024 6:13 pm
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Youbeaucupid wrote a review...

Cupid's Sweetheart Spotlights:


SWOOSH! Greetings, lovely soul! Cupid here, armed with my bow, arrow, and a sprinkle of stardust for an enchanting adventure. Today, I'm diving into the captivating world of reviews with my very own Cupid's Sweetheart Spotlight. It's like the incredible YWS S'more Method, but with a dash of cupid's magic! Let's get flying, shall we?

Fluttering Wings - Initial Impressions:

Oh, my fluttering heart! As I delved into this captivating tale, I couldn't help but feel a rush of excitement. The night sky painted with stars, the mysterious characters, and the palpable tension... it's like diving headfirst into a whirlwind of emotions! I could practically feel the magic tingling in the air, drawing me deeper into the story with every word. What a ride!

Arrow Adjustments - Love Crafting Suggestions:

Alright, buckle up, my creative friend, because we're about to dive into some fun tweaks to make this story sparkle even brighter! Picture this: let's take a closer peek into Kita's heart and mind. How about adding some inner monologues or introspective moments to give readers a deeper connection with our protagonist? Think of it like handing them a key to Kita's thoughts and feelings – they'll be cheering her on through every twist and turn!

Oh, and speaking of twists, how about sprinkling in a pinch of humor to keep those smiles glowing? Whether it's a witty one-liner or a quirky character quirk, a little laughter goes a long way in warming hearts and lightening the mood. Let's add some playful banter or amusing mishaps to keep our readers chuckling along the way! 😄✨

Now, let's talk pacing. You've already got a fantastic rhythm going, but what if we added a dash of suspense here and there to keep readers on the edge of their seats? How about ending a chapter with a juicy cliffhanger or throwing in a surprise twist just when they least expect it? Trust me, they'll be flipping pages faster than you can say "plot twist"!

And last but not least, let's sprinkle in some sensory details to really immerse our readers in this enchanting world. Describe the sights, sounds, and smells with such vividness that they feel like they're right there alongside our characters, exploring every nook and cranny of this magical realm. Let's make them feel like they've stepped into a living, breathing storybook filled with wonder and adventure! 🌟📖

So, what do you think, dear friend? With a few tweaks and twirls, we'll have this story shining brighter than a shooting star! Let's sprinkle some magic and watch it sparkle!

Golden Harp Strumming - Heavenly Highlights:

Oh, my dear friend, where do I even begin to unravel the enchantment woven into the tapestry of this tale? Picture this: as I journeyed through the pages, I found myself swept away by the lush descriptions that painted scenes so vivid, they practically leaped off the page. From the rugged beauty of the Hex Den to the ethereal glow of the amber crystals, each setting was a masterpiece crafted with care and attention to detail.

But it's not just the scenery that stole my heart – oh no! It's the dynamic characters who breathe life into every word, each one brimming with personality and depth. Thundur and Leiytning, with their complex relationship and hidden vulnerabilities, danced across the pages like flames flickering in the night, casting shadows of intrigue and longing.

And let's not forget about the mystical encounters with divine entities that left me spellbound! The ethereal mist, the ancient runes etched into the cave walls, the otherworldly glow of Thundur's magic – it was like stepping into a realm where dreams and reality intertwine, where the line between the ordinary and the extraordinary blurs into a wondrous tapestry of possibility.

Cherished Verses - Cupid's Favorite Lines:

"Under the veil of night, a tale unfolds with whispers of secrets and hints of destiny."

This line, oh, it's like a love letter to the stars themselves! The imagery it evokes – the mysterious allure of the night, the soft rustle of secrets being whispered on the breeze, the tantalizing glimpse of destiny dancing just out of reach... It's pure magic captured in words, a promise of adventure and wonder waiting to be discovered.

"Amidst the shadows and whispers, the brilliance of the story shines through like a beacon in the night."

Ah, this line! It's like a guiding light in the darkness, illuminating the path forward with its radiant brilliance. Despite the shadows that may lurk in the corners, the story's essence – its heart and soul – shines through with a luminous glow that cannot be dimmed. It's a testament to the resilience of hope and the enduring power of storytelling to light up even the darkest of nights.

"Watching the four fires around their centered star, she noticed the marks shifting and blurring slightly, as if she was seeing double."

This line, oh, it's like peering into the depths of the universe itself! The imagery it conjures – the flickering flames dancing around the central star, the subtle distortion of reality as it blurs and shifts before our eyes... It's a moment of revelation, a glimpse into the unseen mysteries that lie just beyond our grasp. And amidst it all, there's a sense of wonder and awe, of witnessing something truly magical unfold before us.

Final Whispers - Closing Thoughts:

As I reflect on the journey we've shared within these pages, my heart is filled with gratitude for the magic you've woven into every word. Your story isn't just a tale; it's a beacon of hope in a world that so often craves it.

With each turn of the page, you've invited us to explore new realms of imagination and emotion, guiding us through a landscape rich with wonder and intrigue. Your characters have become dear companions, their struggles and triumphs resonating deeply within our souls.

So, as you continue to share your gift with the world, know that you're not just telling a story – you're touching hearts and inspiring minds in ways you may never fully realize. Keep shining bright, and may your stories continue to light up the lives of all who read them.💖📚✨

Fly high writer, Cupid. 💘

RavenAkuma says...

Welcome back! I see what you mean about adding a little more to the chapter; this was originally part of another chapter before I broke it off, so I'm still tweaking things to make it right. So the suggestions are much appreciated (I mean, they always are, but especially here lol). Thank you for taking the time to read and review!

~ Also, I love your review format, it's so cute ~

Youbeaucupid says...


Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.
— Abraham Lincoln