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Why Are You So Drunk?

by MasterGrieves

Why are you so drunk?
Intoxicated by love.
In a severe way.

Why are you so drunk?
Never to complain to me,
or question my claims.

Tell me, why are you?
Do not behave in this state.
It makes me hate you.

So, for the next time:
never ever have a drink.
For thoughts go intense.

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Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:39 am
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Renard wrote a review...

'Why are you so drunk?'

Good question. :)

'Intoxicated by love.' Sounds a little bit cliché, but we'll go with it.

'In a severe way.' I am beginning to realise this is not such a good thing. O.O


The narrator sounds a bit bossy: 'Never to complain to me,
or question my claims.'

Definitely by the next verse:

'Tell me, why are you?
Do not behave in this state.
It makes me hate you.' They are upset at the drunken state of the person they presumably care so much about.

'the next time' suggests there is something deeper and more mysterious here that the narrator isn't revealing.

Hmmmmm. Whatever THAT is, is the reason why this character is plastered.

My thoughts have gone intense as to what this reason could be.

Good job babes. ;)

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Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:12 pm
demib says...

Well this is probably the most intresting poem i have read all day. I wont say I love it, but i sure aint going to say i hated it! Let just stick to the fact that its a very... strange but intresting poem in a good way. Keep writing AJ!

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