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I Can Prove It (3/10)

by MasterGrieves

I know more than you.
I make conclusions,
that help pave the way,
for others to learn.
I know all theories:
Big Bang, Doppler, Time.
Black Holes, you name it.
Newton- he was right.
And you are just wrong.
Sure, I may just act
like some cocky snob,
but I have degrees.
Something which you don't.
I've read your "bible",
and I have to say:
I am not convinced.
A man? In the sky?
Why should I waste life,
for fraud? In the sky?
I counteract you-
with intellect, brains.
No need for fables,
when the facts are there.
I earn a living,
that firemen deserve.
And that the police,
with their lovely way,
deserve more than me.
Yet, I can prove it.
Oh yes, I know it.
More than you do. Hah!

Yet I still remain,
with such a closed mind.

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Sun May 26, 2013 5:09 am
lyssiekins wrote a review...

It is surprising how scientists can be so self-righteous in bringing information forward, yet so obtuse when it comes to seeing what is right in front of their eyes.

Why should I waste life,
for fraud? In the sky? I don't really like this line, life for fraud? It kind of fumbles. Waste life ON fraud? Maybe.

Why should I waste life
on fraudulent claims?
I counteract you-
with intellect, brains.

Just little stuff like that can clean it up a bit and make it more interesting :) Thank you for the poem.

If you steal property, you must report its fair market value...
— John Oliver