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Fair Enough By Me

by MasterGrieves

Well, fair enough by me.
You don't want to talk?
Well, that's fair enough.
You'll do well without me.
And I noticed a trend.
Bad influence? Fine.
In fact, that is fair.
Look at me- you hate me.

Bad to be a virgin..
Lost message through adruption.
Is a hypocrite.
Hates the brainwashed notion.
This notion is the air.
And the air? Well, think.
I know- new concept.
But air is religion.

In fact, "bad influence"?
It's not accurate.
I'd prefer the term,
"free thinking cruel bastard".
I remember our talks.
Your particular life.
If you so love God,
then burn down His churches.

Conversions are adverts:
the same damn products.
Yet with different names,
and eye-catching slogans.
Books which rule opinion.
Now whoever thought,
of that good idea,
deserves of a gold medal.

Congratulations, prick.
Now most are subdued.
Most are ruled by lies.
Hell, myself included.
But there are "others".
They believe in facts.
Well, facts don't matter.
It's all an opinion.

So yes, I am awful.
A bad influence.
But did you listen?
All you do is pretend.
Evidence for your faith,
is so laughable.
Yet mine is as well.
Faith is belief, not fact.

Can you prove God is real?
Not just some fragment?
Not just an idea?
In fact, He's religion.
He must, must, must be now.
We are in His wheel.
We are the test rats.
We are trapped within Him.

But besides, who is God?
Should I really care?
I may be skeptic.
But then again I should.
I should be so wary.
Propaganda flash.
"Blasphemy! His mind-"
Sorry- there are my thoughts.

Go ahead, hang me now.
It won't make me stop.
The laughter, your claims.
I'm practically fun.
Bathing in the warmth of halls,
and praying to God.
That is where I stop.
This is where I get off.

I ask him questions.
He gives me no answers.
What a waste of an idea.

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Sun Jul 22, 2012 5:23 pm
ImHero wrote a review...

I liked it and i'm usually one that one likes rhyme poems ! It was very in depth and makes the reader think every stanza, let alone every word.. Sometimes I got lost but it might just be a deeper meaning that I am not seeing:: below are some confusing parts you should consider editing :

Bad to be a virgin..
Lost message through adruption.

adruption is not a word.. not sure what you mean by the stanza now;p

In fact, He's religion.
He must, must, must be now.

Don't know what you mean by this..

Bathing in the warmth of halls,

This neither

overall I give a 7/10!

If a million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.
— Anatole France