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Non-Fiction or Fiction?

by Liberty

Author's Note: This is just a fun story I thought I'd post. Half of this is real, and it actually happened to me. And half of this is fake. Enjoy!


I'm sitting on my parents' bed reading a fictional book called: Tuesday in the Castle. Papa is on his chair studying on his wooden study table making a PowerPoint presentation for work. Papa turns his chair so he faces me. I didn't notice until he said:

"Dear, what are you reading?" 

"Tuesday in the Castle by Jessica Day George." I reply. Saying the authors name with the title of the book is a habit of mine. 

"What's it about?" he asks, even though he knows what's coming.

"It's about five people who live in a magical castle that adds new rooms every Tuesday," I say as he nods along. "But then, an evil wizard-" he stops me at "wizard".

"You know, when I was your age I-" he starts.

"-would read many non-fictional books." I finish for him. This sentence has been repeated by him every single time I read a fictional book.

"Have you ever tried to read any educational or non-fictional books?" he questions me.

"PAPA!! Mama made juice!!" my little sister bursts into the room and hands both of us a cup of red juice.

"What's in it?" I ask.

"Apple, carrots and some weird looking red fruits." my sister replies smoothly. I cringe at the sound of carrots and 'some weird looking red fruits', every thing else was fine, though.

Papa is already done with his juice. Woah! That was SUPER fast! Once my sister leaves the room, Papa asks me to remind him what we were talking about.

"You asked me if I ever tried to read educational or non-fictional books." I say.

"Have you?"



"Because the last time I read them, I fell asleep on the first page."

"So that's good!" Papa exclaims.

I look at him, stunned. "How is that GOOD?"

"Since you don't sleep much, you could read a non-fictional book right there and then! That way, you'll have a longer sleep!" he says, proud of his prediction.

"You have a point." I mumble.

(I guess non-fiction wins!)

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Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:34 pm
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Ishan212 says...

Hi I am Ishan212 and I am here to review your work.
Well cool story ... fiction non fiction.
You ask me fiction wins, if inspired by reality.
Great Work!!!
Keep Writing!!!

Liberty says...


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Wed Jan 23, 2019 3:49 pm
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Etteim wrote a review...

Hi, Liberty500.

I really like the topic that you wrote about; I've always wondered how a discussion between which is better would go. I enjoyed the simplicity of this story, but I kind of just wanted a little more, because I didn't feel the title was addressed that much.


Me and my dad are both work addicts.

I kind of found this sentence a bit pointless. It doesn't really add to anything that's related to the story, but I guess it does give information on you and your dad, so this is probably just a preference of mine.


A period should replaced the comma, since there is nothing following what's spoken.

"Because the last time I read them, I fell asleep on the first page."

Personally, I find fiction way more interesting than non-fiction, so I instantly resonated with this statement haha.


Really all of my criticism are just nitpicks, so you can take them or leave them. Good work!


Liberty says...

Thank you for that wonderful review! Most people said the same thing about this sentence: "Me and my dad are both work addicts." So I guess I'll just cut it. :D
Thanks again.

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Etteim says...

Ah, okay. And you're welcome!

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Wed Jan 16, 2019 6:57 pm
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rosette wrote a review...

Hey there, Liberty! :D

I hope you're doing well today, and I hope those Fairy Dairy entries are moving along smoothly. ;) I saw you had this story sitting in the Green Room, so I thought I'd drop in and review. Let's get to it, then, shall we?


My dad, who I call Papa, is on his chair studying on his wooden study table making a PowerPoint presentation for work.

I find it awkward that she has to explain what she calls her father. It might read more smoothly if you simply had "Papa is in his chair studying..."

Me and my dad are both work addicts.

This statement puzzled me. The narrator sounds childish, in a way - a pre-teen, perhaps - so sticking this label of "work addict" on didn't sound quite right. Is she even old enough to legally have a job? Or does this type of work mean as in school and chores around the house?

Papa is already done with his juice. Woah! That was SUPER fast!

Those last two exclamations threw me off a bit. For one, because it's the only instance in which we read about the narrator's thoughts. I like the fact we read her thoughts, but I think if you're going to have it in this instance, you should include it in others. On another note, the super is a bit intimidating... might be better to italicize it. :P

"Because the last time I read them, I fell asleep on the first page."

Me three years ago lolll

The general idea behind this amuses me because it's something I've actually been thinking about recently. Not many young people read non-fiction, which I don't think is necessarily wrong, but I also don't think there's anything wrong with reading it! I've been reading a few non-fictional/educational books lately that I thoroughly enjoyed!
I'll admit I did find this story kind of amusing, though. My own father would definitely side with the argument of your father in here, seeing as he's always telling us we need to read more non-fiction. :p

You mentioned this is just a fun little story you wanted to post, which makes me unsure of how thorough of a review you wanted... but I'll say I did think you could make this more of a story, anyhow. This was a cute dialogue to follow but there wasn't that meat of a story in it. For example, why is she (or is this even a she? I don't see a gender mentioned...) reading on her parent's bed in the first place? Seems like an odd place to enjoy a novel. Why did the sister interrupt with the juice? That didn't seem significant, but it could be! Why did the mother even make juice? What time of day is it, anyway?
Maybe it would do well to mention how the narrator doesn't sleep often or has insomnia or something along those lines. That would make the ending more impactful and provide more of a storyline to follow.

Aaaand that's all I got for now! Have a good one, Liberty, and keep up the writing! :D

~rosette <3

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Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:23 pm
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FireSpyGirl wrote a review...

Hi there!
This is definitely a good story! I sorry, but this won't be much of a review. The two things I'm going to point out are just nitpicks, really. Feel free to ignore them! Okay, the first one is when you are talking about your dad at the desk. You say he is working on his desk. There is nothing wrong with that, it's just that in some cases, it could make the reader think he is literally "on" his desk. Like on top of it. :).

"Papa is already done his juice." All you need to do with this sentence is put in the word "with" between "done" and "his."

Also, I love Jessica day George! Have you read Princess of the midnight ball? I've read that one and Princess of the silver wood. They are really, really good! The first is my favorite though. :)

Liberty says...

Thank you! I'm obsessed with Jessica's books!!!

FireSpyGirl says...

I am dying to read more of them!! but our library is so small....:(

Liberty says...

Your local or school library? If the school library then get one from the local library.

FireSpyGirl says...

My town has one library that serves as a school library and local library.

Liberty says...

Ooooh. I understand!

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Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:04 pm
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MaybeInk says...

Haha, I really liked this, it seems like something my dad would say to me. Keep up the good work! :D

Liberty says...

Thank you!

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