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flower / Jack Frost

by Liberty

vii. flower

a soft violet and blue flower
made from an experienced maker's hand
softer than a fluffy kitten
more delicate than cotton.

- - -

xiv. Jack Frost

frost traveled up the
freezing window, creating
intricate designs.


A/N: I messed up the capitalization on purpose, so don't bother saying anything about that. :) Also, the first one is not a haiku. Only the second one is. I put both of these together only to save up space. Didn't want to clog up the Green Room. These two together are not meant to have a theme. Completely separate. 

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Sun May 31, 2020 12:47 am
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JesseWrites wrote a review...


I don't do poetry much, so sorry for my stupidness coming up.

Poem One:

I love the topic. It is really spring-ish and that is a great season to base poetry on 'cause the vividness.

I see a syllable connection, but that might be me trying to learn the ways of poets. Oof.


I favor haikus, so yay!

I also see a season theme here, which is spring and winter. Don't know the intention, but here's to trying.

Sorry I wasn't helpful.

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Team Aubergine Leader, Haley

Liberty says...

Thanks for the review! <3

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Fri May 29, 2020 6:56 am
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Gravitem says...

I have a strange love for the name "Jack Frost" he's reincarnated twice in the world of my book...

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Thu May 28, 2020 3:22 pm
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Beautifulsparkle wrote a review...

I like the description about the periwinkle because i love flowers, i think they symbolise beauty. Of course flowers have their own victorian language and there are many meanings that one can attribute to a flower.A white chrysanthemum symbolizes truth and loyal love while a yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes slighted love.Daffodil symbolizes regard and chivalry. It is indicative of rebirth, new beginnings and eternal life.The Periwinkle flower is a symbol of purity and strength and achieving great things in life. I like that comparisons "softer than a fluffy kitten/more delicate than cotton". I'm not familiar with haikus, i think they're japanese, but i know the character Jack Frost and i think it's awesome that you said his designs are intricate. I also like the though of Jack frost traveling up ususpecting people's windows and making beautiful snow...

Liberty says...

Thanks for the review!

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