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Unlucky 13 - Epilogue

by Liberty

Fourteen years later

"Duncan, come on!" I called from the kitchen. "You're getting late for work!" 

Callie and Evan came running down the stairs, into the kitchen. "Mummy, I want a banana." Evan tugged at my sleeve. 

"Honey, you know there's many in the fridge. Go check." I told him, and watched as his pudgy little two-year-old legs took him towards what he wanted. 

Callie was pouting again. Something was wrong. She either lost a toy, or she doesn't want to eat. Two main reasons she always looks at me like that. "What's wrong?" I sighed, kneeling down in front of her. 

"I lost Elsa!" she whined. 

I squeezed my eyes shut. "Did you check under your bed?"

"No, there's a monster under my bed!" Callie stomped her feet. 

Duncan finally came down. As usual, his bright grey eyes were shining, and his blonde hair was neatly combed up. I smiled at him. "Good morning." I grabbed his breakfast from the kitchen counter and handed it over to him. 

He gave me a one-armed hug, "'Morning to you too, Julie." He started eating as quick as he could. 

"Mummy!" Callie screeched. I winced. 

"What is it?"

"Elsa!" she cried, stomping her feet again. 

"Hey, hey, Callie, you're not going to cry. Not in front of Daddy you won't!" he got up from his chair and scooped her up. "Let's go look under your bed. Your toys are always under there."

"Duncan, it's fine, I'll look for it, you eat." I told him. He shook his head. 

"She's going to make a tantrum if I don't." he laughed. Then he turned to Callie. "Let's go." 

I watched as he walked up the stairs, to Callie's room. The five-year-old child made a fuss over anything and everything she lost. Unlike Evan, that wonderful little kid, who was quiet about everything, was patient. I looked at him, and he was now eating his banana. Smiling, I started loading the dishwasher. 

Evan and I jumped when we heard a scream from upstairs. Callie was probably frightened by the "monster under her bead". 


Flopping onto the couch, I rubbed my forehead. Callie was at school. Evan with Mum in the basement. I switched on the TV and watched the forecast, but my mind was elsewhere. Grams had passed away just two months ago. She was an old woman, and lived a good life, she had said. Her death was in her sleep too, so that assured me that she was fine where ever she was. 

I looked out the window to the house neighboring us. Raven and Grace lived there with Carter and his family. Grace had promised that the twins would never do anything horrible, and that his children and wife were safe in their hands. Raven had to go to therapy many times a week. Grace and Carter usually picked her up and dropped her off, but I could usually see my stepsister curled up beside her window if I looked from just the right angle. 

My cousins still lived in Quebec, but they called a lot. Especially Izzy. She was in university, studying medicine, and was currently in her fourth year. Avery had done law, and every other day was fighting a case. Tim had gone all the way to Australia, started a family, and had his own bookshop. 

Overall, everything was good. No harm, no tension. Now that Carter lived next door, I could easily contact him if I needed help. And Mum was still here too! 

Maryam, Imogen and Samantha occasionally came along to check in on how I'm doing. Imogen and Samantha have started their own trading business across the country and Maryam's doing science. 

I looked back at the TV. The channel had switched by itself - the usual seizures of the TV, and was now showing a horse riding competition. The young man who had just finished his round, dismounted, and the next rider, Ella Rowe - yes, Ella - started doing her jumps. She made it look so easy, and there was zero flaw in her movements. 

I smiled, and returned to my thoughts.

As for my dreams... I had wanted to become a psychologist, yes, and I got my degree. Both Bachelors, and Masters, and I was working as one too, four years ago. But when Callie and Evan came along, I decided that it would be best for me to stay at home, and anyway, I loved being at home. And so I resigned. 

Lost in my thoughts, I suddenly snapped out of it when Evan came hobbling up to me. "Mummy, you look sad."

"I'm not sad, sweety." 

"You look sad." he said, as he cuddled into my arms. His red hair got in to my face and patted it down. I've always wondered where he got his red hair from. No one in my family had red hair, but Duncan said his grandfather did. But his green eyes are mine. Exactly mine. 

"I'm not. I'm happy. Where's Nana?" I asked. 

"She's sleeping." he said, cuddling even more. 

"Oh." Of course she was sleeping. Most of the time, she was quite tired. She was fifty-six now. We'd celebrated her birthday just a couple of days ago. 

Alfie trotted into the living room. 

"Alfa!" Evan exclaimed, squirming away from me and towards the old dog. I knew that he was reaching his end stage as well. Everyone was, it seemed. 

Alfie had grown into a pretty big dog. He was taller than Evan, but I honestly didn't mind him going near the kids. He loved them. And anyways, he'd been trained well enough. He licked Evan's cheek, and my boy giggled, kissing Alfie's nose in return. "Evan!" I sighed. Evan froze, amd slowly, pitifully turned around to look at me.

"I'm sorry Mummy, I forgot." he said quietly, holding his hands around his belly. Alfie let out a low, sad, growl and I stifled a smile. Evan's eyes started tearing up. "I'm sorry, Mummy, I made you angry." 

My face broke into a wide grin. "It's alright, my darling, just don't do it again. You could get Alfie's germs." I held out my hands for him to cuddle up in again. He trudged towards me, Alfie trotting behind him. 

Both my boys sat on oppoite sides of me, and I hughed them both. 

Everything always turns out to be for the best, all your hardships, all your troubles. I can say this from experience. People will come, and people will go. Things will happen. Just keep your head held high and follow your heart and mind. You have no idea where it will take you. 

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264 Reviews

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Mon Feb 24, 2020 11:30 pm
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Horisun wrote a review...

Awww, Evan is so cute! Pretty sure Callie is pure evil, but they usually turn out to be the sweetest in the end.
I'm quite shocked that Frozen is still a thing fourteen years later. (Actually, wait, I'm not)
Also kinda shocked that Julia gave up on being a phycologist. But I guess interests changed. I'm so happy for Ella as well, that's amazing that she still ended up doing what she loved.
Duncan and Julia got married? Wow, quite curious about how that happened. (Hint, hint)

Anyway, this epilogue was a good end to the series. This was a big project, and you saw it through! That is fricking amazing! Still think you should've placed first in the contest, but the reward of seeing a project through is waaay better then a cash prize anyway! (Or whatever the prize was)
I do wish that the Unlucky Bird thing returned one last time before the series closed. That would've been really powerful. Like, imagine Julia looking out the window, and seeing a family of birds in their nest, and her thinking something along the lines of "(This number of Lucky Birds) Of course, that's just a random idea, I love the ending you have already.

Even though I'm sad to see one of my favorite series on YWS end, I loved every minute of it. And besides, there is still the second draft, if you do do something like that. ;)
Keep on writing, (seriously, I love your writing, PLEASE keep on doing it!) And have a great day!

Liberty says...

Thanks for all the reviews! I'm super happy you enjoyed this and if you want to read draft 2, I'd happily update you for each chapter, but I won't be posting it on YWS. Once I'm on my final draft, I'll post and see how it goes. Thanks again! <3

Horisun says...

No problem!

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Mon Feb 03, 2020 5:45 pm
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JabberHut wrote a review...

okay this was super cute and I totally pictured this in the Dursleys' house idk why

My first thought: Evan is a genius kid if he's two and able to open a banana by himself. I struggled doing that until I was maybe ten, and I still needed a knife to do it. Also running down the stairs is a FEAT for a two-year-old! Perhaps he slid down the stairs on his stomach instead, one step at a time? Or scooted down on his butt one step at a time? Or maybe he's a little older, like three, and has conquered the stairs already.


Also I am SO happy Julia and Duncan end up together. <3 I wish I knew how they patched things up, but I'm happy it was resolved anyway!

omg wait Crater and Grace and Raven all live in Chicago now!! omg I bet Julia and Duncan help out with Raven as well. Also, I wonder if Raven is feeling better after fourteen years of therapy? I like that she was in therapy after everything she had been through, but she's also hopefully moved on to a point. It doesn't have to be 100%, but I'd like to think she made progress?

omg Tim is in Australia with his own family. it must've been for the wife or her job.

Poor Anthea never remarried. I'm glad she's still happy with her family, though. I also wonder what kind of job she ended up getting! I'm sure she's helping a lot financially with at least two incomes in the house!

Oooh, does Julia have a doctorate too then?!

Evan sounds older than two, but perhaps my memory on two-year-olds is a bet sketch!

I didn't understand why Evan was in trouble, but I eventually figured out that perhaps Evan isn't allowed to exchange puppy kisses. Totally get that. BUT SO SAD BECAUSE PUPPY KISSES <3

omg that ending <3

I'd have loved a little more insight into Ella's resolution or what happened on that front. Even Maddie, for that matter! I feel like someone like her shouldn't end up in a happy situation because she was REALLY MEAN >:[

Congratulations on finishing your novel!! You've got SO much content packed into this, and I think you're going to have a LOT of fun piecing everything together for your second draft. This is such a huge step that you've achieved, and you should feel extremely proud!!

Keep writing! :D

Jabber, the One and Only!

Liberty says...

Thanks for all these reviews! And one thing - did you read the Ella part? Or did I edit it in after you read it?

JabberHut says...

I think the edit was after I reviewed, but I'm happy to see that Ella is mentioned. It makes me so happy to see she's become a professional horseback rider. <3 <3 <3

So whatever conflicts happened in the past, she was able to move on and pursue her original dreams in horseback!

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18 Reviews

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Mon Feb 03, 2020 4:38 pm
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2Stareyes wrote a review...

WOW! That was SO Good!
I didn't even read the first parts and I loved it!
What a good mom she is! Now I have to go read the other parts! Its sad that its the end but I think it is a good end for sure. Evan is an angel and Callie needs pationts (Cant spell) but she will turn out to be a great woman.
I think Evan will be a great father or teacher when he grows up.
Callie could be a horse tamer or dog trainer if she wanted to be, she has so much energy that she could be a great trainer.
I like Duncan but I think that we should have heard more about him.
Alfie is sweet! He is so like our dog, he will handle anyone climbing on him, pulling his tail, yelling, chasing him, or petting him.

Liberty says...

Aw, thanks!

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Wed Jan 29, 2020 7:03 am
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EternalRain wrote a review...

Ahhhh!!! It's the end! That's exciting and kinda sad but SO AWESOME!

What a conclusion! I love seeing Julia's life 14 years in the future. And I'm sooo glad there's the closure about Izzy and Carter and Raven and Grace and everyone - I was really hoping you would tie them in, and you did! Also, BRO, Tim is living the life. I want to move to Australia and start a family and own a bookshop.

Poor Grams :( She was such an important figure in Julia's life that her death must've been really hard. I love seeing Julia being able to cope and realize that Grams is in a peaceful place - I think that's really reflective of her hopeful behavior, especially after the last chapter where she's looking ahead for better things.

I didn't realize Julia and Duncan may end up together but that is so sweet! Also, Julia staying in contact with her friends from fourteen years ago is admirable - most people I know who've graduated college and start families don't talk to many of their high school friends again, save for any deep relationships. Perhaps Julia stays in contact with Maryam but loses contact with Imogen and Samantha, as they were her friends but never seemed to be as deep of friends with Julia as Maryam was. Although maybe they just all maintained contact!

One other thing is that I still wish we got closure on Ella's situation! Not necessarily Ella and Julia becoming friends again, but maybe a step towards forgiveness - or Ella and Julia sitting down to talk, or something of the sort. Or just a little sign (it doesn't have to be fully fleshed out) that they're making amends. Because the previous chapter was slightly dismissive of Ella; Julia and her friends kind of just went home, and that was that! Also, I still super duper want to know who's behind Invincible. It's like a little mystery in itself. Although maybe it could be something that just remains unsolved - if so, I think it would be great still to have closure about it being unsolved, perhaps something like Julia saying "Ah, well it doesn't matter who did it. Just as long as Ella's doing ok" or something.

Lastly, I want to say that the last scene was so beautiful. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but Julia holding Alfie (omg I love that cutie pie dog) and her son in a hug was almost a perfect mirror of Julia hugging her mother and Grams in Chapter 21 and I just find that soooo awesome. Like, it's a beautiful cycle of love and family and heart, and it's just so. so. beautiful.

Soo... I think that's.. it! I just want to say it's been amazing reading this first draft and I've had so much fun following along on Julia's crazy adventures with her lovely grandmother - finding her mother, meeting her cousins, clashing with a weird stalker girl, and finally facing the betrayal of a former best friend. I loved seeing your writing improve and progress throughout this whole story and I'm pumped for draft 2 (or whatever future writing endeavors you shall go on). As always,


Liberty says...

Thanks for the review!! I've enjoyed all of them so much! As for the Alfie and Evan thing, I did actually mean for it to be like that, and I'm glad you liked it. :p

EternalRain says...

Oh awesome! I love that parallel.

Liberty says...

*poke* I changed the chapter a bit. It's after the scene break. About Ella. ;)

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Tue Jan 28, 2020 6:35 am
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ChrisDixon says...

Wow. I never seen work like this. You have only one mistake, but that's okay. I was wondering if Duncan and Julia was ever going to marry, they did get married.
>keep writing

Liberty says...

Oh, thank you!

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91 Reviews

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Mon Jan 27, 2020 9:08 pm
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dahlia58 wrote a review...

So Duncan and Julia married after all! (A slight typo near the beginning: "bed" became "bead.") Callie and Evan seem like sweet kids. ^^ This chapter itself has no huge problems structurally or content-wise. I'll give a more thorough review once I read the other chapters. Congratulations on finishing your first novel draft.

Liberty says...


Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.
— Voltaire