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E - Everyone

Unlucky 13 - Chapter 10

by Liberty

I had a hard time sleeping that night. Every once in a while, I would wake up, sweaty and scared, due to a nightmare. I was terrified. My body continuously shook. Izzy was awake basically the entire night too. Rocket was still on her mind.

"Jules, I can't sleep." Izzy whispered at the dead of night.

I sighed, I already have problems of my own. Why is she putting more? And those too - unless ones. I growled under my breath. "What can I do?"

"Can you sleep up here with me?" she patted the spot next to her - she had scooched over.

"Sure." I got up from my mattress on the ground and laid down next to her and played with her silky hair.



"Why did Rockette have to go?" she started crying softly. I got up into a sitting position and stroked her hair. She turned over and dropped her head into my lap.

"She loves you and you know it." I whispered into her ear.

Izzy cried louder and I shushed her a bit. "But she left me." she cried.

"Shh, you'll find another horse. I promise."

"She's irreplaceable." Izzy said quietly. I went quiet and stopped stroking her hair.

Anthea left me. She loves me. She's irreplaceable. What if she's coming back for me? What if...

I was left gawking at my thoughts and Izzy had fallen asleep. Children. A sense of warmth and comfort washed over me. I looked at the time on my phone.

1:05 AM

I groaned. And before I knew it, I had fallen asleep.


My eyes snapped open.


I got up and checked my phone. Missed calls from Maryam and Ella. I rolled my eyes, they probably had some stupid excuse or whatever. I looked at the time.

6:37 AM

Wow. I'm a morning bird now?

I rolled out of bed, thankfully not having to have to peel Izzy's arm off of me, since she was way in the corner of her bed. Don't know how she got there. Don't want to know.

I need to get some good-looking clothes that are going to be presentable in front of Anthea. Don't wanna look like an idiot in front of an idiot. She might think I'm mocking her. I laughed at my words. I went to my bag and looked through the clean clothes I had.


How about this beautiful stuff?

I took out a beige shirt and matched ripped denim jeans with it. I took out my brown boots and left them beside the washroom door. I left the accessory stuff in the bathroom so I could put it on after I showered.

I hoped in the tub and took a nice warm bath. This is so nice.

Once I was done, I put on my clothes and dried my hair. I clipped on a gold bracelet that Aunt Martha had bought for me. I looked in my make-up bag that only consisted of a couple of lotions and mascara. I took out the mascara and applied two layers on both lashes, obviously.

Getting out of the bathroom, I took my shoes and tip-toed downstairs. I was going to take a short walk and then I'd come back. Anthea's flight was at ten and everyone else was sleeping right now. I had tons of time to kill.

I slowly opened the door. Rethinking, I left a note saying that I was out waking, just in case.

I left the house and locked the door, taking the keys with me.


I stopped walking, shocked. I turned around and nervously laughed when I saw Grams behind me.

"H-hi, Grams." I stuttered, "What wo-woke you up?"

"Whenever you wake up, I do." she said, looking me up and down. "Where were you going?" she asked.

"For a walk." I said quickly, tucking my hands in my pockets. She sighed, shaking her head.

"Julia. I'm sorry. I should have told you the actual reason why you came here. And if I had told you about everything, then you would have never held that wretched knife. You would have been happy that I had told you the truth. Sure, you would've freaked when I told you the first time in Chicago. Anthea really wants to see you. She's ben asking of you and I paid for her ticket so she could come and..." she rambled.

I gaped. "Y-you know!" I was furious. "I told Tim to not tell anyone!" I yelled, starting to march back to the house.

"Julia, stop." Grams held my hand. "I saw."

Tears were threatening to spill out of her eyes. "Grams..."

"Julia, please listen." she said. I nodded. We stood on the sidewalk and I waited patiently for her to gather her thoughts.

"Julia Portman," she started, clearing her throat. "Your mother loved you dearly. She loved you and when your father died in the plane crash, she was left alone in Belgium in her mansion. She said she wouldn't be able to take care of you, so she said that she wanted me to take care of you. I took you under my wing and we've lived in Chicago ever since you were one-year-old. Yes, I lied to you about the adoption thing. I’m sorry. Then, she called me and said that she had moved into a cabin in London. She was scared from what her community was going to say to her.” Grams sighed as a tear rolled down her cheek.

I hugged Grams as the almost-risen-sun shined, “Let’s go home and sit in the basement.” I said, “We can talk there.”

She nodded, wiping away her tear. We walked and I saw a dead bird on the side of the road. Perfect. Just what I needed right now. How many sad birds have I seen so far? Three. I’m gonna count.

I unlocked the door and thankfully no one was awake. I checked the clock in the kitchen where I went to go get some breakfast.

8:13 AM

We had settled down in the Virtual Reality room. There was a recliner and a loveseat. I sat on the recliner and Grams sat on the loveseat.

“Continue.” I said, taking a deep breath, waiting for what she had to say next.

“Anthea lives in a cabin – like I said before. She works in…” she tripped over her words, “In McDonald’s. She earns just enough money to send some for your birthday once in a while and to buy food for a living.” Grams looked at her hands. I urged her on with my hands and chewed on my Cheerios.

“She loves you so much, Julie,” she sobbed, “she’s been saying that she’ll come and visit some time and she…” Grams started crying and before I could even get up and comfort her, tears were streaming down her face.

I jumped up and, in a panic, hopped beside her and hugged her. She hugged me back and we stayed there for a while. “Grams, it’s fine. She’s coming today right?” I kissed her forehead.

She shook her head, “You don’t know what’ll happen.” she cried.

I started to freak, “You’re hiding something are you?” I eyed her, letting go.

“It’s not that important.” she said, “I’ll tell you later.”

I sighed, “Tell me more about her.” Grams wiped her tears away for the second time today and continued.

“The week before I told you we’d leave, Anthea had called and said that she was going to come to see you.” she said. “I told her it’s be nice to have a family reunion and all of us could meet in Quebec – here. She agreed and quickly booked a flight. We reached here before her. Oh, and you don’t need to hide any of this with the others.” she told me.

“Do they know everything?” I asked, taking the last bit of my Cheerios. She nodded.

I looked at the ground, taking in everything she had said.

So Anthea – my mother – cares?

A voice spoke in my head, stupid girl, obviously!

I laughed. Grams looked at me, confused written on her face in big bold letters. I started laughing so loud, I thought I had awakened the others. “W-what is it?”

“I’m going to see my mother after twelve years!” I grinned. Aren’t I supposed to hate her? My face suddenly turned into a look of disgust, “A person who left me.” I growled.

“For a good reason. She didn’t want to disappoint you or embarrass you.” Grams pointed out, sniffling.

I looked back up at her, “You think so?”

She nodded.

“But I’m disappointed.” I frowned.

“She loves you, though.” Grams said.


“And she’s coming just for you.”

Clank clink clank clank clink.

I perked up. “Someone’s up.” I raced upstairs and popped in the kitchen to see Aunt Martha grinning back at me.

“Good morning.” she said, “You look cheery today!”

I nodded, “Morning.”

“Must be. Look at you! All ready and good to go.” she beamed. I looked at her outfit this morning. White jeans and a baby blue long sleeve shirt with pink flowers lining the bottom. She had her curly red hair tied into a neat bun.

“Did you have breakfast?” she asked me. I nodded. “What was it?”


“Do you want egg, waffles or pancakes?” she asked as she took out a pan and set it on the oven. I chuckled and said no. She shrugged, “If you say so.”

“Also, Grams is awake.” I informed her, walking to the counter. “We had a…”

Aunt Martha looked at me.

“A talk – of a sort.” I finished. She nodded in understanding and I went downstairs.

Grams had fallen asleep on the couch. I went to the storage room in the ping pong room and took out a blanket. I quickly jogged back into the room Grams was in and spread the blanket on her.

And that’s when I realized that I still had not checked out this family’s backyard.

I quietly ran up the stairs and through the kitchen. That’s what that door is for! It leads outside. I’m definitely Sherlock’s descendent. I laughed in my head.

“Can I take a peek outside and see how it looks?” I asked Aunt Martha who was eating her breakfast on the dining table, looking through her phone. She nodded as she took another bit of a waffle.

“Great! Thanks.” I opened the glass door and stepped outside. Breathing in the fresh air, I looked around and gaped. Oh my freaking gosh… This family. I’m not even kidding. But it must be in our genes or something. My family was rich too! They had a mansion, according to Grams. I sighed in relief at the thought. I walked over to the pool that was right smack dab in the middle of the yard. I took off my boots and smiled as the freshly mowed grass touched my feet. I looked to my right and there was a table and chair set. I looked to my left and there was a mini-storage room.

I walked to the huge tree that was tucked in the corner of the yard. Huh? A ladder?

Curiosity took over, and I climbed the ladder.

Whoa. Holy macaroni.

It’s a freaking tree house.

“Jules!” Aunt Martha called from the door. I looked down at her. “Your mother’s flight is coming earlier! Come help me wake the others, will ya?” she asked.

Even better. I grinned, “Coming!” I called back, took my shoes, ran to the door and went straight down to Grams to tell her the great news.

I was excited! But you can’t blame me. She’s my mother. She’s Mom.

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15 Reviews

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Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:30 pm
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crazybanana505 wrote a review...

Hello Liberty I really loved this chapter its really amazing finally were gonna hear more about her mother and Julia thinks that her cousins are rich and now she thinks her mom is rich all because she has a mansion i would think someones rich when i actually see it. I also really like how Julia is thinking that she is "Sherlock Holmes" descendant which i thought that was really funny what else does she think shes a descendant of who "Curious George". Also this chapter had a mix of emotions which i really liked this chapter said that her moms flight came earlier then it was suppose to. This chapter was a really good one and whats gonna happen next a volcano appears out of thin air or her mom disappears as soon as she sees her one of those will be really funny.

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Tue Jul 16, 2019 10:51 pm
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EternalRain wrote a review...

Hi Liberty! Sorry it took so long. I had to get in ~reviewing spirits~ lol.

This Julia/Grams communication and bonding is WHAT I NEEDED! I love it! I'm really happy Julia had this talk and I'm starting to notice her almost starting to forgive her mother. Her cheeriness is coming back, which makes me so happy for her!

Okay, so I'm a *bit* confused on her mother's situation. She marries Julia's dad, has a baby, Julia's dad dies, she gives her baby to her mother because she can't care for her, and then moves from her mansion to a cabin? I think it's really interesting but I feel like there's something missing. Why wouldn't her mom be able to care for her? Mansion makes me think she would have a lot of money... unless her dad was the Wealthy Dude? Hopefully more will be uncovered but it does leave me a little confused why she wouldn't be able to care for her. Maybe if you want to reveal this in the next chapter there could be a little more ~suspense~? For example, when Grams says she couldn't care for Julia, Julia can have a moment of thought like... "she couldn't care for me ??? whhyyy" in order to address this.

That was honestly my only constructive piece I have for this chapter! I really like how we're seeing Julia's perspective on the situation change and grow. I wish she had picked up the phone for Maryam and Ella though. Darn! Maybe next time :p

And that’s when I realized that I still had not checked out this family’s backyard.

This sounds like something fun is coming up. I wonder if they have like,,, a huge treehouse or a play structure or a trampoline or pool. Something EPIC. Julia needs to have some fun. And so does Izzy. Poor girl. :(

Until next time! Peace!

~ EternalRain

Liberty says...

Oh man. The backyard. Woops. I thought I had written that part but I guess it wasn't saved... Lol. I'll get to it. Thanks for the review! I know somethings missing because I purposely left it out. ;)

EternalRain says...

Hehe excited for it! You%u2019re welcome!:)

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Mon Jul 15, 2019 12:29 pm
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JabberHut wrote a review...

I don't know how I missed this chapter BUT I AM HERE NOW!

I already have problems of my own. Why is she putting more? And those too - unless ones.

I can usually read through minor typos and things, but I don't really know what this is saying. XD

I find it strangely ironic that Julia would comment how her motherly friend wasn't her mother and then proceed to act motherly toward Izzy here with the whole 'petting her while her head was in her lap' thing. THAT'S VERY MOTHERLY, JULIA. We never really see her act motherly.

It's interesting to see Izzy break the way she does over this horse when before, she was able to switch her emotions on or off for her friend Julia earlier. Like this horse suddenly depressed her, and I don't imagine Izzy is going to get over this very soon if it's broken her this much.

It would actually be super cool to hear Izzy chatter excitedly about her horse Rockette earlier on so we actually know how she is incredibly fond of this horse and we, in turn, grow fond of the love that she has for this horse. Basically, just mention Rockette earlier and express Izzy's love and attachment to the horse. :D For some reason, Izzy is friends with this specific horse and cherishes this specific horse above the rest. It would be fun to learn why! And this would really build-up the emotions for a more dramatic effect when the horse actually dies.

BUT I DO SEE VALUE IN THIS ROCKETTE DYING. Because it COMPLETELY TAKES IZZY OUT OF THE EQUATION. She is so broken, she's not able to think about anything else, let alone support Julia.

MORNING BIRDS DON'T EXIST. i hate mornings.

Omg and she was sitting up in the bed, too. My back hurts just thinking about how she fell asleep.

omg you should totally dress up like an idiot just to DISRESPECT HER. GOT 'EM.

I like how she put stuff out for after she showered, and then the very next sentence, she took a bath.

bahahahaha two layers on both lashes OBVIOUSLY.

How does she know Anthea's flight?! I figured she would just know Anthea was arriving at such-and-such hour.




omg grams saw.

Oh, I guess Grams is walking with her. I DID NOT REALIZE.

Bahahahahaha probably just nix the adoption part of this story altogether. That's such an arbitrary detail that got snuffed out pretty quick. xD

OMG MAKE IT 13 DEAD BIRDS. That would be so fun.

Oh, no way. No way that all happened between 6:37am and 7:02am. She took a bath and relaxed in it and took her time and it's like 7:30 at least.

LOL. "Continue." Julia, you are not a narrator. Well, I mean you are the narrator, but you're no stage master or director. DON'T CUE GRAMS LIKE THAT, IT'S NOT NATURAL.

Is this the same McDonald that sells burgers and fries? McDonald's?

I like how Julia is just like "yeah, I deserve all of this explanation and I ain't gonna say anything until you say The End" and eats on her cheerios like it's a drama TV show. That seems a little intimidating, poor Grams. xD

GRAMS. DON'T JUST "TELL HER LATER." I think we found out what happens when you DON'T talk about things with Julia that concern Julia.

I'm assuming Grams is in such a sobbing state because this is her daughter? Which would make Anthea Simon's sister? It's the only reason I can think of that would make Grams cry so much, as if she were a seven-year-old who lost a horse BFF. Grams has been through a lot. She's old enough to have experienced sadness and depression. So there must be SOMETHING that's making her cry this much.

I don't think Grams said anything that Julia should consider hiding from the others. Like, it felt like everyone else already knew about Anthea showing up. I feel like they probably know at least most of it, particularly if this is their dad's sister. Uncle Simon probably mentioned Anthea a couple times.


Oh, and you don’t need to hide any of this with the others.” she told me.
“Do they know everything?” I asked, taking the last bit of my Cheerios. She nodded.

So warning Julia that she doesn't need to hide any of this with the others is unnecessary because everyone else knows everything. She confirmed it herself!

Bahahahaha Julia just had a ROLLER COASTER OF EMOTIONS. From a legitimate LOL to a hilarious look of disgust.

Interesting how Aunt Martha assumes Julia is excited about Anthea coming. When they all broke the news to Julia, and it was in a dramatic fashion with everyone in the room, Julia didn't take the news well. No way she did. It'd be safe for Aunt Martha to assume that Julia was not excited and was, in fact, distraught or angry/miserable. So her greeting this morning would be more like "You're looking cheery today" or something like that, a little more geared toward how Julia is feeling or seems happier than the previous night.

This chapter was totally necessary and I loved it. Grams acting the way she was toward Julia really bothered me a lot, so this talk was significant and I am glad that they are good now. Honesty is key!

I will be sure to hit the next chapter ASAP! :D

Jabber, the One and Only!

Liberty says...

Thanks for the review! I'll be waiting for the next review. :) I'll get to editing soon. (:

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264 Reviews

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Sun Jul 14, 2019 1:57 am
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Horisun wrote a review...

Nooo. My binge is over!!
Ah well, at least I'm caught up now!
This was a really nice chapter that mended the relationship between Julia and her Grams. I loved it.
Nothing to really nitpick, overall, this was a really good chapter! Can you tag me when chapter eleven comes out?
I can't wait to read more! :D Have a good day, and I'm sorry if your notification exploded.

Liberty says...

It kinda exploded, but that's okay! The reviews mean the world to me! :) I'll tag you. Thanks so much for all those reviews!

Horisun says...

Your welcome! I had so much fun reading this!

Liberty says...

And I had so much fun reading your reviews. ^-^ They're great.

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