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Guiding of the Lost Souls: Chapter Two

by Kay Kay

At lunch, I went to the cafeteria to find Pete, and see if Devon was correct. Pete spent his lunch period there the year before so that was most likely where I’d find him. Mine was spent outside in the school’s courtyard with Megan. Key words, “was spent.”

I spotted him and Megan sitting together with Pete’s friends at one table. They were holding hands and laughing.

“I told you so,” I voice said from behind me. Devon.

“Devon, what do you want?”

“Not much…just you.”

“Very funny,” I commented sarcastically, walking away.

Unfortunately, he followed me outside to my bench. Once had been Megan’s and mine, but it was clear that she had found another place to hang out.

I sat down and cracked the pull-tab on a can of Dr. Pepper. Then, nearly choked when he asked, “Don’t you think it’s funny how Death likes Dr. Pepper?”

I spit out the drink, and asked, “Can you please not talk so loudly?” I asked him. “Or about us?”

“Sure.” He paused. “Now, don’t you agree that Pete’s a creep?”

“Yes, err…uh, thanks for telling me about it.”

He smiled that perfect smile of his.

Unexpectedly, I heard Pete’s voice saying, “He’s with her again. Man, I think this Devon Montgomery is up to something.

Randal Burbanks, one who was supposed to be my friend, said, “I say you pummel him.”

Devon, too, I noticed could hear them as well.

“Man, I don’t want to get suspended on the first day… but I don’t want to lose her over it,” Pete exclaimed. “Megan’s great and all, but I’d rather have Ash.”

“Promise me, Devon, that you won’t hurt him if he decides to fight you,” I whispered.

“Promise,” he said. “On one condition.”

“What’s that?”

Oh, no, I thought, taking a drink. This could be bad, but at least this way, our secret wouldn’t get out. I mean we have like superhuman strength and could easily hurt someone pretty badly.

“You have to go to the Homecoming Dance,” he informed me. “As my date.”

It wasn’t as bad as what he could have said. But still, it was very unpleasant.

“Deal,” I said uncertainly.

“I won’t hurt him.”

“Thank you.”

Pete came up to the bench and went to kiss me, but I took a drink. Startled, he waited for me to swallow before he kissed my lips quickly.

I had the sudden impulse to kick him where it really hurts and go pummel Megan. But of course, I never accomplished what I wanted to do. Instead, I simply crossed my legs, and took another quick drink.

“Hey, Ash.” Devon instructed, “Look at the white mustang in the parking lot.”

I did so, and saw Clint Howle. He died in a car accident during his senior year the year before.

“That’s a nice car,” I said, so that Pete and Randal wouldn’t become suspicious of us. I blinked slowly at Devon, showing that I could see the ghost leaning against the car in the parking lot.

Pete grabbed my hand, and sat down beside me.

“Pete, why aren’t you sitting with your friends?” I asked him sweetly, turning my head to look at him. “I wanted to be with my girlfriend,” he said, leaning in to kiss me.

LIAR!!! Pete was such a liar. He was only out here to make sure that I didn’t find out about Megan, and to see that Devon didn’t hit on me. I should have broken up with him then, but I didn’t. It would have saved us from a load of trouble.

* * *

I had asked to go to the restroom, but that wasn’t my destination. I ran to the breezeway, and looked around for Clint Howle. Him being here wasn’t cool. I had to find out why he was here.

I spotted him sitting on the edge of the fountain. He sat Indian fashion; staring at the building, looking pretty mad.

I walked over to the fountain, and sat inches away from him. He looked over at me not knowing I could in fact see him. Clint scowled, “I bet you came out here to get some air or smoke. I bet you don’t even know how lucky you are to be living, and certainly don’t know that you’re sitting next to a dead guy.”

He stood to his feet and walked in front of me. Then, made a face and flipped me off saying, “yeah…I can’t have that either.”

Clint waved his hand in front of my face saying, “hello in there!”

“Clint, would you mind not doing that?” I asked. “I mean gosh, stop yelling and doing…that stuff.”

Startled, he jumped back. “You can see and hear me?”

“Yeah, you are yelling, and it is pretty bright out here.”

“B-but how?”

“Don’t you recognize me?” I questioned him; bored.

He stood there staring at me in wonder. Then, reality struck him. “Dude, you’re Death.”

“I prefer Death Angel…so what are you so roar about?”

“I’m not supposed to be dead…my brother Stephen is…wait…you killed me!”

“Yeah, I did. It was your time to go, Clint.”

That’s when it happened….

…. Clint swung at me. I gasped and ducked.

“You killed me you_”

He didn’t have time to finish his sentence, for out of nowhere came Devon. My partner, fellow co-worker, or whatever, tackled Clint to the ground. They started to fight. They were throwing punches and letting out curses.

“Devon, if anybody sees you fighting air, they are going to start talking,” I informed him. “Turn invisible or something.”

He did just that. So no one would see me, I did use that power too.

Clint now had his hands around Devon’s neck trying to choke him. Being alive, he would be killed. I had to do something, even if I didn’t like my partner.

I grabbed hold of the collar of the ghost’s jacket and pulled with all the strength that my powers could handle. Clint and I fell backward; only I fell against the side of the fountain, hitting my head on the concrete. Everything started to spin, and being too weak to use my powers, I turned visible again. Then, everything went dark.

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Mon Feb 06, 2006 9:38 pm
Kay Kay says...

I will asap!!

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Thu Feb 02, 2006 6:51 pm
Joeducktape says...

Yeah Kay! Post more!

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Thu Feb 02, 2006 3:47 pm
Kay Kay says...

I didn't think anyone would enjoy reading this so I stopped posting. Do you really like it? If so I can start posting more!

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Mon Oct 10, 2005 11:00 am

This is good stuff...where's the rest?
x x x

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