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I Hope You Don't Take Me For Granted (This Side of Crazy)

by JadeLotus

NOTE: The * and + both tell different stories. It's a mix kind of from two points of view where the voices cross paths at some points. Imagine two creepy, echoy voices. XD

*Small ransom notes and broken promises.

+Jump over the pool of blood.

*I hope you don't take me for granted.

+Crawl under the twisted wants.

*Though you know I'll be here forever.

+Swim through all the bitter tears.

*We both love all of the wrong things.

+We don't take it for granted.

*This side of crazy, gone too fast in the car!

+One word and you're behind bars.

*The higher their rise, the greater they fell.

+But you trust me not to tell.

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