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Crippling Procrastination

by IconspicuoslyAlpacaing

Irredeemable hebetude.

Withering motivation,

Rivaling that of an

Obese, lazy housecat.

Trite distractions,

Emphasizing only sloth.

Trivial activities like

Harvesting chatchkies,

Ignite a quickly dying

Spark of incentive.

Practically motionless in an

Ocean of apathetic

Endeavors and attempts at

Manufacturing anything substantial.

Trying desperately to

Open and clear my own foggy mind.

Perception is reality and

Reality is an illusion.

Over thinking everything,

Creating almost nothing.

Raising impossible questions

Assessing every minute detail,

Stalling any productivity as,

Time melts at a glacial pace and,

Infinite hours slip away, 

Never truly speaking.

Ambitious planning and

Tenderly grasping ideas as

Eyes glaze over.

Overt lackadaisicalness,

Neglecting all activity.

Many have tried,

Yet few have overcome it.

Nullified sense

Of any motivation.

Void of substantiality,

Elevating my own

Lethargic tendencies.

A/N: Now that you've read the poem, try to find the sEcReT MeSsAgE. *Obligatory mysterious noise* 

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Tue Sep 08, 2020 12:31 pm
LenneTea says...

Loved the secret message in your poem, but how's your novel coming along? lolol

Really funny and relatable poem tho!

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Mon Sep 07, 2020 3:01 pm
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Horisun wrote a review...

That secret message is so relatable it hurts XD
I like to say I have a large vocabulary, but much of the words here are new to me, such as "Hebetude" and "Chatchties" Or however you spell that.
I'll certainly need to google those definitions better, because I've never heard either before.
One small, tiny nitpick I will say that is one hundred percent my opinion, is that I don't feel like this poem belongs in the humor drama, more realistic of something.
I dunno, that's just my thought, you don't have to heed it, (See, I can use big words too :D)

Overall, the entire poem was great! I really enjoyed it's message, and the word choice levels were through the roof! Which, in this case, is a good thing! It honestly gives me the vibe of someone procrastinating in their writing by going back, and choosing bigger, and bigger, words. But in this case, it makes this poem all the better!
Keep on writing, and have a great day! :D

Tbh I just wanted to use the word Lackadaisical %u270C%uFE0F

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Mon Sep 07, 2020 4:51 am
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RadDog13579 says...

Found the message

Spoiler! :
The first letter of each line reads out to; I wrote this poem to procrastinate on my novel.

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Mon Sep 07, 2020 4:45 am
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LittleLee wrote a review...

Hello, Connie!

I'll say straight off I didn't find the secret message, partly because I'm too lazy myself but shh, but I did like the poem. The sense of how bored you are/were did seep into me. Of course, I relate completely to this poem. How could you do this

I particularly enjoyed the flowery diction, though I'd say that was the trait of someone willing to haul themselves up to get the right words for the right places.

The topic of your poem allows for a lot of flexibility; the short, choppy lines only seem to emphasize your frustration and lack of the desire to do anything.

So, my overall impression? Good job!

Harvesting chatchkies,

According to Google, it's "chachkies," but 'tis a new word to me, so I can't comment on it. Thanks for adding to my vocabulary, at any rate.

In some places, you've thrown in commas in the middle of a sentence. Let me show you:
Assessing every minute detail,

Stalling any productivity as,

Time melts at a glacial pace and,

Infinite hours slip away,

Never truly speaking.

Only the first and third commas are required here. The others are grammatically out of place, since you're technically still continuing the sentence.

There were also a couple of detached sentences which didn't work out well, even despite the topic. Like this one:
Nullified sense

Of any motivation.

There isn't really a subject here, is there?

I can't nitpick any more. Had your poem been about anything else, I would have pointed out other things, but this is, well, regarding boredom and those things just amuse me. Well done!
I hope you keep writing. :D


- Lee

Some might say that using extra flowery language in a poem written specifically to procrastinate on something else is the ultimate act of laziness, because I got so lazy I put effort into not working on what it was I told myself I'd work on. But hey, that's just me

LittleLee says...


I always prefer to believe the best of everybody; it saves so much trouble.
— Rudyard Kipling