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Delta - 25.1

by CaptainJack

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language and mature content.

January 1, 4141 12:30 pm – oh god.This means wedding planning is a thing now.

Harry woke up in her usual state of being curled against Will, left hand carefully twirled through her partner’s hair and right hand holding tight to Will’s waist.  She slowly pulled her aching body into a sitting position, leaning down to kiss all along her partner’s neck with little regard for accidentally waking the sleep.  Unlike most people who got engaged, Harry and Will had not celebrated the event together.  By the time they had cleaned the offices and set aside their worries for everyone getting home safe, all they could manage was collapsing against the bed.

She thought mildly for a moment about Robe and Glenn, wondering how terribly that event might have gone.  If it was a disaster, she would be kicking herself for not doing more.  For not stopping them in their paths before they even got the chance to be dry humping on the patio furniture.  And if it turned out alright for the pairing, Harry would just be on guard for whatever might happen next.

“Good morning, Harry.”

The morning greeting came along with a kiss and Will shifting their positions in bed.  Harry soon found herself on her back, looking up to Will’s pile of curls hanging down into the field of vision.  Will reclined from the leaning position with the quick motion of straddling Harry’s hips and not so discreetly grinding against them.  Harry brought her hands up Will’s sides slowly, pulling her partner down for another kiss and answering with her own, “Good morning, my love.”

Their series of kissing continued to the path of what the newly engaged should be enjoying.  It was far easier to be making love this morning, even with the cramps quickly rising in Harry’s legs.  She slid her hands off of Will to try and unbuckle her braces.

Those weren’t meant to be left on.

Will noticed her attempts and drew out of the kiss to take the metal and leather off Harry’s legs.  While Will was completing the process, she asked, “Harry, do you know what today is?”

“Well I think that it’s the first of January, but it might be the second with how long you slept, sleepy head.”

Will giggled at being called ‘sleepy head’ and Will giggling was one of Harry’s favorite things.  She loved when Will was happy, the way the curls would bounce along her back and the blush that would spread so quickly across her partner’s face.

“Do you not understand what I mean?”

“I’m not sure but I’m hoping that today is the day of fuck your partner to consummate a marriage that doesn’t exist yet.”

“It’s the first day of wedding planning.”

Harry took another kiss and then dropped her head back against the pillow, trying to escape the thoughts of her other weddings.  The two of them had been rather terrible and the events should have warned Harry that neither relationship was going to last that long.

None of your relationships last long, Harry.

The one with Cara had been in front of a royal court, halls donned to the hilt and an entire army witnessing the kiss between their king and, as the people of time liked to say, their gardener.  Their love story would have been sweeter if they hadn’t of been patronized and then traumatically separated by the grace of the gods.

Maybe it was karma.

It wasn’t karma when it came to Via though.  The death of your bride during your actual wedding was quite possibly the worst event that could occur on that day.  Harry’s relationship with Via had been a cover story, every part of their lives manipulated and engineered by the Federation for three years.  Via was a case, an assignment, and a good bed partner, but they were never supposed to have a life together.  Harry did protect the monarch, taking their bond further when Harry took an heir to her own thrown by Via.  All the complicated mechanics of those past relationships should have been the farthest thing from her mind in that moment.

But they just kept coming back to beat down the door.

“Harry, I know you’re a widower, but you really should be more excited about us.  Did your other weddings really go so terribly wrong?”

Will knew some things about Harry’s past marriages.

Will knew that both of Harry’s wives had died in a relatively short period after the weddings took place and that each relationship had ended over three hundred years ago.  And Will was aware that Via was shot, while Cara had died more or less naturally.  But Will did not know that Via had been shot in the moments after their vows had been taken and that the perpetrator was still unknown today.

So, she lied as she said, “No, just enough little things.  As a still sitting king of my home nation, you understand that our wedding will be before a royal court, yes?”

“I hadn’t fully taken that into account but yes I realize there is plenty of tradition to uphold in the ceremony,” Will traced her fingers along Harry’s side as she spoke, relaxing into a curve.  “Which is why I want us to have a wedding here on Zinnia and then one for whenever you break the news to your children.”

Harry gasped at the presence of Will’s warm fingertips making their way across her chest and she thought carefully about the royal decisions that needed to take place.  She had in fact already contacted the children about making a return visit and informed them that she would most likely be bringing Will as a bride.  It had been awkward to inform them of the possibility, no matter the premature congratulations that had been sent her way.

“They might already know.  And we might already be due for a visit from the boys this morning.  And we may or may not be set to stand before the court in a month’s time to announce our plans.”

“Well how did you know that I was going to say yes?  I could have declined your royal highness in front of that entire crowd and left you out in the cold.”

Slight giggles escaped Will’s throat as she held her head high during delivery.  Harry ran her fingers back through the precious curls, pulling Will in for another kiss as she thought of a careful, witty answer.

“Made my offerings to the gods right before I went down on my knee.  And I hope you appreciate that I went down on my knee because it still hurts like hell.”

“Yes, I know it hurts.  Especially for someone of your age.”

“Did you steal that insult from Ria?  Isn’t that the one xe uses right before blackmailing Jud into sex?”

Will was still giggling as she asked, “I thought you didn’t pay attention to the fights they have over their love life.”

“I said that I tried to avoid hearing but that doesn’t mean I don’t hear certain things.  We might need to replace the office windows with soundproof glass.”

That was something they actually needed to do.

All of the windows and panes of glass in the office needed to be replaced with something sturdier.  It had only been about two weeks since Leo had managed to shatter the front theater with a slightly enhanced pistol.  Harry had meant to be changing the defense system for the office for a while but had never fully gotten around to doing so.  And Will had fallen into the line of fire because of her lack of security for the building.

Maybe Harry was crazy to think that they would be safe in a building with forty armed detectives.

Just crazy.

“Harry, love, there’s a lot of things that we have to work on for the office and there will be plenty of time to do it.  But I’d like to keep your attention on me for the time being.”

“Of course.  I am an old man, perhaps my mind is slipping a bit.”

“Your mind is perfectly alright, Harry.  You just worry about everyone and everything happening, all of the time.  I don’t know how you do all of that.”

One answer ran across Harry’s mind but she surprised the doubt, answering Will with only a smile.  She didn’t know how she was still alive either but Robe theorized it was spite.  Only Harry would have survived six hundred years of traveling across the universe on spite, whiskey, and a revolver.  Or so Robe said some mornings in dark little cafes while he tried to eat the experimental pastry of the day.

She pressed another kiss against Will’s neck while whispering, “Everything takes practice.  And I’ve had a lot of time to practice, especially at one of the things you love so much.”

Will pulled herself away, pushing Harry up and putting them both into a sitting position.  Her eyes flicked down to Harry’s pants, hand still resting on the barely clothed thighs, and a smile across her face.  Harry knew what was coming next and stopped her movements of taking another kiss.  They carefully sat together for a few minutes before Will spoke.

“Mmm as lovely as that sounds right now, we’ve really only had a few hours of sleep and we didn’t shower last night.  Would you be satisfied with a peaceful soak in the tub and then a cleaning session?”

Harry would have preferred differently, but an earlier glance at the bedside clock had revealed how long they had slept.  She hated to tell Will that the nearly six hours of sleep they had gotten was more than Harry usually went in for.  She did try to sleep later on most days, wanting to spend more time in bed curled up with Will, but her brain usually didn’t care for such an occurrence.  It preferred the five hours of sleep as enough for two days of work, and anything more was an extraneous waste.

She quickly pushed the thought away and began pulling her legs from their numbed position.

“That sounds good, my love.  I hope you don’t mind helping me into the tub, my legs don’t seem to want to cooperate.”

“Do you want your braces, Harry?”

“No, I don’t want to deal with that shit for twenty feet of movement.”

Harry eased her legs onto the floor, feeling the familiar rush of pain as the nerves decided to be present.  She bit back her screams of pain, eyes closed tightly and pain echoing around in her head.  The outline of Will moving around to her side of the bed was visible through a narrowed field of vision.  Harry felt Will’s perpetually warm finger tips on her thighs, working their way down to her knees and taking special care on the back of her legs.

After five minutes, Harry managed to keep herself from physically wincing and took Will’s hand to go into their bathroom.  The short distance across tile shot a series of impacts into her nerves, but Harry ignored the signals of pain.  Will stood carefully to the side and Harry swept towards her in a quick motion, fingertips at the buttons of her lover’s night shirt.  The shorts came off easier, followed by a trail of kisses down Will’s nearly shaking legs.

Then she went about the regular routine starting with turning on the water, collecting their robes and towels from the nearby shelf, and folding their pajamas into a neat military stack.

“Harry, you don’t have to do that.  I could have folded our clothes.”

With a flat grin Harry looked towards Will and said, “I don’t like how you fold the shirts.”

Harry dipped a hand into the quickly rising water, adding a measured amount of soap and placing two wash cloths on the side of the tub.  The water still clinging to her hand quickly spread the relaxed feeling through her body and gave Harry back the strength that had so easily slipped away.  With each inch that her legs eased into the tub, Harry could feel her strength returning and soon she knew she could hear thoughts for five miles around.

If she wanted to.

She didn’t.

“Are you okay, Harry?”

“Will, I’m perfect.  Come sit with me, my love, and then we’ll get to work.”

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128 Reviews

Points: 200
Reviews: 128

Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:21 am
Bullet wrote a review...

Aw, this was cute.

The only thing that jars me about your writing is how meticulous and calculated it feels. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just something to consider. It doesn't really flow naturally - it's very scientific, as is your brain, which you know I love.

I still don't feel like I have a very solid idea of Harry? Like I don't have a solid enough idea about her life back in the home nation, how she continues to be a ruling monarch, how her braces work or why she needs them. Maybe it's because it's been so long between reading each chapter, but it just seems a bit hazy to me.

(It's also kind of jarring how much will and harry remind me of you and i).


Yeah, my biggest thing is that the history seems a little muddled. Maybe in the rewrite you could map out a better timeline? And make things clearer?

Also love how ambiguous Harry's gender is XD.

okay thats it love you byyyyyyeeee

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35 Reviews

Points: 2972
Reviews: 35

Fri Jul 26, 2019 2:28 am
LanaOverland wrote a review...

Hi. I think I reviewed another piece of yours a while ago.

First a summary: this wasn't really an action beat so in the grand scheme there's only so must I can gleam but Harry, a 600 year old king is waking up next to her third fiance Will. They talk about the wedding planning they'll have to do and are generally cute. Harry thinks about her past two wives, one which sadly ended in her wife dying of natural causes (I think) and the other who was straight up murdered after they made an heir.

There's not a lot I really want to talk about, just a few parts that because I was walking into the middle of this caused me some confusion. But I generally thought the plot seemed interesting and the two leads (in this scene) seemed to really care about one another.

My first point is about dialogue tags. I could have really used more frequent dialogue tags. Enough said there.

Second point: I got really confused in the section discussing Harry's past wives (mostly because there’s a lot of story I haven’t read and I don’t know who Harry is). So I’m going to attempt to respectfully parse out what I can. Cara is the gardener? Which would make Harry the king (or presumably the former king in which case there’s a past history with her gender)? But then again not because with Via the monarch is a separate entity (or maybe that’s a typo and should be monarchy?) with Via being this cover story who Harry had a child with to prove that they were a totally stable situation. I probably sound a little dumb, but I think it could be clearer.

Third point: Continuing questions on Harry's gender. So Harry identifies herself both as a man and a king in dialogue and uses she/hers prounouns. I have no problem with that (I want to be clear) but maybe its just because I’m jumping into the middle but I’m kind of curious why she still calls herself king? Like is she a trans woman who has to hide this side of herself for her people? Were her other marriages coverups for this fact? Or is she nonbinary or gender fluid and unabashedly uses king and she/hers together? I’m asking because I’m honestly curious, that sounds really interesting. Is she even just a cis woman who’s kingdom doesn’t differentiate between male and female rulers, in which case why not pick a gender neutral term like simply monarch?

Fourth Point: this line: “Isn’t that the one xe uses right before blackmailing Jud into sex?” Oh cool canonical nonbinary character.

I always knew that deep down in every human heart, there is mercy and generosity. No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.
— Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom