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Delta - 24.4

by CaptainJack

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language and mature content.

Robe pulled his first two fingers part of the way out, adding lube to a third and tightly grouping them for re-entry.  His mouth needed to be somewhere during the insertion of the third finger and Robe set his eyes on his partner’s cock right in front of him.  Glenn was so adorably moaning from the combination of the two, and it was hard to let go of the moment.  Looking up, Robe could see how all of their actions made Glenn physically move around and he smiled with a small amount of pride.  While thinking about the other ways to get the movement response from Glenn, a small pang of regret struck across his mind.  He could have spent a good deal of time prepping the soldier’s ass before insertion of the fingers had even begun.

Another idea that would wait for another day.

He slowly pulled off Glenn’s cock while asking, “How does that feel, darling?”


The moment was filled with a series of pants and Glenn continuing once again to say, “More.  Please.”

“Be patient, my darling.”

Robe took the condom from the foil packet, being thankful that he had torn the seal off before his hands were quite so covered in lube.  More went on the condom and a little bit more on his fingers as he worked them into Glenn’s ass one more time.

“Are you ready?”



“Yes, please.”

He slowly pushed in, pulling Glenn’s legs up around him and changing the position slightly.  Entry elicited a series of moans and groans from Glenn, and Robe slowly felt the familiar pleasure as he worked his way up.  They pushed together for a portion of his length and then would stop, falling together and panting before the thrusting began again.

On one of those times, Glenn had put his lips to Robe’s ear in a kiss and then started laughing.

“May I ask what you’re laughing about?”

“I’m just thinking about how they must not have done any anal probing in the five hundred years I was under last time.”

Robe joined him in laughing for a few minutes, kissing his partner’s neck again while making his own remarks about Glenn being tight.  His words were far cruder, adding on to the idea of having sex in a storage closet and the possible dangers of being discovered.  The threat of being caught seemed to turn Glenn on even more, gauging by the erection held steady against Robe’s thigh and the continued panting.

Before beginning again, Robe leaned in for another kiss and another question to check on their status.

“Is this okay, darling?”

“It’s perfect, Robe.  Is this okay for you?”

He didn’t even think about his answer, just echoing back that it was perfect.  The sex itself was pretty good but it was the partner that was making the situation be perfect.  Robe found himself already pulled into a spiral of being in love with the man beneath him and tried to force those thoughts out his mind once again.

Why do the thoughts about sex disappear so easily?  And why do the thoughts about love and a future day dream keep haunting me?

Robe could easily imagine Glenn underneath him for the rest of time.  He looked down to keep a focus on the beautiful green eyes that kept locking in place with his own as they moved together.  Every time he got the chance, Robe would move his body back down, leaning in for kiss after kiss.  The strong arms gripped tighter and tighter on his shoulders, and the only dialogue heard from Glenn was moaning and begging for it to be rougher.

Maybe the handcuffs in the front corridor had been the right way to start out the evening.

It wasn’t long before the moans turned to warnings.  Amid the moment of the warning itself, Glenn had already come, and the fluid was quickly pooling between their stomachs.  Robe took a last round of thrusting knowing how close he was and collapsed on top of his partner once again.  They kept in their position for a long while, Robe slowly kissing up and down Glenn’s neck, and Glenn keeping his tight hold around Robe’s waist.

“How was that, darling?  Did I meet your standards for having a second round?”

Robe pushed himself back up, leaning over Glenn and looking down for an answer.  The soldier was still squirming beneath him, fingers lazily running through sweat soaked hair and the green eyes bright as ever.

“That was wonderful.  And yes, I’d like a second round,” he paused while running fingers across the scars on Robe’s chest.“However, I’d like to shower first and take some time with you in bed.”

“A shower sounds good.”  Robe looked down at their mess and the pool spreading onto the bed.“The sheets need changed too.  You can shower first, if you like.”

“I was rather hoping that I could shower with you.  We’ll take care of all of this once we get out and find some new clothes, okay?”

Glenn’s turn around surprised Robe for a moment.The man had just been beneath him begging to be fucked into a mattress, moaning Robe’s name in with a stream of expletives and praisings of different deities.  And now Garner had turned around into being a rather flirtatious mother hen.

Not that Robe was complaining.

“I’m sure I’ll have something that will fit you, even if it’s just a robe and boxer shorts.”

“Well, you know, the underwear isn’t all that necessary.”

A smile spread across Robe’s face as he jokingly said, “Not necessary for bed but if you plan on sitting on my living room furniture, you better damn well have some shorts on.”

They started laughing together, slowly starting to move in their position when the realization came they were still attached.  Robe slowly pulled out, climbing off the bed carefully and taking the condom to the bathroom trash.  He ruffled his hair out in the mirror with the slow wondering of how he got here.  The ‘here’ being pondered in his mind was a flurry of things: the apartment, his career, the man in his bed, the people who had once slept on those same sheets, and Robe’s continued survival on the planet Zinnia.

“Robe are you alright in there?”

He answered the call of concern with a simple, “Yes, I’m fine.  Just give me a minute more.”

And so, he stood for a minute more in front of the mirror, taking in a naked uniform and going back to salute his waiting soldier.

Robe returned to the bedroom, took his partner by the hand and took Glenn with him into the shower.  The strings of kisses from the bed returned and Robe found himself easily planted against one of the shower walls.  As Glenn resumed the journey of exploration that Robe had so rudely interrupted earlier, a single thought crossed his mind.

The sheets could wait.

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Sun Jul 28, 2019 2:45 pm
LanaOverland wrote a review...

Hello, Lana, back again, horribly out of order.

So my first thoughts on opening this up were this is the third part of this sex scene. Because I've already talked about tone in other reviews for the same scene, I would like to talk about this being a continuous scene and the conflict that needed to be resolved in this scene—i.e. something is set up like Robe and Glenn’s relationship status being in question which manifests in the way Robe is having sex, and then how the act of sex and being with Glenn changes the experience and draws them closer. I felt that that was resolved in previous sections. This one kinda just felt like further expansion on Robes feelings of love over attraction, which I didn't think was bad. "Why do the thoughts about sex disappear so easily? And why do the thoughts about love and a future day dream keep haunting me?" that was a really good line and it should have been closer to the conclusion of the scene.

So overall. It's a well-written sex scene that does seem to have a purpose in the story. It is also a very very very long sex scene that you could probably cut down a lot. Move the safe sex stuff up, move the emotional beats down.

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380 Reviews

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Sat Jun 15, 2019 10:14 am
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Dreamy wrote a review...

Hi there, LordWolf.

You might remember me from reviewing the part one of this chapter, as I said in that review, I wanted to know more of their story so I proceeded to read the rest of chapter.

I must say, I might've been a bit early in calling part one a nice dose of entwining. HAHA

In this part, I got to know Robe a little bit more. And I hope I'm not too early to say that I kind of care for him, especially because he couldn't take his mind off from thinking of having a future with the green-eyed fella for the rest of the time. Now, c'mon. That's adorable.

For some reason, the little conversation that they had reminded me of Captain America. And I'm guessing Glen is the kind. I don't know on what basis, but Captain America's was who came to my mind.

Of everything that's said and one, below quoted sentence threw me off, I read and re-read it twice to make sense. I understand that you were denoting Glenn's change of mannerism/turn of character but it felt like it was oddly phrased. Reading turn around, I thought he physically turned around, y'know? smh

Glenn’s turn around surprised Robe for a moment

Overall, the three chapters that I have read so far were engaging and I'd love to follow the story, if you want me to.

Keep writing!


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