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Delta - 24.1

by CaptainJack

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language and mature content.

January 1, 4141 8:30 am – in your arms is a nice place to be

Robe woke up beside someone.

That hadn’t happened for a long, long while and it was a painful few minutes before he dared to try and recall the memories from last night.  There was a certain amount of pounding echoing in his head, threatening to detach his skull from his spine.  A quick glance around the room revealed his trench coat thrown over the desk chair and a leather jacket hanging over top of it.  Two pairs of shoes laid under the desk, his own dress shoes and a pair of combat boots.  And the clothes were muddled together in a way Robe’s bleary vision could not manage to dissect.


The soft noise was occurring as a face was pushing itself into Robe’s chest.  The amount of warmth was undeniably comfortable, and Robe smiled down at the someone holding on to his waist.  Pushing back the dark, curly hair, Robe was quickly remembering Major Glenn Garner and all that they had accomplished the night before.  Even with the amount of jealousy that has surged in his chest just a few hours before, calm thoughts had taken over Robe’s mind.  The calm prompted him to keep kissing along Glenn’s face, eventually pulling the man up to equal height in the bed and wrapping his legs into the soldier’s.

“Good morning, darling.”

Glenn’s voice slurred slightly as he spoke the line, head dipping further into Robe’s chest.  They were both thoroughly hung over from mistaken choices the night before and Robe pulled their huddle into a more comfortable position.  Glenn easily stretched across his chest, arms circling around with a tight grip and their toes clashing with each other.

Laying a kiss on Glenn’s forehead, Robe answered, “Good morning, Garner.”

“Garner?  After what we did last night you’re still going to be so stiff?”

“Whether I’m stiff or not is besides the point, you’re in no shape to have sex at the moment.”

Their laughter quickly filled the room and the grasp on Robe’s waist grew even tighter.  This was something that he had missed.  Far more than he was aware.  Glenn’s breath quickly fell back to the sleeping state and Robe pulled the blankets farther around them.  He leaned back on the pillow with one arm around Glenn’s shoulders and slowly began recounting the events of the night before.


When Robe had made the proposition in the kitchen, he could feel Glenn’s eyes through his coat.  Of the two, Robe was sober enough to drive home and with the luck of no one else being on the road in the early hours of the morning.  There was a slight amount of swerving and from what Robe could remember a rising fear of being spotted by a patrol car.  Hundreds of police units should have been swarming around the city in the middle of New Years, but not near Robe’s neighborhood.  His community must not have been suicidal enough to garner the attention of the police on the holiday.

It had been a careful process to get them both safely up the four sets of stairs.  The elevator of Robe’s apartment building was in its usual state of disrepair and their trip progress wasn’t helped by the breaks on every landing.  Ones consisting of Glenn slipping down the walls after a fit of kissing, moaning and huffing while Robe stood to side and sighed.  The whole ordeal would have been very adorable if Robe didn’t already have a particular plan for the evening.  Or if he had the strength to haul Glenn up the stairs.  He was strong but not that strong.

They were barely through the door before Robe was unbuttoning his shirt, soon changing his focus to taking off Glenn’s.  They fell against the first inside wall, Robe matching enough in height that he could keep the soldier successfully pinned.  The partner was wriggling under him and a knee slowly slipped up to Robe’s groin, rubbing against his dick and getting a surprise reaction.

“I was expecting something else,” Glenn nearly moaned the words into Robe’s ear as they pushed together.

Robe pulled off of his lips for a minute, holding himself just out of reach and began questioning the statement.


“Well it’s not too hard to tell that about you and especially with knowing Harry’s type.”

So maybe this is what Harry was meaning to warn Robe about.  He brought Glenn from against the wall, kissing the soldier for a minute, pulling his thumbs through the loose belt loops, and flipping his partner around.  One quick maneuver later, Glenn’s face was pressed into the wall and Robe was holding the partner’s hands in place.  Robe ran his free hand through his trench coat, quickly finding the pair of handcuffs he was looking for and better securing Glenn’s hands behind his back.

Robe ran his hand up Glenn’s pant leg, squeezing tightly once he found the man’s balls and leaning over the waiting shoulder to say, “Medical technology has changed a bit in two thousand years, cowboy.”

Glenn was laughing beneath him.  Robe kept his calm as the man was finding humor in a situation Robe was trying to keep on the serious side.  Yes, his line was designed as a bit of joke, but Glenn’s laughter was more.  It was almost a mocking and Robe was not in the mood to be mocked during foreplay.  They had been just a few steps from the bedroom, but there was always something.

Always something when he brought someone back rather than having a screw in a random closet or bathroom area.

After a bit of panting and wriggling in the handcuffs, Glenn turned his head back slightly to ask, “But Harry was still the penetrating partner, wasn’t she?”

Yes, that was true.  For the most part.

Robe didn’t want to be thinking about this now, but all of the thoughts were so quickly running through his head.  This questioning of partners when Robe got on top and took control would sometimes happened.  But most people wondered about his ability because of his demeanor.  Not because they used to screw the same person and know that anyone with that mutual partner was likely to be submissive.

Their occasional relationship had taken place on either side of the state of Robe’s bottom parts.  Harry most often had the place on top and Robe had tended to sink to the bottom.  But those tendencies didn’t mean he hadn’t spent his fair amount of time in the spotlight.  Rusty or not, there were some skills that he would have to break out this evening if Glenn was going to be talking back the entire night.

“Yes, but what else would you expect from her?  And Major Garner, I am so wondering what you’re expecting from me this evening.”  Robe bit into Glenn’s lip while pushing the man further against the wall, making sure he didn’t mess the pretty face up too much.  He reached around to undo Glenn’s belt, biting into the waiting neck as the belt buckle slowly clinked on the tile floor.  A quiet moan came from the waiting and entirely willing partner, followed by a slight series of whimpers as Robe slipped his hand into the jeans.

In the moment, he had decided to spend his time teasing Glenn, purposely keeping his hand out of the soldier’s underwear.  Instead, his fingertips ran around the edge of the waist band elastic and gripped tight around the muscled thighs.

Amid a series of lovely sounds, Glenn spoke to him saying, “For one, I am hoping that you’ll let me out of this hand cuffs long enough for me to wrap my arms around you.”

Robe switched the positions of his hands.  His left had been running up and down inside of Glenn’s pants while his right held the handcuffs in place.  Another quick maneuver brought his right hand down on Glenn’s corresponding right thigh.  The moaning steadied Robe’s nerves with the self confidence needed for the moment, slowly clearing his doubt away.

“Why do you want your arms around me, darling?”

“So I can be looking up to you as you fuck me.”

That answer was unexpected.

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339 Reviews

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Thu Jun 20, 2019 5:25 am
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EditorAndPerks wrote a review...

Hi again. It's time for the fun time reading today. I think I'll keep this review a bit short if I don't find that much I can really critique from this, but it's a joy to read either way. I've been curious about what would happen between Glenn and Robe the last few chapters, so yippee that the deal is finally being sealed? Uh, I dunno.

Anyways, this will be a sporadic review, because I've been piecing this thing together for a while now.

To start, I think Robe's character really shows out in this part, especially that we got a slightly intoxicated Robe previously and were able to get his thoughts on stuff. Here, he's certainly not the greatest at making well-thought-out decisions, as maybe not drive while still drunk, but I can appreciate that the connection had been made between him and Glenn. Robe surprising the other with his anatomy actually does a nice job of providing a random little burst of world-building which I do always like.

From there, I think it's interesting that kinks are surely showing up (handcuffs, Robe? You're not that subtle), and that there's a conversation happening here. The fact that they're discussing a past lover of both of them has to be an insane feat. It works well for them both though, as clearly they've still got a few things left to either work out or contemplate. And, for once, it's not just about what they want to do for sexy times.

I think I might leave this review here, but it's certainly a unique read so far.

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Fri Jun 14, 2019 5:16 pm
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Dreamy wrote a review...

Wow! Sex! When I wrote my first sex scene I was so afraid to post it on YWS. You're my hero.

Now, I hope you forgive me for randomly reviewing your novel. I know I hate when people do that. But I hope you understand my reason of help cleaning the green room.

This was an interesting chapter. I was really hooked for the obvious reasons. Since this particular chapter only revolves around two characters it was easy to follow. I don't think it'd be nice to fill my review with guessing games (guessing the motivation of the characters) so I'll just comment on what I liked.

You have a nice pace. You didn't loiter around the sex nor did you make it the most eventful event of the novel. The two lovers who I think share history are filling in the gaps of their life as they let their self be taken over by intense sense of yearning. It was beautifully delivered.

What really bothered my was the first sentence of the chapter.

Robe woke up beside someone.

That hadn’t happened for a long,

I thought it was an odd way of opening a mid-chapter. So I went and read the previous chapter, and it very clearly says Robe left with Glenn, so why the mystery beginning? When the story is published, there is a high chance of the last chapter's end and the beginning of this chapter ending up side by side. And that is a very bad transition.

If there be a need,

There was a certain amount of pounding echoing in hisRobe head,

could be rewritten as above.

Also, if I have to be honest, I've read the chapter five times to make sure if the discussion of bottom matters. And I'm drawing the conclusion that it does. Robe's intention of proving himself seems to lead his character for future dominance. He cares what Glenn thinks, and he wants him to shut up. But it doesn't necessarily mean it's out of love but mere "I am the old me/but I can still change" demeanor, if that makes sense.

Overall, I want to know what's the story. Like, really badly.

See you in the next chapter.

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