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Delta - 23.1

by CaptainJack

Warning: This work has been rated 18+.

January 1, 4141 3:00 am – how did it happen this way

Robe stood at the edge of the balcony for Harry’s apartment, lit cigarette between his lips.  Harding was standing on his left side, avoiding the traveling smoke that Robe knew he hated so much.  And the newly introduced, still distrusted, Glenn Garner was standing at his right.  The man had joined him in lonely smoking on the ledge as the trio heard everyone else celebrating inside.  With the turning of the new year and Harry finally finding the courage to propose, their group did have a lot to celebrate.

But no matter how much Robe loved Harry and Will.  How much he was willing to protect his best friends who had helped him through so many hard times…

Bart’s coughing followed by a question asked vaguely in his direction brought Robe back to the present scene.


“Did you not hear a single word I said, Cab?”

Robe let out another stream of smoke, ground the butt into a nearby ashtray, and brought his eyes up to answer Bart.

“Sorry, I was just a little bit distracted.  What were you asking me?”

“I was asking if you had any plans for settling down.  Usually after friends get engaged, the single people in their lives start questioning where their own paths are going to go.”

Robe looked nervously between the men on either side of him.  He knew that Harding was happily married to a husband that had an affinity for buying hats for the couple’s occasions and holidays.  And he knew from the brief interactions with Garner, and stories preemptively told by Harry, that the man was rather loose in his choices.  This was only confirmed when Robe had found Glenn’s hand on his thigh and the solider had no intention of moving it.

“Oh, you know guys, romance was never really my area,” he paused and saw the judgmental doubt in their eyes.  “It’s a pretty common thing with police officers.  We don’t seek out relationships beyond casual things to slip away because we don’t want to have to worry about who we’re leaving behind.”

Robe hoped that his current associates would understand the fumbling excuse with his knowledge of their histories.  From what he had come to understand, they were both seasoned veterans of the Federation Force, Garner stewing a bit longer than anyone else.  Before the past two weeks had passed, Robe doubted he would ever meet someone older than Harry who still looked like a breath of spring.  And now the soldier who was trying to capture his attention turned out to be rather ancient – not that Robe minded.

“I mean, you both understand what I mean, yeah?”

He looked between the two of them, getting no verbal response but the slight nodding of heads.  Robe picked his crystal glass up from the concrete where it was sitting between two railing posts.  The other witnesses of the porch joined him in the motion of drinking down their entire glasses in one shot.  A silence quickly surrounded them, but there was nothing to say that would not come out awkwardly.

After a few more minutes, it started to rain.  Bart excused himself at this point, gathering his coat and jacket from the chaise lounge and taking the empty glass inside.  As Bart left, there was a slight glimmer in his eye, almost a wink in Robe’s direction.  Obviously, someone else had noticed the displays of affection from Major Garner.

“So, Glenn, how do you know Harry?  She mentioned you a couple of times before, but I was under the impression that you were dead.”

Great job, Robe.

“Harry and I met on a mission in Nerot’s trade city of Zuucar, right when she was promoted to captain of an intelligence base outside of the port.  And despite rank, I quickly learned that as a liaison to that base, she was commander,” he paused while taking a flask out of a beaten leather jacket.  “How do you know her?”

Robe started laughing upon hearing his question.  Not a faint laugh or a chuckle, just a blatant display of his troubled backstory with Harry.  There was no easy way to explain what had taken place between them.  How after Harry had rescued him from the holds of the Fiacres that they had slept together for three months before they parted ways.  How they were far closer than best friends tended to be in the public eye and how he wouldn’t be alive without her.

Maybe that’s why he felt jealous.

No matter how happy he was for the couple.

The laughing had quietly turned to crying, something Robe didn’t notice until an arm was around his waist and holding him on the lounge under the awning.  Some of the rain was dripping down on the person shielding him, but they didn’t seem to mind.  He soon realized that he was leaning against the soft leather that he had been admiring on Glenn’s shoulders just a few minutes before.  And the arms around his waist should have been making him uncomfortable – the way he had always been kept away from sex with physical contact.

“Robe are you alright?”

Gathering his thoughts quickly and wanting to run away, Robe snapped out, “I’m fine.”

“I know it’s been awhile since I held anyone but nothing about this situation seems to be fine,” Glenn’s fingers brushed along his cheek as the accusation was made.  That’s what it was plain and simple, an accusation.

Robe tried to pull himself out of the man’s hold, slowly leaning forward only for his head to get lighter and lighter.  Even as Glenn let go from his waist, it felt like he was still being pulled back down into the cushion.  The warmth that was beneath him was very tempting.  It had been a very long time since Robe had that sort of comfort, but everything about the situation seemed wrong.

Why would a stranger care so much?

The question rolled through his brain a couple of times before Robe forced himself to ask it.

“Why do you care, Garner?  You could have just left me standing to have a cry in the rain and now I’ve gotten your shirt damp with my tears.”

“I wouldn’t have been much of a gentleman if I had just left you in the rain.  And knowing Harry, having a mixed reaction of both laughing and crying seems appropriate,” Garner paused for a moment, running his fingers through Robe’s hair and leaving a warm breath on Robe’s neck.  “I knew her for enough years to know that she has a way of drawing out deep emotions from people.”

“I’ve only known her for a decade, so I can see how your immortal types might balk at that number.”

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Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:25 pm
BluesClues wrote a review...

Bart’s coughing followed by a question asked vaguely in his direction brought Robe back to the present scene.

I absolutely adore "a question asked vaguely in his direction." A+

“I was asking if you had any plans for settling down. Usually after friends get engaged, the single people in their lives start questioning where their own paths are going to go.”

I laughed way harder than I probably should have at this line, but I think it's just because I'm rewatching "How I Met Your Mother" and that's literally what all the single people in this dumb show do every time one of them gets engaged or married or pregnant. Plus probably in all other sitcoms. I'm sure it happened in "Friends," too, but I was too busy complaining about Ross to notice.

I like getting into Robe's head more, and also I don't know if I'd known he and Harry had slept together previously and just forgotten or if I hadn't known that, but!

How after Harry had rescued him from the holds of the Fiacres that they had slept together for three months before they parted ways. How they were far closer than best friends tended to be in the public eye and how he wouldn’t be alive without her.

Maybe that’s why he felt jealous.

No matter how happy he was for the couple.

Plot twist!

Or at least something-I-didn't-know/remember-and-didn't-see-coming twist!

A more character-heavy than plot-heavy chapter here, which I feel like is a bit unusual for this story? But I usually prefer character-heavy/character-focused things anyway, so I didn't mind. Plus there's a clear relationship or at least casual-sex build-up happening here, which gives me something to look ahead to; even though it's technically a slow chapter, it doesn't feel like nothing happens because it seems to be going somewhere.

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Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:14 pm
Bullet wrote a review...



*slicks back hair*


I like that Robe is opening up to Glenn just a bit even though we can tell by his weariness that he still doesn't trust the Major. It's also a great exposition on Harry and we're learning even more about her past, through the ways other characters know her.

And Christ, all the sex. Everywhere, man, everybody's sleeping or has slept with everyone else.


The pacing's pretty slowed after the previous few chapters/parts, but I think it kind of suits the viewpoint? Robe just seems so lonely and afraid and it'll be very interesting to see things from his point of view for a little while.

It's also a nice to take a bit of a break from the case stuff to get some more personal details and stuff.

Also, Harding, you sly dog, giving them their alone time.

I know where this is heading and I'm excited for the build-up!

See you in the next chapter,


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Mon May 20, 2019 9:35 pm
EditorAndPerks wrote a review...

Hey again. I am slowly getting to the end of this story that I love so dearly. Robe's view will be an interesting one to read through as well, including this inclusion of Glenn for the first time in a while for the present time of this story. I'll just over a couple of things like always.

First, I had definitely read ahead to see the eventual appearance of the sex scene, so I do know where the Glenn/Robe arc is going, but it's kind of fun to see Robe go through his thoughts of romance and how being a police officer affects him so. I'm pretty sure he's one of the few full humans, (no special powers) so it's funny to think of like his romantic times being the most "regular" among the multitude of different backgrounds all around him, including Glenn of course, and besides Harding, who's definitely the one settled down figure that everyone needs in their life to view what an actual person could have. Even with this being set so far in the future, there definitely can be more typical interactions between characters, and the societal ideas of yeah, hook-ups are fine.

Also, Glenn's way of making the moves and Harding's approval cracks me up. The reader sees a lot of the friendships from Harry's position with Will and Robe in a way as well, but it's been a thrill to really dive into the other characters and see their interactions and thoughts. The whole idea of Robe and Harding debating whether they should trust Harry and why she would have killed Vinconni or try to find out by different means is a neat process and certainly a situation no one would want to be in involving a fellow work person/friend. Robe and Harding seem like really good friends though and I enjoy their back-and-forths on what is a good idea and of course, in lighter moments of encouraging Robe to perhaps get a little action from an interested party.

Finally, I am for any sort of thing happening between Glenn and Robe since 1) they've both hooked up with Harry at some point and are certainly still like in a curious relationship (especially since like Glenn had been not awake for so many years) and 2) I would guess that neither of them had really done much in recent years, ending on 3) everyone deserves some kind of happiness and maybe they can bring that to each other. Plus, hugs are a good way to start if both sides want it. Robe has certainly earned a hug from his recent woes. I am all for this relationship developing, so yes.

(Also, like, it's funny since I forget how old/long some characters have been around and who are just human, so I don't want to think about how many people have died that Harry/Jud the basic immortals had known and lost over the years.)

'They are afraid of nothing,' I grumbled, watching their approach through the window. 'Together, they would brave Satan and all his legions.'
— Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights