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Eulogy of A Dreamer: Just Let Me

by Caligula's Launderette

here is another installment of Trystan and Ariel, if you do not care for same-sex pairings or graphic sexual material in this case between to guys go no further. Please, and don't flame me either for writing this, I live at the stake anyway.



Just Let Me

“Just let me.”

Ariel pushed softly on the bloodied bandage.

“Where did you get this again?”

“Just fencing.”

“Hmm…I bet it wasn’t just fencing.”

Trystan remained pensively silent.

Taking another piece of muslin, he finished binding the gash in Trystan’s arm. Ariel tied it off, brushing his fingers against the underside of his arm.

“Ah…that tickles.”

“Really, it does.”

Ariel watched as Trystan whole body scrunched up as he repeated the action.


Trystan looked torn between laughing and crying.

“Ticklish, I see.”

Ariel did it again, forcing himself not to laugh, at Trystan apparent discomfort.

“Yes, damnit…I am.” Trystan forced out.

Ariel couldn’t stop himself, and mercilessly started tickling him.

“Please, Aer, stop, Aer that not fair.” Trystan flailed against Ariel assault.

Ariel stopped to collect his breath and that was all Trystan need to knock him flat on the floor, and return the favor.

The wound and tickling momentarily forgotten, Ariel found himself staring into lust ridden eyes. There faces were so close, Ariel could feel Trystan breath dancing across his face. Ariel bent down to bestow a swift kiss to his lover’s lips.

“I won.” He announced between gulps of air.

“Yeah, but only by proxy.”

Ariel quirked one sculpted eyebrow.

“You’re supposed to let the woman win, in the relationship, right?”

That earned a smack in the face by Ariel, Trystan broad smile mocking him, blond tendrils in his face.

“Someday, even if I have to get dirty, I’m going to drill that silly, nonsense code of conduct right out of your head.”

Trystan just smiled, a heart stopping one at that, his amber eyes reflecting it. “Sounds like fun.”

“Oh but won’t it be.” Ariel murmured, far more interesting in Trystan’s naked chest than talking.

Ariel nipped along his lover’s neck, down his chest, paying expert attention on pert nipples and relishing the sounds coming from Trystan’s lax mouth. Slowly he slid his expert, long fingered hands over the exposed flesh. Trystan hissed softly as Ariel dipped his tongue into his bellybutton and tugged at the flesh. Hands swiftly gripped the sides of Ariel’s head, as Trystan brought them eye to eye, and planted a searing kiss that left too quickly for his liking.

“Bed now!”

Everything but the moment was forgotten under the pile of clothes that manifested on the floor.

Ariel pressed against the planes of the body beneath him, watching Trystan throw his head back and eyes glaze over as he grinded their cocks together.

“So who’s the woman now?” He chided softly, biting the skin on his lover’s exposed neck, Trystan arched upward to get closer.

Ariel clamped his hands together and pushed, Trystan pinning him to the bed, Trystan squirmed for contact as Ariel raised himself up, eyes sparkling.

Trystan stared harshly, teeth grating into a snarl, trying to get out from under Ariel. But Ariel just smirked.

“God, Aer, I…hate…you…sometimes…you’re such a tease.” Trystan breathed and he let his body go limp.

Ariel just smiled, finally letting him go. Capturing his soft, pliable, welcoming lips Ariel pushed his tongue in to twine in the wet, slick heat of Trystan mouth.

Identical moans reverberated again their chests, in the battle of tongues Trystan managed to move Ariel underneath him, and straddled his hips. Ariel looked up from his spot and addressed Trystan’s half lidded eyes.

“Take me.”

Ariel smiled as Trystan’s face lit up, he was able to make the young noble look like he’d been given the best present in the world, and that never seemed to amaze him. For a moment, Trystan left, but he didn’t leave for long. Then he was back kissing him along the jaw line, stubble creating more friction in the heat. Trystan licked down his throat as Ariel bared it submissively, to his sternum running his tongue along the hollow, then biting it for good measure.

“Who are you calling tease?” Ariel breathed as Trystan fingered each rib and didn’t move his sensuous mouth.

Trystan chuckled against the skin, his breath puffing warm spot on Ariel’s flat chest. “Turn about’s fair play.”


Ariel didn’t think he could hold on much longer, since Trystan had entered the room, the blood that normally would help him think rationally had been redirected, and he pulsed with erotic energy. It seemed Trystan was thinking along the same lines.

He stopped his ministrations, and the hands and mouth disappeared for a second. Hands creeping up the inside of his thighs inflamed him.

“Damnit...” he growled at his lover, “Are you going to be a man and do something about it?”

Trystan just smiled his insufferable smile, but Ariel could tell he was close too.

Keeping his blue eyes pinned to Ariel, Trystan brushed cool fingers against him, and then they were probing, fingering him, at first one and then two, and Ariel tried to speed up the stimulation by pressing back on the fingers the best he could. Trystan had that devious twinkle in his eye, and a third finger slipped in stretching him. Ariel breathed. It’s all about breathing, he told himself, but every time he looked up Trystan, elated desire at pleasing him oozing out, his heart rapidly gathered speed, and his breathing hitched. Trystan then leaned down delving into a long kiss, as he positioned himself.

Ariel moaned loudly as Trystan entered him, he didn’t care if the whole damn city heard him or who he was with. Trystan started, thrusting in and out, in and out a steady rhythm that Ariel could catch on to. Ariel loved to watch this, Trystan in the throes of passion, guard down, completely vulnerable, sharing the deepest part of himself, and Ariel heart inflated, because he was who Trystan had chosen to share it with. Trystan then took Ariel in hand, fisting Ariel’s pulsing erection in time to his thrusts. This was ecstasy, Ariel thought, perfect ecstasy. Trystan sped up faster, slamming into Ariel as if they were puzzles pieces he was trying to put back together, and groaned as he tensed and came, unintelligible syllables crying out of his mouth, limply crashing on top of Ariel. That did it for him and he came a milky white stream pooling, sticky between them.

“Love you.” Trystan breathed into Ariel’s ears, and he tensed at the words, but he was growing too tired to worry.

A while later, after Trystan had pulled out, the two lay curled together in the duvet. As they drifted off to sleep, Trystan lazily played with the ends of Ariel’s red hair.

“Trystan are you playing with my hair?”

“Hmmm…I like your hair.”

“Mmm…so do I.”

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Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:07 am
PandaRawr wrote a review...

Well being my age I've read a lot of books with graphics much more descriptive than this. I have no problem with it and can skip that and go to the review. This story didn't seem complete. There were things not explained but at the top you said Another installment so now I'm going to your profile to see if i can find any others.
Toodle Doo.

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Thu Apr 28, 2005 10:56 pm

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531 Reviews

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Thu Apr 28, 2005 10:03 pm

thank you both for the nice comments. And Kay Kay, thank you for such the enlightening review.

cheers CL

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Thu Apr 28, 2005 9:47 pm
Kay Kay wrote a review...

Wow! Usually I don't read stuff like this cuz I don't really care for the same sex people being together, but I liked it. The way you described it was really good and the graphics. Good job...that's saying alot from someone who doesn't like the idea of same sex people being together.

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Thu Apr 28, 2005 9:26 pm
mysterywriter says...

kudos to you for being so open minded. we need more people like this in the world. 8)

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