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Why. Ch.5

by Black Ghost

Kneeling next to Max, Joe had to figure out what he was going to do.

This kid must have a mom or dad, right? But then why did they leave him here? thought Joe.

It didn't make sense. Woudn't have someone came looking for him? Joe doubted a boy Max's age would be able to go out by himself. And there was no one in sight that Max could belong to.

Joe did not want to deal with this right now. But he had to.

He figured maybe he could do something to jog Max's memory.

"Max, do you remember anything at all? About today or yesterday or anything?" said Joe.

"No, I don't. Besides I already told you, I just got here," replied Max. Joe decided to play along, since he figured it was the only way he might be able to get somewhere.

"Ok, um, if you just got here, where did you come from?" Joe said.

Max thought very hard. He didn't know how to explain where he was from. He had been there all throughout his existence yet he never knew why or where exactly he was.

"I-I'm not sure," Max said. "But it's somewhere different from here."

"Like how?"questioned Joe.

Max strained for the words to describe it. He could think of none.

"I don't know," he finally admitted.

Joe gave a heavy sigh.

"I guess you'll just have to come with me then," he said. He saw no other option. He was responsible for giving Max amnesia. The least he could do was to find his family. But what if his family wanted to sue him for giving his son amnesia? After all Joe had no idea how long it would last. Days, weeks, or maybe even months.

Joe's head was swimming. He needed a drink.

"Come on, Max, let's go to that small store over there. I need a soda."

"What's a soda?" asked Max.

This is gonna be a long day, thought Joe.

"Just come on, they're good. I'll get you one, and then maybe you'll remember something." answered Joe, his spirits lifting a little.

Max thought about this.

"Alright, I'll come with you." Max thought that if he wanted to start gaining knowledge, this other boy would be the best place to start.

So Max got up and followed Max over to the other side of the street.

As they were walking Max had many questions.

"What's that on the floor." he said, gesturing below him.

"It's grass," replied Joe not taking his gaze off the mini-mart at the other side of the street. "It's a type of plant that grows in a lot of places."

"Oh. But what's a plant?" asked Max.

"It's a type of living thing, like us, except it's a different species," replied Joe.

"I see. But what are those big things over there!" Max exclaimed as he pointed to a truck.

"It's a car, Max," answered Joe. "People use it to move around to places that are too far."

"How does it move?" asked Max, fascinated.

Gosh this kid doesn't know anything! thought Joe, now realizing the full effects of amnesia.

But with another sigh he continued.

"It uses wheels, that turn around on the floor." he said. "When the wheel roll they cause forward or backward motion and the car moves. And the speed of the wheels determines the speed of the car."

"Wow." said Max.

"Well, it's not really that amazing. They're just cars." remarked Joe.

"No, not the cars." said Max. "I meant you. You must be the most intelligent guy in this whole world!"

Joe laughed.

I wish you'd tell that to my teachers.

Max really liked Joe. And his thirst for knowledge was just beginning.

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