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Why. Ch. 3

by Black Ghost

Max had just stepped through the door, and was now spiraling down through white light, being blinded the entire time.

He felt as if swimming through water, and was unable to breathe. He kept falling, and began losing consiousness for his lungs were not recieving any air.

Soon the light began to fade, and an opening could be seen below Max. But he had alreadly slipped away from conciousness, and fell through the opening.

Max landed in a grass field, unconcious, but alive.


"Give my your best throw!" shouted Joe, a teenage boy with blonde hair. He was holding a baseball bat, ready to hit any incoming balls.

"You asked for it," his skinny friend Tim shouted back. He was fingering the baseball with his right hand, and stayed focused on Joe. "Try to hit this one!" He got ready to hurl it at Joe.

Joe was taking deep breaths to calm himself so he could focus on hitting the ball.

Okay, so I haven't hit one all day, he thought to himself, but that's not going to stop me from hitting this one.

Joe was very bad at baseball, but kept playing it everyday, insisting that sooner or later he would get better. His friends seriously doubted that, since he'd been practicing for 2 years and still hadn't improved.

Today was no different for Joe. Him and Tim had been been practicing for 3 hours now, and Joe had completely missed every shot. But Joe didn't want to give up. He'd made a promise to himself that he would make at least one shot today, which would be setting a record for him.

"I'm gonna hit it this time," he said to Tim. Joe's friend then rolled his eyes.

"Sure you are, Joe," he replied sarcastically, but then laughed. He really didn't care whether or not Joe was any good at baseball, he just liked spending time with his friend.

Tim now was ready to throw the ball. He held it firmly, pulled his arm back behind his head, and threw it with all his might.

The ball flew through the air, heading straigh for Joe. But he was ready for it.

This time I'm not gonna miss, he told himself firmly.

The ball spiraled through the air, and Joe readied his bat. He swung with all his might, closing his eyes and hoping that he would at least graze the thing. Then something strange happened. Joe felt something make contact with his bat, and it wasn't any of his body parts.

He opened his eyes, and with a gasp he saw the baseball soaring high into the air.

He had made a home run.

"WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!" he screamed, and ran across the grass to his friend Tim who was also overjoyed.

They ran up to each other and shared a big high five.

"Joe, I can't believe it, you actually hit the ball!" he exclaimed, hardly believing it. "Wait till the rest of the guys hear about this!"

"I know, It's so incredible!" cried Joe. Then Tim looked at his watch.

"Congratulations man, but I promised my mom I'd be back by three, and I'm alreadly late," he said dissapointed.

"That's okay," said Joe as his friend walked to the edge of the park and got on his bike. "Later!" Joe watched him get on it and ride away down the street.


Meanwhile, the ball soared way across the park, all the way to the far side of the field.

After a few moments it made contact with the floor, and began rolling.

It stopped inches from Max's head, who was still unconcious on the grass.

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Sun Feb 12, 2006 2:11 pm
-KayJuran- wrote a review...

Him and Tim had been been practicing for 3 hours now

i think it's supposed to be 'he and Tim'. might be wrong though... hmm.

i like the story so far. should be interesting to see what happens next... :)

keep it up! (then i can read the next part! hehe)


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Sun Feb 12, 2006 8:41 am
Zelithan says...

Keep it up, its getting better by the line. :D

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