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S.T.A.R.S. (Resident Evil story)

by AspiringAuthorA..M.

*The caps are intentional. After all F.B.I. wouldn't be spelled F.b.i.* (S.T.A.R.S. is a fictional Special Forces group from the Resident Evil video game series.)


Chris Redfield held his breath as cannibalistic moans echoed in the dimly lit narrow hall. His three partners walked silently behind him, as stealthily as night itself. Shadows bobbed along the walls as the candles lined on tables flickered. He held his shotgun like a baseball bat. He had already expended the last of his shells. To add to the desperation of the situation, Chris had lost his sidearm during a struggle with a crazed man. The raging lunatic had knocked his weapons into a murky pond through a shredded rusty fence. Before Wesker had put a bullet in his head, Chris had caught a glimpse of something that wasn't quite human in the man's gaze.

He exhaled, keeping his ammo-less weapon at the ready. Chris couldn't keep his eyes from shifting around. Along the walls, on polished mahogany tables, were various knick knacks. He marveled at their intricate designs. Upon further observation he realized that they were hand carved. How much love must have gone into them? A few tables had pots with welted flowers. It was a saddening sight. What was once beautiful was now a shriveled past.

Portraits lined the walls. His eyes lingered on a large family portrait. A mother and her young daughter who seemed to radiate happiness from her smiling face, stared at him from it's grimy depths. Chris squinted at the image. Something wasn't right.

It may have been a trick of the light and the dust, but it looked like there was an arm around the mother and daughters shoulders, but the owner was not in the frame. Below the portrait there were two names engraved on a golden plate underneath the portrait: Jessica Trevor, and Lisa Trevor. The plate was fairly long and the first segment of it seemed like it had been scratched and painted over. No, someone had definitely tampered with it. Why would somebody do such a thing? And why does the surname Trevor sound familiar?

His partners Jill, Wesker, and Barry paced behind him. Their footsteps were like the footfalls of mice. Chris closed his eyes for the span of two blinks. There had been more of them before the dogs... no monsters, killed one of their partners. To add salt to the wound, another one of their own had been killed by a zombie. There was no other word to describe the people. No, he wasn't just killed, he was being... eaten. My God, it's just like the reports of all those bodies being found apparently... eaten. He shuddered. How close had he been to being devoured as well?

Chris wiped his brow, which was moist with cold sweat. His heart fluttered with mourning. He knew that the pangs of painful remorse he felt was mutually felt. He had no idea where the others were. He almost shook his head in frustration. Why had the gone separate ways to begin with?

Jill's hand twitched at every zombie moan, but under the shadow of her short brown hair, her grayish blue eyes were as sharp as blades. Chris studied Barry with his peripheral vision. The red haired man had his muscular arms thrust forward, pointing his 44. magnum as if ready to pull the trigger at the sound of a dust bunny.

Chris slowed his pace, feeling like an imbecile for leading the way with an empty weapon. He was so frightened that he hadn't been able to think straight. "Wesker," Chris whispered, "you take the front." Chris stopped in his tracks and stepped aside for Wesker as he took his place at the front of the ranks.

Wesker held his silenced Barretta at the ready. It's black metal gleamed like ore in the candle light. Wesker's sunglasses reflected the flames in their oily darkness. His blond hair and lightly tanned complexion were the only things that weren't covered in black. But nothing was as dark as his sunglasses.

Chris could never understand why Wesker always wore his shades. Even in middle of the night he would wear them. The darkened hallway they were treading in was no place for them either. Not to mention there were zombies swarming the mansion. Maybe he's going for a Terminator look. Chris bit his lips to stifle a laugh.

He flinched as the resounding moan of a zombie snapped him out of the sanctuary of his thoughts. The empty shotgun in his hand suddenly felt like it were nothing more than a teddy bear. Then, without warning it hit him. Trevor was the last name of George Trevor, a Raccoon City architect that had gone missing a few years back. Not long after his family had gone missing as well. His wife and daughter.

Lisa Trevor! That poor girl, I'd seen her before. My sister Claire baby sat her as a kid.Chris felt a chill go down into his very bones. Everything was a lot deeper than he once thought. They had all stumbled into a mystery. All the bizarre murders, the disappearances; they all pointed back to the mansion. But who is doing this? What are their motives?


Jill steadied her nine millimeter handgun. She did her best to keep her hands from trembling. Jill did not want to hint at any apprehension in the presence of her fellow S.T.A.R.S. She had worked hard to get to the position of a Special Tactics and Rescue Squad member. Her mission, like everybody elses was to save lives; hopefully not by lethal force. But that was sometimes the only way.

Jill inhaled and exhaled softly as if she were meditating. She regulated her breathing when Chris furrowed his eyebrow at her. When he looked away she bit her lip as she continued to walk through the long hallway. Who am I kidding? They're afraid too. I can feel it.

She nearly jumped when the moans increased in tempo. How many of those shuffling... what... corpses? Are there?

"Everything is going to be alright Jill," Barry whispered into her ear, his .44 magnum pointed out in front of him.

She nodded, her spastic hand suddenly became almost weightless. She really did feel safe with him around. He was formally in S.W.A.T. unit, so he knew how to be tactical when the situation called for it. But Wesker, she knew that Barry would never question his orders. There wasn't something about Wesker that was unnerving. It was as if he were controlling them like a wolf pack. He was the alpha who would not disobedience as an option. Though, he masked those intentions. But never the less, Jill sensed that that was the way his mind functioned.


Through Wesker's sunglasses, the world was black. We Homo sapiens as a species are so materialistic. Always seeing the world in black and white. If only they saw it for what it was, as planet of blackness then they would truly get the gist of existence. Do they not know that they are in the presence of all the answers to the mysterious happenings?

Wesker smiled, happy that his fellow squad mates couldn't see the gesture. Little did they know what they had all entered. How dire indeed the circumstances. A true test of the survival of the fittest. Only the most adaptive of organisms survive when they are introduced into a foreign environment. And, those that do come out as evolved creatures. How wondrous and mysterious life is.

Grotesquely contorted shadows materialized on the wall where the hall forked to the left. Wesker put out a hand to his side, signaling the others to stop. He heard the tense movements of the others on the carpet. He smiled again.

"Wesker?" Chris said.

Wesker put a finger to his lips. "Shh," he said, as if to a baby. Through the dimness of his shades he saw a bloodied man stagger out of the corner. His pants were torn, the bottoms of his shoes were coated in dried up blood, his brown hair would have made Medusa's look gorgeous. From the accompanying moans Wesker knew more would follow. He pulled the trigger. The gunshot echoed in the hall like a comet striking the Earth.

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Tue Nov 30, 2021 2:09 pm
MailicedeNamedy wrote a review...

Hi AspiringAuthorA..M.,

Mailice here with a short review! :D

At first glance, I can say that it's a good start to something that I think can still have sequels and could also be expanded in some ways. I'm usually quite sceptical when it comes to fanfiction, because it's hard - at least for me - to put myself into characters I haven't created.

But here you could see well that the characters were fleshed out and in places represented very well the counterparts in the video games. I think you also made a good effort to switch POV briefly, allowing you to see more of the other characters rather than just Chris alone - as I think he is usually portrayed very flatly and stereotypically in the games.

One thing I noticed throughout the story was that you described a lot, but showed little. It can be an interesting style, but I find that in general it didn't make me feel smarter at the end than at the beginning. It was more like a summary and introduction of the characters for me, rather than a direct depiction of a sequence of the story.

You can also tell that some sentences are quite simplistic, so the flow of reading feels a bit stagnant. I would try to connect more there, partly with emotions, so that there is a better flow when you read through.

I did, however, like the considerable effort you put into dealing with the various POVs and how you managed, in places, to make it feel convincingly like I was playing a game. There is one thing I noticed here that I would like to mention briefly:

Before Wesker had put a bullet in his head, Chris had caught a glimpse of something that wasn't quite human in the man's gaze.

The advice here is to change the "his head" to "its head", because at the beginning I assumed it referred to Chris and we already know about Wesker and his ambush. Only afterwards, a few paragraphs later, when Chris and his partners are mentioned, did I realise what was meant.

Have fun writing!


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Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:10 am

I feel like writing a sequel now.

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Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:59 am
curiousvampire wrote a review...

Hey Aspiring! Chris Redfield and the infamous Jill Valentine are my favorite characters in the Resident Evil Series- I have most of the games and all the movies - so I'm a definite fan and just had to read this.First off good job with the personalty traits they were spot on, second your descriptions were vivid but not overdone and boring and third it was interesting and kept me reading- trust me when I say that, because I've read a few fanfictions when a game is turned into a story and everything, including the characters are all wrong. Anyways all in all in the epic conclusion, this was great. Thanks for the read.

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Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:26 am
BigM says...

knick knacks.. He marveled
i think you meant just one full stop.
oh and, i don't know if i was right before with the homo spapiens thing you might want to check that with someone a little smarter

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Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:34 pm

Really? :? Everywhere I look those Latin words are separated. :smt009 Slightly edited, but I wasn't exactly sure what you were pointing out.

By the way, it is highly advised on this site that you be completely grammatically correct when reviewing. Otherwise people will think you didn't put much effort into your review. :wink:

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Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:06 pm
BigM wrote a review...

hi this was good. i love the resident evil movies :D one thing i noticed was a lot of the places i think you meant to do '...' but you only did '..' and also

ahd #FF0000 ">i think you meant had been killed by a zombie
and i think
Homo sapiens
is one word


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