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A New Green World Part 1

by RetroCop09

(little warnin)

Hi guys this is my first history i post here, i sometimes forgot some words in english so i used google translator in 99% of the text (i didnt used in this warnin, great job to me :D ) im used to write sometimes at school, in fact, i never had write on a computer before so its my first time, i dont know if yall gonna like it...

(lets initiate)

Dead Eagle Operation, 2019

All the remaining US military were in the white house trying to defend themselves while awaiting extraction, waiting for the helicopter, while the horde of zombies didn't seem to end, and if it did... the sounds of gunfire seemed to roar, the grenades exploding in the middle of the horde as if it were water, it was beautiful and desperate at the same time, the soldiers on the balcony screamed on the radio in despair as the ammunition began to run out.

Some of the soldiers who had been bitten were advancing against the soldiers on the balcony, the white house was shaking with the gunshots, but then, a helicopter appears from the dark skies almost looking like black smoke, the helicopter with the machine guns starts shooting at the horde of zombies , clearing the area and then approaching the balcony for extraction.

"- FOR GOD SAKE TAKE US OUT THIS PLACE! NOW!" says a soldier, trying to climb up the helicopter, while the zombies starts rushing at the balcony

"- KEEP CALM! THE AREA-39 IS WAITING FOR US! THEY WILL HELP US!"  says the pilot of the helicopter, desperate and quite scared by the sight of the White House, practically traumatized.

"- THERES MORE MAN HERE! WAIT JUST A WHILE PLEASE!" Another soldier speaks, as he manages to enter and points to a group of soldiers trying to reach the balcony, while the zombies pull them and bite them.

"...I'M SORRY BUT WE HAVE TO ABANDON THEM! LET'S GO! WE DON'T HAVE ANY MORE TIME!" Says the desperate pilot as the helicopter takes flight, abandoning the soldiers who couldn't get to the helicopter there, leaving them to die by the zombies...

A few minutes after the helicopter left the area, the white house was completely in ruins and taken over by zombies, silence took place and darkness covered the sky, while the flames of the white house tried to resist the darkness, weapons without ammunition, documents classified documents, important paintings and photos of presidents were spread across the floor, in addition to the blood, and then a zombie in a suit covered in blood and with a piece of his jaw loose climbs the balcony and looks at all the zombies below and then he looks at the crowd of zombies below and starts talking.

"-Hello brothers and sisters, we just conquered the white house, which means we have all the brains in America!..yeah we have America too, I think, we are officially a...uhh...brotherhood of zombies I guess? Now we can have every single brain of this world!" The zombie speaks, filling his chest and pointing into the air, while a high-speed jet passes over him, throwing a deadly chemical gas, which does not cause any harm to the zombies.

All the zombies get excited and proud, and start shouting "BRAINS" and shouting loudly, while the Zombie in the Suit hangs an unrecognizable blood-stained and burnt Washington flag on the balcony fence, suddenly, everyone starts throwing parts. bodies were thrown into the air as a celebration, while the zombie soldiers began to slam their weapons on the ground, not knowing how to use one and others who already knew began to shoot into the air, the white house continued to burn, almost as if it were going to fall to pieces on the ground, but it was still firm, just on fire and completely destroyed.

"- SIR! B-BUT WHAT ABOUT BRAINS WITH Z?" asks a zombified journalist without a arm

"- SIMPLE! BRAINZIFIED BRAINS! TADAAAAM!" answers the zombie in suit, very very excited, he starts jumping while everyone celebrates again and claps shouting "BRAAAAAAINS"

"- S-S-SIR BUT WHAT ABOUT OUR NEW HOMELAND?" asks another zumbified journalist

"- WE WILL BUILD ANOTHER ONE! And...uuuh...WE WILL GREENZIFY THE NEW!" the Zombie in Suit answers

 All the zombies cheer and scream louder, some even throwing other zombies into the air, none of the zombies knew how serious the problem was, but what does it matter? They are alive again and ready to greenzify the world, Washington had already fallen to the zombies, meanwhile other military bases were preparing for the zombie invasion.

Meanwhile in area 39, a military base in Alaska, an extremely secure base, the remaining soldiers from the Dead Eagle mission and General Weton were in a small room, starting a meeting, the soldiers were tired and extremely worried, the general was facing a world map marked with reports of zombie sightings, with North America infested with red dots, signaling that there were many reports in the region, the general turns to the soldiers and starts talking, puffing out his chest and speaking loudly

"-We prepared long and hard to defend the White House... and we failed, and now... BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU! We are condemned to defend the rest of the USA, these damned worms will spread throughout the world and infect person after person... and worse... they can resurrect the dead, this includes our own soldiers...BUT! I have a plan F, because the others went wrong, sooo, my plan F is to evacuate all US citizens and take them all here, as we are the most protected and equipped base left in the Americas, the only problem is that we have no aircraft enough to evacuate everyone, so we have to be QUICK!" The general shouts and points to the state of Washington.

"-SIR! We could use scientists to solve the case, right?' A soldier asks.

"-Hmmmm... it would even be a good idea if HALF OF THEM WEREN'T DEAD AND THE OTHER HALF WERE IN EUROPE! They're probably either making a vaccine that absolutely won't work or they're doing nothing at all..."replies the General, thoughtfully as he looks at the map again.

"- SIR! We can bomb the states that are already fully infected, can't we?"  asks another soldier, who was grinding his teeth.

"-Oooh, what an incredible idea! It would quickly solve the problem IF OUR MISSILES WERE NOT WITH THOSE DAMN ZOMBIES!" The general shouts, extremely angry with the soldier.

"-Uuhh... m-maybe the Russians can push back the zombie horde?" says a soldier, scared and extremely shy.

"Hmmm...good idea, we can try, I will promote you as Commander just because of this!.. The Russians must be prepared for the zombie attack on Europe... it would be a good idea to make a defensive pact with them...These pests must be getting together to proliferate in Europe... I wonder what these damned people are doing now, devouring bodies?... we will take revenge..." says the general, still staring at Washington, while lighting a Cuban cigar and starting to smoke, staring furiously at the map...

While the military discussed in Area 39 about ways to regain control of the USA, inside Washington, some zombies were trying to rebuild the White House, using some pieces of metal they found on the floor, while listening to music from the 50s on an old broken radio,meanwhile some zombies were gathered in a small abandoned bar, with a group of zombies, they were drinking dirty water they found on the floor, pretending to be beer while they were talking.

"-And then I went to see what it was and it wasn't a human, it was a bearded stone human! hahahaha" said a zombie, who was in a chair talking to another

"- Ah yes! I remember him I think! It was...uhhh, Beard liquor? I don't remember but it was something like that, he was our leader until a bullet ate his brain in a theater hahaha!" said the other zombie who was wearing a torn blue suit.

"-Oh really? You were the bullet?" said the other zombie

"-Unfortunately no, I was zombie no green, I was...uhh...call me Alive Green!" said the zombie in the suit, letting one of his eyes fall into the glass of dirty water, and then drinking the water with his own eye. "-What about you?" he completes

"-I be...Sir...Water...Sir water daily!" said the other zombie

"-Oh! It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Water Daily! I've never seen you, coincidence, I've always lived here!" says Alive Green, while trying to chew the piece of porcelain plate he ripped off, and failing miserably.

"-It must be fate hahaha! Anyway, do you know where there is a brain restaurant around here?" asks Mr Water Daily, who then looks out the window and observes the city in ruins, with zombies taking materials and random things to try to rebuild the city.

"Sooo...Worse, I don't remember if there is one or not, I think they're still going to make one, probably our leader Zombie in Suit will build millions of brain restaurants! brains for everyone!" responds Alive Green, quite hopeful.

While the zombies were walking around Washington and looking for something to do, Zombie in Suit was in the presidential room of the White House, drawing on a painting of George Washington, making a drawing as if George Washington were a zombie like them, only very childish. , until a zombie soldier, wearing very, very old US military clothing from the 1800s, enters the presidential room.

"-Your authority! I came to inform you that we managed to find a tunnel under the white house! We haven't entered it yet but it appears to be intact!" Zombie Soldier speaks, waking up Zombie In Suit, who quickly gets excited wondering what must be there.

"- Well, what are you waiting for?! Take me to this place soon! Imagine how many brains must be there! LET'S GO!" Zombie In Suit speaks very excitedly, the Zombie Soldier takes him to the tunnel, which was behind a painting of Abraham Lincoln on the stairs, the tunnel was more like a staircase, very long, and then after the stairs there was a door metal with the CIA symbol on the front.

"...I can already predict what might be there! An endless supply of fresh brains!" Zombie In Suit speaks, placing his hands on the valve and starting to turn it, and then the armored door, the light begins to take over the tunnel, the zombies' eyes shine as they dazzle the light...

The End.


thanks for reading this :P i know its very very short but i have some nice plans to this history, thanks yall for reading.

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Wed Mar 13, 2024 12:21 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Hello there, human! I'm reviewing using the YWS S'more Method today!

Shalt we commence with the mutated S’more?

Top Graham Cracker - Zombies are fast approaching. In fact, they have already taken over the White House and plan to take over the rest of the world, with only a few Military Soldiers left.

Slightly Burnt Marshmallow - Zombified is spelled as “Zumbified” at one point, but that’s okay. That’s just one little thing.

Chocolate Bar - I love how it starts off serious, and then the zombies come and…they’re not very serious. They’re quite comical, even. I had a few favorite parts in this. First of all, I like how they all call their leader the “Zombie in suit”. Second, BRAINS WITH A Z. That one part…it’s simple, but hilarious. I love it! :>

Closing Graham Cracker - An exciting new chapter for the green world! I’ll be sure to check out to see if the US soldiers win, or if the zombies win and make the world completely green and full of brain restaurants. Keep up the spooktastic work! ^v^

I wish you an amazing day/night!

RetroCop09 says...

Hello! I literally loved your review, I loved it so much, that I came to clarify some points!

So the "Zumbified" part was a translation error, I apologize for not noticing :)

I like to use the transition from serious to comical many, many times, this won't be the last time you will see it nyehehhe, zombies really are very very silly, even when they try to be serious they fail, you can notice this when Zombie In Suit is in the presidential room.

And thank you very much for the review! I have many, many plans for the future of this story! :D

vampricone6783 says...

You%u2019re welcome! I%u2019m excited to see more! :>

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Mon Mar 11, 2024 10:55 pm
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herbalhour says...

hi hi! really like this story--

and, also:
as an english native i can help you a lil with grammar and vocabulary choice if needed :D

y... entiendes espanol? (no puedo "type" los acentos :3)

RetroCop09 says...

Unfortunately, I don't speak Spanish (I still plan to take a Spanish lessons)

I would love to have some help with the grammar, im writing this without translator so i dont know if its right or not, i have some "knowledge" about english ^v^

herbalhour says...

:D yeah I can definitely help!! i'll also probably enlist help of some friends-- english is an odd language lol XD

All we can do is our best, and hope that it was enough.
— CandyWizard