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The Ant Who Nuked The World - A Rap

by TheRebel2007

Ah huh - ah yeah - let’s go,
Now, my folks, you may or may not know
‘Bout the boy who does come and does go
Into the abyss and out,
Circling the roundabout,
Getting an ice cone, cheap,
Walking up a footpath, steep,
When an ant attacked his ankle,
Making ‘em slip on a trippin’ angle

Now you can wonder, asunder, ‘bout the thunder
When under him wandered a blustering a-blunder -
A biker telling a hiker, “Do ya like her?”
When the rider got a cone one-biter
On his face while in a race with a case -
His eyes, proselytised with ice cream dyes,
Quickly surmised that arrived have the cries
Of the bystanders dying, vying, flying a-ways.
As the traffic braced, dazed - for a crazy mess.

Now, a street or two down, a police guard frowned,-
In a parade adorned by eight ministers around
The motorcade-borne great Minister Prime -
Now I don’t even know what on Earth to rhyme -
As a truck came through two buildings built anew
As luck’s bane drew screws from the barricades’ sinews
Around the roundabout where an ant made a boy trip
And manhandled a truck and a bike - due to an icy drip -
That trampled over a duck, a pike - and into the Ministers’ view.

The rash truck smashed into the trash,
And dashed into the stashed police cache,
Then bashed into the hashed ministerial lash
Which gashed and mashed them all to ash -
Meanwhile, the teen whose ice cream’s sheen’s
Been responsible for killin’ and peelin’ the nation’s ceiling
Walked back home, all alone, itching bone to bone -
Unbeknownst that he’d shone to the world - a scarlet tone, -
While the ant’s aunt ranted on ‘bout where on Earth has he been.

What followed was a political parade and debate
And hate that weighed around the fete of death
“Assassinate” - they said - was mandated by a neighbour state -
It did escalate, as the Chief of State waged and campaigned a crusade
Against the incensed and fenced opponent…
Then, somewhere, someone, probably drunk,
Tweeted, “Let’s nuke that stupid piece of junk.”
Then some arrogant politician, like a chipmunk,
Pressed the button and, in fear, hid in his nuclear basement.

It wasn't done with just one, the Suns of Destruction
Were run over by machine guns and after everyone
Had overdone with metric tonnes of Midnight Suns -
Nought was left but barren and wanton devastation…
Pillaged villages… Burned-down towns… Melted metropolises…
Radiated, rusty, ravaged, rotten, razed, rickety Races
Now populated them… Their faces only contained traces
Of the greatness of the people who, let’s confess, invented kindness…
Only eight hundred remain of the eight billion Homo sapiens.

The boy who toyed with his ice cream was eaten alive - raw -
By half-burned, half-churned, half-famished, half-dead jaws,
The drone ant who nuked the world, died after mating - an outlaw,
No, you might remark on this with a lowered brow or a guffaw,
But eh - what had you expected from a brain-dead bobsled of bloodshed
Embedded with a shade of widespread nonsense as the title’s aforesaid?

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Mon Feb 19, 2024 8:32 pm
FluorescentAnt says...

I've got to say - this is quite the rap! I really enjoyed reading this/rapping this in my head! As I am also an ant, this was relatable any sort of piece about a long distant relative is good to read!

Keep poeting and rapping!

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Sun Feb 18, 2024 12:13 am
DevilBeMyDarling wrote a review...

This has some real potential!!!! Your rhyme scheme's phenomenal, and the concept is hilarious, genuinely! I mean, assassinate, mandated by a neighbour state, it did escalate...That's talent. Same with drunk, junk, chipmunk...
The way it just suddenly changes from something so small in comparison to the world to something so big is really quite amazing. Curious, how long did you spend on this? (A long time ago I tried to write songs in general, but it's surprisingly difficult to make it all sound good). Ps, I think you should start a youtube channel(if you haven't already) and actually say it, it would probably be really cool if you put a beat behind it.

TheRebel2007 says...

Thanks for the kind words!

The idea to make a thing like this was in my head for a month, but I never came to write it down. When I did, it took a week or so. I might add a beat to it and try to rap along with it, but uh, to say the least myself - it's gonna be pretty hard.

DevilBeMyDarling says...

I'm sure you could do it (^^)

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Wed Feb 14, 2024 1:17 pm
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humblebard1 wrote a review...

The thoughts and actions of an ant who nuked the world will live on for eternity through this rap; I will make sure to sing it to my grandchildren.
But in all seriousness, wow. That was pretty deep in places. I love how quickly it goes from what an ant sees of us humans to 'oh god the politicians are nuking everyone' and I'll write my impression of what i took from the rap- but it would be great if you tell me what yours is, as the writer. I believe that it is the ant struggling with witnessing humanity's shenanigans, and trips up a teenager with an ice cream. Everything spirals from there- I think the truck he distracts crashes into the houses of Parliament, but I could be totally wrong. Anyhow, something/ someone important is absolutely destroyed, and a drunken Chief of State sets off a nuke- and starts a nuclear war that destroys the human race.

Radiated, rusty, ravaged, rotten, razed, rickety Races

I love how vivid the image this invokes is (I can't stop thinking about the Fallout franchise with this line but that might just be me haha) and it's very impressive how you've not just crafted a picture of nuclear apocalypse within a single line but started every word with 'r' too- there'll be a fancy, english-teacher word for that, but I'll just settle on a I love it.

Amazing rap, Rebel :D looking forward to more destructive ants soon

TheRebel2007 says...

Thanks for the review, humblebard!

Honestly, this poem is based upon a short story I wrote for my English language exam about how the smallest things can literally change the course of history - like the pig that caused the Second Crusade (that's a whole different can of worms, but it's technically true).

Basically, an ant bit a teenager whose ice cream fell on the face of a biker which caused a truck to go haywire and smash into a Ministerial procession which caused everything to haywire and ended the world. XD

humblebard1 says...

I absolutely love it! Such a great idea, and executed perfectly- amazing job!

But even the worst decisions we make don't necessarily remove us from the circle of humanity.
— Wes Moore, The Other Wes Moore