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Highschool Love Letters

by Jaygg

It has been 6 months 

6 months of silly letters

Confessing my feelings 

Hanging on with every word 

Why do I do it? 

It is the only way I can actually tell you how I feel 

Yet the funniest part of all this is 

I sit here and believe 

One day you will actually fall for me

I believe somewhere deep inside 

You feel the smallest bit of a spark 

Because the way you have always told me 

You have always loved my letters surely must mean something 

That my silly little highschool love letters have someway or somehow 

Meant something to you and hopefully 

Someday you realize how much those silly little letters 

Came from the very depths of my heart and soul 

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Mon Jan 08, 2024 2:53 am
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starlilly wrote a review...

Hello! I am here to give an honest review of this poem called
“Highschool love letters”
My first impression of this poem:

The first thing that I was delighted in was how the words were put in and there was a lot of expression in this poem. I could visualize that person in front of me. It was like a story that was playing in front of me. Those words flow into my head. It was a powerful words in this beautiful poem. There were many emotions that were coming off in this poem that I could feel. It was like a rushing of emotions coming to me. I could see that the author in the beginning in this sentence:
“It has been 6 months.
6 months of silly letters.
Confessing my feelings.”
Those lines were powerful as I felt that the author was expressing how they felt silly for confessing their feelings to this person. They have been doing love letters for a while as they confirmed in the line “6 months of silly letters.” I can see that they think their love letters were pointless. This is my first impression of the beautiful poem

Some improvements that I could see:

I feel like some of the lines could be moved as there would be a better place like the question could be moved in a different place as I felt that it kind of moved from one thing then a different thing. You could do this
“Hanging on every word
It is the only way I can actually tell you how I feel.
Why do I do it?”
I felt that would have made more sense in my opinion. I feel that would be better because of “Hanging on every word.” Is one piece that could go well along with “It is the only way I can actually tell you how I feel.” Even that line could become a question as it feels like you are asking a question. That is how I see it from my point of view. I am not sure if you were trying to ask a question. But at the end of the day was a wonderful poem. But there are some improvements that you could consider.

My favorite line was:
“You have always loved my letters surely must mean something”
I felt a lot of emotions in this line. As the author seemed that they felt like that person noticed the love letters and that they care about the love letters but they don’t want to admit. But the author knows that they mean a lot to the person who was receiving the love letters. I just felt so many things at once. I could somewhat relate in different ways but the same way as they said in this poem. But this line I felt that I could relate to and that hit my heart deeply that was just wonderful. I felt emotional when I read that sentence. I felt that reading it opened my eyes in different ways.

Another sentences that I loved was:
“I sit here and believe
One day you will actually fall for me
I believe somewhere deep inside
You feel the smallest bit of a spark”
I love it as I could relate every single word that you say in these sentences. As I experienced this before. It made my stomach butterflies. It was a wonderful feeling as I saw someone understand how the feeling that they have hope about someone would fall for them. But they never do. But you have faith even if you know that they will not fall for you. But you have the sighlist hope for it. I felt that I was in pass at that moment replay in my mind. As I felt younger at that moment but in a good way. It is a powerful words that you say. Those are some of the praises that I have about this poem.

Overall review of this poem of “Highschool love letters”
Overall I love the poem. The poem had a lot of emotions and I could tell that the author really took the dedication in this piece. As there is a lot of thought in this piece. I felt honored in reading this wonderful poem and piece as it felt like it was a personal experience that they were talking about. I may be wrong but it felt personal. I hope you keep doing this wonderful work and that you keep sharing your work as I would to read your works. I am glad that you shared your experience with us. Because I was able to see someone’s point in their story of their love life. And how they felt about their love life in highschool. And they liked someone in there life while they was in highschool.
Thank you for sharing your poem with us.

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Mon Jan 08, 2024 1:50 am
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catapparently wrote a review...

I love this! So relatable. I kept writing little silly poems about my crushes (short-lived and numerous) confessing my feelings and completely fawning over them.

First spark of love at first sight: The enumeration at the beginning. "[6m of silly letters][confessing my feelings][hanging on w/ evry word]" I'm honestly not too sure how to explain in words why I liked it, but just know that I did. It flows very nicely in the brain when I read it.

Second spark: The question "why do I do it" and then you answer why. To me this comes off as two little versions of yourself in your brain. One is being more rational, wondering "what is this even going to do?!" while the other one is more emotional and thoroughly enjoys it.

This next comment doesn't fit in the usual "things to improve". It's just a personal opinion concerning the separation of the sentences; I feel like the "and hopefully" (3rd line from the bottom) could have been placed on a separate next line on its one.

Help, was that last chunk even grammatically correct? I'm still getting used to using semicolons...

N-E-WAYS, great work! This was wonderful.

I don't do time.
— Liberty